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Kovenant lyrics

Via Negativa

Original and similar lyrics
The arrogance of angels, the heresy of Christ The stupidity of humanity, the skeletons of society It's time to separate the saints from the sinners Judgement day is coming - Evacuate then renovate Proclaimed by a thousand prophets, believed by a million fools But the day will come when everything falls apart All it takes is a single act of animal desperation And what if all the things we believed in were true Decades of decadence and aeons of evil Worldwide terror in the shape of a shining star From the center of damnation to the outskirts of Hell Redemption only comes with a pair of numbered wings In our quest for miracles, we started a war of genitals Disguised as the bearers of justice, we took your fears a made you a God Why are you afraid of something you're not even sure exists? I am the maze of God... I am the true face of fraud Embrace the pain, and I will lead you to another heaven For who are you to belive in another paradise than mine? The Infant Prodigy - The Bearer of Light Without me you would be nothing at all The beginning and the end are the same, the circle never ends And the more things change, the more they stay the same Decades of decadence and aeons of evil Worldwide terror in the shape of a shining star From the center of damnation to the outskirts of Hell Redemption only comes with a pair of numbered wings

The Shape Of Things To Come

feat. Aceyalone Ay yes y'all [Iriscience] The only thing constant is change with that....its the shape of things to come Yo I'm the open-est emotions I'm a river in straight A crystal clean lake Yo the essence of skin The form of a luminescent bright light flourescent [Aceyalone]You got light? [Iriscience] Don't wait 'till it's dark to ask questions I been sparking in sections And blessing mics with my prescence Since many were pre-pubescent Puberty adolescent Perhaps you need a lesson in Addressing with respect an' Too many feel inadequate without their little weapon [Aceyalone] It's like I got the whole world against me Need to get intensely A head full of headaches And a hand full of sissies Them so flimsy so why there one MC There wasn't one before hasn't one since me A gangster of love I come from up above I give the mic a tug I give the world a hug I give skies a kiss I give suckers a kiss Some people like my old styles better than this but [Iriscience] Yo I'm Spacey like Kevin And some do knowledge of seven Praise Jesus and Jah Buddah Allah or just Heaven [Aceyalone] Yeah and some like it moderate Some like a lot of it Whichevery way I go we got something To get you move up out of it [Iriscience] Some will be statistics Some will be reverends Dimes become pennies like dimes become eleven [Aceyalone] To some we kind of thought of it As teaching the dumb Ace-One and Dilated The shape of things to come [Chorus][Iriscience] I catch rec and Tangle in circles with squares Triangles to test if indeed you're prepared This is the shape of things to come This is the shape of things to come [Chorus][Evidence] [Aceyalone] I wax 'em I tax 'em Here's Iriscience - ask him From Arkansas to Aspen The futuristic jazzmen I'm telepathic Moving through hella traffic CLICK ABOVE TO VISIT OUR SPONSORS I know my demographics See how this was crafted and drafted There's precision in the incision I'm not christian or Catholic or any other religion I'm just man With a steel in his hand I shoot the gift from blessed to spark where it land [Iriscience] And it landed in the sand Where the pyramids blaze And this is how the dictionary defines such a place A polyhedron with a polygonal base Median and common vertex Triangular face Who came in the home and Ripped the cats stole Stripped the limestone To line they fine home I cram to understand Their dirty deeds in song While we bringing you the shape of things to come [Chorus][Aceyalone] [Chorus][Evidence] [Iriscience] Aiyyo I center punch punchlines Shine when it's crunchtime I back to beatbox, rap battles at lunchtime I sketch a piece and fill it in with design Ooh no, Aceyalone Raw bright like sunshine Platform squad standing on the brink Yo I touch the world Got three but two blink Rakaa aka Iriscience lenscrafters And blend with hash the self defense master [Aceyalone] Yeah its too bad we control fire, wind I know that you bad you batted a thousands I remember who's the baddest with the apparatus tell me again Take ahold of your heart without penetrating the skin See I didn't invent it I just perfected it I never intended to really connect with it But once I got in it I redirected it Now I change the world and get respect with it and a check with it It ain't nothin' new under the sun Fool I ain't afraid of the size of your gun The flesh is weak plus they speak foul tongue Take the breath from their lungs as they swung And they hung and they sunk [Chorus][Iriscience, Aceyalone and Evidence] Babu scratches Ay yes y'all Y'all ready to bounce for us? It's that shit It's that LA shit


Patrik Fitzgerald
----------------- Searching for a pair of wings i try so hard to fly But i'm just tied down by earthly things And watching people live and die Maybe i'll be your social worker Help you solve your problems I'd rather be a superbeing Flying far away, away... Because everything depresses me I only see the black side And looking round from day to day An emptyness inside sorrounds me I'm just a vessel, and vessels quickly crack I'd rather be a superbeing Flying far away, away..., away... 'cos right now i'm just your problem page To write to when you're down And i'm semi-dead, already i'm semi-living with a frown Maybe i'll be your charity Will money buy you better days? I'd rather be a superbeing Flying far away, away, away... So if you give me a pair of wings Then i will learn to fly I'll skip the ordinary I'll avoid the live and die and things 'cos everything depresses me There are no valid reasons why So i will be your superbeing I will learn to fly.

Las Vegas Nights

HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH "Musical Chairs"
Las Vegas nights Have been calling But I wait to see her float down stairs There she stands with her eyes full and yearning I look And I know gotta be there Is there another chance To bring her closer Make her feel I know we could be happy again Is there another chance To bring her flowers So she will only whisper my name A chance to make things right for her And make my lies seem true I'm begging Do Don't go down to the station Somehow we won't live that long Don't go now, desert flower Cause you just won't bloom And your memories made need more room See that mirror there Will she look inside To see the one I fear standing alone And on my phonograph Will she put them in The songs that only remind her of me A chance to make things right for her And make my life seem true I'm begging Do [CHORUS] I step outside The Joint To clouds of guilt and fear And there are shades of red dancing in view Las Vegas nights Make me wonder How much longer I will be a fool A chance to make things right for her Make my lies seem true I'm begging Do [CHORUS]

You'll See Glimpses

Ian Dury And The Blockheads
[entirely spoken in lucid reflective manner]: You'll see. They think I'm off my crust as I creep about the caff. But I'm really getting ready to surprise them all. Because I'm busy sorting out the problems of the world. And when I reveal all, I may get a crinkly mouth. I've given my all to the task at hand unstintingly. When it's all over, I'll rest on my laurels. Here for a moment is a glimpse of my plan: All kids will be happy learning things. The wind will smell of wild flowers. Nobody will whack each other about with nasty things. All the room in the world. They take me for a mug because I smile. They think I'm too out of tune to mind being patronised. All in all, it's been another phase in my chosen career, And when my secrets are out, they'll bite their silly tongues. All I want for my birthday is another birthday. When skies are blue, we all feel the benefit. Glimpse Number 2 for the listener. Everyone will feel useful in lovely ways. Trees will be firmly rooted in town and country. Illness and despair will be dispensed with. All the room in the world. They ask me if I've had the voices yet. They don't think I know any true answers. It's true that I haven't quite finished yet. When it all comes out in the wash, they'll eat their words. I've got all their names and addresses. Later on I'll write them each a thank-you letter. Before I stop, here's a last glimpse into the general future. Home rule will exist in each home, forever. Every living thing will be another friend. This wonderful state of affairs will last for always. This has been got out by a friend.

Books Of Blood: The Coming Of Tan

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[Riley Martin, author of 'The Coming of Tan', speech sample] "Perhaps you will believe the million feet of film that's been taken above... uh... Mexico City, and various other places If you think that you are alone in this universe or that you are the guardians of this universe, then you are rudely mistaken" [El Eloh from Lost Children of Babylon] Took a physical odyssey To the fathers of Shabazz With the shamans of the Cherokees Arrived in Nevada, 10 miles away from NASA Met the farmer, in which he revealed to me the Ohioan crop circles that linked all the star constellations To 19th galaxy... The metaphysists That quote the Roswell New Mexican deserts of death valley Will he be, extraterrestrial biological entity discovering extraordinary memories Glided across Glassland Suddenly seeing illuminations from the seven heavens circle of sand Of Area 51 and 57, separate the schoolkid and reveal the reptilian I seen the CIA transform into the species of Greys The Sabbath seven adding up to seven levels of the Majestic 12 Neoclassic traveller I Travel the Twilight Zone with Einstein and Nikola Tesla Walk through the wilderness of Ibilis as the flying disc, of Ezekiel the pope stands upon the podium Becomes a Zeta Reticulian behold the arrival of the Elohim ..." [IKon the Verbal Hologram] ...Beware the prophecies of the Tarots! Alien Spacecraft flying away like Sparrows! Study the lost prophetic books of the bible That recites Fallen body energies: spiritual survival Flying discs seen in Ezekiel 1:3 Granted Kingu a tablet of destinies Seviates spoke the word of the Bavarian illuminati I bring forth harmonics of Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Annunaki planted the seed where I dwell either vortex turbines pulling me to hell awareness upon my savannah as omni dimensional great species has a common memory complex of the social liquid crystal colloidal membranes responding to the spectrum of the universal intelligence matrix... the basis is that extraterrestrials created Christ and have a device that recorded all of Earth's history and can display it in the form of a hologram precise; Construction of synthetic humanoids is among us You have entered the Land Of Nod now, face the deafening thunders And the spiritual wonders because the harvest now is coming Beware the world-wide ancient tunnel system the government is running Hectic! Verbal slaughter of the Judeo-Christian Ethic! [El Eloh] The world has turned on its last spin The coming of Tan- That is when ya learn! [x2] [El Eloh] Fled with the 5, led through a European wooded ravine And seen Stone henge connect and bring upon the Annunaki The Highest kabbalah mystic chants by Elohim And looks to the sky for prophecy Was abducted in Nebraska Then taken back to the laboratory, experiment performed before me Non earthly alien autopsy! Psycho social biological and electro- -Magnetic manipulation of human consciousness The Vulcan walks about the abyss! [IKon the Verbal Hologram] The Verbal Hologram: Wordal killer like Shark eyes Speak Babylonian and Hebrew genesis like the Star Gods Blessed by Biaviians like the French theologians Anti-Christ is coming in the form of a powerful Roman! Development of Aid’s was funded in 1969 For the seven (G-7) and injected into 100 million Africans in ‘77 Cuneiform inscriptions in Western Asia of the Nabu Dwell in hell, celestial bodies : twelve like Kathabu But I can rob you of your spirit soul like Xenu Elders imprisoned, negative Para-physical beings we knew Function outside the time-track like Ississani I chose to be enclosed and I fold too, like Origami Comprehend the theory of reflection like Paromatma In the epic Sanskrit history of the world like Mahabharata Praise to His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada [Chorus] [Riley Martin] "If you stood above the stratosphere and downloaded 7 gigawatts of negative ions into the turbines would this not disrupt the..electromagnetic flow?"

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