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Kool Moe Dee lyrics - Funke, Funke Wisdom

To The Beat Y'all

Original and similar lyrics
To the beat... (To the beat y'all To the beat y'all To the - to the To the beat y'all) And yes y'all This one goes out to all the homeboys From the old school Takin you way, way back When we used to rhyme like this Check it out [ VERSE 1 ] Ain't nothin but a party, everybody come along Keep your body movin while I'm groovin with the song I got funky rhythms, funky rhythms with a beat Funk-funk-funk-funky rhythms for the street Keep clappin while I'm rappin, while I'm rappin, clap your hands Listen to the, listen to the, listen to the man Turn the party out without a doubt I'm in the house Kick it to the beat is what it's really all about Party, party people, if you're ready, listen up Cause I can get the lyrics, Easy Lee can get the cut An automatic systematic rhythmatic sound If you ain't with the program, you gotta get it down Breakin competition, competition's ripped apart Find another brother, cause L.L. ain't got the heart I can take a rhythm, make you sing it like a song This is To The Beat, you can forget Da Break Of Dawn (To the beat y'all To the beat y'all To the - to the To the beat y'all) [ VERSE 2 ] If I'm mentally conditioned, then I'm physically prepared To cold rock a party with the microphone I bear I'm ready for action, satisfaction guaranteed Give the people what they want, and what they want is what they need Desperately to hear a brother kick a rhyme like this Don't settle for another, cause you know what time it is Time to pick your feet up, put your body in the mode And listen to a real rap veteran explode Other sucker brothers always comin incomplete Forget about the lyrics, cause they only want the beat And other punk brothers put a curse in every verse Frontin cause nobody taught em how to rhyme first Frontin like you're hard, but it's only a facade And now you're goin out like a sucker like Todd But I can take a rhythm, make you sing it like a song This is To The Beat, you can forget Da Break Of Dawn (To the beat y'all To the beat y'all To the - to the To the beat y'all) [ VERSE 3 ] Excercisin patterns, sowin up the rappin scene Rockin for the people like a funky rap machine Synchronize a party cause the party people watch Only dancin when I tell em cause I rock round the clock Masters of the ceremony's one and only one Can rock it like a rocket, phoney homies better run Cause I'm doin the damage and the damage will be done Lyrics are the bullets, so I never need a gun Just a microphone, speakers, tables and a plug Sit back and watch the people cut themselves and slice a rug And I'ma rock a party till it's time to bring it home And when they pull a plug, then I'ma pack a microphone Put it in my holster like a gun, and then I'm gone Strapped, ready to rap and on and on and on I can take a rhythm, make you sing it like a song This is To The Beat, you can forget Da Break Of Dawn (To the beat y'all To the beat y'all To the - to the To the beat y'all) And yes y'all As we proceed to move on 'To Da Break Of Dawn' He-he-he-he-he... Takin you all the way back The way we used to do it for you and yours At the old school Kool Moe Dee signin off In the house

The Bomb

ICE CUBE "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted"
It's like a holocaust to the boss when I toss Too much knowledge kicked then you're lost In a shuffle of feet, Jinx the fiddler And I control your mind like Hitler You bow and vow to authority See now, a sucker with a style just boring me So I show K.N.O.W. L.E.D.G.E. it might trouble you Then I transform like a Decepticon With a mic as a bomb In my right palm But I don't stay calm So panic Others can't flow so they go schizophrenic You thought I dropped a dud in your face Until you taste the blood of the bass Then you faint, or better yet pass out When I'm on the mic, believe it's ass out You think you're raw so you draw You lose, you're hung, you bite your tongue The whole town saw in awe as you strangle A noose on your neck, and you dangle From side to side in the blazing heat You're beat, you're dead, the fools fell off You feel you're turning red, it's said That your head burst And this is only the first verse Of the bomb [Break] Don't break up the fight let them rumble Over the years I've watched some go super-bad quick Now the smell of the pen has got them sick to the stomach Now ask yourself, who's stupid I take funky funky beats and I loop it And pimp slap you in the face with the bass And the boom from the bomb that I drop Stop You have a flat top as a fashion I love Black women with a passion But when they gotta go and show their ass in I gotta clown the hoes, yeah You gotta watch the ones with the big derrieres They'll steer you wrong Ice Cube's got it going on, hit me For the gangster boogie two times for the gangster rhyme The system ain't wholesome They want to put a young brother in Folsom And others see me on lockdown But I come up foul then they get knocked out, word To the brother that rolls the herb Everybody getting knocked to the curb like that Jinx got the gat, and it's a fact He'll kick a funky beat to peel your cap Now who's the mack Who's the hoe Who's the trick I got many, many styles won't you take a pick But don't be alarmed When I trip and stumble and fumble And drop the (rewind) Drop the bomb [Break] I'm solo, you ask how I'm living Still dropping more shit than a pigeon With the L, the E, the N, the C, the H, The M, the O, the B, the great Lyrics that make the beat swing and I gotcha It's the hip-hopper that don't like coppers And if you try to upset the pot son You get kicked in the chest like a shotgun I make the beats, I make the breaks I make the rhymes that make you shake Make you find Ice Cube never caught in the middle I make shit to kick you in the ass a little And still never hesitate to stutter step Or bust a repitition on the mic Still dissing all the hype From left to right How many left to fight So what that Lench Mob like

No Doubt

HOUSE OF PAIN "Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again"
[Chorus (x 2)] No doubt Hold tight Till the break of dawn Till the break of light Say yes, yes ya'll To the right beat Get up everybody's bout to leave their feet Get down everybody's bout to lose their seat I be huntin down crews like Pacino in Heat Puttin phsycology in your biology No scientolgy Dianedic anistedic You took bad advise Kid, I'm madd precise When it's time to get nice I heat it up like Spice [Chorus (x 2)] C'mon lets be real You only think you can deal Cause when I'm holdin the steel I rock shit that make you feel like 'Damn that look easy, maybe I could do it' So you take a phat beat And put your wack rhymes to it And God only knows What could make you persue it For those that cant dance Just clap your hands to it [Chorus] You tell me you the baddest And you get the most cream But tell me whats the status On your self esteem You fronin on your jewels And your Bens And your Lex, All the bodies that you caught And all the Females you sexed Yes, Yes ya'll True indeed The sight of the world Keeps me high on weed Makes my eyeballs bleed but I must proceed Yo that chic's good lookin But she's hooked on speed Buy a first row ticket Watch the vultures feed Get you culture free From the lust and greed [Chorus (x 2)]

Who Am I

TIMBALAND & MAGOO "Tim's Bio: Life From Da Bassment"
(feat. Twista) [Timbaland talking:] Da Da Da Da Da Da Yes yes yes yes yes yes It's me again baby, Timbaland And uh, we doin somethin like dis Hear da beat Uh [clapping] Say what Thats right Thank you, thank you, thank you [laughing] Uh right now, Ima bring a special guest in He gon' rip it for me, like this, check it out [Twista] Who am I, Nigga wid tha blunt, steady trippin, sippin on the concoction, with tha gun cocktin Drum knockin, gotta get off Bitches and killas in the front watchin Flowin with like a finna studda some Betta come off a butta ton, brotha run, I hope he said he were Ima flow until my belly hurt Pimp nigga rockin on tha stage an rock on in the petty shirt Let it ruff, ooh Feels like anotha one Who you be Mr. Shystie The one who make you frown up like the lemon in my ice tea The muthafucka most likely To get a tuba with the opposition in my position I break em off when I give em tha heat Steady re' for rollin Bullets body decomposion I dismember the weak on the Timbaland beat You remember the beat Conversation we had When my adrinallin was rushin Check yo brakes and knee pads When the twis to get tha bus in Bodys gon' get rushed in I can make em hit tha dance flo Brothas, bitches, and hustlers I get up in the guts homie, never phoney Hitta wigga when he run up on me Yall muthafuckas still don't know me Let em' learn slowly [Chorus:2x] Who you be Im tha one that stay high Center maka up tha party, rockin bodys with tha thugga hands up in the sky neva shy he's fly Who am i, who you be I'm the one's gon' get buck T-straight from the Chi Ribal, homosydal, everybody duck With tha party up and pimp struck T-N-T now I say who am I Who you be Who am I The one who's surrounded by the wood 500 wid the ribs stickin through the hood Up to no good thats why'd stay they misunderstood And Im always in tha mix of some shits Scoop a shawty an she thick And tha bitch getts grip in them hips Putta dick on tha lips top it doggie style, she my homie gal So I tricked on that bitch Now who you be The one who's on tha dance floor Sex gon be one of tha mass hoes Freak on a bad hoe you's could really wanna flash gold Turn a hater to a sass hoe Play an ballin up at Cape Town, strippin went down Study, tippin off of CDs an Tapes Though see niggas see Gs to take Run up to tha car, got no thangs They got CDs to break, no easy pace Who you be The crime cause other obituary an uligy Photo stank and yall be who to see Only smokin it wid you and me Lets go hang out where tha booty be I was on sumthin, no frontin Yello wide ol' belly in the po funkin Grinnin while up in the curb Wanna journey for herb Always tellin somebody to smoke somethin True indeed [Chorus 2x] The one thats flowin fluently Make yo baby say goo to me Whatcha did to her Didn't ask why I hit her for Cause the game like liturature Get it Get it gurl I don't know what you was waitin on But if you aint wid a partna This young monsters a fly guy Shake a lil bit of dat body We gon party till we sky high To my playas an soldiers, shady niggas, young thugs and strap hoes, pimps strikin fees and red bones Ghetto fees and Gs an MC's for the rifols The one that be kickin off air time From sunrise ta bedtime All of yall need ta know me, the one an only Pimp slach tingin twista from tha Chi Makin compotition die slowly Who am I [Chorus 2x] [Timbaland] Ha ha ha ha Yall didn't think that I would do it again twice did ya Ha ha I do it like that, I put it down For tha 98 or TNT Thang ya know what Im sayin Timbaland and Twista Yall fools couldn't recognize could ya I put it down for all parts of the area We out

Cut Chemist Suite

Oh yeah, party people Here we go Party people, rock the house Ya'll want some more? Ya'll want some more? Let me hear ya say 'yeah'! Let me hear ya say 'hell yeah'! Tuna the smoke-jumper, packing my oral cannon Bustin from Okinawa, Japan to Laurel Canyon Swallow flows, we turning like plush tires Mellow intros lyrics be burning like brush fires Spreading vocal leprosy, using discrepancy Lyric weaponry lessens your chances of testing me Stop and freeze MC's, I block atrocities True philosophies from the lips of black Socrates The pocket-penciler in your peninsula Killing Dracula MC's who bit from my vernacular I can back it The ill scene we occupy No lullaby, got you high, when I rock a fly Verse, for my people, let me breath slow Give a heave-ho, and stimulate your cerebral System, Cut Chemist grip the fader With Tuna the group debater We murder you duplicators Cuz I'm an aristocrat, ghetto diplomat And I'm blessed with a gift of rap, it's like that (2x) They call me Mister Antagonistic, drastic Coming from a place where these cops get their assed kicked The last trick unified was the cornerstone But now a lyric pistol to the dome is how we warn a clone Born alone, the strength of God makes my mission higher They found a liar dead, strung up with fishin' wire The mystifier packin vocal artillery Making lovely word connections like Chuck Woolery The cool in me, I'll make your block turn on one rhyme Electrifying like some nocturnal sunshine The planetary pioneer and his mixer Cut Chemist, Chali Tuna spittin' scriptures Painting pictures, even sisters adapt cuz We take it back like chiropractors Actors on wax make worse for real MC's Who worth your while so they search for me Cuz I'm the aristocrat, ghetto diplomat And I'm blessed with a gift of rap, it's like that

Same Song

2PAC "Resurrection"
All around the world,same song All all around the world same song [Shock G] I came for the party to get naughty, get my rocks on eat popcorn,watch you move your body to the pop song that I'm singing, dinga-linging, funky beats ringing everybody's swinging in the place as I kick the J-A-Z-Z-Y style R B mixing it with the hip hop swing beat Champagne in my hand, it wont be long till I'm gone It's just the same old song [Humpty Hump] It's just a freestyle, meanwhile, we keep the beat kickin sweat drippin, girlies in the limo eatin chicken oops don't get the grease on your pantyhose I love ya Rover, move over, I gotta blow my nose Sneezin, but still I'm pleasin to all the slimmies Pull out my jimmie, time to get busy wit a Jenny if it's good and plenty, dont you know there I go, there I go, there I go But I dont go nowhere without my jim hat If I'm rappin, cause she's clappin then I'm strappin cause I'm smarter than that then girlie maybe we can get along Cutie after cutie, it's just the same old song Chorus: repeat 3X [Money B] Money B, the freaky deaky, the sqeaky meaky up and down as a matter of fact ill be right back i gotta take a leak So while I'm drainin entertainin, but I got fame and the bases I touch to much for me tryin to be namin Aiyyo, you saw me on cable and gip I busted in and I was goin legit Clark Gable back in Pakland its the same old song sport these shorties, same freckles and hat drinkin the same 40's [Humpty Hump] hypothetical, political, lyrical, miracle whip just like butter, my ryhmes are legit Cause I'm the humpty. not humpty dumpty, but humpty hump here a hump, there a hump, everywhere a hump [Shock G] ah shut up and just listen not dissin dont get me wrong but to me its just the same old song so just watch, cuz my name is shock, and i like to rock and you cant stop this 2Pac go ahead and rock this [2Pac] Now I clown around when I hang around with the Underground Girls use to frown, say I'm down, when I come around gas me and when they pass me they use to diss me harrass me, but now they ask me if they can kiss me Get some fame, people change, wanna live they life high same song, can't go wrong, if I play the nice guy (clamin that they must have changed,just because we came strong) I remain, still the same (why Tu') cause it's the same song

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