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Kovenant lyrics

Prophecies Of Fire

Original and similar lyrics
Born from the blind, delusional mind Bite the hand that feeds the lie The garden is severed, buried in the truth Open your eyes... 'Cause God hates you The serpents have the power coiled in illusion A poisonous gift of beautiful sin Paint the whore with the ashes of Eden It's time to face the end of the world We have flown to close the sun But in space even angels can get burned 'As death rains down upon them... Cleansing the streets in a cloudburst of blood, black leather smoke coils up my nostrils tingeling with death's surprise. It leaks out through the cracks in the cold asphalt sidewalks of the city of sin ...Feast upon the images of molten massacre, as the machineries of death grind relentlessly on' We have flown to close the sun But in space even angels can get burned Lunacy breeds in silent fire No hope for mankind as the world expire

Hip Hop V. Rap

featuring Buckshot Cam'Ron Keith Murray Killah Priest Prodigy of Mobb Deep Redman Run of Run D.M.C. and Vigilante Yo yo brand new KRS y'all Maximum Strength 5 Boroughs of death we rep to death Yo Kris set it for The Bronx.. [KRS One] We hit em and get em we stick em and jig em we pick em and kick em Flippin them whip and I'm wing clippin them lip cause I'm cold sick of them Much quicker than them lyrically trickin and my Tribe be on a Quest like Tip and them On every avenue puttin the full clip in em Splittin and strippin em down while spittin a round into them soundclash see winnin them, just begginin them Get rid of ev-ery bit of them with them negative idioms I don't even consider them In the new millenium we killin them Breeze Deep, Kenny and Will and them, KRS-One we thrillin em Many battles we been in them now we rebuildin them We blaze, fulfillin them, Keith ?, Jesse, Jamil and them We originate styles, other be stealin them [Vigilante] You got a good rise in your rolodex, who flow is next? Comin out to {fuck} with the best, put it in your chest Inhale it and hold that, blow it out when I say let go; let's see if you can hold your breath, by the time I flip to the next flow This sho' is real, this is the deal, guns I'm runnin Gotta make it out of town to flip my {shit} and keep it comin Then bring it back, with another stack, of raps to blow your back out How many of y'all wanna go for yours I keep my dogs in the crackhouse [Buckshot] Let's take a walk through Crown Heights Steppin through the city at night, with the ? and two mic Form a little lynch mob, and stomp through the five boroughs Head back to Brooklyn in the Expo Back on the block, I see the cops everybody clockin Buckshot, when you see the rocks, me I got you shocked Why not? You see the recipe Buckshot, I represent Brooklyn and my {nigga} Biggie [Keith Murray] I'm from C-I, L-I, F-L-Y Where the {niggaz} and the {bitches} stay paid fly and high Where a slut'll get mad if you call her a {bitch} And a rat'll get mad if you call her a snitch Where the rich emerge, with the {niggaz} from the ditch And it's a myth, they get {niggaz} from the suburbs, that's herbs Yo this is for my {niggaz} on the block all day Who don't give a {fuck} waitin for crime to pay Put your money on it, yo we never fronted Long Island got some of the best {niggaz} that ever done it From Riverhead to C.I. to Brentwood to Wyndanch {Niggaz} comin through will not stand a chance From Roosevelt to Freeport to Hempstead to Uniondale Comin deep from the depths of hell I'm dead serious, even though you see me smilin Rough enough to break New York from Long Island [Cam'Ron] We destroy {niggaz}, need advice, cause I heard em sayin Jesus Christ You should see the sight, cookin ox-tail, peas and rice Makin about a G a night, they can't read or write But I got every creed and type, you need a dyke, babygirl I see the light But sometime y'all get crimey crimey, grimy grimy But those with a tiny hiney they get whiny whiny So guard your girl, Harlem World, cock the gun, pop it son Fila fam, illa players, Killa Cam is still the man [?] Uptown massive, Uptown the borough Uptown let the ? kali, no sorrow Uptown trestle, Uptown of course I grab you ? they got me turn up to North And if dem turn up North ? hurt no tell de boss And if dem tell me off dey are a bunch of ghosts And if dem gal are up, well den dem know da gal are boss De rap dancehall try on de Mossinos And if dem tie me off, dem can call me Cedro I put a rap to singalong in all de ? crew And if da gal a bitch ? ? the rainbow ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? [Killah Priest] Yo, hit you with the force of an iron horse Tear your face off the planet, leavin one-third damaged Witcha back cracked the earth canvas, leavin mountains slanted Rock the earth of the axle, crabs who Polar bears beneath the sea gravel Thoughts be runnin wild like the Lil' Rascals Puttin dinosaurs inside of figure fours, rip you with nine inch claws Chasin {motherfuckers} through malls, and clash in halls Beatin {motherfuckers} through walls, stompin through floors and jumpin down elevator shafts Searchin for they {ass}, stayin low in the grass Wearin a gas mask, wrappin their hands up in plastic bags On stage like a savage goin mad WHAT? Yeah yeah, sooooooooooooo! [Prodigy] Yeah, by all means you know you gotta put Queens on it Put cream on it, Q.B. we rep often Take over your party, slamdance witcha hood Took your ladies back to the projects with us Then sent her {ass} back on the Q-train home Satisfied, she learned the words to my thug song See we one big borough of Dons with firearms And we never use those, til the man act other than he's 'sposed to, {nigga} what I'm 'sposed to do? Shots whistle, damn near missed dat Shoes get pissed at [Redman] From the, tip of my Timbs, to my eyebrows The hostile, english, Olde E widemouth Get PCP fiends, jumpin off cliffs And if you had the balls, you'd be walkin off stiff My paragraph alone is worth five mics (uh-huh) A twelve song LP, that's thirty-six mics (uh-huh) And while you win Un Hype (uh-huh) I spit on your snipe and tell you {fuck you} and that {bitch} on your bike Brick City!! [Reverand Run] Aiyyo.. now bust it Never try me crimey I'm grimy so don't deny me I be Little like your Rascals and stymie to fly that hiney Buy me keys, to my Benz and my Coupe Like Jay and Run and D.M.C.'s, that's the name of my group (now speed it up) Beat to the rhythm of the rhyme I'm givin up a dime, there go another line you figured Never drivin by nine, never givin up a dime if you was Never been that {nigga} If you really wanna test me, brother don't stress me Or you just be bowlin It's Reverand like a Jesse, brother that's just me and that's just my colon The five boroughs of death, we rep to death Step aside little {niggaz}, show time yep It's goin down the moment we inside the spot Let's rock'n'roll, you know the M.O., it gets real when the five boroughs of death, we rep to death Step aside little {niggaz}, show time yep It's goin down the moment we inside the spot Let's rock'n'roll, you know the M.O., it gets hot

The Substance

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
Four rooms, a ceiling and a floor but there's more: (close to insanity) A desk with a subtle light, a window, and a door; (close to insanity) One bottle of the bluest inks your iris ever saw; (close to insanity) One child prodigy with a vision in his core. (close to insanity) (yeah, yo) I'm frost bitten, slippin' away in titanic burden nurses Where the anti-hero clergy purge their value burning service And warped was I, huddled beneath the influence of fresh, Meshed with impressions that appear to shrink before my very breath. (Breath) These tides of woe and malice and mirth initiate a wave crash, Splashing my offspring graves prior to birth, it's looking bleak. Malarky farce sergeant crooked and sleek emerald eyes glow; I'm shook in a freak side show! OK, I strobe effects projective when I blink So I design this chorus line. When linked we let our eyelids fall and pilots stall. With what I sing, I'll open lash light and dark clash to dim the wattage, Then see the wide-eyed dry grays, and supplied fiery Colossus. Well, I am a hostage. Guiding, yet, pushed beneath the crazes' climate. Hiding behind the levy while the stubborn rivers rise and feel this. I wish heavenly brevity centered hate pedigrees instead of dead serenity. God damn. Must have remembered me. It clinched me, it wrenched me, tempted me to employ it, Apprehended me, and rendered me suspended in its voyage. How these tables have turned! Hand to the bottle with the skull and crossbones scribbled off the label, Sip the ladle. Drank the burn. Begging for dead! Concerns off with a zephyr tread and leg in a web, Caught triple-six couriers; beckon, they fled. OK, OK, I get it... Let 'em shake a little, then release 'em, Like, as if ghostly hysterics would leech on band aid completion. Odium, patience ran his anti-death commando Just a litigant stretchin' to touch tranquil, but couldn't quite catch the angle. I'm trained as cornerstone famine trooper So my tray within a heart of hearts still belly up and parched, come on... (yeah, yeah, check it) I'm a sideline observer alerted not yet retreating. (close to insanity) The climate stubbornly hovered slightly above freezing. (close to insanity) Now everybody in the populace awaited my reply: (close to insanity) I spit a billion tiny brilliant white lights into the sky (close to insanity) Undeniably amused by the way the fuse burn, By the way the clues churn in front of my eyes... To fertilize germination of concern for me, for we, For he who's sucked into the trench, fully dug. I don't wanna pull the plug... Hug on my canteen like in a dream, Centipede leader speedin' through a meaty greed league, I can tell by the way the needs bleed from a seed, If the breed should have ever been bred. 'Nuff said... Whether compared to caterpillar and cocoon, To emerge, or a spark's soon to bloom to a surge, All I need is the nourishment, the courage and the burn To ascend from a number, to brave Blade Runner. Hunter, cleric, swordsman, king... More like I'm walking with a broken mood ring. Mood swingin' from the mezzanine level, Here to bevel the edge. My team's settled on the ledge to pledge. It's like that. In the summer it rains buckets of hunger pains. In the winter it's the same, with an added climate change. The remaining two quadrants balance the polar values equally for midrange, Yet the songs of thirst remain the same. You could turn the whole cold reservoir to liquor, Hell, split the ocean on its seams if it boosts your esteem. I never lend span of attention lest my brethren signal fresh, So do your magic, miracle worker, or I'll remain unimpressed. For the flux, the fix, the famine, For the fact that little Billy up the block obtained a lovely hand cannon, I'd examined auto-pilot (right) when filibuster won... (yeah) Concluded the few we're tuned with were now targets of his movement... (oh shit) It's intriguing. Yet, I guess, I knew somewhere, something was leaking. Now I honor instinct, delinquent. Bring settler runaways, frayed boogie bastard clicks To bypass glass stature, walking graff characters... Militant dance split the sun and sip the filament... Tracer. Vivisection is to lab rat primes; They try to grace these sacred lips with his maze or a dirty wine. He knew. He brewed the substance just to mock the lesser budgets, Then sought off all trickery, bought off the public, and screamed victory! Tunnel through the mite infested grillage and the rig As fast as Aesop and his ten little fatigued fingers could dig, trigger revenge, tip the goblet in the dirt, review my words, spit in the puddle. Peace to fame, struggle the fuck out, and duck out. (yeah, check, huh, uh) Now, all hail defenders of the trash talk. (close to insanity) I was hidden, yet I slid in just to rip the mask off. (close to insanity) I'm seventy-six inches of all the purest sounds (close to insanity) So y'all could dig me six feet deep my eyes would still be over ground! (close to insanity) (It's like that)

16 On Death Row

2PAC "R U Still Down? (Remember Me)"
Death Row That's where motherfuckers is endin up Dear mama, I'm caught up in this sickness I robbed my adversaries, but slipped and left a witness Wonder if they'll catch me, or will this nigga snitch Should I shoot his bitch, or make the nigga rich Don't wanna commit murder, but damn they got me trapped Hawkin while I'm walkin, and talkin behind my back I'm kind of schizophrenic, I'm in this shit to win it Cause life's a Wheel of, Fortune here's my chance to spin it Got no time for cops, who trip and try to catch me Too fuckin trigger happy, to let them suckers snatch me Niggaz gettin jealous (jealous) tryin to find my stash Whip out the nine, now I'ma dive and pump your ass Peter picked a pepper, but I can pick a punk Snatched him like a bitch, and threw him in the trunk The punk thought I was bluffin, but swear I'm nothin nice Before I take your life, first wrestle with these, mics I listen to him scream, Tray Deee went insane I guess the little, mites had finally found his brain New Rovers pull me over, I'm sentenced to the pen Remember that little, bird, he snitched and told a, friend It's trouble on my mind, I'm with the old timers And fuck five-oh, blaow blaow.. turn em into forty-niners [Tupac sings] Bye bye, I was never meant to live Can't be positive, when the ghetto's where you live Bye bye, I was never meant to be Livin like a thief, runnin through the streets Bye bye, and I got no place to go... Where they find me 16 on Death Row Dear mama, these cops don't understand me I turned to a life of crime, cause I came from a broken family My uncle used to touch me, I never told you that Scared what you might do, I couldn't hold you back I kept it deep inside, I done let it fuel my anger I'm down for all my homies, no mercy for a stranger The brother in my cell, is 16 as well It's hard to adapt, when you're black and you're trapped in a livin Hell I shouldn'ta let him catch me Instead of livin sad in jail I coulda died free and happy And my cellmate's raped on the norm And passed around the dorm, you can hear his asshole gettin torn They made me an animal Can't sleep, instead of countin sheep, niggaz countin cannibals And that's how it is in the pen Turn old and cold, and your soul is your best friend My mama prayed for me Tell the Lord to make way for me, prepare any day for me (why) Cause when they come for me they find a struggler To the death I take the breath from your jugular The trick is to never lose hope I found my buddy hangin dead from a rope, 16 on Death Row [Tupac sings] Bye bye, I was never meant to live Can't be positive, when the ghetto's where you live Bye bye, I was never meant to be Livin like a thief, runnin through the streets Bye bye, and I got no place to go... Where you find me 16 on Death Row Dear mama, they sentenced me to death Today's my final day, I'm countin every breath I'm bitter cause I'm dyin, so much I haven't seen I know you never dreamed, your baby would be dead at 16 I got beef with a sick society that doesn't give a shit And they too quick to say goodbye to me They tell me the preacher's there for me He's a crook with a book, that motherfucker never cared for me He's only here to be sure I don't drop a dime to God bout the crimes he's commitin on the poor, and how can these people judge me They ain't my peers and in all these years, they ain't never love me I never got to be a man, must be part of some big plan to keep a nigga in the state pen And to my homies out buryin motherfuckers Steer clear of these Aryan motherfuckers Cause once they got you locked up They got you trapped, you're better off gettin shot up I'm convinced self-defense is the way Please, stay strapped, pack a gat every day I wish I woulda known while I was out there Now I'm straight headin for the chair [Tupac sings] Bye bye, I was never meant to live Can't be positive, when the ghetto's where we live Bye bye, I was never meant to be Livin like a thief, runnin through the streets Bye bye, and I got no place to go... Where you find me 16 on Death Row 16 on Death Row It's to all my partners in the penitentiaries 16 on Death Row

Snoop Bounce

SNOOP DOGG "Tha Doggfather"
(feat. Charlie Wilson) [Intro/Chorus: Charlie Wilson] Ain't no funk, it's funky, it's Doggystyle (Ain't it funky nuff) (Death Row-ow, Death Rowwwww) (Everybody knows I got more bounce than an ounce) [repeat] [Verse 1: Snoop Doggy Dogg] Shucks, stompin in my big blue chucks More bounce to the ounce while I'm ditchin you clutz Bump-bump-bump-bump while you're bumpin your sounds It's the zoo and the Pound we don't fuck around Relax your mind and let your conscience be free and get down, stompin grounds is the LBC I slid up out the game and MC's get wacked but now I'm back (Oh shit!), so go get your strap Watch your head, I break wit wit G's, Muslims, hardheads and dreds Bounce, rock while rollerskatin on them 20 inch tyres wit the platinum Daytons I'm not that BG poppin all that junk about 'I'll fuck you up', he sound like a punk I been there and done that, no inspiration All day illustration beat conversation [Chorus] [Verse 2: Snoop Dogg] I keep niggas in the studio, word is bond Been workin on ya new album for two years strong and still can't come up with the right song You know what they say:'Study long, study long' All aboard the train so come along cos we keep the glue stuff against the bone It's alright ain't no room for wrong Doggyland is the motherland, make yourself at home I got money loads by the barrels I even got a few fans that's crazy like DeNiro I'm international money maker, player hater shhok up off the sake of spendin dollars and I always holler at a player though cos players know the real from the fake You can put that on your toast, your coast and your state I give you people what you like What I look like in jail and can't get on the mic [Chorus x1 1/2] [Verse 3: Snoop Dogg] Killin up crews, give em the real street blues Have em slidin in their eelskins, groovin in their tennis shoes Of course it don't stop bein a Westside ridah Wit no tattoo that's how they got the clue I lay conversation on wax and CD's BG's and o-riginals, here come the mission Makin biters ride the Pound for the rest of the season Doggy DPG ya lil homey, uhh I represent the LBC-ment Windows tint, nigga that's the president I hit you with a tune every blue moon Collard on your plate so you can stuff it in your face Nigga say your Grace before you touch your plate It taste like it's laced but it ain't This one puff uncut, no doubt Everybody know I gotta ounce and a half [Chorus x1 1/2] [Outro:] Shucks (Oooh ooh ooohhh oooohhhh ooh, oooh oooh oooohhhh ooh) (Death Rowwww, Death Rowwww) [repeat]

Off The Hook

Cross Movement
Verse 1: Your lookin' at an ex-crook · in fact, I'm lookin' back at the day I got off the hook · and put the crookin' act back behind · Man I got, no plans to rewind · I used to be blind · but now I see fine, with divine spectacles · Some biblical meats and vegetables, my level's risin' like cholesterol · best of all, I'm blessed to call God my father, I got arrested, y'all · Let me tell you how it happened · check it, y'all · Though I'm tough like shoe leather · I always new whether · or not I did good, I always could do better · Plus I knew a lot of fellas worst than me · I thought, How bad could I be? · · Then I got a letter · a subpoena · to pre-bema · court trial. I thought, How? · Of course I'll plead not guilty · I'm just a poor child · I figured, No lawyers needed… · the court speeded · they're mistaken. · I'll take my own case and plead it. · Conceited · I figured I'd throw the judge one line · blow his dumb mind and be out of there by lunch time · Dressed to impress · with my best clothes on · just then the Judge stepped in · with a red robe on · (hold on) · this must be a dream · it's Chief Justice Supreme Judge · Elohim · I'm feelin' sick like disease · cause in His court we all fall short like midgets on our knees · My lunch plans canceled · I don't stand a chance · He'll pull my file · I'm in distress like a damsel. · I'm shocked and in awe then my jaw hits the floor · the prosecutor comes in and it's Mr. Law · (Awww) · No more hope and now I'm waitin' · he's known · for bringin' condemnation · with his open statement · My heart is poundin' as he states what the charge is: · THE DEFENDANT'S GUILTY OF NOT KNOWIN' WHO GOD IS. Chorus: I'm in trouble man· I better come up with a plan· Maybe I can make the dash· Or give the judge a little cash· I know that I'm wrong· And I'm trying to be strong· But my rap sheet is long· So I'm singing this song Verse 2: I found myself jammed in court · and in short · I was guilty of bein' filthy like men in sports · I was losin' · the prosecution was relentless · he pointed out the flaws in my mouth like a dentist · He exposed my very words · gave the court a record of every dirty joke and every curse word · More error when he picked my mind like a psychiatrist · the jury's buyin' it · they're gettin' mad like a scientist · (There's a door) · You know I'm eyein' it · better tryin' split · cause Mr. Law rules with an iron fist · I'm not a chump but I know I gotta run · but I'm not dumb · I see that guard and he's gotta gun! · · No one's laughin' · not a one · He pulled out x-rays of my heart and I don't know where he got em' from · He labeled me a thug—I screamed, I WAS NOT! — Objection overruled—then he pulled out my mug-shot · showed the jury me and my boys at the drug spot and the bus stop smokin' much pot in a rough spot · He went on, revealed the lust I hold · plus I'm swoll · ‘cause He showed all the stuff I stole · (the prosecution won't rest) · He made reference to my sin-nature · pulled out mad evidence · Statin' ever since I was born I've been fond of sin, on one accord with Satan · like a Honda · With justice on the trail He proved I was gonna fail · put my motives on the scale · (that's it, I'm goin' to jail) · Kind of petro, · but yet I'm thinkin', Let's go. · How bad can jail be? · But now they're screamin', DEATH ROW! Chorus: This is ill yall· Yo, it's for real yall· Can't you see that I'm doom· And I'm about to be consumed· So young· But sin has got me so strung· I'm about to cry· Because I'm about to die Verse 3: I'm still in court · and in my mind thoughts of death sink · By now I'm funky · I'm hungry plus my breath stinks · The Judge, jury, even I'm convinced · I'm guilty of law-breakin' and it's all makin' sense · You and I only look good to the human eye · man bein' basically good is a human lie · I'm thirsty, but not for water, for mercy · I'm unworthy · the whole court room heard me · The Judge stood with the law book · They all looked · and saw what blew their minds as the one who made the law took off His robe, and became the substitution · · off we strolled · to the place of execution · Gave me a pardon · instead let them bruise Him · justified me and let the law accuse Him · They gripped Him, stripped Him, · whipped Him · They saw thorns and picked Him · they sticked Him, · He made Himself the victim · I felt the pain · I walked home in the rain · changed · not the same, · because I knew I should have got the blame · How could I complain? · I wept on my bed, when on my pillow I found a letter and it read, · I BLED, · ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, MY BLOOD WAS SHED, · ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, · THEY KILLED ME INSTEAD, · ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, · I AROSE FROM THE DEAD, · ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. · · He's Alive! I thought that He'd be back · at the morgue tears poured, then I hear tap · at the door · unexpected but…Yup, · you guessed it. · He had resurrected! · He came in my heart and blessed it · Love manifested · though I wear jeans and not the double breasted · I praise God I got arrested, · cause I had just heard of Him, · now I'm a son, not a distant relative · like a third cousin, word brethren. · Get a load of me · I'm free · I'm property of the only God who died for me · I can see a whole society who need to cop a plea · Sin's got the lock · but God's got the key. Chorus: Look now· No more crook now· Close the book now· My sins are took now· No more death row· No more death yo· Come what ever· in Christ I'll live forever· Forever off the hook.

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