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Kinks lyrics - The Great Lost Kinks Album

Lavender Hill

Original and similar lyrics
I want to walk eternity, In through the land of make believe. And watch the clouds roll over me, And let the sun shine down on me. The only place that I wanna be, Lavender Hill for me. Wish I could live on sugar and milk, Then I could live on Lavender Hill. Then I could raise my head to the sky, And let the sun saturate me with love. I wanna walk you up Lavender Hill, Everybody loves Lavender Hill. Even the bird that sits in the tree, Seems to sing sweet melodies. Even the breeze is whispering, Lavender Hill for me. While people eat their biscuits with tea, They dream of daffodils that sway in the breeze. And every Sunday afternoon, Tidy ladies shine their shoes. And every little lady dreams, Lavender memories. Lavender Hill for me. Lavender Hill for me. I wanna walk you up Lavender Hill. I wanna walk you up Lavender Hill.

No Fiction

Charlatans UK "Charlatans U.K. ...First Shag"
one thing on my mind, i think i'll take a little walk in the wild, the feelings come and roll, put it in your pocket and i'll save it for another day, hey hey hey. life becomes my shield, and she becomes my life, not afraid of too much livin', i'm waitin' for the day i wanna live it wanna live it with a kiss. one hundxed planes with bombs, couldn't turn your headlights on, no fiction roping you down i know and feel what's going on, there's a sad man on my mind, i think i'll take a little walk outside, but the feelings never go, i'm waiting for the day i wanna live it, i wanna live it how i see.

Walk The Line

IGGY AZALEA "The New Classic"
[Intro:] Yeah we don't wanna do anything to scare your children That's the last thing we wanna do We don't wanna scare anybody [Verse 1:] Never said it was fair, but still I never knew fear Not in a million years could you tell me that I'd be here I just hopped off that lear, my life on another tier Lifting glasses for cheers, keep that hating out my ear From country living to county skipping, this would drive you crazy Check the rate that they pay me a giant could never slay me Money never a maybe but never forgot my roots I heard that the top is lonely I wonder if it's the truth So I'm just climbing, paid off rhyming, now I'm shining could be blinding Ain't too much real left but right here is where you could find it This that new... classic, ain't this what you needed? I'm what amazing look like, you'll recognize it when you see it [Hook:] Not where I wanna be but I'm far from home Just tryna' make it on my own And unless destiny calls I don't answer phones This is the line that I walk alone Ain't no going back now Don't know where I'm at now Ain't no going back now This is the line that I walk alone [Verse 2:] I've been counted out, I've been stepped on I was wide awake and got slept on I had everything and then lost it Worked my ass off, I'm exhausted All this talking about me, just talk about me I'm here now, they can't walk around me I'm dedicated, flow elevated Tell every hater hope you never play it, said I'll never make it I'm celebrating, and I'm never quitting, no resignation Took desperate measures out of desperation I'm a fresh face with no expiration I know pressure make diamonds so I threw 'em off in this chain When it's all on the line I'm who you want in the game Cause I'm gonna get it and that's fo sure Can't be like y'all, that's no go International, and y'all local, got this locked up just like po-po Every beat get ate, that's ocho Won't lose oh no that's Yoko. Been up down like low lows Still make my own on my solo. Had to be here to believe it Think like winners to perceive it Here to let 'cha know that I mean it If I speak it, And say keep it This flow, that's genius Just think about it, would I think about it? If I didn't live it, won't ink about it Married to the money, put a ring around it, what? [Hook] [Bridge:] And everything ain't the way I planned it But when the smoke clears I'm the last standing This lifestyle can be so demanding But I take off like a plane that ain't ever landing [Hook] [Outro:] Ain't no going back now Ain't no going back now This is the line and I walk alone

Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk

CYPRESS HILL "Cypress Hill"
(Chorus) Stoned is the way of the Walk, Stoned is the way of the Walk, Verse 1 ( B-real) Well, it's the Alley Cat puffin' on a hootie rat, Some think I'm a criminal, But, yo I ain't all of that, Hit'cha with the baseball bat, An' ya wanna ill though, Wanna mess around , You get fucked on the hill bro, Kick it like a steel toe, real slow, Hits from the bong , Make me feel like Cheech, And I'm kickin' it wit' Chong, Just like Cheech and Chong frontin' with Ice Cream , Cypress Hill is here to give you a nice dream, Speak it like a rolla', and you know it's rolled tightly, I'm like the funky beat, so, why ya tryin' ta fight me, Pigs often site me, that's not polite G, And any hour of the day ya know I might be, Harassed by a pig real fast, They wanna Rodney King me, Always tryin'a crown my ass, Ain't got no class(Sen Dog: No Class) I hit they' ass like the buddah thats stinkey, They wanna' scruff but, they' just so rinky-dinky, I'm the freaka, the one who freaks the funk, Sen gotts the Philly, an' he's gonna light the blunt, Sippin' curfew makes me go koo-koo, somthin' like loco then turn in to this loocoo, Binggin the beta,yea, now the funk is risen, Got the beta bass and the nasal highzen, As I kick atrip, it comin' straight from my siness, Crazy nasal vocals, cannot make the hotties loco, I rimemba sista Maggie, breast were kinda saggy, Used to sell me buddah outta fucked up little baggies, Honeyd up a twenty even when I had no money, She said Pay me back with some latin dick Sonnie Well I neva' went out, and I don' thnk I'm gonna, Just for some buddah, she wanted me ta bone her, Deminin', Ya think ya meanin', I got somethin' for the hoes ta be skeamin' on, I'm the Buddah-Real take a trip ta hoota'ville, I'll throw ya out the door, of my big blue Siville, Then light another joint, This ain't no exploition (poin't), For we are the ones stonein' in the ways of the mastas, Stoned is the walk, Stoned is the walk, Stoned is the walk, Stoned is the walk, (Sen- Dog) Hit they, hit they ass, (B-Real) make the buddah get stinkey Wooooo, Woooo (Alas, Cap'in there's a ship in sight, Huhu, Blast 'em!) Stonend is the walk,

Sugar Hill

AZ "Doe Or Die"
[Chorus:] I wanna chill (Chill) on sugar hill (its so lovely, so lovely) AZ's for real (oh he's for real) he's for real (its so lovely sippin on bubbly) At times i wanna watch out the Mariot, zoning on owning co-ops, foreign drop top coups, and yachts guzzling straight shots a scotch, formulating up plots ta escape from Salems lock cuz its scorching hot, making it hard trying ta figure who's out ta trap me, Pataki, got all kinds of undercovers coming at me, perhaps he, won't be happy, til they snatch me, and place me where half slacks be, sitting in Catsaki, but never me, see, my destiny ta be forever free, in ecstacy, on a hill that awaits for me, so plus, just ta visualize is like a coke rush, vivid enough ta make living this a must, plus this is real [Chorus] first line & (sugar hill baby, sugar hill baby) second line & (ayo son pull the shades down and lets count this money put the grants in the safe, cuz we spending the jacksons, the washingtons go to wify, ya know how we do) No more cutting grams, and wrapping grands up in rubberbands, i'm a recovered man, our plans ta discover other lands, suburban places got me seeking for oasis, cristal by the cases, ladies of all races with dime faces, sex on the white sand beaches of Saint Thomas, though this ain't promised, I'm as determined as them old timers, I wanna villa in a Costa Rica, so i can smoke my reefer and enjoy how life supposed ta treat ya, laid in the shades of the everglades, finally forever paid, wearing the finest fabrics tailors ever made, me and my team, carrabeans forseen, i guess being down for so long i'm all in store ta see my dreams [Chorus] so until i see past the green pasture, me being supreme master, ain't much more life ta feind after, but another chapter, a new way of life to adap ta, cuz these streets a gas ya,and have ya caught up in the rapture de ja vouz, i could vision my killa crew, more hospitable, consciously aware plus political, cuz though they claim that every man created equal whats his native people, find it harder for nights to sleep through, but once established we living lavish, like the house of versi, paris, i gotta have it, it so plus, just ta visualize is like a coke rush, vivid enough, ta make living this a must, plu this is real [Chorus x3] [ending:] its so crazy I'm down wit AZ, its so lovely sippin on bubbly its so crazy jones and AZ, its so lovely sippin on bubbly I wanna chill on sugar hill baby I wanna chill on sugar hill baby I wanna chill, I wanna chill, I wanna chill on sugar hill baby Sugar Hill

No Shame In My Game

GANG STARR "Daily Operation"
As I deliver rhymes with ease and walk around with my head up I'm dead up serious so don't be getting too curious Motherfuckers always wanna know what makes me tick I'll pull a phrase out quick cuz I'm dipped and I'm slick You thought that I would slip cuz you seen me drinking forty's it shocked you then you told your friends you saw me Well say what you want cuz all of mine is in tact in fact I'll have you open like a hookers gap I like to catch a buzz cuz I get into the beats more MC's are washed up like dead fish on the seashore Save the talk cuz you know I walk that walk hitting city to city but I make my home in New York I know the time with this rap shit cuz they got it all backwards they need to take a hint or catch my microphone imprint Straight to the dome through the skull to the tissue Call me Guru I'll diss you if you're pressing the issue Not my style to be sweatin' all the stupid ass rumors I take it as a compliment and fuck you too If you're scheming on the chance to put a stain on my name Don't even think about it cuz ain't no shame in my game No shame in my game Stick to the subject I ain't afraid to be real a lot of MC's fake hard just to gain appeal I like some gangster rap, don't like the prankster crap so I get passed all that by kicking straight up facts There ain't no reason to shoot unless you got beef if you pull out and you don't use it than you may catch grief Toolies and techs ain't toys but kids got 'em today and if they're ready to spray best get the fuck out the way I try keeping my sanity by thinking of better times if I write clever rhymes then maybe I'll climb But what the hell's success if the mess ain't changing 50's still corrupt stupid gangs still bangin' Stick up kids still stickin' nasty hookers still trickin' all the pimps still pimpin' and all the crackheads trippin' While the dealers still sellin' so I'll refrain from the yellin' And the preachin' cuz who the fuck would I reach man Niggaz don't wanna stop that, they wanna live fat who'd wanna clean up their act when the papes come in stacks They live for the minute and they're all wrapped up in it it's an unfortunate state for many it's too late Now death stalks the streets and it's right at your gate so bug, lose your mind but I ain't goin' insane I'll kick the fly lyrics cuz ain't no shame in my game No shame in my game Life's a bitch so who are we to judge each other I know I got faults I ain't the only motherfucker Stuff I heard about you wasn't too cool you know like how you smoke wools and that your girl's a ho But I don't listen to shit unless the story's legit Knuckleheads need to quit cuz they be riding the dilsnick But I'll be taking care of business regardless and when it comes to rhyming you know I'm hitting hardest So you can kick dirt but in the end you'll feel pain you little sucker, there ain't no shame in my game

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