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Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo lyrics - Wanted: Dead or Alive

Riker's Island

Original and similar lyrics
Well listen to me, you young hoods, this is some advice You do the crime, you're payin the price Cause if you're in the drug spots, sellin crack on the block Snatchin chains, bustin brains, like a real hardrock If you ever hear a cop say you're under arrest Go out just like a trooper, stick out your chest Cause you might have been robbin, you might have been whylin But you won't be smilin on Riker's ISLAND Just to hear the name it makes your spine tingle This is a jungle where the murderers mingle This ain't a place that's crowded but there's room for you Whether you're white or you're black, you'll be black and blue Cause in every cellblock, there is a hardrock with a real nice device that's called a sock lock Don't ever get caught in a crime my friend Cause this bus trip is not to Adventure's Inn They have a nice warm welcome, for new inmates Razors, and shanks, and sharp edged plates Posses will devour, punks with power After the shower it's, rush hour So watch your back before you get sacked These a bunch of maniacs that's about to attack If you're a hustlin pro, keep a low profile'n Cause you won't be smilin on Riker's ISLAND C-74, adolescents at war Put your ear to the floor, you can hear the roar They take you out of BC, they now found you a cage All eyes are glued to you like you're up on stage If you're soft as a leaf, don't get into a beef And God be with you chief if you got gold teeth Some try to be hard, front and say I'm God Don't know a lesson say a blessin, you're gonna get scared (Yo call the C.O.) That won't be necessary He'll watch him beat you down, and take your commissary Inside the lunchroom, you meet your doom Someone is lookin at your sharper than a tablespoon Use your hands like a man, don't go out like a chump Never 'fess, bench press so that you can be pumped If you don't got a game, you get beaten as lame And scared as a mouse in a house of pain So to all the jailbirds that listen to hip-hop Move your pelvis like Elvis do the Jailhouse Rock You might be coolin, you might be stylin But you won't be smilin on Riker's ISLAND If you're on a drug tip, don't be a Dumbo Police investigate like Columbo if they think you're sellin jumbo But don't get me wrong, it might be your thing Whether smilin on the Island, or singin in Sing-Sing The way you're takin pictures and you're givin a smile Cheerin, the priveledge for a long long while So keep your money pilin, keep profilin Cause ahh, you won't be smilin on Riker's Island

Paper Trail$

JOEY BADA$$ "B4.Da.$$"
[Hook:] Before the money, there was love But before the money, it was tough Then came the money through a plug It's a shame this ain't enough, yo [Verse 1:] Sitting back plotting, jotting information on my nation Really started from the bottom, boy, cotton But they still planting plantations, we keep buying in Closed-minded men, pride is higher than the prices on your pradas Balenciagas, balance my soccer with the henny agua Me and my niggas tryna eat, you pussies empanada The flow like plenty lava With just a penny I could multiply my worth And make you work for me for twenty hours I swear these niggas love to copy, thanks for listening This kid ain't been the same since Biggie smacked me at my christening Watch your tradition and please play it safe Cause your position on the top is switching right in front your face Rocking on this bass with rhymes, I'm bustin' out He duckin' down, got some issues now, headed for your house So put the pistols down, got that red dot on your nose Who put the clown on lock, jaws like the blue knows Froze, keep your mouth closed or you can see the solar I got connections that guaranteed to see closed doors You hear that underground sonar The way I flows, this wisdom The Pros been on a mission Listen into the chamber, get hyperbolic They raisin' max, I raise stakes to keep the brolic My bitches is macrocosmic, pass the chronic The mastered sonics is lightyears above your conscious You're novice, but I got notes that strike nerves I promise your minds ain't sharp like my swords So cut the BS, and don't worry where my jeans is And PS: Your bitch a genius, learnt from my penis I got dreams filling arenas and breaking brackets Tend this racket, while I'm cracking a Serena God damn, God bless the heaven that sent you But now I'm breezing out, baby, cause my rent's due [Verse 2:] Shit is really real out here I said shit is really real out here Just trying to get a deal out here I'm screaming cream Who fucking with the rap supreme? Joey Bad, the Big Preem came to collect the green I got a dollar and a dream, know what I mean? And I gotta get my mama off the scene [x2] Cash ruined everything around me [x3] They say money is the root of all evil I see money as the route of all people Cause we all follow paper trails, paper trails And everybody gotta pay their bills, pay their bills [x2] It's the dollar dollar bill, y'all It's the dollar dollar bill, it's the dollar bill that kills, y'all [x4] [Hook]

Skew It On The Bar-B

OUTKAST "Aquemini"
Intro/Chorus: OutKast Old school players to new school fools 'Kast keep it jumpin like kangaroos but skew it on the bar-b we ain't tryin to lose Say 'I be got damnit they done changed the rules' (repeat 2X) Verse One: Andre Benjamin The common denominator, the nigga numerator Never know who the hater, niggaz cater to your ego I'm sorry like Atari whose the cousin to Coleco.. Vision caught a Rico, back on the street like Chico.. DeBarge he large and got a 'Llac in the garage Few parts here and there, I declare hard, my lawd One at Clark, one at Spelman Both know each other and it's cool, you can tell when he step off in the party women jump for joy But all the wild niggaz scheamin they gon' jump the boy for spittin all that bourgeoise, my watch, my car I'm a star -- I'd rather be a comet by far -- rrrahhh! Chorus Verse Two: Raekwon the Chef Deliver this through your audio, ghetto mafioso Grow hydro, then bag it up yo Price that longevity, suggest make moves slow take time grow eight, react nine blow Hydro slide raw like fuck Renaldo Fly ride though, shit lookin wild dope then glide yo, flippin the page, I go Watch five-oh, jump on my meat, ride slow Watch those, undercovers, cop those, rock those Glocks blows leave em baggy and collect spot grows Keep a watch froze, lean on the yacht and wash clothes Let the chop' blow, bag a half a block plot grows, what? Chorus Verse Three: Big Boi Boi, I bust raps like D-boys bust gats, shit We the type of people that don't bury the axe or the hatchet, everytime we see your link we snatch it Ridin round our hood talkin that dumb shit, your cabbage is cracked, like plumber's ass, and summer's grass I been in the game for a minute, seen some suckaz like y'all passin thinkin you're light skinned, aight then, lil' boy why you frightened? The Dungeon Family gon' be here nigga so keep writing I gotta hit The Source, I need my other half a mic because that _Southerplayalisticadillacmuzik_ was a classic, right! College Park, East Pointe and Decatur they got my back, so We gon' keep on jammin and stabbin off in the track, ahh Think it's time to bungee but buddy we will be back and I'm fin' to put some D's on the 'Llac, know dat! Chorus

4000 Miles

[Charlie Tuna] J5 Blackalicious Yo [All] We take a journey through music right now (*2X*) [Charlie Tuna] Yo, when music temptations cant be resisted Fifths will be unconsistent make me a misfit Listed as a phenomenom I got an oncoming bomb Which is perfection and flexin like I spent time in Nam The beat is on and its nice an easy Instrumentals blendin like cinnamon rice and peas And lifes a breeze when you dont have to kick it to find Contemplate the creation with blackalicious and I Tuna fish is for a musical infant hes past gone Tryin to hold fast and grasp hits like last fall So last long flash on keepin the past strong we grab songs and rythm so people can catch on Yes My mic honor cause momma I twiced promised her Love life if music is truly your wife honor her Burnin to your thermometer stretch a million kilometers Connect a population at birth to one another for real [Chorus] Music, deliver from within and it covers up everything Music, when the melody and rythm get the moving an unity Movin, one force one love one whole community Do it, keep travelin on keep travelin on [Gift of Gab] Underground or overboard overlord oh my lord More remore pure sonic over joy sworn for shorts Unseen aquatic bout to get explored Warriors breakin all the limits twistin the laws [Chief Xcel] Now who said that underground is only just one more I'm sellin time and space and matter makin hula-hoops of saturns rings [Gift of Gab] And bring my thing and sink to think That these was meant to be writ if these spits will ever be writ We on some destiny (shh shhh) we took a piece of this We often testement on every cultural element Ever sent to us by the ancestors as though we manifest it Some new world pedestrians just lounging with some fishin poles Up on the moons crescent Just tryin to make some history spittin on a few records I had a dream like martin luther king in adolescense And now I'm out in tokyo and europe havin sessions The final destination used to be my main question But then I looked and all that I was searchin for was present The final destination used to be my main question But then I looked and all that I was searchin for was present And now I'm out and out on and on the road we play Soundin off like an army ho replay Talkin bout walkin miles of roads he paved Travel out droppin bombs with no delay [Overlaps with chorus] And now I'm out and out on and on the road we play Soundin off like an army ho replay Talkin bout walkin miles of roads he paved Travel out droppin bombs with no delay [Chorus] Music, deliver from within and it covers up everything Music, when the melody and rythm get the moving an unity Movin, one god one love one whole community Do it, keep travelin on keep travelin on [Latyrx] Now see we rock around the clock we dont stop for nothin Gonna take it to the top - non stop - no frontin People listen when it drops cause it speaks to something In they souls when they all alone spacing in the zone Or walking they block - talking to they homey at the shop See the point is this - even if the homey got shot Then there still be the bump knockin in your trunk Get ya out your slump rockin it straight off the top I'm cockin it like ingredients thrown hap-hazardly inside a crockpot With a magic sock schnapps a big ass book and some vodka And pass it my way cause I'm a real big talker And i love new experiences I'm the godfather of gettin into to trouble On the road undercover shit - take your whole crowd if you leave em uncovered And i believe even hammer would say my shits proper work Not to put a damper on the underground answer shit You dealin wit motherfuckers not underground anthem thugs Rock from the west coast damn near the athens and you still hate a whack song As much as the next man and still in love with the good one We interact with listners this is our contribution on the war against The whiteness is likeness a constitution of fatness Blackalicious Jurassic more Latyrical madness Your mind is captured with tactics to get you back to the fatness And you still want to battle just how long does this last? We have the fashion to classic the pure love satisfaction Is when the magic is captured live-action aint tangible with [Chorus] Music, deliver from within and it covers up everything Music, when the melody and rythm get the moving an unity Movin, one god one love one whole community Do it, keep travelin on keep travelin on [All] We take a journey through music right now (*3X*)

The Old Style

ATMOSPHERE "Strictly Leakage"
I swear to God if you fuckers fuck this up for the rest of us you will not get any pudding, none! (Do you wanna know why?) The seventh of September was my date of birth I got to the clinic and I did the nurse Picked at the scabs until I made it worse But I still spit your girlfriend's favorite verse At least now I know somebody notices the loud guy from Southside of Minne-hopelessness I try to celebrate life when I can Most times I do it with a mic in my hand Sean Daley and Anthony Davis Twin Cities, they act like we famous Still nameless in places like Vegas So order up a round and over tip the waitress Got the ladies in the place going ape-shit Making faces at the radio stations A love-hate relationship as if we're waiting for the preacher to sit down and let the choir take it And I'm trying to have the time of my life Work for my stripes and climb a few flights Try to keep the demons out of mind, out of sight But some I'm to weak to fight, you got a light? I stand beside every line that I write Wrote most my rhymes just to find me a wife And now that my better half got me hemmed up I'm out here rapping about whatever the fuck It don't matter just as long as I mean everything set free from between these wings I could write a new joint and drop my view point Maybe cook up a hook and get a few coins A little real estate, to make us feel ok I need to keep faith and eat a decent meal today Hey, and even if these raps don't pay me I'ma find a way to make the right hand pass the gravy So special, nice to have met you By this time tomorrow I'll probably already forget you Now gimme fifteen for the shirt And go tell your friends on your swim team I'm a jerk Set it off, it never stopped The only difference is now I'm eating better slop Look at your boy mother, employed by brothers Trying to make sure we all avoid the buzzards Every scar I wear I've earned Even the ones that I like to pretend I don't deserve But I don't question, cause God has vision I'm no savior, I'm just the recognants mission Taught ya'll how to bank off tour So thank me now and keep my name off yours He's got the pony tail, I've got the rabbit ears He's fly, I'm fly that's why they call us

Outsmart The Po-Po's

E-40 "Federal"
(yawn)(burp) It's 9 AM (fuck)time for a poisima, life at incent, sit on the toiletsump The Rossi got me smellin like I'm dead inside (sniff) I'm stankin up the bathroom wit nuttin' to hide I gotta go, flush the cumode, k , threw on the same damn clothes I woreyesterday Me got some niggaz come down from outta town see They want to meet me half way at the Nut Tree But I'm starvin' so I'm Chargin' 15-5 for the Margerine, A-1 Yola tightly packed, 17-5 for the coochierack Strike to the spot ride witta, my nine milameter bereta The broad that be holdin' my D she love me, long as I keep dickin her down properly Sittin low in my cut not like a failure, in front of baby's house straight talkin on a cellular Bring me out a unit, a birdie, a cake, with the gypsyness before it's too late Penitentury time drastic, here she come with a Kilo in a baby basket Gotta play your cards right, game tight, can't be slippin in the 90's, damn right Chorus - Outsmart the Po Po, known to the marks as the don't knows, you gotta I wear street clothes pants be saggin', I'm not bootsee and I don't drive a dope wagon Huh, Got a grip and I don't be braggin, can't be laggin', gotta keep stackin' (yeah) I keeps me a strap in case ah, I gots to shoot a simp in his face ah, It's better to be got with then without, Jealous muthafuckas would love it if they heard that I was tweakin' out Seniors in the summertime, ralleys in the winter (yeah) Ridin' with a light skinned big booty tender Harass them muthafuckas on gold shoes, tryin' to put a stop on my revenues The Po Po I dislike em (hate em) Crooked ass cops will make you vital But you know that I know the Po Po would love for a nigga to even attempt to act black That's why you gotta- Chorus (B-Legit) It's Saturday night and to the night club I got the Tanqueray, juice, and the Green Bud Tacked on the freeway doin' fifty ya'll, a brand new thang lookin nifty ya'll I open the juice and then I take some swallows (yeah) And the muthafuckin Gin to the same bottle (that's right) Roll me a splift and put the ounce in the back (then what) I keep it the trunk right next to the Gat (what they do doe) Po Po jacked but can't fuck with me (what you got) an open juice bottle and a little ol' doobie (what they got to kiss) Cops better kiss my ass for a nigga like Legitament to blast Chorus

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