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KIRK FRANKLIN lyrics - The Rebirth Of Kirk Franklin


Original and similar lyrics
[Kirk]: For those of you that think gospel music has gone to far. You think we got to radical with our message, Well I got news for you , you ain't heard nothin yet,and if you don't know now you know. Glory, Glory!! Woo, ha ha ha you better put them hands together and act like you know up in here, GP! [GP part 1] Lately I've been going through some things that really got me down. [Kirk] Put your hands together, come on. [GP]I need someone somebody to help me come and turn my life around. [Kirk] I feel like havin some church up in here. Come on, stomp! [gp]I can't explain, I can't obtain it. Jesus your love is so, it's so amazing. It gets me high up to the sky, and when I think about your goodness it makes me wanna stomp. [kirk]Ha ha ha, you can't take my joy devil. Makes me clap. [gp]Makes me clap my hands. Makes me wanna dance and stomp. [kirk]Boy you better put them hands together and have a holly ghost party with me! [gp]My brother can't you see I got the victory. STOMP!!! [kirk]No weapon formed against me shall prosper, I'm more then a conquerrer, can I get a witness up in here, woo [repeat part 1 ] [kirk]Now young people if you don't mind I feel like havin a little church in here cause the devil is alive and so is the messiah and he shall deliver, salt, can ya help me [Salt rap]: When I think about the goodness and fullness of God, makes me thankful pity the hateful I'm grateful.The Lord brought me through this far, trying to be cute when I praise him raise him high. I keep the live beat bumping. Keep it jumping make the Lord feel something. Ain't no shame in my game God's Property. Kickin' it wit Kirk ain't no stoppin' me. UH stomp [Kirk:] GP are you wit me [GP:] oh yeah we having church we ain't going nowhere. [repeat 3 times ] [pt2:] stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp I promise the stomp, the whole stomp, nothin but the stomp [Kirk:] It ain't over. It ain't over [repeat part 2 until fades.]

This Ain't Living

Mo Thugs And Family
MO THUGS Yeah, what's happening my peoples That's how we're struggling Yeah, I know it's hard out here man But ain't nobody said it was gonna be easy You know what I mean? Together we stand That's how we're struggling Divided we fall What's happenin ya'll? What's crackin? Ain't nothing changed since I was a kid Nothing but the days, months and the years Putting it down and keeping it serious Trying to keep from shedding these tears You would have thought that it would have got better Making that rapping and doing these shows But to me it only got worse Close to (?) nobody knows The real steam, the reason why, I do the things that I do Getting so high, drinking these brews Feeling like I've got nothing to lose I payed my dues and the Lord blessed me But now I pray to save my mother, and my brother Lord please help me Heavy loads should be for heavy people But niggas just trying to provide for their family Facing cops and evil And we need our higher powers So what I'm going to do is keep my prayers to the sky for you Won't tell no lie for you, but nigga I'm willing to die for you Undivided, reunited With the fist in the pyramid Right about now I'm about to tip my lid Somebody tell me what this is A dream, a reality, my sanity about to give in Got the fame and the fortune but this ain't living (Chorus) This ain't livin', but it's the only thing I know This ain't livin', I've got to find a higher road This ain't livin', but it's the only thing I know This ain't livin', I've got to find a higher road From the past, the present through, I'm talking about the struggle The shit hit me so hard I be swearing I'm seeing devils Sometimes it makes me wonder how I hold and maintain No matter which direction always seems against the grain What to do, what to do? I'm praying for solution In the course that I be kicking have me in a institution Trying to rid this life, of one I didn't chose How you gonna fuck me, I payed my dues Every minute of my life I be trying to focus Just when I think I got it someone make me know it Ain't the way I need to be And my eyes way heavy but I keep on pushing 'cause I ain't livin' for nothing (Chorus) On a quest for peace, on a quest for peace But I can't escape these wicked streets Got me to realise that I could jeopardize A chance for my kids to be What they wanna be and what they could be And I ain't trying to be that hoody But I wish somebody understood me so they could see the good in me Trying to do thangs to make the world better And everybody hittin' me to be doing what I'm doing Strickly out here chasin this cheddar Ain't nothin' free ain't nothin' fair to me So all in all it's only me Take care of me and you should be doing the same thang My niggas complain' Trying to do to much explainin' When the key is really maintainin' Waitin' for the Lord to stop the rainin' Playing it safe we got to check ourselves Before we wreck ourselves First we got to respect ourselves 'Cause a nigga won't give us nothin' else ( .. ? .. ) death Go and get off your thang I'm a see a change when you make a change I believe I know the game Enduring our pain cuz you got to take it And if you want it you'll make it See the drama and shake it Get your mind right (Chorus) He's on drugs 'cause he's unhealthy Family's splitting up 'cause they're struggling Somebody out there, don't you feel the need? Feeling hopeless 'cause I'm in (?slowly?) I'm lookin' for a better day I be praying for a better day I've been lookin' for a better way (Chorus)

Until The Nipples Gone

ATMOSPHERE "To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy - The Atmosphere EP's"
[Slug] Ninety-nine bottles of ink on the wall Stare at the stars, blink and they fall Stand tall and shrink, small Maybe they all fell asleep at the mall Y'all not clear what to call a career Stop the bus, I'm hopping off here Get down, snuck and got near Just to watch you drown in them crocodile tears Dressed up all black with a clown mask Shred the system, sound clash Fall back when my feet touch ground Hit the Heathrow tarmac like where the pound at? Self-service, getting it to go A lot of work for a little bit of dough Wipe the dirt out the window of the soul Fish with my pole from the middle of the snow Still running, bound to build something Even though we all surrounding by hills crumbling Lil young'n, we kill assumption Come hit us up, you wanna feel the function? We proof of what you could do if you would have took the lead to speak truth You look cute little sheep in a wolf suit Lost on a rook move, shoot that sense of direction, misconception Get your check and then skip the lesson Get paranoid and collect protection Get destroyed by the boy just stepped in Ain't nobody gon' stay when the stack cracks Nowadays they ain't tryna save a rat's ass Hit the gas and mash past the trash I wouldn't want it any other way and that's that On this tit till it's going flat When I'm gone you can taste my frozen tracks My crew stay deep and we don't relax Ain't going to sleep, too old for naps They say go to hell if you're tryna fold some cash Well ring the bell, there ain't no more class Pot or smack, but don't know the facts Spot is packed, who owns the map? I'm not convinced, y'all overact You're on the bench tryna choke the bat I headline shows that they hoping that I get mine, they can go cloak and dag' You had the chance to hold me back I still advance, fade slow to black Y'all are just ants till it all collapse Put both your hands up and throw me claps, c'mon Clap, clap, clap, everybody clap Clap, clap, clap your hands to what he's doing We get 'em jumping around like a swarm of crickets and that's ordinary normal business And you trying to ignore the visit But your girl's online bout to score some tickets I was born a crumb, I'm a poor decision I'll die a crumb, I'm sure it's written But first I'ma smash over ornaments and then bounce 'fore they announce the court's opinion We all rapper rappers We all wanna capture stature like any of it matters Ass backwards and a lack of words Only thing that you're killing me with is laughter They used to cap and call me a backpacker But they was mad I had my mack mastered Went up the ladder and I seen the ants So now I treat each track like it's the last chapter Can't take it for granted, cause when it's done I gotta subject my breath to the shit I've run Gotta respect the mess I'm sitting on So let's get it on until the nipple's gone

God In The Building II

[Bridge] God is still with me (He's still with me) [x4] [Verse 1] It's hot like Haiti down in Hades The false prophet say the Lord has forsaken us black babies To make it off a island in Mercedes We going sell it white as Michelangelo's Christ Babies need rice, the baby need beans To feed our babies beans we might have to flip a bean I have sold my people dope yet provided them with hope Sinner and saint, yeah, I did ‘em both Yea I sold a brick on a basketball court And bought the uniforms for the basketball coach Can't wash a way the blood so I put rings on my fingers 25 carats symbolize my redeemer And my redeemer's blood is capable of taking Chris Dudus Making him a savior of others My God will take a Sual, fashion him a Pual So only God can judge me and to hell with all y'all [Hook] I lift my eyes upon the hills From whence cometh my health Only God can judge me And nobody else I beat these streets to make the Devil a lie Marching at hell to the gangster's eye I can feel the fire still everywhere If heaven got a ghetto I'm a make it there [Bridge] [Verse 2] The critics ask why Michael never blowed Well, truthfully I met the Devil at the crossroad He offered me success in exchange for my soul He stripped me of my riches, broke me down like Job First he took my car, and then he took my house But he couldn't take the Lord's name out a nigga mouth So then he took my friends, and then he took my fame And then he had my former friends dirty up my name And while he was lying/lion I was Daniel in the den Walking with an angel, a testament to men I can walk on water, I defy the odds The Devil give you fame, but he can't defy my God My God is amazing, I don't need the Masons I just need the junkies and the liars and the theives I need the pimps, prostitues and pushers out the streets That's where I'm seeking God cuz that's where he found me That's where I'm seeking God cuz that's where he found me Amen [Hook] [Bridge] [Outro] They tried to tell me "Don't make these kind of records You're never going to be who you're suppossed to be" The record that people are most connected to is (God in the Building 1) So I give you (God in the Building 2) I'm a keep doing what I am doing I'm a keep building my testament My empire, my legacy, my way Because I know God moves through me God is in me at all given times So some of you all can shortcut, take whatever road you like to I prefer the high road (high road)


(Everybody C'mon) Let it out, the weekend's on the mind Fill it up, let's blast the jam tonight While we're cruisin' around in the streets (cruise those streets let's lis...) Let's listen up for the party beat (Party beat so slap...) So slap the funk let the bass beat around me tonight Everybody take it to the top we're gonna stomp All night In the neighbourhood Don't it feel alright Gonna stomp All night Wanna party 'till the morning light Runnin' Runnin' Runnin' A-a-ah Band is hot there's people wall to wall (Everybody party) Old ones, youing things, short ones standing tall So grab the groove with a smile on your face (Smiling faces) Hit the the harbours and ride all places (Ride all places) The heat is on and the funk just won't leave us alone (Funk won't leave us alone) Everybody take it to the top we're gonna stomp All night (Stomp all night) In the neighbourhood Don't it feel alright (Can you feel it) Gonna stomp, all night (Stomp all night) Wanna party 'till the morning light Gonna stomp, all night (All night) In the neighbourhood, don't it feel alright (Can you feel it) Gonna stomp, all night Wanna party 'till the morning light Woah - yeah - huh Stomp Step down with it Put your feet where you feel they fit Stomp You don't wanna quit Put your heels with your feet and lift Stomp (Stomp) All night (All night) In the neighbourhood Don't it feel alright Gonna stomp (I wanna feel you stompin') All night Wanna party 'till the morning light Gonna stomp (Stompin') All night (Right now) In the neighbourhood (Stompin') Don't it feel alright Gonna stomp All night Wanna party 'till the morning light 'Till the morning Got-ta keep it movin' Keep it grooving C'mon Stomp In the neighbourhood C'mon now stomp In the neighbourhood [repeat in background] (overlay) Stomp All night In the neighbourhood Don't it feel alright Gonna stomp All night Wanna party 'till the morning light STOMP Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-eh Stomp Step down with it Put your feet where you feel they fit Stomp You don't wanna quit Put your heels with your feet and lift Stomp Step down with it Put your feet where you feel they fit Stomp You don't wanna quit Put your heels with your feet and lift STOMP!

Get Your Handz Off

JIN "The Rest Is History"
From the start to the finish I'ma bark on contenders Wanna tarnish my image I can't promise forgiveness See I was never like this My mom's would never like this And y'all was never like us That's why y'all never liked us See I might take your style Flip it back, make it crack Sell a couple mil get some stacks Here you go now take it back I'm spittin lines of fire I'm in the line of fire Designer attire, makin me a sign of desire I just rhyme to inspire, your favorite line supplier I run through fan's signs and landmines the size of tires How many minds inquire, I got mines and acquired Enough props to make y'all resign and retire Now hold on, and just stomp stomp Get your hands off me Now hold on, and just stomp stomp Get your hands off me This is hot as it gets, your shit's not as intense My flow got 'em convinced, they ain't got at 'em since My back's against the wall So if I turn and flee and run from what's in front of me That won't make no sense at all This for my dons and divas, haters and non-believers They just try'na deceive us like Judas dishonored Jesus Why you try'na critique this, don't take kindness for weakness Leave you behind the speakers, body minus some pieces You got records to sell, I got records to break You will never excel against me measure the rate I got too much at stake I just follow my fate Annihilate and dominate and I ain't even try'na wait While you hang out, I bang out Make moves like shots rang out Wanna know, what my slang 'bout They be like, "Shut your damn mouth" Your chances are slim, makin' advances on Jin While you, shootin' the breeze, I'm dancin' with the wind This is not your, ordinary My style, sort of varies Slaughter you, then your crew Cause you know, the more the merry You already know the outcome, so how come you doubt son ("I'm goin' out by any means necessary" - [Malcolm]) Hip-hop without Jin is like, shootouts without guns Churches without nuns, bankers without funds Smokin' without lungs, cities without slums My fans force me, get your fuckin' hands off me

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