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KORN lyrics - Issues

4 U

Original and similar lyrics
(from the The Crow II: The City of Angels soundtrack) What's your lie? Warm glance and fake smile As media, mad, runs wild. This game you play, I like in a way. You expect to grab a child, You think I'm innocent, not wild. Take me, let's see how much I'm tamed. Never had a lover but I date, cause I don't know how To rid myself of all the terror visions, So I'll show you fears. Pleasure, pain is in my control. Left your body laying there, Red flesh, dripping of fear. Warm glance and fake smile, Hatred rips through your insides. This game you play, Intimidation each day. You think it's all a lie. They wanted to destroy our lives. Anger twisted your life into pain. I wish I could take control. I wish I could let go. I wish I could break this mold. Inside I'm so fucking cold. I'm cumming on you... Warm glance and fake smile As media, mad, runs wild. This game we play, I like in a way. You expect to grab a child. You think I'm innocent, not wild Take me, let's see how much I'm tamed. I wish I could lose control. I wish I could let go. I wish I could let go. I wish I could break this mold. Inside I'm so fucking cold. It picks us up, so the truth got pulled. I am done. That was so fun. This was will. How did it feel... feel when, I was cumming, I was cumming, I was cumming on you? I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming on you!

The Game

Ice Station Zero "For President"
Who do you know - knowing who to trust Walking the walk - putting up with the fuss Seeing through lies - learning the game Connecting the people - to carry the name Constantly waiting - never know what to expect Avoid allowing - your ride to wreck It's all a game anyway you say it It's all a game anyway you play it It's all a game It's how to convince - control an audience What's cool - and what they should do 'Cause it's a simple language - for those simple minds Repetition is crucial - and universal appeal It's reaching a wide - vast amount of people Learning what works - having tricks are a plus Too much soul to please Determined like a disease, as we seize The license to achieve, that's where we are climbing, Always nickel diming, just trying, soon we'll be flying to a beat.... of a different song. ICE STATION ZERO'S what's going on. Questions, we got all the answers, get in your veins like a cancer. Run with this, but feeling overwhelmed, well, court's dismissed. It's all a game This game is brutal - the reward is sweet Always watch your back - so they don't chop off your feet Have your inner circle - woven be strong 'Cause one moment you're a hit - the next you're gone Would you care to play - you know the rules Checkmates on your pawn - out the door with the fools

Now You're Mine

GANG STARR "Hard To Earn"
Guru: Yo Duke you're dead wrong You'll never have the skills like mine I write the ill type rhymes Now I'm reaching my prime 360 dunk in your face You can't compete you're just a basketcase Let's separate the men from the boys And put your money where your mouth is No time for toys Your game is weak get it so don't sleep Cuz I'll be checking and wrecking ya When I start to creep Through the backdoor I know I caught you out there You got no clout here And I doubt there Is anyway that you can stop the beatdown You better play the background And sit back down Chumps like you, I gotta keep'em in line So prepare to suffer boy, cuz now you're mine (DJ Premier scratching) I'll fake you left and go right Straight down the lane Here's one in your eye You feel pain, you strain To put together some strategy But you're raggedy, and i'll be glad to see The frown on your grill when i drill and thrill Set out my offense, commence to kill I'll be leading from beginning to end And after I guard ya You're gonna wanna make friends And make amends for the silly trash you were talking Take a walk and your shots I'm swatting With ease, and the ladies are swooning Clocking my swiftness, why you drooling? You oughtta practice up and get your game with mine I been waiting to guard you, and now you're mine (DJ Premier scratching) Hurry up, sucker Go ahead and pick your squad Try to play hard, but I'ma rob You of your crazy notions to defeat me Your weak see I rock all courts And even get down to give you a rematch After I wax and tax that butt When I slam the alley-oop You can rally troops But I play the awesome defense I'll pick your pocket And send you to the bench With tears in your eyes as you realize The prize is for me Yes all the money Son, my flow is too nice My handle's precise I'll fake you right and go left Because my game's so def, and now you're mine (DJ Premier scratching)

God Gimme G's

ANDRE NICKATINA "Bullets, Blunts In Ah Big Bankroll"
[Hook 2X] Hold the ball cause you just might fumble Goin about ninety baby comin out the Bay Bridge tunnel God gimme G's on the double, prime time trouble Love to watch dope when it bubbles You must be dreamin, get a dictionary for the meanin All up in the game like Willy Deamon Straight up schemin, threx do a Motorolla celly Make sure the weed bag is heavy I never seen a vision of somethin so rare It was right there and I stil had to stare Two paint brushes for a masterpiece If stake's on the plate then I have to eat Own it like a Leopard ought to chewy on you It's such a bizarre when you see me come through Vogues and trues, Chuck Taylor shoes Don't ask me for no money cause it really ain't cool [Hook 2X] Street love is crazy, sucka don't slip in the game Turn around baby, what's your name? Spark like a flame, do the Jesse James Hit you with somethin that'll give you that pain But anyway, do what you got the young friendly way It's like livin and dyin like J.F. Kennedy Did you know if you control the chrome Then you control the dome that, controls the home Certified like a bank check, but take a rain check And what's next, the angel smells like sex And it's fun, livin my life on the run Shootin at fuckers with a Black & Decker nail gun [Hook 2X] I represent it like a sinner, eat a breakfast meal at dinner Cheat just so I can be the winner Who cares if you're mad, run and tell your dad I do a wrestle move then put him in the crab, huh Put me in the deck when you commit that crime If you get away best believe you'll shine Bo general, repose on your soul And then you start to talk in the brag and the hoes In the Cadillac with the beat on hip 'Quipto sips on Hennessy fifth Disrespect Khan never, Nicky in new or leather Forever man, gotta get the cheddar, whatever [Hook 2X]

Make A Play For Her Now

Words of comfort and love Spoken in design Turn cruel, unkind You have your ready treasures of sin And it all begins With an innocent smile Go on, make a play for her now While I'm standing here I bleed so slow You may never know Whisper she is safe That you sympathize The darkest lies When you know right now you'll be gone At the kiss of dawn Your conscience runs clear Go on, make a play for her now While I'm standing here I bleed so slow You may never know And I won't make a sound Who am I to lay the blame When it's all a game to you You and I misfired Left me cold and tired Hey love it's alright Go on, make a play for her now While I'm standing here I don't keep score No not anymore And I won't make a sound Hey, who am I to lay the blame When it's just a game In the back of your mind The pattern's starting to unwind And you know you're alone Oh, but you smile anyhow When the moment allows Make a play for her now

Shame on a Nigga

WU-TANG CLAN "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)"
[Intro: Raekwon the Chef] [martial arts movie sample] Yeah, yo, aight Pass the meth! (nizzuh nzza punk nigguh, yeah!) Yeah, aight kick the raw style, yeah Fly that fuckin sack [Chorus:] Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga Wu buck wild with the trigger! Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga Wu buck- I FUCK yo' ass up! What (HUT ONE, HUT TWO, HUT THREE, HUT!) [Verse One: Ol Dirty Bastard, Method Man, Raekwon the Chef] Ol' Dirty Bastard, live and uncut! Styles unbreakable, shatterproof To the young youth, ya wanna get gun Shoot! BLAOW! How you like me now Don't fuck the style Ruthless wild! Do ya wanna getcha teeth knocked the FUCK out Wanna get on it like that, well then shout! Yo RZA, yo razor! Hit me with the major The damage, my Clan understand it be flavor Gunnin, hummin comin atcha First I'm gonna getcha, once I gotcha, I gat-cha You could never capture the Method Man's stature For rhyme and for rapture, got niggaz resigning, now master my style Never! I put the fucking buck in the wild kid, I'm terror Razor sharp, I sever the head from the shoulders, I'm better than my compeda, you mean competitor, whadeva! Let's get together (Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga Wu buckwild with the tri-BLAOW!) I react so thick, I'm phat, and YO! Rae came blowing and blew off ya headphones black Rap from yo Cali to Texas Smoother than a Lexus, now's my turn to WRECK this Brothers approach and half step, but ain't heard HALF of it yet, and I bet you're not a fuckin vet So, when you see me on the real, formin like Voltron Remember I got deep like a Navy Seal! [Chorus:] (Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga Wu buck wild with the trigger! Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga I'll FUCK YOUR ASS UP!) [Verse Two: Ol Dirty Bastard] Yo...! I come with that ol' loco Style from my vocal Couldn't peep it with a pair of bi-focals I'm no joker! Play me as a joker Be on you like a house on fire! Smoke ya! Crews be actin like they gangs, anyway Be like, 'Warriors! Come out and playiyay!' Burn me, I get into shit, I let it out like diarrhea Got burnt once, but that was only gonorrhea Dirty, I keep shit stinks in my drawers So I can get fzza-funky for yah Murder, taste the flame of the Wu-Tang RAHH! Here comes the Tiger verse Crane! Ow, be like wild with my style Punk! You playing me, chump, you get DUMPED WU! Is comin THROUGH! At a theatre near YOU! And get funk like a SHOE! What!

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