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KIRK FRANKLIN lyrics - The Rebirth Of Kirk Franklin


Original and similar lyrics
The angels bow down at the thought of You The darkness brings way to the light for You The price that you paid gives us life brand New Hosanna forever we worship You For you are the joy that my soul longs for The lamb that was slain for my sins and the One I adore King of kings, Ruler of everything Hosanna forever we worship You [Bridge] For your patience and kindness And favor and mercy And honor and glory Because you are worthy We can't live without You We can't Breathe without You We can't sing without You Hosanna Hosanna No greater love in this world but You No one can compare to the things You do Whenever You go I will follow You Hosanna forever we worship You Someday every tongue shall confess Your name This house made of clay soon shall pass away And whatever the test You will bring us through Hosanna forever we worship You [Vamp] Hosanna forever Hosanna forever and ever and ever Hosanna We praise You Hosanna forever and ever and ever


Saved by Your mercy Lost in Your grace Totally surrendered to Your embrace And there's nothing more than You See Your perfection I'm lost in Your peace Your faithfulness sings over me And Your love is the light of my soul And I lift my eyes to You Creator of the world And I stand in awe of You Of Your glory And I live to worship You Son of God, King of heaven And the angels round Your throne Cry out holy To the One who is to come Hear us sing hallelujah Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

Mi Corazon

DON MOEN "Thank You Lord"
V1 My heart is filled with songs of praise You gave me hope, You made a way Now I long to live in Your presence For all my days Chorus My soul sings, my spirit shouts With every breath I'm crying out I want to live for You alone You have captured my heart, mi corazon Lord, I give You my whole heart, mi corazon V2 Amazing grace has recued me You paid the price, You set me free I will sing Your praises forever My Savior and King Bridge I will give You glory, tell the wondrous story How You rescued me I'm the guilty one, but You sacrificed Your Son Your One and only Now I stand before You blameless and holy

You Are My Passion

I’m alive to bring glory to You, King God of victory, You are my passion It’s in the way You are, You don’t change at all Great and humble God, You are my passion My strength in life is I am Yours My soul delights because I am Yours Your will on earth is all I’m living for Jesus, I glorify; Jesus, my love is Yours You are my heart’s desire; I live to know You more Light that breaks the darkness, showing what true love is Always full of goodness, You are my passion You never do me wrong, the meekest Man, but strong The most perfect song, You are my passion

Exceeding Joy

I have found exceeding joy, Jesus answered when I called this Name that has saved me, pure love that embraced me. Mercy, grace, eternal life. Bought from darkness to His light. While lost in my sin, He raised me and made me live. Chorus: My soul magnifies the Lord, my heart joys in God my Saviour, for He lifts the lowly, He's done great things for me. I will sing, praising evermore, He is mighty and Holy is His Name. I will lift my head up high, praising Jesus through each trial. Though I have not seen Him, I love Him completely.

Born To Darkness

Dragonlord (Dragon Lord) "Rapture"
Sufficed with demons force A love denied forever for The priestess who knows no warmth 'Til choking face turns blue What you got to say For his love denied Save your lies for me, hypocrisy My soul's gone Hearts ablaze, fall to pieces Force to bleed then ask me why Now your life is undone For my pain is engraved True delights to beat as one Into the darkness there This beauty's beyond compare From darkness comes shadows Tortured days without sun Where all guilt is removed Ecstasy, depravity Your soul moves Lover please Set us free just to be as one Into the darkness there This world's beyond compare From darkness comes shadows When pushed beyond the realms of death One learns the awful truth It seems my lovewas damned forever Sometimes disease of life is love And now I'm forced to take you True black hearts must die Don't question me about the things It's been done Bewitched and cast upon this tragic No love Set us free just to be as one [Lead: Smyth] So be the light that shined Upon the love that died Trace evil back to power Transmission, supplied Who'll be the one Who wears my sins forever Entombed in darkness there This worlds beyond repair From darkness comes shadows

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