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KRS-ONE lyrics - Spiritual Minded

Take It To God

Original and similar lyrics
[KRS-One] Yeah, once again, word up urban inspirational KRS-One, Professor Ecks, whattup Dan Woo Temple of Hip-Hop, let's do it By the sound of the track, you know who is back It's the teacher, philosopher of conscious rap Rappers tired of me sayin where hip-hop is at Cause they know they unoriginal, copycats Watch me bump this gospel rap, never wack In fact, I tell you where the tracks is at TV is wack, they wanna show us beatin Iraq When the question is, is where is Chandra Levy at [Professor Ecks] Murdered God and left for dead like hip-hop And admit to Condit like conduct, to kill Ecks the dread And Kris crucified the false prophet John F. Kennedy to these MC's, I draw and cock it Cock on cocky cops for the love of the art Punish the part, partition Pardon the pause, poison pens penetrate the mental I walk with Kris so my body's a temple Body instrumentals and body your squad in the body of a God [KRS-One] Just think, just think, what if Malcolm X returned or Dr. King returned, tell me what have we learned As we takin our turn, tell me what have we earned or is the ice and the cars our only concern Mo' money, mo' money, you be yellin it out And on TV can't you see you be sellin us out So in 2010, look to 2002 Who you think they gonna respect, me or you [Professor Ecks] Behold, the God, in the form of the man Walkin off water and () flesh absorbs in the sand Moor gets the land, divorcin the clan, I'm off into sand Off and I'm slayin delicate arms from porcelain hands Slaughtered the lambs, charge it to the game Cats take hip-hop's name in vain Disrespectin the forefathers who came (uh-huh) Goddess hurt 'em right now, like when Marvin was slain [KRS-One] They don't want it, nope, they don't need it, nope Just stay weeded and hope, I don't read what you wrote Best believe they ain't dope, they deceivin these folks with they meaningless quotes, I got my feet on they throat What they speak is a joke, they really weak and they broke Have a seat and take notes, on the streets I'm the Pope MTV is they hope, they repeat what they wrote I'm an MC that won't, let them tempt me with coke [Professor Ecks] Nope, flesh of my flesh, blessed by KRS Used to love her, they () haven't made a date with death Follow no man, enslave the Ecks, Professin the student I vibe with the teacher obliged to drop () liver than heaters Lyrics liable to eat us like the survivors of Jesus Now the, blind is the leaders, your styles is egregious Gets now the brow beateth to underground emceeth The game is overheated, overweeded, and misunderstood [KRS-One] Word, just a ride in they boat, with a platinum rope No doubt, they sellin us out, what's happenin loc Quit this rappin I won't, cause MC'n is dope If I can't do it for the love then do it I won't How many times we note when these rappers is dope Satisfied, that's why I'm renewin your hope Broaden your scope, when cleaned out your mind my rhyme is like a new bar of deoderant soap [Professor Ecks] In this land of men mice and mimes, I holds right for the laws Live life like Christ, makin bread from mics and applause The snakes fight with Tyson like jaws for what's rightfully yours I might () 'em all, tell me - is it life or it's war [*singer*] Goooyyyyiiyyyiyyyyod, Goooyyyiyyiyyyiiiod, Gooyyyyiyyiyyyod My God, your God, our God.. is God, is God Change is gonna come, where you goin to run, but to God To God, run to God, run to God Run to God, and let him in your heart Change is gonna come, the change is gonna come Make it your change, run to God, in your heart Let God in your heart, he will fillt he part Goooyyyyiiyyyiyyyyod, in youuuuuuur heart Take it to God, take it to God God Take it to my God, your God, take it to God Take it to Goooyyyyiiyyyiyyyyod, take it to Goooyyyyiiyyyiyyyyod Take it to Goooyyyyiiyyyiyyyyod, take it to God Just take it to God, run and, take it God Take it to Go-awd

Ice Princess

AZEALIA BANKS "Broke With Expensive Taste"
You are now listening to AraabMUZIK I'm so cold I'm dripping icicles I go and take your man, that nigga might miss ya Spent his whole commission on my neck and ear To stand around me need to have your winter gear Pay me coats and benzies it's that burg ice That's why I do not feel these bitches frost bite Grown money ever since they done I make my own money You broke honey? And they call me BANKS cause I can loan money Colder than December my diamonds on Anna Wintour So that's fly ice in my life I don't see no limits so I strive and I shine twice I ride around and get it Just missing for a minute that was only one thought, let me finish Competition I'm a beat it so relentless I'm a be legendary when I end this They rise when I arrive in this All hail the supreme ice princess Tell the carriage hurry up and come and get me Tell the haters in the wrong you can miss me Hollywood you can go and A-list me I like a shot of hard whiskey I'm feelin it, I'm feeling a change I'm feeling it, in the air [x2] So let me in Her motives is frozen, giving chill pills to them polars Corrosive, the coldest, city is a tundra They focus, no wonder Fridgy princess come from cold cash and them ice chunks Stone frost and my Celine pumps Rolls-Royce no white ups colder than December Diamonds on Anna Wintour these glaciers glamour 'n glisten And arctic is like a blizzard, my jargon fuck you on frigid Cool it down or get avalanched, igloo cold case and body That ice cube up in the lobby bitch white fox Peep the opulence, ice box the coolest confidence Isis queen that icy witch, winter fresh in that whitey bitch Shimmering Aphrodite, winter wonderland body so frosty in that bugati Porcelain snowflake and pappi popsicle in your pocket I'm polarizing your profits I freeze and flip em and rock it Coco a la mode who frozen from head to toe ice grilling the status quo Cold killer so now you know I'm feelin it, I'm feeling a change I'm feeling it, in the air [x2] So let me in

Choctaw Bingo

JAMES MCMURTRY "Saint Mary Of The Woods"
Strap them kids in, give 'em a little bit of vodka In a cherry coke, we're goin' to Oklahoma To the family reunion for the first time in years It's up at uncle Slaton's 'cause he's getting' on in years. No longer travels but he's still pretty spry Not much on talk and he's too mean to die And they'll be comin' down from Kansas and from west Arkansas It'll be one big old party like you've never saw. Uncle Slaton's got his texan pride Back in the thickets with his asian bride He's got an airstream trailer and a Holstein cow Still makes whiskey 'cause he still knows how. Plays that Chocktaw bingo every Friday night You know he had to leave Texas but he won't say why He owns a quarter section up by Lake Eufala Caught a great big old bluecat on a driftin' jugline. Sells his hardwood timber to the chippin' mill Cooks that crystal meth because his shine don't sell He cooks that crystal meth because his shine don't sell You know he likes that money, he don't mind the smell. My cousin Roscoe, Slaton's oldest boy From his second marriage up in Illinois He's raised in East St Louis by his mamma's people Where they do things different thought he'd come on down. He's goin' to Dallas Texas in a semi truck Caught from that big Mcdonalds, you know that one thats built up on that Big old bridge across the Will Rogers turnpike Took the big cabin exit stopped and bought a carton of cigarets. At that indian smoke shop with the big neon smoke rings In the Cherokee nation hit Muskogee late that night Somebody ran the stoplight at the Shawnee bypass Roscoe tried to miss him but he didn't quite. Bob and Mae come up from some little town Way down by Lake Texoma where he coaches football They were two A champions now for for two years running But he says they won't be this year, no they wont be this year. And he stopped off in Tushka at the pop knife and gun place Bought a SKs rifle and a couple full cases of that Steel core ammo with the berdan primers From some east bloc nation that no longer needs 'em. And a desert eagle thats one great big old pistol I mean fifty caliber made by bad-ass Hebrews And some surplus tracers for that old BAR Of Slaton's as soon as it gets dark, we're gonna have us a time We're gonna have us a time. Ruth-Anne and Lynn come down from Baxter Springs That's one hell-raisin' town way down in south eastern Kansas Got a biker bar next to the lingerie store That's got Rolling Stones lips up there in bright pink neon And they're right downtown where everyone can see 'em And they burn all night, you know they burn all night You know they burn all night. Ruth Ann and Lynn they wear them cut off britches And those skinny little halters and they're second cousins to me Man, I don't care I want to get between 'em With a great big ol' hard on like a old bois d'arc fence post You could hang a pipe rail gate from do some sister twisters 'Til the cows come home and we'd be havin' us a time. Uncle Slaton's got his texan pride Back in the thickets with his asian bride He's got a corner pasture and an acre lots He sells them owner financed strictly to them. It's got no kind of credit 'cause he knows they're slackers And they'll miss that payment and he takes it back Plays that Choctaw bingo every Friday night He drinks his Johnny Walker at that club 69 We're gonna strap those kids in give em a lil bit of Benadryl And a cherry coke we're goin' to Oklahoma, we're gonna have us a time We're gonna have us a time.

Bastardised Ink

ARCHIVE "Controlling Crowds"
All hailstorms in to die for my sins, why am I accursed and not believing, death to damnation both forced arrest, enforced interrogation duress fire question, pressure point temple brainwashed disciple, shooting at me with a holy water pistol, I am not a heathen I'll give you the reason, ten commandments and ten counts of treason, they can pass judgements while I plead, ignorance self defense dollars pounds and pence, because we live inside the age feelings hard to gauge, I just open up the book and keep turning the page, while the all powerful throwback to miracle, whips up the storms and pestilent swarms, sacrifice to appease the deity, whilst heavens open up just to seize the enemy, wiped out civilisations, desolate barren landscapes genocides, creation, but mad scientists wildly experiment, drawing the conclusion down into the sediment, to the dark hour seed is sown, now on there will be light via fire and brimstone, walls fall down but emerge from the ground as if to start over, rebuild the structure, true to life adventure, even while your breathing lung puncture, nothing out there to protect you, so they look into the skies the cries can be heard, the word is obscene unwashed and unclean, wreaking havoc for the hell of it, whilst digging deep and developing a taste for it, bloodthirsty craves screams for mercy, highly unlikely, feel the almighty crash, alas hope all evaporates incinerate burns out and obliterates, keep the faith in more ways than one, or believe me and mark my words thy will be done. Praying not for the cynical quick stepping left right, pick up as they march upon the pinnacle, clocking up the watch stop digital, trying to make peace while they'd rather make base and erase the place they found, lies written all over the face wonder why, feeling immortality fearing they’re afraid to die, sly snakes sidewind and enter your mind, finding temptation insecurity and frustration, hating anger lusts after fear as half the man dies whilst shedding the tear, a clear sign that it's way past the time, to rebuild the bleeding heart that lies broken, well I must be mistaken but I more than feel that a chance is not taking consideration for the non believer plagued by diseased why? Nothing but an open mind is what I try and maintain, hand on heart keep alive in dying art, pick it up dust it down make a start and bring it round. Pray to God blaspheme one can only dream, crucify and ask why either do or die.

Heart's Ease

JOSH RITTER "The Beast In Its Tracks"
Gonna find me a black eared bay Gonna meet me a black haired girl Who smells of smoke and caraway I'm on my way to find my own heart's ease. The high up-country is the place where I Have always longed to wander wild and free Among the slender and the peace of mind Grow mountainsides of my own heart's ease. I've been with beauties and I've been with some That even speaking of them would be like Using the moonlight to describe the sun The fairest one is my own heart's ease. I've crossed the deserts and I crested swells The unknown country and the far-flung isles The shores of faraway and faretheewell. There's nowhere else like my own heart's ease. So, gather round me all you bright young blades And this little lesson take by me Go seek adventure gold and fame but may Each of you one day find your own heart's ease.

Lessons In Love

Angel Forrest "Believe In Angels Believe In Me"
I heard you, you were back in town But before me you were playin round You left a trail of broken hearts And now your back and asking all my friends How I've been and how can you fit in But I can't go through that again I knew you were a player I thought that I could change ya But now I see I was wrong So keep on ballin baller I won't disrupt your holler Baby it won't be long [Chorus] Somebody's gonna break your heart in two Somebody's gonna do the things you do Someday somebody will give you a lesson in love So baby it's just a matter of time Before your heart breaks like you broke mine And your time is up Are you ready for your lesson in love You played me like I was your toy But soon you'll cry just like a little boy When you get back twice what you gave So open up take your medicine Get well soon repent of all your sin And lie there in the bed that you made Have you ever heard That you'll get what you'll get what you deserve Play with fire and you get burned So, baby watch your back Cause you finally met your match Soon it will be your turn [Repeat Chorus x2]

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