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KRS-ONE lyrics - Return Of The Boom Bap

Higher Level

Original and similar lyrics
Verse One: After seven years of rockin' How do you rate me Poorly or greatly Everybody seems to be goin' for their's lately Yo mad heads be needin' money So listen very close as I conduct this little study See it's, funny to me, you can watch TV And give up your life trying to be all you can be In the Army Not knowin' your history You either fight and die or come back home in misery Yo get with me, I deal with reality Loosen your mind to the truth, and don't get mad at me No politican can give you peace If you trust Jesus, why do you vote for a beast Emancipation is long over due So overcome procrastination Because freedom is within you For some reason we think we're free So we'll never be Because we haven't recognized slavery You're still a slave, look at how you behave Debatin' on where and when and how and what Massa gave You wanna know how we screwed up from the beginning We accepted our opressor's religion So in the case of slavery it ain't hard Because it's right in the eyes of THEIR God Where is our God, the God that represents us The God that looks like me, the God that I can trust A God of peace and love, not mass hysteria I don't want a God that blesses America I could never really vote for the devil Let me take you to a higher level... Verse Two: Title, take the title from the Bible we can get there Rip the title from off the front of the Bible, God don't live there Too many inconsistencies, too many mysteries Picture the Pope and the Vatican, laughing and drinking and singing and Kissing me I stand with God whether I'm paid or whether I'm cryin' broke I like to ask these politicans would Jesus vote The way we view God is a freakin' shame Church is to blame We trust God, but bomb Hussein We simply lovin' the scripture Same scripture that whipped 'cha Sooner it'll hit 'cha Religion's gettin' richer With that European version of Christ made into a picture Our society's gettin' sicker, and sicker, and sicker... Like liquor, we are God-Intoxicated Not to the true God, but the one the government created The same governments tellin' people to vote I pray to God because the people have lost hope You either vote for the mumps or the measels Whether you vote for the lesser of two evils, you vote for evil Politics and God are not equal But the education if you don't guard, is really lethal People have more respect for a holy book Than they do for a cow on a meat hook Belivers of Jesus be denouncing Satan on every level But every Halloween they're dressin' like devils I pray to you for the light you might give them Mother make them know that you're livin' with them You begin them and end them in silence Frankly, if they knew you, they would understand violence I pray to you for the Pope and the Vatican Have mercy Mother, cause I know that you're mad at them The White Jesus deceived us awhile ago And Pope Julius the Second paid Michaelangelo I know this happened in 1519 yet This is the image we can't seem to forget Vote for God, don't vote for the Devil Let me take you to a higher level...

Another Dimension

Mactatus "The Complex Bewitchment"
OUT FROM another Dimension I came I saw Jesus playing with the Gods I have seen the world burning - Twice Reality - so far away The new-born son, so long awaited To speak of the Now World FIRE! It gives me a new Desire I crucified myself to be the one With blood and Pain - I was the Holy One With Blasphemy I rise from the Dust And give the Human trust I am the Greatest of all Creatures Master I Am Failured people to trust in me Can't they see what a joke I became? I killed Jesus: I killed Jesus: The Holy One Be my guest on this trip Come with me and share my Throne In the World of the Unknown Be my ripper and drink with the Gods And see the World in Flames See all this stupid Religions And all these Losers All this brings you a Fucking Shame

Prozac People

Joke Killing "Democracy"
I woke up in the darkness and i tried to see the clock It was four a.m. I was curled up like a foetus and my muscles were stretched taut I couldn't face the burden of another week of worry I was broken I took a green and yellow pill. washed down with filter coffee 'til it kicked in Get me out Keep me up Level me out I was isolated by the way i thought and felt They saw my moodswings I travelled down the longitude of opposite emotions I bi-polar In the north they saw my upside. my excitable and optimistic spirit In the south they saw my anger and my tears and my despair They saw my moodswings Get me out Keep me up Level me out I was one of the prozac people I was one of the prozac people Don't monitor this guinea pig for research any more I will try again Pharmaceutical conglomerates just count me as a unit For their product Identify the enemy. remove the source of fear Start to change my life It's a false state of elation You can join the prozac nation If you want to Get me out Keep me up Level me out I was one of the prozac people I was one of the prozac people

Youre The Man

Gaye Marvin
Talkin', talkin' to the people Tryin' to get them to go your way Tellin' lies, not to worry That we won't be led astray So blind, unsignified Your opponents always lying Think about the mistakes you make I believe America's at stake You know, busin', busin' is the issue If you have a plan wager If you have a plan If you've got a master plan Got to vote for you Hey hey, got to vote for you You're the man We don't wanna hear no more lies About how you planned a compromise We want our dollar value increased Employment to rise The nation's taxation Is causin' all, all this inflation Don't give us no V sign Turn around and rob the people blind Economics is the issue Do you have a plan wager? 'Cause if you've got a master plan Got to vote for you You're the man (8 times, over scat singing): Don't you understand? There's misery in the land (One version fades out during this; read further for a longer version) People marching on Washington Better hear what they have to say 'Cause the tables just might turn against you, brother Set around Election Day Politics and hypocrites Is turning us all into lunatics Can you take the guns from our sons? Right all the wrongs this administration has done? Peace and freedom is the issue Do you have a plan wager? If you've got a plan If you've got a master plan Got to vote for you Hey hey, got to vote for you 'Cause you're the man (repeat and fade): Got to vote for you

Jesus Freak

DC TALK "Jesus Freak"
[What will people think When they hear that I'm a Jesus Freak? What will people do When they find that's it's true?] Separated, I cut myself clean From a past that comes back in my darkest of dreams Been apprehended by a spiritual force And a grace that replaced all the me I've divorced I saw a man with tat on his big fat belly It wiggled around like marmalade jelly It took me a while to catch what it said Cause I had to match the rhythm Of his belly with my head 'Jesus Saves' is what it raved in a typical tattoo green He stood on a box in the middle of the city And claimed he had a dream (chorus) What will people think When they hear that I'm a Jesus freak What will people do when they find that it's true I don't really care if they label me a Jesus freak There ain't no disguising the truth Kamikaze, my death is gain I've been marked by my Maker A peculiar display The high and lofty, they see me as weak Cause I won't live and die for the power they seek There was a man from the desert with naps in his head The sand that he walked was also his bed The words that he spoke made the people assume There wasn't too much left in the upper room With skins on his back and hair on his face They thought he was strange by the locusts he ate The Pharisees tripped when they heard him speak Until the king took the head of this Jesus freak (repeat chorus 2x) People say I'm strange, does it make me a stranger My best friend was born in a manger People say I'm strange, does it make me a stranger That my best friend was born in a manger (repeat chorus 2x) What will people think [What will people think] What will people do [What will people do] I don't really care [What else can I say] There ain't no disguising the truth [Jesus is the way]

Dope Man

JAY-Z "Vol. 3... Life And Times Of S. Carter"
(feat. Serena Altschul) [*sound of a camera taking a picture*] [Jay] Millenium flow [MTV] Serena Altschul's here live outside the criminal courthouse [Jay] This is {bullshit} y'all [MTV] in New York City for the first day in the trial of [Jay] I'm gone [*car speeds off*] [MTV] the State vs. Shawn Carter, a.k.a. Jay-Z [Jay] Uhh, uh-huh-uh, uhh, uh-huh-uh, uhh [MTV] Whatever the verdict in this trial may be the effects will undoubtedly be felt worldwide [Jay-Z] Aiyyo, stand forward, 'fore you take notice or witness to me killin the track Testify 'til me spillin the smack Now they got me for traffickin, racketeerin, audio crack [Hook:] They call me Dope Man, Dope Man I try to tell em I'm where hope, floats man Ghetto spokes-man A broke man, approachin the bench with intent to bury me under the cell, fingered me as the toast man Evidence stemmin from ninety-six They say the world ain't recovered from his fix While they was usin cut I was on some other shit Gave it to you raw and they just discovered it Nowaday, the jury got they brow raised Listenin to testimony about my foul ways Exhibit A: 'Reasonable Doubt' They say this was the first thing that turned the peoples out [MTV] You can feel the tension building here as an unprecedented number of people have turned out for what may be the 'Trial of the Century' [Hook] [Jay-Z] How come, you label your brand of dope 'Volume 1' and spread it through the slums Fed it to the young with total disregard Your honor, the State seeks the maximum charge And how could you, turn right around and release a lethal dosage called 'Volume 2' And is true you operate the criminal enterprise known as Roc-a-Fella in charge of his meteoric rise And do you deny you're responsible for the demise of record execs, and do you object Your distribution's Polygram, and through your connects Def Jam, you pushed over five million SoundScan And not to mention, your co-horts and henchmen Dame, Biggs, Lyor, Kev' and Russell Simmons And we ain't gon' talk about Murder, Inc. That just establishes a darker deeper criminal link [MTV] The State is seeking the maximum penalty and with the overwhelming amount of evidence the D.A.'s presented, things aren't looking good [Hook] [MTV] Despite the grim outlook at this point the rapper has been known to emerge triumphant in the face of adversity [Hook] [MTV] Jay-Z is taking the stand [Jay-Z] Right hand on the Bible, left hand in the air Before I spoke one word, made sure my throat was clear A-hem, I'm a prisoner of circumstance Frail nigga, I couldn't much work with my hands But my mind was strong, I grew where you hold your blacks up Trap us, expect us not to pick gats up Where you drop your cracks off by the Mack trucks Destroy our dreams of lawyers and actors Keep us spiralin, goin backwards At age nine, saw my first hate crime Blindfolded, expected to walk a straight line Mind molded, taught to love you and hate mine Climbed over it, at a early age, Jay shined Fuck the system at Lady Justice I blaze nine Your Honor, I no longer kill my people, I raise mine The soul of Mumia in this modern day time [MTV] While the jury is inside deliberating outside the crowd is frozen with anticipation [Hook] [MTV] Well the verdict has just been announced: NOT GUILTY! It is complete pandemonium out here! [Hook; Serena keeps speaking] People are cheering and hugging - there he is Jay-Z is exiting the courtroom right now There is a swarm of cameras surrounding him [*pop bulbs flashing*] and people are just rushing up to him Let's try and make our way over there, Jay-Z! Jay-Z! [*sounds of cameras keep flashing*, *music fades*]

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