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Kry lyrics

I Believe It

Original and similar lyrics
It all became clear to me The day I believed it what is true He was nailed to the tree Cause I needed a Savior I needed love Why would I be silent or ashamed To sing about the one Who took my place I believe in God and the Son He sent That He came and He died and He's risen again Every word He said Every promise is true I believe it...I believe it... This I'll sing loud and clear As long as I'm breathing My whole life through While the world spins and whirls No other reason to live at all You may disagree but that's OK Cause I don't really care what they may say It's like a fire burning inside that keeps burning burning burning I believe in God and the Son He sent That He came and He died and He's risen again Every word He said Every promise is true I believe it...I believe it... I believe in God and the Son He sent That He came and He died and He's coming again Every word He said Every promise is true I believe it...I believe it... 1 Cor 15:1-4

Burning Up

[Chorus:] Wi burn, wi burning up Wi burn, wi burning up Burn, wi burning up And all dem a pree we wi no give a f Dem grudge wi caw wi burn, wi burning up Wi hot and wi full up a style so much Burn, wi burning up And all dem a pree we wi no give a f [Verse 1:] Mi God what a calamity Jordan Dutty people no waan wi fi live long A mussi true wi boasty and hype Caw wi don’t beg nothing not even pardon Weh yuh a watch mi fa mi no love man If is a man yuh a look this a the wrong station Wa yuh a do and try fi even up No join fast yo must stop Know yo place man Wi a shot a mussi that a mad dem Wi no regular a wi own a money wi spend Dem a watch every thing weh wi do But member wa haffi we cyaa be fi dem When mi seh floss a no fi mi teeth dem Cause anyweh wi go wi pocket give dem problem When mi piss answer fi draw near More time mi haffi wonder a wa so sweet dem [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2:] It burn the fer dem true wi no broke again Pray fi we mash up but it nah happen True wi a shot, true wi a shot and it a show Anything weh wi touch wi full it up a bullet hole Look pon the tire if yuh waan si how wi roll Every body a wonder how wi hot so All mi deh yah a wonder mi self to To how mi hot mi could a catch the fever and no know [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Verse 1] [Repeat Chorus]

You Had Too Much To Drink

EPMD "Unfinished Business"
[P] Aiyyo whassup E man? [E] Yo coolin PMD [P] True true man, I just been lampin man [P] So what you been up to lately man? [E] Just been loungin man, knowhatI'msayin? [P] True true man, yo man, who's your boy over there man? [E] Oh that's my man from out of town [P] Oh word man? Yo whassup man? My name is P man [B] How you doin man? My name is Frankie Anto man [B] But my friends, they call me Frank B [P] Oh word man? Nice to meet you man [P] So yo man E, what you gettin into tonight man? [E] Yo P man I'm bout to flex downtown to this club [P] Word man? Yo man, that sounds cool man [P] I think I'm with that man - yo you wan' do that? [E] Let's do this man [P] Aight bet man [B] Yo, yo hold up wait a minute guys man [B] You guys mind if I go witchu to this club man? [P] Ahah aiyyo man E I don't know about that man [P] Last time we took somebody with us man [P] we had to carry him home man, he got out of control [P] The whole nine yars, yaknowhatI'msayin man? [B] Nah man, that's not me man, I can handle my liquor man [B] I just go to have a good time and DANCE man [B] Drinkin is no problem to me, stuff tastes like fruit punch [P] Are you sure man? [B] Positive man -- positively positive [P] Aight man, l-let's take him then [E] We went out that night [P] To a club downtown [E] That was very high class [P] And had boomin sounds [E] We went in [P] And we were dressed to impress [E] Fly women and girlies [P] Lookin their very best [E] We took a seat at the bar [P] Feelin brand new [E] Frank ordered drinks, no liquor [P] Just plain old brew [E] He finished it [P] Then he ordered one more [E] And another [P] And another [E] And that made four [P] He seen this fly girlie [E] Suave and deboinaire [P] Light skinned complexion [E] With long black hair [P] But this girl was ug-ly [E] I mean her body was through [P] But after four drinks or more [E] She looked like Paula Abdul [Frank B] You know what baby? You startin to look good You startin to look REAL good You startin to remind me of that superstar - Paula Abdul [P] The party was over [E] It was time to go [P] You insisted on drivin [E] When we said no [Frank B] Nah guys, y'know? I can drive myself home man That ain't gonna be no problem I drive better when I feel nice (P: Are you sure man?) Are you kidding me man? That stuff in there, that stuff in there taste like fruit punch I could drink that all night [E] So you got in your car [P] Swervin on the road [E] There was a cop in the bushes [P] On radar patrol [E] The light turned green [P] And you decided to stop [E] It turned red [P] You took off [E] And got pulled over by a cop Chorus: repeat 4X [P] You overdid it homes [E] You had too much to drink

True Fresh Mc

Genius "Words from the Genius"
CHORUS: I rock the mic at any party And in the place to be I'm a true, true fresh MC I'm a true fresh MC I work real hard to achieve my goal From building and bringing out my true inner soul Which was once on a downfall and then uplifted So why live life foul when you're talented and gifted I've changed, rearranged my total direction Searchin' for happiness, seeking for perfection Living the true life, a real story To make you realize the truth, not scream Glory Glory, hallelujah, not here to fool ya But to replenish your souls as I school ya With a greeting of Purified Education Always Correcting Errors which stops the temptation Of you doing wrong singing the same sad song Renewing bad histories for how long A Long long time ago Going fo rmind made The Genius a pro And as you see who I be I be The Genius and thus a true M.C. CHORUS Brothers need to study some lessons They are the blessings to keep you from guessing the questions that is asked by the seeker Put on the beat and let me born it through the speaker Peace, a lot of MC's like to say it And some that advocate it they just spray it Out and scream and shout, beyond the shadow of a doubt They don't know what it's about Just to keep you informed with the significance How can I prove this through true evidence Some make me laugh, think they droppin' math Show and proven is a difficult path Within teh five percent, I am the live percent Those who perpetrate are the jive percent I be the universal, the Biochemical Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head is the physical That keeps rhymin' until it's unbearable No individual is comparable You have aproblem inform the technician But he's not dealing with those of superstition Those who like dealing with it superstitiously Cross your fingers when you steppin' to me I don't nee beefs and problems, riffs and static Debates and arguments that snot dramatic I need action, it speaks louder than a word Especially when the word is loud and unheard Word is what? My word is bond, your word is bull Now it's your card I'm gonna pull

In My Father's House (Are Many Mansions)

ELVIS PRESLEY "His Hand In Mine"
(Arranged and adapted by Elvis Presley) In my father's house are many mansions If it were not true he would have told me so He has gone away to live in that bright city He's preparing me a mansion there I know Jesus died upon the cross to bear my sorrow Freely died that souls like you might have new life But I know that soon there'll come a bright tomorrow When the world will all be free from sin and strife (Do not shun the saviors love, from up in glory) (Or you won't be there to sing the gospel story) In my father's house are many mansions If you're true then to this land you'll surely go

Get Your Self Up

KRS-ONE "The Sneak Attack"
Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah) Ah-ha (Ah-ha) Ah-ha (Ah-ha) Hardcore! Word Hardcore! [ *live excerpt* ] (You really think they're ready, black) Let's break it all the way down All the way down Huh-huh Don't be fooled Don't be fooled Rap is something you do Hip-hop is something you live Rap is something you do Hip-hop is something you.. ( *crowd responds* ) Rap is something you do Hip-hop.. ( *crowd responds* ) You are not just doing hip-hop.. ( *crowd responds* ) Yeah Let's get this started Word up [ CHORUS ] You gotta - get - your - self - up! You been knocked down Get yourself up! You been shot down Get yourself up! You been locked down Get yourself up! Get - your - self - up! Been knocked down Get yourself up! Been shot down Get yourself up! You been locked down Get yourself up! What is a real hip-hop MC Is it MTV, is it BET Is it five m-i-c's So the people can see I mean, how you think you're free When you act like property Tell me, how do you judge an MC when he's rockin I mean rockin it live, not pickin his cotton I mean adjustin his clothes, I mean how do you know Before you come to the show that you're not gettin heated That you're not gettin cheated That you ain't come to the club thinkin 'I must've been weeded!' (Word) You got to be a educated consumer Spend your money on MC's cause these rappers'll do ya Ass they want is your cash, ass, grass, gas in a flick When you ask for that autograph they ass-dash quick Beware of the rapper, he talks like it don't matter He pulls his gat while we bust off the gatler [ CHORUS ] This is the Sneak Attack The Edutainment style returns like that Take it off your shelf Cause all we deal with is knowledge of self, health and wealth Not Stealth bombers, leather goose bombers Original hip-hop armor on cd-rom - eh You got to get with a 21st century philosopher Representin the religion of hip-hop, sir Those that oppose are foes and will get rocked - eh Stopped, eh - I rise like a helicopter Like Zulu I'll Shaka, crowd With a beat that's loud Huh, I'm black and I'm proud - irrelevant I'm black and intelligent I teach my kids to watch the education they give em Cause it's really all about street wisdom [ CHORUS ] True hip-hoppers don't bleed True hip-hoppers don't need True hip-hoppers don't speed No time for greed True hip-hoppers do read And will lead, not plead Will sow seeds that breed Ah-ha that's safer than weed, indeed True hip-hoppers don't slave True hip-hoppers don't crave Silver and gold, we're not amazed We live f-r-e-e If you not into lyrics you can't really hear it nor see me My philosophy keeps it plain and simple Here it is: the kingdom of hip-hop is within you Or is it the kingdom of hell that sends you I'm ringin a bell within you You only seek in a cell, that's what sin do It tells you to put your craft on a menu, a chart So they can sell you and your art [ CHORUS ]

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