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Kovenant lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
There's nothing left inside your world... It's dying Just close your eyes... Eternity is just another game You're just another clone... So shed your skin now Nothing lasts forever... Just let it slip away I doesn't have to be forever I doesn't have to be forever You're just another faithless mannequin You're just another fallen star You're just to blind to see, you hate what you can never be And now your hollow... Just like me There's nothing left inside your world You're just an empty shell of lifeless skin and bone You're just another drone... A synthetic messiah Nothing lasts forever... Just let it slip away You don't want to be human... Anymore than me

Forever Can Be

ASHES dIVIDE "Keep Telling Myself It's Alright"
It must've been very hard To have lived and never learnt To be content with who you are We all want the same things don't we To find the one who opens channels to our hearts A path you never found upon your own. Forever can be... Something to believe in... But this was one of those times Forever can be... Something to bleed for... But this is one of those times So you dug deep down inside yourself You revealed an old man So pained to be what makes you who you are We all want you to see the you we see The one that carries the worlds tragedies alone The cross you choose to bear upon your own. Forever can be... Something to believe in... Wish this was one of those times. Forever can be... Something to bleed for... And this is one of those times, for those you left behind. Save the world so you don't have to save yourself. You save the world so you don't have to look at yourself. And fill the void left inside your fragile hearts. Those haunted images never left you alone........ Forever can be... Something to believe in... This was one of those times Forever can be... Something to believe for... Now this is one of those times.


I'm twice born, once and seven something Once is the resurrection of honorable function Been shoveling a coal as the engine's doctor Long enough to see my silhouette acquire a permanent kink in a posture The metenance of icicle spirit by the warmth of true endearment Was, is, and forever will be a luxury I'm a soubrette columnist fathering doom document Cursed version of a certain Virgin Mary womb occupant [Verse One] I know swamp rats who never suckled oxygen purification Sure it's blurry may have had them speeennnd breeezzzzze Stuck until my friend leaves puppet for the plummet committee Sputtering bum numb enough to stomach the city Who's that hugging a silhouette of willows with a hill's crest pan out? On the candy coated crab apples, sugar dipped deadpan outs I got a plan, I'll turnaquet my quest Defeat a needle into battling to mute the mess With patience galas with absentee balance I shove in the button Strutting to exhibit mankind's hostility function With a, ppppppppp paling in comparison a methias Goliath Live to riggedy frame in a wicked silence I top and ate my nameless square then I bumped eyelids With a Christ we saw the same thing through a second What's that? The grand mosaic depicting historical glory in a legend Nurse me through the time stick and stone mixes hex my fertile crescent Now all's well, I'm laughing on the inside I swear Just trying to keep my head above red tide despair My imperfections pair off with buddy system symmetrics morbidly So every second the discontent's locked accordingly Let's turn mummy's shut up affection a berserk glory condition And pray for the day a star child tugs the ribbon Meddle in a two-hand grip when that spoon full of sugar medical chaser Credible crasser antidote's terrible taste the Water with a stolen soul pen left picture mad rhythm pinned Never set a grin and fly health Consider me a mobile advertisement for that hybrid plan of fabrics I deemed practical, now is you is or is you ain't compatible I feel a wind in my opinions plus hyper clutch Crush one's ginger bread tenement awful, It's like the date of Grado Methasawmill A lifeline of spectacular expansion leaves the reaper At the hand of what man's hand jokes My friend's got a book about dreams, I look and laugh I dream a book about my friends and still can't decipher the half Ch-chatter boooox, now let a soothe sayer major Cater to a king green battered on the brink of disease I am, skin and bones, I am, sin and poems, I am, tin and chrome You grin and groans fuck it I'm tinted when accrete zone Blow the pedals off a dandelion trying to make my little gypsy blush And felt as if I'd actually accomplish something Fortify the bullies of the jokes soaking in treatment Sit and watch the percentages teeter on the evening On a ghost up in a fuse a lot second before the cock dropped In the Styx and stared him down until he fixed it Fashion, it's cool and all but what about God? [Oh God, well he's the man, but what about reading?] What, like novels, man that don't hold my attention, what about television? [Television hurts my brain, how about walking in the rain?] I hate walking, it's boring, how about some old fashioned gone fishin' [Yeah, fishing's great but I can't stand hooking the bait, lets dance] I've got too left feet plus motion sickness, how about breakfast? [Man, I'm hungry, but that means I'mma have to borrow some money] Let's fly a kite [Let's burn the generals] Let's sell lemonade [Let's drink] Let's poke a hole inside the tugboat, ease on back and watch it sink [Naw, lets scare a pupil once a year just to shake the academy] Casually note the blossom of phantom alignment strategy [Verse Two] I'll make the waterfall out of order in autumn saw the quarter When the gods mimic the vintage knuckle drag sacked in a coffin I affiliate my rag dummy appearance with a most cohesive spirit Clattering the yesterday ain't shed a tear since Hear me, wrote the Old Yeller community cartoon The carousel balloon extravagant aware, inviting it I'm swore to Adam and matter and saddling Warhead thorax and abdomen to primitive horse back galloping My index fingers rest in my talisman branded up in the jackals skin One must pardon yee old common street detour Weaving graceful through the prom directed column Greater virus retreats to a lot in Valom Bean stalk where the fiend walk and my name is mud But that's got a ring to it so my swill welcomes the flood I walk through God's practical joke on man practically broke And if they raise my rent again I'll spend my nights practically soaked Who spits silk dimensions with a noose looped by the raft? After lack of reasoning jedi 3, 2, 1, Oooh I'm hung, I've clung to hope but see you in hell I'll be that clear blue icicle that simply refused to melt Sturdy eye krulin, tin can skeleton, Skull of a thousand dilapidated dream remnants Here to convict based on a tin bucket of evidence I steer where the heaven's merely a legend so the peasants dream well


Chorus: 'Cuz this girl Has been played She's cryng her heart out Wasting away Drowning her sorrows With a painful tommorow It wouldn't be so bad, she wouldn't be so sad If he'd been remorseful And not closed the doors full Of anger and sayin' That it's plain It's her fault, and it won't happen again Though he's the one who played Shoulda been beggin' to stay The whole neighbourhood heard him shout It's not you any more, get out There she sits For a while Nothing raising a smile She's so cold deep inside And she plays it again in her mind Though she knows That it's true She keeps on trying to Make believe That it didn't happen and she never had to leave Though it's easy for us to see he's not the one For her to forget it's easier said than done Chorus She knows she should live and let die But she died down inside The scar ceases to heal You can see in her eyes She puts on a good act She just smiles, gets a pat on the back She doesn't have the energy To resist all this sympathy Why should she? After all, it's good intentions Why all the prevention? And when everybody leaves Oh, how her heart heaves She longs for the man The only man she ever loved To be right here Beside her 'Cuz she's besides her Self with grief Underneath Chorus It's a while Since he left No more pain No more gain Nothing more, nothing less She decides To search through their old stuff 'Cuz she'd had enough Of waitin' to break the ice She finds photos And tapes of the songs They'd listened to before he done wrong In a box at the bottom She'd almost forgotten The music box Left inside Was a note Which she read She almost heard him spoke 'Dear Rizzo, We've got to stop, I know you're hot But you've gotta understand When I take you by the hand A pang of guilt slashes across my chest You know I can't forget the rest You're the only one who knows Which means you've gotta go 'Cuz they're on at me constantly I think they're gonna guess Shelly even found you're dress And Hannah even hacked in on a phone call Not like Rhianna who doesn't know a thing at all I hope you find it somewhere To forgive me But now you're out of my hair I don't really care I loved you while you were mine See you around sometime' And that was it, it wasn't even signed, But she recognised the writing, And boy, was she fighting The urge to break down and cry And as she clutched the letter She knew she coulda done better Chorus So I guess that guy ended up alone


ANGEL HAZE "Dirty Gold"
[Hook:] Your skin sounds like my favorite vinyl You got broken records trapped inside you You know I searched this galaxy to find you We're in love, we're at war Play my song, turn it up, turn it up [Verse 1:] Yo You remind me of a song that I can't seem to skip Your skin's the record and the needle is my fingertips Recollection, I touch you and I get a glimpse Of all the same old songs and repeated skits Look, I know that love is always bound to change But I promise that my records never sound the same And I show you how it changes when you sculpt it Show you music, but like way more culture There's a world and I can't wait to expose you I play you out until everybody knows you Till you up, fix the flaws like Melodyne But you're forever, now you're music that'll never die Yo, it's timeless I hear inflections of forever in your high pitch Put my face to your chest, hear the bass in your breath And baby my whole mind shifts [Hook:] Your skin sounds like my favorite vinyl You got broken records trapped inside you You know I searched this galaxy to find you We're in love, we're at war Play my song, turn it up, turn it up Turn it up [6x] [Verse 2:] You are the songs that I write to my wrongs The calm inside of the rioting storm Stand here, in the center of divinity While I rehearse the role of forever, infinity Action - I begin to relish in the moment Discarding my reality, imagining components Fracturing mentalities, I'm casualty spoken If warning comes before destruction, you're the omen Yo, and I'm just judging by the sight of you I climb your mental mountains til I reach the very height of you Visually perceptive, in you I see the most I wrote this when I'm spacing, I'm tryna keep us close This my deeper part, this my weaker part Emotions on blast, turned up my speaker hard I can find you, you everything right here now Turned around, rewound, I can hear you clear now [Bridge:] There are so many words, but none explain my love No no no no no no no no Where the love is lost, but so much to gain my love We are houses built on top of pain, my love My love, my love We are gardens filled with sounds of grey, my love And now [?] you're someplace, the words say... [Hook:]

It Doesn't Matter

DEPECHE MODE "Some Great Reward"
I am happy That I have you Even though you're not here now I know somewhere You are dreaming Though it's definitely not of me It doesn't matter If this all shatters Nothing lasts forever But I'm praying That we're staying Together I am warmed by Your friendship Even when you're far away And I'm happy In the knowledge We may never see the day When I kiss you And you kiss me Don't pretend you miss me The worst kind Of diseased mind Is one filled with jealousy If we should meet again Don't try to solve the puzzle Just lay down next to me And please don't move a muscle I will thank you Most of all for The respect you have for me I'm embarrassed It overwhelms me Because I don't deserve any It doesn't matter If this all shatters Nothing lasts forever But I'm praying That we're staying Together

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