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KIX lyrics - Kix Live

Girl Money

Original and similar lyrics
Yeah yeah yeah Girl money Girl money Girl money I was sittin' alone But not very long She had a weakness for comin' on strong She was licking my fingers And drinking my booze She whispered sweet nothings I said 'Babe, is it true?' What'd you say? - Show me yours I'll show you mine What'd you do? - Ordered a bottle of the finest French wine Where'd you go? - I was heading for heaven when she took the wheel She took me to the cleaners, she knows how it feels Out all night Time to get started Saving all week for her bedroom party Dollar for her drink Dollar for the honey Burnin' a hole Gonna spend my girl money Girl money Long legged Rosie from Baltimore Took me farther than I've been before Oh she loved me for those diamonds pearls Took me for a ride Took me around the world What'd you day? What'd you do? Where'd you go? Come on baby Come on baby keep drivin' me crazy You know the story I'm speaking of Champagne, red roses limos Head first to the tunnel of love Sometimes you're out Sometimes you're in Sometimes you lose But sometimes you win Playing the game Paying the price We're throwing a party And you're coming tonight Yeah yeah Out all night Time to get started Saving all week for her bedroom party Dollar for her drink Dollar for the honey Burnin' a hole Gonna spend my girl money Out all night Time to get started Saving all week for her bedroom party Dollar for her drink Dollar for the honey Burnin' a hole Gonna spend my girl money Spend my girl money Girl money

Back 2 School

Man my daddy told me, boy when I was your age, I had to walk 13 miles to school I said, Oh, is that why you didn't graduate? CHORUS: Talkin' noise with all of my homeboys Then we go back to school, yeah (Her titties bigger than they were last summer, know what I'm sayin?) With a mouthful of beer and a noseful of weeeeeed You know I been act a fool, yeah Mama, (Mama), go to the University of Smoking Marijuana (What?) All of my friends go to USC, so I'm gonna tag along and hit the bong with them Walkin' through the masses, lookin' for my classes I can't concentrate on the teacher, surrounded by titties and asses Spend a lot of money on some brand new clothes Tryin' to impress these brand new hoes Laugh every time I have sex with a chick, Baby don't know I'm an ex-convict Walkin' round the campus with my 'fro and dick Every twenty seconds I'll be grabbin' my dick Full of alcohol at the football games Doin more drugs than my nigga Rich James My GPA's droppin' at a very fast rate It would take a miracle for me to graduate Maybe I won't, maybe I will Stressed out, poppin' pills in my Coupe Deville CHORUS How do I party (party) and still pass I hardly (hardly) ever go to class Got a golden eagle on my stolen Regal If you bought it from me, it's illegal 'Cause I'm Afroman, the educated crip On a rock cocaine scholarship Cook that crack until it's done I use that for my Negro college fund Broke minorities, sellin' dope to those bitches in sororities She's drinkin' one too many 40's She took her clothes off, now we're havin' orgys Baby I don't mean to act rude, But you told me you would never fuck a black dude Colt 45 must have got you in the mood, To eat a fat dick like sum soul food CHORUS Hey fellas, can I get jiggy with it? Hey check this shit out right here, Hey homeboy, don't stress, I got the answers to the test, My college professer smokes a lot of grass, She's gonna make sure we pass, That's how you pass trigonometry, Sell dope to your teacher, use niggernometry On the microphone, there's not a rapper bomb as me, And when the police pushin, nobody's calm as me Wait a minute, you know what's fucked up Black people in college act stuck up So self-concsious, and insecure, You wanna speak back, but you really ain't sure Look at me, what do you see? You see the OG you ashamed to be So fuck you, you pretty little rich frat boy, You can suck my dick just like that boy CHORUS I said honey, (honey), you got some sexy looks, You need money (money), to buy your textbooks Get it wet, and I can get it hard, We can slide your vaginal credit card Computer girl, come to my house and be my tutor girl, Before we study, can we smoke a little Buddha, girl? Raise your shirt, lick the nipples on your hooters, girl Open up your legs, baby your the girl Stick out your tongue and let me shoot it, girl You was playin with my floppy, then my hard drive downloaded, Down your thoat, and fuckin exploded Tell your prejudice dad and mom, To email their comments to suck my Afro's the bomb, blowin' up like Vietnam CHORUS(x2)


NELLY "The Longest Yard"
featuring Jung Tru and King Jacob Nelly:Chorus:You see errr time that beat go/I need you to shake that thang girl/Yeah, errr time that beat go/Whoa, whoa, whoa/Yeah, errr time that beat go/I need you to break that thang girl/See errr time that beat go/I need you to go like whoa, whoa, whoa/Won't ya break it down, break it down for me/Don't run outta gas girl/Break it down, break it down for me/Don't run outta gas girl. He said 'he too cocky,' I don't who but me/I mean who else could it be/Who from STL, I don't know who that but me/Who else behind the tints of the new GT/The cotton in the blow/Like you didn't know/ Til they stomach sick fo' real right now/22 poke out/You should see it when I roll out/Killin the folks now/Money just hang out/My money just fold out/This happened in Vegas and they hit me for a mill worth/How many rappers can tell you what a mill worth/Everyday I was worried bout a mill worth. Chorus. Jung Tru:I'm deafer than Jermaine, you can say I'm so so/Mess with Taylor Made, nigga that's a no-no/Show you the aftermath, I ain't a doctor/Way more game than a kid in a G-Unit/Cracks been wallin out, that's a G-Unit/Like Ciara when I'm gettin ya goodies/Cause I'm Jazze like Pha, with a thing in a hoodie/I'm like (whoa). King Jacob:Yeah, better make ya mind up/You ain't find her by now/You ain't gon find her/She look good, but she look finer/Like whoa, whoa,whoa/Yeah, King came back and you ain't gotta know me/You soon will cause you gotta know me/Cause I'll make ya baby mama want me like whoa, whoa, whoa. Chorus. Nelly:Okay now let me see you do it baby/Okay, don't be afraid, go now/Don't be ashamed of how you do it just whoa, whoa, whoa/You see I'm tired of playin games/With niggas and money names/Even if you got money to your name/I'll put your money to shame/This ain't cynical/This ain't subliminal/I'm physical/Financial/And got what it takes in general/Little mama in case you want a soldier/Not the type to hit it in the Rover/Yeah man you at the game orderin refreshments/Where I'm at, I'm on the floor watchin my investments/Button up some, call it a grown up look/I like callin it havin money, that fold up look/That Don Perreighon, Cristal-hold up, look/Gotta whoa, whoa, whoa. Chorus.

Out Of This World

ASAP ROCKY "Live.Love.A$ap"
Get money addict I'm a get "money" tatted Money in the attics Money in the stashes Money in the cabinets Stuffed in the mattress Safe full of guns More money up in that shit Taz Arnold TI$A Jeremy Scott Adidas Maison Martin Margiella Three strap sneakers Riding with a feature Student and a teacher It's money over bitches No room for a skeezer Thinking of a Lambo Bathing Ape camo Play with the money Turn Rocky into Rambo Patience is a virtue Life is a handful Friends, they'll hurt you Learned that from my grandfolks Me under a lamp post While I got my hands closed Haze to my brains Like eggs, got it scrambled Yeah I feel Rihanna And I understand Hov What you think I rap for? To push a fucking Land Rove? Now I'm looking back When you said I shouldn't rap Some slept on me Other niggas took a nap Now I'm in the basement Probably cooking crack Gave you teaspoons full But instead, you took a cap They say Tyga and Diggy But Rocky been Jiggy Currency from The Wiz Ain't enough to get me home Can't really hate When they compare me to Drake Could have been J.Cole If I met J-Hov Who dat? ASAP, But I'm fly like I never left You's a lie, like fly without the letter F If hip hop is dead Fuck it, let it rest Reincarnated through me When she resurrect Long hair, Blue jeans Live on U-Stream High top boots Like Pac in a Juice scene No it ain't a movie Diamonds? gleam Dead tone Cause the redbones is my new thing Nigga, I do things Let the coupe sing Niggas say I'm insane Saddam Hussein Niggas still jokers Me, I'm on my Bruce Wayne Fly kicks, my shit Yeah I'm on that Liu Kang I ain't bragging when I do this My shoes is Bermudas I'm bougie in that Gucci But my nudies is my newest And your foolishness and rumors I give two shits I only hear the money Save the bullshit for the Q-Tips Swag is the coolest My bitch is the rudest My jeweler is Jewish And my wrist is the bluest And I get it poppin on the block Like who kid ASAP standing on the block Like the new kids

Money, Money

Layzie thangs can get rouf when u live in the ghetto you gotta survive no matter the pain nigga could b hurtin life could be hurtin nigga fa surtin this is a game man play it ta win never let the system think they got chu if u relentless they cant stop you let em hang they gone watch you yea we the enemy's of the world wont let no territories hol me gots to get up get out an get something that's what they told me back in the dayz didn't have no pops tah piss when in the door wit out em now im ballin an doin my thug thang laughin at them dollars holla holla if u hear me shorty ima live ever day if its my last only the winner gonna get the glory what u thought I play for keeps put it down wicked in these streets heavily armored wit the heat jus in case a nigga want the some heat being broke I know the feeling that's y im paper chasein this cash better b smart an keep a stash never no how long its gone last you do the math hustling niggas multiply ___ bone thugs lil layzie 30 million an counting come on Hook money money that mighty dollar dollar gotta get my grind on grind on grind on I don't wana b broke no more 厁 2 Bizzy u cant break me none of u niggas can stop me an none of u niggas can hurt me an even worse comes to verse time to get down an dirty fuck the qujie cant curse me NWA Eazy-E that's the nigga that birth me thug style muthafucka nigga ___tied by the testify satan cant confide my peers no__ inside my fears dropped tears for niggas that died imma b sanctified mind gone an I think we running bloody___ an the got damned baby's daddy an imma b damned to hell if I don't provide an that's y I yell B-E-N-Z ride straight to the corner down to the side(yea) in the B-E-N-Z rollin around the corner with the F- O-R-T-S-E-V-E-N an nigga cant fuck wit me not even the devil wit the B-O-N-E T-H-U-G spell it muthafucka Hook Wish scantless straight up outta the hood type nigga stick ups, robberys, then we didn't give fuck niggas any ways for money so we mashed we dashed, get paid right in ___ twisted in some part an im getting up in that ass ___ ur money keep it comin show me love we make this gotta get my __slip its about mine its harder to get im serious don't play gotts to pay wish the streets will come back real fast on that ass ya feel me cuz I don't wanna b broke no more standing in front of the liquor store wit rocks no more came from anit never hadin that to been an done that its like reversing time in my mind I cant go back fuck that Hook Krayzie I come up wit nigga never had nuthin but hard times I was always grinding Anit fuckin around in the hood into the bullshit but im surviving I gotta get me some money man for the love of the cheddar a nigga will rob yo ass if I caught a nigga flossin cash we was four niggas, an we shown niggas, an u know niggas gotta scheme an cop on some green, an lookin fo everything an flez the seen, clean an we was niggas who stood on the block an caught a few rocks a couple of glocks when the cops came nobody had the nuts to say are name they call me the dummy man I sell em a fat 20 piece an reach for me pump pump (pump pump  cuz the fiends they get awfully mad when they c that I fucked up shit an took em for they last dollar hey holla man I anit giving a fuck its do or die so get on the ground lay it down give me some money my nigga pow I anit awaiting I need it now (right now) anit 2 nuthing changed im still on the grind in deuce double o deuce im jus a little more serious bout my reefa here (my show me) Hook Krayzie let me here u say make money money make money money make it, let me here u say take money money take money money take it (x2) dollar bill ya'll that dollar bill I gotta gotta gotta have that dollar bill ya'll, that dollar bill ya'll that dollar bill ya'll I gotta gotta gotta gotta have that dollar bill ya'll

Mr. Good Bar

LL COOL J "Mama Said Knock You Out"
[LL Cool J] Nah y'all nah y'all uh-uh I ain't disrespectin though I'm just sayin it happen to me It can happen to him How you doin What's your name Uh, mmm, haha Oh you're his girl [LL Cool J] Hello my name is Mr. Goodbar I'm came to offer champagne Later on maybe I'll tell you my real name But for now sip your drink and be merry And be a nice girl and sing me a cherry Me, I'll have a Cowa-loo and milk Cause champagne always stains my silk You got a man That's somethin we will talk about He's smart enough to have ya, but dumb enough to let ya out I like ya friendly bag your alligator shoes Ya hairstyle and ya whole point of view The way you lick your lips and stare You tell me that's a habit hmmm yeah Funny coated legs, with not one scar The stylish wardrobe is up the par Here's my number, call me in my car You deserve a visit from Mr. Goodbar [LL Cool J] So how long you been talkin to him Word, nah he's cool with me, he's cool with me Oh he loves you [LL Cool J] Honey open up a bottle of brandy Better yet have a piece of Cool J candy And sweat the man with the master disaster Break ya like plaster-plan and The cards on the table and the deal is dealt Uh, I'm in the mood for a tuna milk And I can't make you, I sure wouldn't rape you Feelin kinda mellow and I sure would hate to leave the job half-done (Nah!) Cause at a time like this you're the one that I'm lookin for, callin on the floor (WOOF!) I'm comin back for more If the Mona Lisa's name was Teresa I'll get a piece-a of the Mona Lisa, then smoke a cigar You deserve a visit from Mr. Goodbar [LL Cool J] Yeah, so you be callin on the request line Hahahaha oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh he's my man, word him too Yeah I like Bobby Brown Tell him he's cool but: [LL Cool J] Don't be cruel cause you'll be on your own Cause my () rockin my microphone Come and get this ice-cream cone Or I'll deliver it when your daddy ain't home Grown and healthy that's how I like em Big juicy legs and a nice pair of kegs Hmmm, Mr. Good bar style You haven't met a guy like me in a while I jump out a cake, dance, play, shake I ant got nobody by Jake Smooth as Whitester extra dry Moetzer Don and I'll slip it in your mouth like a Bon-Bon [LL Cool J] YaknowhatI'msayin I'm Mr. Goodbar (Goodbar) yeah So you know next time uh your man is out Check my () Nah, nah he's cool But my girl oh I don't know your man might be with her uh YaknowhatI'msayin But I'm with you, yeah Mr. Goodbar baby, uh May I say may I say that outfit you got on Slim, juicy lips so honey coated hmmm Yo he never says that to you He never gives you compliments Yo he be givin you flowers baby And tellin you how much he cares for you Does he hold you and caress you and give you affection I didn't think so

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