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KJ-52 lyrics - Its Pronounced Five Two

Dear Slim Part-2

Original and similar lyrics
Dear slim i wrote you but you aint callen its been a couple years now since i wrote that song en alot has changed now for you and I I had no clue that I would write a song for you and it would change some lives Kids with tears in the eyes they now come up to me showing love to me and telling me that they look up to me The effects to me well were really kinda strange to see I only wanted to share with you now Jesus done for me but theres a whole nother side to things now that I come to see Its a huge influence you got upon on the industry but enough of me cause its not what i came to say to you not a day goes by while i take time to pray for you sorry now for what your mom and dad what they did to you but i can relate with you cause well see dude i've been there too I know theres a lot of pain and hurt now that you've been through but never forget theres a real love that god gave to you Yo dear slim i wrote you and you still aint callen backstage at the VMAs someone gave you my song and I kinda wonderen what you thought man Or when that guy walked up to you and talked to you and put it in your hands Maybe you never listen to it or maybe you lost it or maybe you heard it and you just got mad and then you tossed it did he hits you back thats the question i always get Im like well god for bide you might even have liked it I dont know but congratulations on your movie yo and Heard your last record well ova ten million sold but theres one thing that gots me thinkin bro does the grammy mean anything if its just gotta cost yo' soul In case you didnt know theres a lovin that will never go away you say your goin to hell but it dont have to be that way see the bottom line of what im tryin to say is god puts back the broken pieces that were thrown away If even everyone you know just up and goes away he'll still love you till the very day that your of that old and gray to bad alot of Christians all they do is hate on you instead of droppen on their knees and taken time to pray for you its obvious that you really love your daughter dude for that i gotta tell you well I really got respect for you so here it is dear slim chapter part 2 another cat trying to make it just like you Yo dear slim did you hear the junk that im goin through Kids sending me hate mail and telling me how im fighting you telling me how they gonna beat me up and just kill me too but alot of people they just seem to get my song confused see what i say to you i know it might even sound funny but i never came at you just to paint you as the enemy it wasn't about haten or spunten some controversy it wasn't about blamen you or tryin' to make some money na i don't claim to know everything that you've experienced man I don't even know if u even ever be hearin' this but i said it once and i still hold it is is that a life with out Christ is still a life that is never fixed ill tell you this even if its a hard pill to swallow like it or not slim your gonna always be a role model do you know these kids were the ones they always follow what we say and how we live gives them a better tomorrow I've had my share of some plus man I've been rejected I've been chewed up, spit out, and cussed disrespected but if i die today and never sell another record Jesus gave me more than i ever could of been expected i know life is hectic it can leave you blowin away but check it bro cause we just gonna die someday and on that note well theres only one thing still left to say theres still one love and one god and only one way

I Can Feel It

DMX "It's Dark And Hell Is Hot"
Mn Sometimes, sometimes you just know, you just know, that's all Hook: (I can feel it comin' in the air tonight, hold onnnn I've been waitin for this moment for all my life hold onnn, hold onnnnnn) The best of y'all niggas remind me of myself when I was younger When it was hunger that stopped the nigga from goin' under And you wonder, why I pat you on your head, smile Look in your eyes and thank the lord for my child Meanwhile, somethin' I gotta show you an I hope you can take it Gonna leave you in the desert, an I hope that you make it Gotta put you on your ass to see what it does to you When you stand up an see that I'm just showin' love to you Other niggas would put a slug through you, over your ends Caps I fucked with are real, but hey Those are your friends Its just what you got comin' sometimes you don't know What you askin' for, did you ask for more? Should the casket door swing here, it is done An thought you was a killer, you swore you'd never run Nigga died with his gun still up in the holster It is comin' in the air? Yeah its getting' closer Hook I see life through many shades of grays and blacks I could take that an him 'em with the blazin' tracks When I make that you fake cats have violent dreams Takes another dog to be able to hear my silent screams The devil got a hold on me an he won't let go I can feel the lord pullin' but he movin' dead slow Let 'em know that amidst all this confusion some of us may do the winnin' But we all do the losin' its just who does the choosin' Easy goin up or down what have you been provin'? Jus that you were fuckin' ground Bitch seen the bullshit, but never spoke on it An I know that deep down you really don't want it I woulda traded the chance of bein' the child with a father Movin' talent and bein' able to survive when its harder My balance on the high beams of life, keep my dreams in strife That's why I hit these motherfuckin' streets at night Come on! Hook There's a lotta shit that I let slide, cuz its outta my hands Lotta niggas I let ride, but its not in my plans An a lot of my mans is not seein' through the fog Families by the truckload, feedin' them to the morgue Full moon, arooooo, the howlin', errrrrrr an growlin', shhhhhh, an prowlin' Don't know love, can't show love That means you gonna need more love than on old thug, but hold up, roll up Talkin' out the side of your mouth is what's gonna is what's gonna let niggas know Why you bad in your house, an they lie up to your spouse Told her it was suicide, but you an I Both knew the truth, for we'd never die Listen nigga, if you scared, get a dog, but be prepared, for the mob Cuz you dead up in the fog, an that's your head by the log I can smell it in the air, I can tell when its there This is hell an we both here Can you feel it? Tell me yeah Hook Arf, arf Haha Aroo, arro Whoo, whoo, whoooo

Life We Chose

NAS "Nastradamus"
[Nas] To my niggaz.. huh.. We all we got.. Let's hold it down though, y'know However it's gon' go down This what we gotta deal with, y'know Yo.. [Chorus: Nas] It's the life we chose, where friends become foes and the dough'll get you killed quicker than you know This is the life we chose, bring fake snakes and hoes and the only way out, is death or goin broke This the life we chose, ain't too many happy endings That's why there ain't too many happy niggaz in it And I'll admit it, this life is fucked up but yo.. (but yo..) this life is the only life I know [echoes] [Nas] Uhh, uhh, uhh Gold bathtubs, makin love to my Queen Get my back rubbed, Chardonnay, rollin up green Statues, marble floors, rare paintings on my wall My lifestyle's like the Forbes Magazine Closets, full of rockets and submachines Take this nigga out the projects, and his thug team Yo we cruise past street lights, ill rides Mr. Child both coasts with the most loud toast Calicos roast y'all folks, keep y'all dyin Cause it's hard to fuck around when we dealin with science My enemies got money, so y'all should watch how I play it They never know we enemies until they hear me say it Til they kid's on the phone sayin, 'Please daddy pay it' Til they brain's on the floor, mixed on the pavement High-class elegance, you respect or you hiss You go against you'd rather piss on an electrical fence It's strategic, how these niggaz want you to think You'd be surprised, who'd be the one to put you to sleep Why you stink Yo these streets don't allow you to blink You get showered by lead, comin out with your mink Bow ties and tuxedos, bust Eagles Dump drugs and acid, then they rush with the Rico It's hard fuckin with niggaz you hope you can trust You a fool if your main bitch is easy to fuck And you've got money - is these hoes greedy or what Shit is devious, ex-friends wantin you stuck [Chorus] [Nas] Uhh, what's love when you don't give your man enough dough He wanna stick you What's love, you got beef Nobody rollin wit you What's love, you locked up, and your family don't care Is love a four-letter word, that deceives the air What's real, when you know your man's girl is a hoe And you don't even let him know, cause you fucked her befo' What's real, when you talk behind a man's back then you see him and give him dap, now explain that What's trust, when they seperate your case When you at your court date, your co-de', can't look in your face What's trust, when you keep your wife away from your man And he never crossed you, but you claimin he's fam' What's trust, when you get bust, your niggaz don't retaliate They blaze purple haze with em the next day God forbid one of my niggaz get hit, I'ma go haywire Won't hesitate, I'ma spray fire But everybody's different, you won't know how you react til you in that position, and that's an actual fact The hearts of men change as time goes on, who's wrong You was hungry when you stuck Duke, he came back to buck you Who's wrong Foul all your life, now you 90 On your deathbed you regret bein grimy What's lust, a bust nut What's a thug A ghetto child raised around drugs, til he's old enough to bust slugs Then what's jail, to rehabilitate, or to make a nigga worse when he come home to catch another case Life's about decisions, you choose it, you gotta live it You did it, heaven or hell or prison Who knows when your clock'll stop tickin, get your weight up Save up before it's over neighbor, I told ya You gettin older player, look at those who gave up [Chorus]

Stuck To You

JOSH RITTER "Josh Ritter"
Well there's one thing Mama, I think you should know It is not love that makes the flowers grow But a complex electron transfer process known as photosynthesis when chlorophyll reacts with the light of day Since you're gone, the light has gone away Oh there's one more thing Mama, I think that you'll find It is not love that makes the stars shine But the spontaneous combustion of super-heated and super-condensed gasses in the process known as fusion that creates new elements when the time is right Since you're gone, stars don't shine so bright Oh there's another thing Mama, I think I should confide It is not love that'll turn the tide But the net difference in the gravitational pull between the Earth and the Moon as it is acted out upon the waves But since you're gone, I feel washed away I could have been a mathematician Studied rockets for a livin' Would've worked out better in the end But to get more specific I'd break every law of physics To bring you back to me again Well there's one more thing, I'll tell you if I can It is not love, that makes a non-stick frying pan But a top-secret, trademarked, conglomerated, most likely carcinogenic, polyurethane compound spread in a micro-thin substance, over a negatively charged layer of aluminum, copper, iron, lead, VHS, FYI, apple pie, FBI, and some other elements too Since you're gone, I wish I'd stuck to you

Love Is Love

AZ "Pieces Of A Man"
[AZ:] See...this is what I mean...when we come together like this incredible things take place... see we connect thoughts to collect shorts, and only the strong survive... I love my black people...we are the future... [Nina Simone sample:] "Black is the color of my true love's hair, his face so soft & wondrous cared" [Verse One: AZ] Chop the pie up, four ways, get lyed up Infiltrate, never violate get tied up It's all a chess game, choose sides, the best remains True lies, vibes die when bums infest the game Bogus shit shots, you woke but let your man get locked I love this hip-hop, stock the bank let the Crist pop Peep the next shit, push a big Benz, fuck a Lexus The streets was hectic, so I stacked and made my exit More doe to get, focus my thoughts for me to go legit Ferosious shit, cop a huge castle, on the ocean cliff Imagine that, a few years back, I was baggin' cracks Magnum gats, playin' street corners, commitin' savage acts Twistin' up, nuttin' but love, for niggas sittin' up Hold your own, try comin' home wit out gettin' touched Two for one, laws made foul how they do the young Whose new to come, tried to tell shorty he shoulda threw the gun [Nina Simone sample:] "Black is the color of my true love's hair, of my true love's hair." [Verse Two: Half-A-Mil] Knowledge the green Wallies, all I see Mama hold math like caller I.D. Chose the path that chose me I'ma tell you like G-o-d told me Greed, lust, hate, and envy sweeped us from Shemtie Keep us from simply, unifyin', organizin' We all are fallin', when we think we all are risin' We pop Crist on the horizon, topless chicks wit thick thighs & I'd rather be civilizin', enterprisin', improvisin' Temperature risin', L.O. Heem gave me the guidance Told me leave those 85ers alone, blend wit the wise men That buy 80 G stones, twin Mercedes at homes Fuck a juck, spend 10 Gs alone on chrome When I die they'll take my chromosomes and clone clones Two hundred and eight bones Microchip kits, we most dominant You know what time it is, that's why I exist Jump out of limo, lims, fire the blitz, wise scientist Applyin' this, ?lavi," then wide this I'm survivin' this, quiet tribalness, finalist Year 2000, flyin' the whips 9 cent, mind bent, 1999 rhyme alignment [Nina Simone sample:] "Blaaaaaaaaaaack is the colorrrrrrrrrr" [Verse Three: Nature] We went from, arraignments to entertainment 24 seve, the same shit, playin' the strip livin' dangerous Bottle after bottle, soon became a ritual The patterens we follow, others found 'em difficult I guess it's obvious As to what my hobby is The root of all evil, pollute the scene niggas by the kids Gettin' caught up, the same game done left 'em all stuck I reminisce on V.S. touchin' my fourth cup Me? My only problem is I'm more fucked Knowin' in my heart I can't sleep, till I bust off nuts Weed religion, for all my niggas that beat the system And those bentin', sittin' since Conico Vision Y'all need to listen, it's journalistic Y'all hear the whispers "Niggas in The Firm is twisted." Spit that fly shit that earn the bitches Whip the chrome six up the F.D.R. It's blessed we are See I never let 'em strees me god, forever stress free While twistin' up logs of that Nestle Who are you to question me? It's just my destiny To kick back, kill time, and live successfully [Nina Simone sample:] "When he and I will be as one." [AZ: Nina Simone sample playing through out] Firm... How y'all want it? Huh? hu... Talk to me... We give it to ya either way... We workin' wit ch'all... This, is for you...Love Is Love... 9-8.... Firm shit.... [Nina Simone sample:] "Black is the colorrrrr... of my true love's hair... my true love's hair... of my truuuuuuuuuue love's hair."

Truth Be Told

AUDIO PUSH "Truth Be Told"
This is what you ride to, Sit back and just vibe to. What you rock ya best fitted And Jordan 5's to. This ain't what you used to, Or what you call a truce to. See this is what you sit back and Just tell the truth to. So truth be told. I'm from this team named BOW. You prolly heard about. You most likely said Some hateful words about. And that's cool, But we bout to make it gruesome. Cuz these legends keep on dying, I think we gon be the new ones. So yeah, You bout to hate us. I swear you bout to hate us, Cuz every girl you checking for Is always tryna date us. And no, we're not the New Boyz, Please do not mistake us. And nah, that ain't a dis, But I mean listen, They just ain't us. This one for my phone, That I constantly be on. Telling my girl that don't Believe me until she see me on TV, Or hear these songs. And yes, she was wrong, Cuz this is what I love to do. Look at me girl, We ON!! I swear I told you. I told you, I told you. And if you ever hated boy, I promise I don't know you. And if I ever knew you, That would never mean I owe you. I told you we the niggas, And I promise Imma show you. I'm not a rookie, Not interested in freshment. I'm doing what I want, Got 'em second guessing they dressing. And Cash try and talk to me, Try and give me some gestures. But I know I got a gift, And it's time I show you my presence. So this This is for all them bomb Whoas That be at all them Kendrick and Them dime shows. That's prolly here now, Rocking wit me. Never liked me. Now they love me, And they think my smile pretty. I promise to god, It's all a facade To you popping. Boyfriends hate you Cuz they know They girl watching. But in this club a million times When everybody was. But nobody cares, Until everybody does. So now that you you do, I pray you listen forever. You arrived a Lil late, But better late than never Listen, Love it. You feel it? You see it? That's why I never say I'm really real, I just be it. I appreciate y'all coming to make history tonight And the next nigga you about To hear up on this mic Is the only other nigga That can give it this nice I know him as Larry Jackson But y'all can call him Price One time look Real rap I'm giving y'all real raps I made it out the hood and Still a nigga feel trapped All I hear is lies, Show me where the real at I just tell the truth And all the real niggas feel that Man I can feel the pressure moving in Now I'm at the top and they like "Price, what you doing here?" Don't be stressed, Baby, Don't be losing hair. Just live your life, Cuz it's too many nigga's losing theirs.. And since when did a hustler ever sleep in? And since when did Snitching become a street trend? And since when did Doing a dance make you Ineligible to rap? Man I'm killing it, Till the beat ends. Better yet, Imma give y'all dudes a beat. Seeking until I'm sleeping Y'all sleeping, But I ain't weeping. I'm creeping, To the top I'm reaching. Y'all speaking, But y'all ain't decent. Y'all better run to y'all deacon, Once them blood suckers leeching! Imma tell 'em 'fall back' Ain't no love for ya Oh, you a fan of us, Baby? I got a hug for ya. And to my brothers Watching Crips Shed blood for ya If I got it, it's yours, I give my last dove for ya. I.E. yeah we looking the best. This world is just a class, You being put to the test. In these streets, I got stripes and I ain't hugging a ref And to my brother double I Boy, I love you to death. For real. I'm having a moment, A nigga is on it. And yes, I shatter opponents, As soon as I go in. I'm blessed. And you ain't touching my team Homie, so why try? B.O. Dubb, We out here head first, Skydive. Raise your glass, man I'm giving a toast. You always got that one Ex That you're missing the most. But I ain't tripping, I'm chasing that Mike Jackson 'Beat It' dough. With that I.E. Toe Bend see the flo Shout out to my son I teach him Never to comp the haters I got my family counting on me like a calculator. But the pressure is cool, Cuz I'm going far. Just pour the brown and Then I sit in my car. Cuz this what you ride to, Sit back and just vibe to. What you rock ya best fitted And your Jordan 5's to. This ain't what you used to, Or what you call a truce to. See this is what you sit back and You tell the truth to. So truth be Told....

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