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Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo lyrics - Road to the Riches

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Original and similar lyrics
Verse One: When I was five years old I realized there was a road At the end I will win lots of pots of gold Never took a break never made a mistake Took time to create cos there's money to make To be a billionaire takes hard work for years Some nights I shedded tears while I sent up prayers Been through hard times even worked part time In a ?seafood? store sweepin floors for dimes I was sort of a porter takin the next man's order Breakin my back for ?a shack for headquarters? All my manpower for four bucks an hour Took the time, I wrote rhymes in the shower Shoes are scoffed cos the road gets rough But I'ma rock it til my pockets ain't stuffed enough All the freaks wouldn't speak cos my checks was weak They would turn the other cheek so I started to seek A way to get a play, and maybe one day I'll be performin up a storm for a decent pay No matter how it seems I always kept the dream All the girlies scream and suckas get creamed Dreamed about it for five years straight Finally I got a break and cut my first plate The road ain't yellow and there ain't no witches My name is Kool G Rap, I'm on the road to the riches Verse Two: I used to stand on the block sellin cooked up rock Money bustin out my sock cos I really would clock They were for kind of fiends bringin jackets and jeans Magazines, anything, just to hustle for beans The cash was comin fast, money grew like grass People hungry for the blast that don't even last Didn't want to be involved but the money will getcha Gettin richer and richer, the police took my picture But I still supplied, some people I knew died Murders and homicides for bottles of suicide Money, jewelry, livin like a star And I wasn't too far from a Jaguar car In a small-time casino, the town's Al Pacino For all of the girls, the pretty boy Valentino I shot up stores and I kicked down doors Collecting scars from little neighborhood wars Many legs I broke, many necks I choked And if provoked I let the pistol smoke Loyal members in a crew now down with the game Sellin nickels and dimes, sunshine or rain What I had was bad from my shoes to my pad In the first time in my life loanin money to dad Now the table's turned and my lifestyle switches My name is Kool G Rap, I'm on the road to the riches Verse Three: ?A thug a-mugs? for drugs, he eventually bugs Lookin for crack on carpets and rugs ?The squealers tells? but the dealer still sells Little spoiled kids inheritin oil wells I was the type on the opposite side Of smokin the pipe, in a beef I got hype Cos rags to riches switches men to witches Become stitches, body bags in ditches Bloodshed, I painted the town red People fled as I put a dread's head to bed That mean's dead, in other words deceased Face got erased, bullets got released Bombs were planted, the kids were kidnapped In fact that was a way to get back At enemies who tried to clock G's on my block, now they forever knock Z's Plans of rampages went for ages Some got knocked and locked inside cages Some bit the dust for crumbs and crusts In God We Trust, now rots to rust Plus caps to cops, policeman drops You blew off his top when the pistol went pop Troopers, soldiers, rollin like boulders Eyes of hate and their hearts get colder Some young male put in jail His lawyer so good his bail is on sale Lookin at the hourglass, how long can this power last? Longer than my song but he already fell He likes to eat hardy, party Be like John Gotti, and drive a Maserati Rough in the ghetto, but in jail he's Jello Mellow, yellow fellow, tell or hell, hello One court date can turn an outlaw to an inmate But just ?stay?, ship him upstate by the Great Lakes And than a-wait and wait and wait Til he breaks, that's all it takes So he fakes to be a man, but he can't stand On his own two feet because now he's in a new land Rules are different and so is life When you think with a shank, talk with a knife Not my lifestyle so I made a U-turn More money I earn, more money to burn Pushin all buttons, pullin all switches My name is G. Rap, I'm on the road to the riches

95 Til Infinity

JOEY BADA$$ "Summer Knights"
[Verse 1:] And we smoking, toking potent herb Preaching spoken words that might just poke your nerves Hope you ain't scared, my jeep go "Scrrrr" I peep the obscured, and what ain't normally easy to observe I swear I'm born abnormally absurd If I give you a piece of mind, you've been disorderly disturbed That's my word, flip similes and verbs, now I'm eating Retreating for seconds and thirds, y'all niggas seasoned (Oh, you salty) Don't worry what we ate, you don't want that plate I combine yours with mine quake, and make the earth shake Supernatural disaster on you half-ass rappers Pass the herb to an actual pastor, word to the black lip bastard That drop knowledge like a Five Percenter Every time I drop a line, it touch like five placentas Schooling your offspring, drop heat all spring And stay hot for five Novembers, I think y'all niggas lost me [Hook:] 95 'til infinity time We in disguise behind enemy lines Women with no identity signs, they can't get my lines I used to give a fuck you could find 95 'til infinity time We in disguise behind enemy lines And I just kill it every time [Verse 2:] Instead of lead slugs, I spreads the love Like a bed bugaboo does, I'm in the W with your lovable slut I'm in the walls while you bugging her up I'll do your girl like this beat, straight fucking it up Y'all niggas nothing to us, this feels like nothing to us Son, taught your daughter how to bust a nut for fun Recollect and collect the funds When she see the sun spit the proceeds when I cum '99, 'til infinity beyond Hold my peace full of energy 'til my enemies be gone Until then niggas in my vicinity gone Peep the melody we on, but they don't know the remedy to these songs Basic necessities on how to be put on Cause they see my team, we strong, Beastcoast in your region If you get dropped you can't rejoin, they wanna know Whose shoulder we leaning on but all we do is show them who we leading on [Hook] [Verse 3:] Cause they will never stop for a young black male Black mailed in braille that means what he felt And the very reveal could appeal Put you on the Alcatraz trail or railroad to hell Oh well, some of us is taught there is help The other source is lost in all sorts of wealth Uh, roots of all evil The highest stars Evel Knievel I see through people's door, the world may never know How my third pupil show, Incognito and cold needles flow And I don't throw subs, I throw torpedos The Don, not Cheadle, this don got a Cornelius fro Afro punk festivities This for my negus that's lying with queens like Nefertiti Waking up to pyramids and big kitties Gold soul theory, but what is life really [Hook]

Horse & Carriage Remix (Feat. Big Punisher, Charli Baltimore, ...)

CAM'RON "S.D.E. (Sports Drugs and Entertainment)"
[Intro: Silkk (Cam'Ron)] Remix (That's right) Silkk the Shocker Uh, Cam'Ron (You ain't know) No Limit (That's right) Untertainment (I'm here and there) mo' money (I'm here and there) Ya don't know? [Verse One: Cam'Ron] Aye yo I just walk wit' ya'll, I don't wanna rhyme I just need talk wit' ya'll Mamasita, senortia I'm lookin' for my wifey Cats always love me, till they girls start to like me They don't know I'm sheisty, and all my jewels Icey Tryin' to settle down Ma, stop actin' all fiesty Cause 'I don't wanna be a playa no more' Know it's soft, but I cam with a 'core For the love of Money, Charli, whoa It Ain't My Fault Like Silkk, it's so timid, my trunk, it go wit' it The whole Squad is Terrorin', cats is No Limit And I'm a diplomat, I'm a dimplomat Where my honeies at?, where my money at? That's why we act like that Clak clak clak!, pat pat pat! So all you girls bring your thongs and shit Don't front, cause you know what song this is Ju don't know [Chorus (Wyclef)] Ya don't know what we're going through Ya don't know the things that Cam is showing you What we're about to do You don't know Ya don't know what we're going through Ya don't know the things these thugs will do to you You and your family through Ya don't know [Verse Two: Big Punisher] Yo, yo All the mami's know me, the Spanish kid wit' the goatee If this was L.A., I'd be a motherfuckin O.G. Ya my taste, thick in the waist, pretty in the face Dominican race, like my twin Triple Seis Hot as hell, I'm trickin' in Shorties sharp as nails, the official chick Reppin Uptown to Harlem World, where we at I'm up coughin in the ambulance >From way downtown, they got the Horses and the Carriages For 40 bucks, you can ride and get ya hug on Another 20, puff lye and get ya crush on It's all love, just like the Bud' when ya hit it Cause way downtown, you know the fuzz is tryin' to hear it So when ya spark, ya make sure it's in the dark And most importantly, stay away from Central Park Cause cops live, just to put away a thug But not today, cause me and my baby in the Cabaret of Love [Chorus (Wyclef)] Ya don't know what we're going through Ya don't know the things that Cam is showing you What we're about to do You don't know Ya don't know what we're going through Ya don't know the things these thugs will do to you You and your family through Ya don't know [Verse Three: Charli Baltimore] Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo, uhh I thought I already barked on cats about Russ Hadden It ain't work, gotta Scream on cats like Wes Craven Owwwww!, they ain't know I hadn't in me Like Lil' Kim -- didn't know they had it in me Don't you know don't you know, we pull up from a show Cam and chrome bag the hoes, I Prada bags all the dough And caked out, break out, uh Horse & Carriage, forced to marriage, been had too many carats And they ain't know, passin' that down Where I come from Ask Jane, that's my dun-dun How we handle them dumb dumb's And we like, Siskel and Elbert We review cats, thumbs up if they they shit's right And down if they new jack's You might see Charli, in a Benz or Ferrari Hennesey or Pacardi, gettin' bent at a party But I flip, be the new face, cover of Trace This the motherfuckin remix, we ain't need no {Mase} Uh huh uh huh We like it (Slikk the Shocker) Uh huh uh huh (Cam'Ron, No Limit) (Untertainment) (Mo' money, ya heard me) [Verse Four: Silkk] I live life like a thug, cause time's is rough Convicted felon; now I like, rhyme for bucks Ball till I fall, should I say, my time is up And I cop you diamonds, never diamond cut Forget the money, cause I could ball with or without the shipment And I'm down girl, but I could ball with or without the chick Sillk the Shocker, Cam'Ron, now how you gonna doubt us a hit (Must be a car), Miss I could pull you, with or without the six Now I ain't the C-E-O, but I ain't far from it So if I ain't far from C-E-O That mean I ain't far from havin' C-E-O money Can't discuss what I'm worth, but I'm worth this much Like Mantigo, fall back like snatchin' purses for bust So many styles - drop a beat, I'ma drop a hit Rap game stop for the dope game - and cop a brick No Limit Soldier baby, so watch the talk Get lost like ohhhhhhh, 'It Ain't My Fault!' I'm from the N-O, L-I, M-I to the T Tru my click, Silkk, the Shocker, yeah that's me Now look, money I'm tryin' to make it Bustas I'm tryin' to break, girls is like Ooh I love Silkk, and then, ooh I hate him! Cause they can't have me, but I don't look I can't afford to live average So senorita, let me walk you to my carriage Now I don't wanna settle down, but we can do it like we married Cheese! [Chorus (Wyclef)] Ya don't know what we're going through Ya don't know the things that Cam is showing you What we're about to do You don't know Ya don't know what we're going through Ya don't know the things these thugs will do to you You and your family through Ya don't know Ya don't know what we're going through Ya don't know the things that Cam is showing you What we're about to do You don't know Ya don't know what we're going through Ya don't know the things these thugs will do to you You and your family through Ya don't know [music till fade]

I Tried

JIN "Say Something"
You know I had to say something Jin Do I wait for the beat to drop or do I start here? Check it Forget waitin', this ain't a feature, this is my tape Time waits for no man so why the heck should I wait? I could probably run this town if I'd like but I'm straight Take a walk in my shoes if you choose size 8 You might just feel the presence of the Holy Spirit They say I'm a changed man, if the shoe fits wear it I used to think that this was just all entertainment So I did and said anything I could get away with Any consequences, I'm the one that's gotta live with it The last thing I'm tryna be now is a hypocrite Cause it boils down to way more than what I write Ultimately I'm defined by how I live my life Knew I had to change my ways and believe in what's right Til this day I still got my own demons to fight If I had to do it on my own, no doubt I'd be a goner But I will be victorious cause God is in my corner The freedom of expression is truly a gift It can be used to destroy or used to uplift If I had to list my flaws there's plenty I could mention But through it all I never had any bad intentions Never thought the youth would take heed to what I say First and foremost I apologize for leadin' you astray Movin' right along, now's the time to right the wrongs So I think long and hard before I start to write a song Cause as an artist for every track that you create Ain't no way to know the type of impact you can make On one person or society as a whole I'm hopin' through these lines you can see inside my soul Take a long hard look and you'll start to see the light It's an autobiographical story of my life On the cover just a plain book, here's the missin' factor I'm still the same book, y'all, just on a different chapter The next generation is headed for disaster Rappers blamin' parents and the parents blame the rappers A lack of substance, what you hear is so hollow I feel you, you ain't here to be nobody's role model I know you're tryna eat, no lie, so am I You shouldn't be offended if what I say just don't apply We need more of the truth than the game instead of less It's bigger than Hiphop, Dead Prez said it best You're probly listenin' like "Who's this guy to tell me how to live?" You're right, I don't know you but I know I'm positive If it's in my power to extend a helpin' hand Not even as a rapper, but as a fellow man This is good versus evil, it's time to choose a side I will never be perfect but at least I know I tried Uh, Say Something

Two Highways

ALISON KRAUSS "Two Highways"
Two highways lay before me, which one will I choose Down one lane I'd find happiness and down the other I would lose There is no one that I can trust, I must decide alone My decision is an awful one, which road will take me home In the mornin' would I wake to find, down the wrong road I have gone Will I hear the melodies I've searched for oh so long Only time will tell if I have made a loser's choice And though sadness cries my inner soul, goodbye lover moans my voice Perils, there are many, as I set out on my way If I lose your love I know that I can call it back someday Rambler, lonely rambler, just 'cause anyplace is home Nashville, lights how you have always shined Wishing now that you had found a word or two to say But the mornin' came and we both knew my eyes gave it away As I kissed your cheeks and said goodbye I thought only time will tell And you can't draw water from an empty well In the mornin' would I wake to find, down the wrong road I have gone Will I hear the melodies I've searched for oh so long Only time will tell if I have made a loser's choice And though sadness cries my inner soul, goodbye lover moans my voice

Mic Contract

ICE-T "O.G. Original Gangster"
Brainstorm microphone napalm This is it, words from a timebomb Attack speed, fast as an F15 Raise the heat, light thhe gasoline Overload, it might cause a blackout Dead end There's no chnce to back out Hit the tripwire Duck from the gunfire Broken glass, screech'n car tires, bodies hit the deck As I commence to wreck Eject another clip and drip sweat Face of danger, increasin' nger Point blank I smoke another stranger Grip the mic tight I see the brake lights Hit the back door I lay down cross the floor E's on the wheels He makes the rubber squel Blood's on my gear From caps I've peeled About a block away I sit up Look back It wasn't nothin' but a Microphone contract! Dressed in black I stalk my prey Parabellum in a leather attache Low tones I speak, I speak to few Just give me the money and who the fuck to do Four blocks away my aim's clean Night scope on a silence carbine Place my crosshairs on my vic's eye Squeeze the trigger Watch the brains fly Violent Yeah you could call me that Insane You're on the right track But turn the sounds up So I can stay amped Do another crew and breaak camp The only way I sleep is in a cold sweat You think I'm crazy You ain't see shit yet Cause I love to kill and kill for fun The microphone goes off Like a handgun It's goin' down now Grab your girl hops No excuses when the bodies begin to drop Look in my face fool It look like I'm play'n Don't become another Victim of mic slayin' What's up You want your feet in some concrete I got some brothers That'll do you for gold teeth But most the time I move, I move alone Take a bat Break your motherfuckin' dome Shoot you dead in the face With a sawed off One hundred ten degrees Ice don't get soft Cause I'm hard as they come I come correct You can't handle the vandal hit eject If not you better get Out my face sucka Or else you better be A good bullet ducker Cause I'm a rip shop Tell that ass drop Five o Ice, yo fuck a damn cop! Cause I move hard and cold With a gangster stroll Five thousand dollar suits And fly gold Rolex, you can't fit no more Diamonds on it Pinky ring, worth a house If I decide to pwn it What's up now punk Yo start to choke up You try to move on the Ice You'll get broke up! Midnight, time for a homicide Showtime, somebody's gonna die E hits the switch And thouands of volts connect With the weapon that's in my fist I see a sucka in the third row Try'n to riff A paragraph and a half he's stiff I start bustin' off barrages ear high Mothers grab for their children Tears fly I'm like a psycho In the mircrophone zone Speakers blown, mind gone I can't be touched Once my lyrics begin to fly Simple stage radiation Could make ya die Ya got a prob nigga you think your rep's bigger Hold your heard right there While I squeeze the trigger Cause I'm a crazy motherfucker That's no joke My favorite smell is The aroma of gunsmoke I'm bustin' off another Lyrical nightmare Parents hate the Ice! You think that I care Well I don't give a fuck Cause I rhyme tough Drop science, still bust the ill stuff So now it's time for crime And the rhyme is mine Track the movement Hide from the punchline I rhyme with quickness Microphone fitness The assassinator Stay off the shit list

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