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Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo lyrics - Live and Let Die

Ill Street Blues

Original and similar lyrics
[Kool G. Rap] Brothers on the corner sellin junk got held up by the hotties got the shotties in the trunk You got the hardrocks wavin glocks at the punks Police only harass you when they wanna get a chunk They got so many corners and they got so many spots And I can't even bump up the block without the Yo man what you got? I'm walkin past somebody lookin strange He's lookin for a hit for veins or he'll blow out somebody's brains Even the shorties livin naughty lives Walkin around, even drive around, with big forty-fives I just found out the candy store's a front They walk in the candy store Man G, candy's far from what they want You might see a pickle or a popsicle But if you step to the back, you get dimes, twenties, and nickels Honey used to look like a winner Now she can't even get took to dinner cause so many dealers ran up in her Somebody's blood is on the tar Last night was a homicide from a fight inside the bar Loudmouth tryin to show her ass, but somebody broke a whiskey bottle and cut her butt up with the glass Money got robbed for his bank They broke in his house and took everything except the kitchen sink Little man murdered on the scene He tried to come off at the liquor store, he's only 17 Granny's damn near pushin 80 A couple of hoods grabbed her pocketbook, and stabbed up the lady Cover your head, cause it's a dead zone, in the red zone Yeah, this is my home sweet home Three card molly, another man to fool Whites will stop at the red lights, to look at us like animals I'm gettin frisked by the cops They only tryin to get props, for blowin off a black man's top Up in apartment 3G, this sweetie named DiDi wants to see me but yo I heard she's givin VD Just when you think the skies are gettin blue Bang bang -- another brother's split in two Can't sleep, cause the streets are filled with danger Miss, your little daughter's a swinger, you can't change her She left with a stranger, inside a drug dealer's party Now off to the morgue, to go indentify her body Sonny boy is goin on the strip Robbin niggaz cracks, with a mac, without a clip Somebody gave a tip, so the next time he flipped and shorty got ragged, another bodybag is zipped A baby is born and needs lovin but instead, the mother smothered him and shoved him in a oven Cops killin our kids, but they bill us So what's more worse, the killer cops or the Cop Killers Everyday's another risk I'm even mad to go to my pad, the hallways always smell like piss No heat, just pots of hot water I'm walkin eight flights up, the elevator's out of order Man that landlord is the lowest Because I let my door slam and saw a damn eviction notice I felt like breakin all his bones, pssssh I'm gettin kicked out of my home sweet home *door shuts*

Pro Playas

(Welcome to Atlanta Beat) Jay Feilder hurt his hip hop cuz he hopped and got hit He's a quarterback with too much zip to get it picked He's so miami Just ask his grand-mommy He didn't want to play quarterback no mo' so he tried some oragami He's baby QB one of the best of the QBs Pocket QB, option QB, smoothies like Bob Cousy (who's he?) Home of travis Minor And restaurants like the Miami Diner And special korners with his dawg Ralph Kiner The cheerleaders are the best flappin their pom poms After Jay Z throws Chris C a long bomb bomb All got senior prom proms but Jay was big pimpin' mom got too excited and she told him to calm Miami's the truth like Paul Pierce Their D-line is straight gatorade, it's fierce I tried to tell you not to cut Trace Armstrong because he's ancient Without permission from Ricky Williams' agent From Jay Feild to Jay Will or J-Dub Rollin on a rookie contract and ridin on killa dubs Jay Will won't hesitate to shoot the pill And give the lonely chitown crowd a thrill The L's got to recognize, his moves are ill and he can flat out pay the Bill gettin' it done like Mr. Gates while watchin Tyson Chandler pump five pound weights You cats think you'll walk in and make the L just by sayin' Yo what Up I'm here Nazzzzzzzzzzzr Half of you ballers need a brazziere Makin the L is hard work You wanna know, ask Pat Burke it's not easy to go from the streets to gettin a seat on an NBA bench, makin the L is no easy feat So.. ya think you got the game to earn the fame Nas, you can't even score on the wizard of oz Think you'll make it big time without years of practice You'll end up left in the middle of Arizona with a cactus Arizona Iced T makes you pee an ounce So I'm gonna make like a ball and bounce

Streets Of The Ghetto

Ed O.G. Da Bulldogs
I pumped bomb on the calm with no alarm and never thought that it would get to my moms But when she found out she made me take the pound out and get out with it man I could forget it Now I'm stayin with this girl who got a kid by another nigga whose crew is much bigger But he don't dig it cause his jim hat broke But she kept the baby cause he pumps coke Now her crib is the new weed spot to get the smoke or the choke, it was gettin mad hot The next morning, while she was still sleeping I was creeping to Jenny, here's a note, don't sweat it Forget it, cause it ain't worth it I need to be alone when I'm goin under the surface Now I'm out to hit my workers Two damn niggaz, and one Turkish white boy who got Southeast sewn up Business blowin up, and I'm still growin up Only 17 and got my own crib And still learnin how to live on the streets of the ghetto The streets of the ghetto (3X) Now I got friends cause the G's is comin in Skeezers comin in, and I'm still runnin in and out Taking care of biz on the block I brought my crew, ten new Glocks.. .. just in case trouble knocks Cause nowadays, we don't box I'm eighteen gettin mad green off the fiends Brand new sneakers, a cut, and some jeans is what the businessman wears in the ghetto that makes the whitey petrol But I still can't let go, even though I'm makin crooked dough, the system is easy to beat And my shit's still not complete Because I'm on my way to my first key That was the biggest shit I ever bought G I ain't gettin locked down, so I walk there, lock it up Got my first key, now it's time to rock it up Don't you know where it's gonna go? Right out there... on the streets of the ghetto The streets of the ghetto (3X) Now I'm up to three keys, pounds of weed and sellin bundles Distributin all three, to get all the fundzoes The word around town is I'm the new Nino Brown Twenty years old, I like the way it's goin down I got money to burn -- dropped out of school cause they couldn't teach me what I needed to learn on how to earn big money, big money I got the fortune, and a crib where it's sunny But like a dummy, I started gettin careless Talkin on the phone, so DEA could hear this Date transaction the time and the spot My world crashed on me, when I got caught Now I'm locked, with the niggaz that are trife No more money no more women for the rest of my life Be in a cell, goin through hell Just because you sell, they make sure I fell, oh well Now I'm fitting, with fifty to go And I never see the streets of the ghetto no mo'

Snot Love In Spain

GOLDEN EARRING "No Promises... No Debts"
From the Album: * No promises no debts Decided it was time to take a boxcar ride Outa the rain snow and cold Me and a friend of mine Guy I met somewhere down the road Hummin' all the way down to Spain on that choo choo train Safe across the border Abidin' law and order Lost eachother gettin' high on calvados I sorta looked up with what musta been The face of gratitude When she kissed me on my cheek And winked her little voulez-vous They trampled on my head like a dancer did somewhere in Madrid I couldn't feel, I couldn't see Stole my passport and left a red bandana On the steps of the cantina They threw me out the door I couldn't ask for more Snot love in Spain Snot love in vain Too young to explain Love in Spain Well I found out pretty soon I could dig myself in down the beach poolside Rip off a German hup two baby all right She was a waitress I couldn't resist Her brother said she will make you a good wife Well since I was from over the border Abidin' law and order We spent the night gettin' high on calvados I looked up with what musta been The face of solitude When she slapped me on the face And her brother started gettin' rude They trampled on my head etc……

Conversation Piece

I took this walk to ease my mind To find out what's gnawing at me Wouldn't think, to look at me, that I've spent a lot of time in education It all seems so long ago I'm a thinker, not a talker I've no-one to talk to, anyway I can't see the road for the rain in my eyes I live above the grocers store, owned by an Austrian He often calls me down to eat And he jokes about his broken English, tries to be a friend to me But for all my years of reading conversation, I stand without a word to say I can't see the bridge for the rain in my eyes And the world is full of life Full of folk who don't know me And they walk in twos or threes or more While the light that shines above the grocer's store investigates my face so rudely And my essays lying scattered on the floor Fulfill their needs just by being there And my hands shake, my head hurts, my voice sticks inside my throat I'm invisible and dumb, no-one will recall me And I can't see the water through the tears in my eyes

In The Air Tonight

Staring at the world through my rearview Just looking back at the world, from another level yaknowhatImean? Starin... Multiple gunshots fill the block, the fun stops Niggaz is callin cops, people shot, nobody stop I wonder when the world stopped caring last night Two kids shot while the whole block staring I will never understand this society, first they try to murder me, then they lie to me, product of a dying breed All my homies trying weed, now the little baby's crazed raised off Hennesey, tell me will my enemies feed when they see me, believe me Even Thugs gotta learn to take it easy, listen Through the intermissions search your heart for a plan and we turnin Bad Boys to grown men, it's on again I give a holla to my niggaz in the darkest corners Roll a perfect blunt, and let me spark it for ya One love from a thug nigga rollin with a posse full of paranoid drug dealers, to the end my friend I'm seein nuttin but my dreams comin true While I'm starin at the world through my rearview (see) [repeat 2X] (They got me) starin at the world through my rearview Go on baby scream to God, he can't hear you I can feel your heart beatin fast cause it's time to die (we) Gettin high, watchin time fly, and all my motherfuckers [repeat 2X] I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord I've been waiting for this moment all my life, oh Lord [Young Noble] Now you see him, now you don't, some niggaz be here for the moment, and then they gone, what happened to em? Well let's see, it seems to be a mystery But all I know I never let the money get to me Stay down like the, truest Thug Life until I check out this bitch, I thought you knew this Who is, gonna catch me when I fall or even care to While you thinkin I see you lost up in my rearview Half you, is down with them Outlawz Outcast, left far, I'm through like southpaws But still we keep mashin til our dreams come through Starin at the world through my rearview [Tupac] Now I was raised as a young black male In order to get paid, forced to make crack sales Caught a nigga so they send me to these overpacked jails In the cell, countin days in this livin black Hell, do you feel me? Keys to ignition, use at your discretion Roll with a twelve gauge pump for protection Niggaz hate me in the section from years of chin checkin Turn to Smith and Wesson war weapons Heavenly Father I'm a soldier, I'm gettin hotter cause the world's gettin colder, baby let me hold ya Talk to my guns like they fly bitches All you bustas best to run look at my bitches Now I know the answers to the question, do dreams come true Still starin at the world through my rearview (I say) [repeat 2X] (They got me) starin at the world through my rearview Go on baby scream to God, he can't hear you I can feel your heart beatin fast cause it's time to die Gettin high, watchin time fly -- and all my motherfuckers/nigga can die [repeat 2X] [Kastro] Back in the days we hustled for sneakers and beepers Nine-six for glocks cause fiends hittin up blocks with street sweepers Bless myself when knowin rules to these streets, somethin I learned in school, on some Million Man March shit for the piece/peace True that, only one life to lead, a fast life of greed Criminally addicted, infested since a seed We all die, breed bleed like humans, towns run by young guns, Outlawz and truants, shit's deep Turn eighteen, ?roll my well and lockup? Burnt my body with my shotty, or chosin my dough So while you reminiscin all nights out with the crew Smoke a blunt for me too, I'm starin through your rearview [Tupac] Hahahaha, you ain't knowin what we mean by starin through the rearview So since you ain't knowin what we mean let me break down understandin The world, the world is behind us Once a motherfucker get an understanding on the game and what the levels and the rules of the game is Then the world ain't no trick no more The world is a game to be played So now we lookin at the world, from like, behind us Niggaz know what we gotta do, just gotta put our mind to it and do it It's all about the papers, money rule the world Bitches make the world go round Real niggaz do they wanna do, bitch niggaz do what they can't Starin at the world through my rearview Go on baby scream to God, he can't hear you I can feel your heart beatin fast cause it's time to die Gettin high, watchin time fly, ya know/and we'll be [repeat 4X with vocal fade]

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