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KJ-52 lyrics - Its Pronounced Five Two

K.j. 52

Original and similar lyrics
(intro) (chorus:) my name is K.J. aka K.J.52 my name is K.J. it is so nice to meet u my name is K.J. aka K.J. 52 my name is K.J. it is so nice to meet u my name is K.J.(Five Two) 'a brown hair eyes r blue, 20pounds 'cockin' into 6 foot 2' u can cantch me watchin veggie tales zippen round u spenden' to much money at the mall and gap2 now im rollin' through mc donalds gettin-a number 2 but i know there gonna act rude an mess up my food (uhmm heres ur cheese burger + ur coke too) er, thx alot but where my fries at FOOL trin' gow it all that way back in high scholl and' i was like (er everybody gonna think that im COOL and the girls r gonna say im cuter than Tom Cruise, but in stead they laugh at me like the Sponge bob dude) lookin back then i dont know how i made it through, but ya' live and ya' learn thats jus' what ya go through, but now these kids will be like K.J. rocks dude (chorus) now ya'll be messin' up my name its not fifty two it dont stand for King James i've waited to long now jus' let me explain John 6:9 let ma break it down plain, (come-on) 5 loafs 2 fishes, what a boy gave, so I took what i had and i just did the same it was all in the stands and i just walked away i said , LORD its all yours u can have the whole thing (chorus 2x)

Hands On U

JON B "Stronger Everyday"
VERSE 1 How long has it been, since someone gave it to you Thru the night, how you like Had ya body shaking, a hundred miles an hour, Brought the freak in you on out B SECT Later on tonight, we're gonna get right down to it We gone do it, do it, do it And I'll try not to bite, but right now the dog in me is calling me CHORUS I can't wait 'til I, get my hands on you. I'm gone do it all, have you climbing up the wall and Scratching on my back, that's how you gone act Cause once I break you off, ain't no going back VERSE 2 So your place or mine, girl I'll let you decide, Just where you want it to go down And I won't waste no time, so girl I hope you're getting Ready to do some sweating B SECT CHORUS BRIDGE Girl you're gonna think it's two of me when your Body starts to feel the heat, you're in for One hell of an evening, that could easily Turn into a weekend CHORUS

Been Away

Jermaine Dupri
Q The Kid ft. Jermaine Dupri Been Away JD its been a long time comin, im here now nobody can stop that verse 1 (JD) i done traveled long distances im the meaning of what persistence is and music is the only thing ive really loved since i was a kid and its the only thing im gonna love forever ive been through the hard times and bad weathers long days and long nights, tryin to get my career together but school was my first goal, bump these brauds i was blessed with a talent that could get me real far in time and trust me im nice with mine and im sick with an instrument listen to the drumline and all i got is more fire to come a lotta cats is nice, but im liver than them and these ATL streets, is what im tryin to rise up from by any means just to get that cream it was hard but i did it graduated to the big screen now im on tour and the kid got bigger dreams chorus you cant help me ive been away to long im just tryin to chase my dreams did i leave your mind when i was gone i hope not, cuz im still here you cant help me ive been away to long im just tryin to chase my dreams did i leave your mind when i was gone i hope not verse 2 (Q the Kid ) now im in a new state new division new sound new shit im on a new mission a good life livin things done changed, new deal new aim 2 new four fifths, benz and a range ive came a long way from sittin on a block from bustin shots in broad days to number one slots but look ima grind through it and i can make anything happen as long as i put my mind to it i love music kid im real nice with them sticks no class no tutors i was born with this gift and its only a few, one or two i can name and cuz im hot, dudes wanna X me out the game but ima keep strivin and hustle all the way from the bottom to the top and surprise em and show niggaz it dont hurt to try stay focused and you bound to get by SING WIT ME YA'LL! Chorus Verse 3 (Q the Kid and JD) ive came a long way and look i done made it and nothin you do or say can stop me cuz this is what im here for and hot beats is all i got an ear for you could never nop me what im sheddin tears for look, it was rough but i made it at last top dog major the head of my class now its JD who they wanna get along with its Q who they wanna do a song with chorus to fade

Do You Believe?

Beatnuts "Stone Crazy"
Juju: Ayo , its ill when i'm heated how my heart stay cold write a rhyme that make the gats around the world explode now behold the burning malice of a treacherous soul first time I shot a gun duke , I was 12 years old But since then , I've never put it down my friend she go to war when I tell her fuck a who , why , when , til the end indeed its good to have and not need even better when you can shoot back and not bleed take heed , poppin like an El full of seed my team is gettin bigger , got more mouths to feed Shorty let me tell you bout my only vice it got to do with lots of money and it aint nothin nice it aint nothin nice Chorus: (2x) Ay , you believe in God? you do , tell him to save you cause me and these niggaz here we aint tryin to save you regardless of the fact that its close to home I gotta finish your life , so I can start my own my own nigga Psycho Les: Ayo , my audios guaranteed to lift the audience it was that time again so we gathered up 40 men 40 ounces , trees burning , heads bouncin dollars is the mission sittin in the yoga position isolate my mind from your bitchin pulp fiction lose you in the mix in lets get this poppin , lock down the top 10 knockin pretty boy cats on they ass each time we drop kid yeah , you know how we comin raw grooves with the funky drum drummin and when my song goes off you'll still be hummin noddin your head , or singin my chorus the after midnight feen the 4 in the morning blunt feen peelin dutches fill em in like taco shells willing judges wheeling jake with half a cake in my coat pointin gats like remotes at cats with federal notes tossin bodies off boats chorus (2x) our own nigga , our own


E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G When im out on the road Goin from show to show Told my homie Romeo how much i miss u so I dont know how much longer it will be im missin you wantin you *ha* an i really wanna talk to you *oh no* i left my 2-way at home still sittin on the charger *oh no* my battery dead on my my cell phone n i really wanna call ya J-boog lemme use your phone, gotta call my baby-girl back home let her know what she means to me cause weve gotta be Chorus Cause your my angel, your my heart girl Cause your my evey thing, your everything i want in a woman your everything i need in a woman Repeat Verse: I got you on the phone, you sayin you wish i was home, but then you flip the script, to put me in the wrong,and you think im lyin when ive been tryin all day to talk to you, jugglin videos and photo shoots, baby girl dont think that one mintue goes by and i dont really wanna call ya, dont think that im screenin my calls or checkin my caller I.D tryna dodge you girl Tryna be all i can be, a young man in this industry,you mean the world to me you are my everything my, Chorus Girl i want u to know that nothing will come between you and me Girl i want you to know that you'll always be, my everything *Rap* Baby-girl im missin you cant wait to get home so i can hold you plain as love when it comes to you, faithful and true is what i stay to you you my homie wanna chill wit you throw on some sweats wit some Nike shoes, all get sa-ditty for me, blue-y skirt wit a mini tee, See times been hard for me, bein on the road wit out my wifey lookin at my watch as time goes by, lookin at the sky as the day goes by wishin on these days you could fly, till the next time to be by my side for you i ride for you i lie, me and you girl Bonnie Clyde Chorus X 2 la la la ,la la la la, la la la la la la la la *repeat la's untill fade* this is the stupidest song ever!

Have A Little Faith In Me

JOHN HIATT "Bring The Family"
I dreamed I did a good job and I got well paid Blew it all at the penny arcade A hundred dollars on a kewpie doll I guess no white chick is gonna make me crawl On a TWA, to the promised land Every woman, child and man Gets a cadillac and a diamond ring Dont you know we're riding with the king? Hes on a mission of mercy to the new frontier Hes gonna check us all on out of here Up to that mansion on a hill Where you can get your prescription filled On a TWA to the promised land Everybody come on and clap your hands Dont you just love the way he sings Dont you know we're riding with the king? A red cape and shiny cold 45 I never saw his face but I saw the light Tonight everybody's getting their angel wings Dont you know we're riding with the king? Well I stepped out of a mirror at ten years old With a suit cut sharp, as a razor and a heart of gold I had a guitar hanging just about waist high I'm gonna play that thing until the day I die

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