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Koopsta Knicca lyrics - Da Devils Playground


Original and similar lyrics
Three days later go see the doctor... I was walking down the street rocking my beat Clapping my hands and stomping my feet I saw a little lady so neet and petite So was so sweet yes I wanted to meet So I asked this lady could I take her out We could wine and dine and we could talk about The birds and the bees in my waterbed And you could treat me like a Buddha and bow your head We continued to talk, and before you knew it We were at my house and it was time to do it As soon as I finished, I lost my poise Ran outside and told all my boys I said Listen up fellas, come over here, bust it They said Did you get it? I said Yeah, they said How was it? The poontang was dope and you know that I rocked her But three days later, go see the doctor I rocked her to the left, rocked her to the right She felt so good, hugged me so tight I said Good night Three days later... Woke up fussing, yelling and cussing Drip drip dripping and puss puss pussing I went to the bathroom and said Mama mia! I'm a kill that girl next time I see her The madder I got, the more I reminice Why is my thing thing burning like this? Well I remember the first day I saw that girl I just couldn't wait to rock her world I said Hey good looking, what you got cooking? What have I done stuck my dick in? Now I know why her ex-boyfriend Dave Calls her Mrs. Microwave Cause she was hotter than an oven and I had to learn The hard way stay in the microwave too long you get burned But the poontang was dope and you know that I rocked her But three days later, go see the doctor I went to the doctor's office, I said What have I got? He said Turn around boy and take this shot I looked at him like he was crazy, and I said What? Ain't nobody sticking nothing in my butt He turned and said in a real deep voice Have it your way, if that's your choice And I'll put it down if you want me to put it But don't blame me if it turns into a foot Extending from the middle of your body And the next time you see your cute hottie You won't be able to screw, the only thing you can do Is just kick her, so go take karate As I turned around to receive my injection I said Next time I'll use some protection If I see another girl and I get an erection I'm walking in the other direction Cause I don't wanna do the sick sick dance So I'm keeping my prick inside my pants And if I see another girl and I know I can rock her Before I push up I'll make her go see the doctor

Put Him Out

Ms. Dynamite "Little Deeper"
[Verse One:] Now im'a tell it like this girlfriend, He don't love you. Never have I seen him kiss or hug you, He don't make effort, He don't respect you, Or accept you, for you. Tells you what to wear and how to behave, Comes in your home and treats you like his slave, Don't need him if he make you sacrafice your freedom, Get him out your life. Shout and curse at you in public places, Sleep in your house on a part time basis, He aint even taking care of his child, He don't make you smile. [Pre chorus - Version One] I understand you love him and your down, But that don't mean you got to be his clown. [Chorus:] Girl, you got to put him out, Change them locks and all that. Girl, you got to put him out, And this time don't take him back. Girl, you got to put him out, Take the time to love yourself. Girl, you got to put him out, You can find real love with someone else. [Verse Two:] He don't even know how to be honest, All he know how to do is falso promise. Any real man agree he ain't a man after the first time that he raised his hand. Treat your home like hotel, Don't pay his way, Lost count of the times that that dog has strayed. Sleep around, Creep around, Bring back disease, What if next time it was HIV. Four baby mummas, Eight kids and no work, You can play strong but I know that it hurt, You make the choices, You gotta stop this, Coz girlfriend, The boy's worthless. [Pre Chorus - version two:] I understand that y'all love birds from school, How did you get from being his girl to just bein his fool [Chorus x2] [Verse Three:] Ur little girl needs a daddy, I agree, But the fool is far from that. Any boy can be a father, That ain't reason enough to keep on takin' him back. He never reads wit' her or takes her out, That shits called neglect you hear. Sure she confused and tired of always seeing mummas face bruised and drowing in tears. Look what you showin' her by lettin' him disrespect you, You just growin' her to think that it's something that all men do. You owe it to yourself and your daughter cos she thinks it's all alright, When she get older, Follow the footsteps you showed her, How you gunna look her in the eye [Chorus x2]


EPMD "Back in Business"
[Redman] Nah nah, check this out, yo I grab my dick, spit, hit the blinkers, split the Dutch Coronas, tokin irons without permits Repetoire long-faced murderer's the shit Black Bruce Willis mix tape arsonist Esquire, for hire, with total rapid fire Supplier to any Tom Dick Jerry Maguire You chose the right man to get the plan executed I get the situation happening before you shoot it Flow direct-or, suprise you like guess what? The hotter I spit I'm trippin off smoke detectors Who next up to get dressed up, I don't pop corks I pop New York with a dot til import The art then the craft, will split you in half I'm a Hurricane you a Miller Genuine Draft While you push a S-Class I'm riding on a giraffe Uptown, naked, smoking a bag with hash, check it Shut your windows and lock your doors Whores scream louder than Berrymore when I pour And when me and my crew walk we walk on all fours Atomic Dogs, packed in a black Yukon Chorus [Erick Sermon] John Blaze, I keep y'all niggaz rockin for days Boriquas, to eses, around the ways my own Mix Tape DJ, I Flex You don't have a clue when I'm doin ya who is he I gets busy, word up Come now player look in my eyes you think I'm bluffin A five year span turned nuttin into somethin And don't get familiar, your whole entourage don't be feelin ya, behind your back they straight killin ya (Who am I?) The Ex-Headbanger bad motherfucker High on Friday with Chris Tucker I be a Headbanger to my very last breath Even Jermaine Dupri think I'm SoSoDef K.A., Shawn Mims, I come from a long line of Geechies Who didn't care, blow Camp Lo Luchinis I transform like Spawn, takes no time for me to get on, to the break of dawn, word Chorus [Parrish Smith] PMD, the Purple Heart admiral Blow your spot and left shrapnel then escaped in the Benz capsule Harder than a NFL tackle, back to bite the Big Apple Southpaw, raw since I was a Sophomore Before I met Jane in the corridor The mentals, rapper slash entrepeneur with more action than Roger Moore Turn your cabbage into coleslaw, with the four four Spray Windex on your glass jaw Shatter it, fuckin with P, is hazardous Iced out Lazarus started and manufactured this My Squad's wild like the Manimals on Geographic Smash you bastards on some crab shit EPMD's the group the Squadron is the click Transmit, lyrical grit, time to shift cause I'm Chorus [Keith Murray] Keith Murray, the holder of the boulder Lyrical analyst mental roller coaster flower Money folder, track blower, MC overthrower I flow witcha two at a time, like Noah I goes off to the beat, on the edge of reality and kick rhymes in my sleep, and battle Mortality Finally, every dimension know Keith Y'all egotistical simple-minded niggaz is pitiful and weak I'll give you a G a week for life, if you can defeat me I kick poetry at a high rate of mortality At static, lyrical Kraftmatic, smokin barkin like a dog, breathin like an asthmatic Lyrical sculpture create fly rap sculpture Ninety-eight Headbanger boy, yeah I told ya Total chaos, helter skelter, run for shelter Here comes the lyrical brain melter I be maxin and relaxin, attractin action Flippin more big ol words than Jesse Jackson My shit knock don't it, drive you crazy if you loan it Man I feel for my opponents Chorus (to end)

Are U Still Down

JON B "Cool Relax"
[Chorus:] Girl it's alright, baby 'Cause it's there in your eyes yeah I can see that you want me By the way that you smile Are u still down for me Left once again at home Another night on your own Ain't no fun in lovin if you're lovin alone How does it feel to be useless, oh no Can you recall how close we used to be then Can you still remember those feelings again Seems like everytime I see you There's a tear in your eye Time to make some decisions Or go dying inside [Rap:] Tell 'em all call me a fool But I'm stuck in this love thing Plus I'm over heatin' from the rush Our tongues touch Kissin' fellin' fireworks Watch the sky I makes you smile But you'd rather have what makes you cry Say goodbye and leave now With my heart on my sleeve Memories now what I found is you Still care you had feelings And they're still there baby Girl keep it real here Are you still down? [Chorus:] Girl it's alright, baby 'Cause it's there in your eyes yeah I can see that you want me By the way that you smile Are u still down for me Remember that evening I knew that you were too scared To go all the way But you did it to please me You were crying it was raining When u gave it to me The more I see you The more that I feel inside And I know one day You'll make it back to where you can fly Watch time go, don't cry Tomorrow brings better days Let me dry your eyes And take your burden away [Rap:] Only once in a lifetime Touch my soul go slow Baby boo don't rush the flow Got me all weak baby But I'm strong in parts More bounce to the ounce With the longest sparks Gettin' mine like fine wine Measured in time Many other brothers loved you But the pleasure was mine Mama taught me how To love a woman properly sprung We commited so I hit it So it's properly done Are u still down? Girl it's alright baby 'Cause it's there in your eyes yeah I can see that you want me By the way that you smile Are you still down for me? [Ad Lib] [Repeat to Fade]

In Da Pub

go, go, go, go, go, go, go on luv, it's my birthday you look tarty like its my birthday ill buy you a bracardi like its my birthday and you no im havin' a laugh, it's not my birthday Chors x2 you'll find me in the pub, with a pint of barley, luv i've got a fiver if you let me see your juggs im in there playin darts i need a girl in shrubs so, come fill up my mug before my fag gets stuffed when i pull up out front you see me Vauxaull Nova when i hit the bar it's 10 past before im over i came to watch the game 'cos im a blackburn rover and i munch on eminem's while i'm down and smurred over but homie, nothings changed, cash down, bottoms up and i got a paper cut from rollin my wrizzler up, if you watch how i move you'll mistake me for a geeza or gimp, cos i fell down my stairs and now i walk with a limp in the crap bits of crawford the say '50 yo hot' they like me, i wnat them to love me like lesbian hot if u go to hemle and hamster then the'll tell you i'm crazy 'cos i was so drunk and helped a statue with a baby, but im fully focused now, tea and coffey on my mind, got a part-time job at 'daily in crime', now this girl jus' love my hair, like my car, her friend is fit but shes as ugly as a ?? chorusx2 my girlfried's mum gave me the cash, that bought me all my fancy stuff, my couch, my fridge, my plates, my waist, look mum, im tied down but i aint changed and you shuld luv it, well more than you hate it your like my dad, your fasion sense is outdated im that bloke by the car when im on or round your that wierd guy who never leaves or makes a sound when the beats are pumpin' i get my macario on my mates drag me through my chair before the end of the song if the roofs on fire someone dial 999 and if you want to get drunk luv, it isn't a crime ill tell u what ill tell every girl your fit, nice hair but if you dont want to brush it, heres another red square or i can tell my mates in the back with a crawler berg they'll no where we'll fu**in be yeah! chorusx2 dont act like you dont no where i've been either, mum in the pub all the time mun, it's about to pop off mum, burn unit instrumental

2 Stepz Back

U Kno I'm the kind of guy that does a 9 till 5 workin real hard cos thats the way i live my life back home just me and u girl all alone with no1 interruptin, switch off the phone but i could b that other guy who comes home late nite after nite then tells u lies then y u trippin out on me girl all the time wen everday its only u on my mind oh Chorus Evry time we take 1 step forward u take 2 stepz back evry time its rite u bring left back oh girl u really ought 2 think about it cos there really nodoubt about it u kno ive been there 4 u and thats the truth ( x2 ) u kno ur the kind of girl that doesnt need 2 front keep it real just let me kno wat u want sometimes u just dont kno wen 2 stop u worry so much over nothin' u risk losing wat u got now cant u c theres no other girl i fink ur the most beautiful woman in the world yeah but u say i dont appreciate ya and i dont kno how 2 treat ya we dont do the same things we did no more Chorus x2 (Remember) It wasnt that long ago, u told me that u luv me so dont 4get all the nites we shared wen u told me girl just how much u cared (Remember) U fink im bein led astray, but thats the way players play Im not that kind of man y cant u understand cos i want u 2 trust in me, baby girl cant u c ur only gonna mess things up uv done enough y cant u stop cos ur gonna lose wats good 4 u and thats the last fing u wanna do wont find another like me oh chorus (x2)

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