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Kinks lyrics - Something Else by the Kinks

Situation Vacant

Original and similar lyrics
Suzy and Johnny were happy Earned enough to pay the rent But Johnny's mother-in-law had too much ambition And this made Johnny very upset So to keep his little mama satisfied He went and bought the weekly classified All for peace and quiet's sake Johnny gave up his position Just to please his mother-in-law So he left the job where he'd been all his life He left and turned his back on the dole Now he's looking at the situations vacant Situations vacant Just to keep his little mama satisfied He went and bought the weekly classified All for peace and quiet's sake Then he had to leave the apartment And sought a less plush residence And poor Suzy and Johnny had to skimp and save Just to help to pay the weekly rent So to keep his little mama satisfied He went and bought the weekly classified All for peace and quiet's sake Johnny's got no money Got no where to go Johnny's in a great big hole Suzy's separated, living with her ma Now little mama's satisfied


She came down from Cincinnati. It took her three days on a train. Lookin' for some peace and quiet; hoped to see the sun again. But now she lives down by the ocean. She's takin' care to look for sharks. They hang out in the local bars, And they feed right after dark. [Chorus:] Can't you feel 'em circlin' honey? Can't you feel 'em swimmin' around? You got fins to the left, fins to the right, and you're the only bait in town. You got fins to the left, fins to the right, and you're the only girl in town. She's savin' up all of her money. Wants to head south in May; Maybe roll in the sand with a rock'n'roll man, Somewhere down Montserrat way. But the money's good in the season; Helps to lighten her load. Boys keep her high as the months go by. She's gettin' postcards from the road. [Chorus] Sailed off to Antigua. It took her three days on a boat. Lookin' for some peace and quiet; Maybe keep her dreams afloat. But now she feels like a remora, 'cause the school's still close at hand. Just behind the reef are the big white teeth of the sharks that can swim on the land. [Chorus]

Never Blink

This that new shit nigga Follow my lead bitch [Verse 1: Jacka] I prolly smoked alot of hop in my weed befo And it made a nigga crazy but I'm loungin tho Niggas hope that they gun stay from round me yo Call up cause be like "blood need a pound of that dro" Times is gettin hectic man I'll pay you back later Fightin a case cause ya boy done went to school with a kata I felt nothin man it's really nuthin It's been so long since Jacka felt somethin I keep comin with lines that keep numbin ya face like coke lines She keep hummin the background, what that sound like? Shit, I shoulda stayed in school or somethin Now I'm fresh out the county huntin down my runners You feel me? [Chorus: x2] [Jacka:] I, hit the block high [J. Stalin:] make the song cry [Jacka:] got the eyes of a snake [J. Stalin:] never blink never cry [Jacka:] I, only move weight so I can live one time, I'm a real nigga you can hear it in my rhymes [Verse 2: J. Stalin] Today I opened the paper Seen about 5 of my niggas, 2 got hit with a kata 2 got hit with a nine 1 in critical condition Plus they found my niggas mama on the shore with that fish That's why I smoke alot bo in blunt & I Pull the ski mask down hoppin out the suicides I'm on a suicide, don't really care if I die Cause so many of my niggas done died, & it's like a jungle Sometimes I wonder how I keep from goin under Plus these mothafuckas keep, stealing my bundle But I'm a nutso, from west o you must know Catch me in a Marauder with ya baby mama I'm a baby gorilla got banana clips for the drama Knock a nigga off than feed him to the piranhas Gotta be around for when my son come out my baby mama [Chorus x2] [Verse 3: Dubb 20] Man my life ain't no walk in the park I spent many nights alone, in the cold, lost in the dark Me & my sister, nothin but death can break us apart Inside I'm superman ain't nothin breakin this heart Yeah mama ain't raised no punk, taught me the basics Never graze shit, whenever it's funk Taught me to reign shit, take shit, whenever I want And if a nigga like "whassup? ", then leave him with lumps That's exactly what I do, follow my mamas rules Of e, not d, cause that's what my mama use I'm thuggin dude, I drug abuse, look at me I'm from the gutter why the fuck should I be happy? My hair nappy, plus I grew up broke, And I'm still livin broke, what I grow up for? I wish they never had me shoulda let me go If you feelin how I'm feelin yo let me know Might twist up some rope & just let me blow Rob make the beat hot & just let me flow The dope I chase the hood boys know my face I'm runnin stuck in place, man there's no escape [Chorus x2]

Mama I'm Strange

What's this little lie They keep on telling me It's just another high They keep on selling me I was only five They fed me so much jive They said just have a ball Just be a Barbie doll They churned and burned me out Until they turned me out Over and over again Mama I'm strange The thoughts and the wants are the locks On the back of my brain I'm descending pretending I'm blending I'm going insane And they want me to change Mama I'm strange I'm on a shaky wall I'm tripping down the hall And all the king's men can't Can't sew me up again I've got a leaky head Don't know the full extent I'm drowning in my bed I'm just an accident They chewed and blew me out Until they threw me out Over and over again If I could tranquilize I might just vaporize They couldn't supervise They couldn't criticize I have no evidence I have no reverence It makes no difference I have no innocence Help me mama help me now

Dangerous Grounds

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Street Life) [Method Man] Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yea yo Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo All them real live motherfuckin niggaz step up front right now It's goin down One love to Long Island Hempstead in my heart baby Shaolin what Come on, come on, HA! Dangerous ground Tre pound seven spin around for my bredren the clouds come down War and peace, I take it to the street Land sharp on my lawn chop the thumbs off a thief And curse his first born, is this thing on Send 'em to the children of the corn we the people See, niggaz through the eye of the demon My lethal injection, destroyin evil Hot Nikkel, private eye one pistol Aimin at your brain tissue, do or die Said the spider to the fly 'Could this one be tasty' Like momma apple pie goodness, Johnny Blaze me On the job like Dick Tracy Hit the cure for that ill shit like Ben Casey, M.D. Symbolic thrill like god he shocked it Like a finger in a light socket, too good to be forgotten In the rotten apple I kick dirt on the sand castle Check the flavor all natural (Beat your feet) Hot Niks son (E-mizer) Before you get the main course (Taste a appetizer) Submerged in the word Heavy headed verbal Smack you, mentally disturb you attack you Thirty-six chamb once again comin at you Young gun got the body snatch you observe Yo eyes work you can only see through the third Eyeball baby I'm the norm on the bird To shine on mental nourishment, you can dine on Track yellin at me get yo arrow god Victory is hard Regardless to whom or what They all get retard it's a law Runnin through a house and your block party, we wreck-tion And Hot rock the body body, St. Bernards Couldn't save your enterrage plat lobotamy Leave ya mentally scarred, numb and possibly Dumb deaf and blind is it I keep your spine out the battery pack spark it with mine keep it movin Now everybody just throw your hands in the......[phone rings] What the fuck Peace - who this [Streetlife] Mind detect mind A P.L.O. da startin line Deep Space Nine Designed for knuckleheads who bust guns and throw signs Let's converse snatch the tap from your purse Body-surf on the verse head first Peeped your feet bitch straight beat you know wit the heat And you spazzed out spittin out teeth ain't nothin please Big boys don't destroy blunt is so pop stare on 50 men convoy, spends to wear the big toy Rumble through the wasteland my hands on the silencer 40 caliber city slicker Staten Islander Synchronize minds combine thoughts that motivate Dont' perpetrate pass the blunt let it circulate Street politicians on a suicide mission Crime vision finger itchin from a scope-view position Dangerous ground Tre' pound seven spin around for my bredren the cloud comes down [Method Man] Yo Keep ya eyes open Love potion number nine poetry in motion Knowledge me the seventh sign Scold it canivin Infiltrate is most of mine Play 'em nonchalantly, calmly expose the nine Push and get shoved what the fuck gods thinkin of Comin in the club wit that screw face, actin up Is we men or mice, bad moon risin We wild for the night Kill a skitzofrenic nigga twice cuz-a That's what happened when frontin on this Shaol brotha Island of Staten we in here no fear Assault wit intent To kill your whole regiment it's real Startin wit yo president, duckin my dart gun Tear apart something you don't want it then don't start none Blaze one with Jonathon, part man part fly Handle my B-I camouflauge like G.I. Fat like Joe, a day in the life Your money or your life that's the life Everybody can't afford ice in the struggle Tryin to eat right another day another hustle hustle hustle (Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh) Dangerous ground Tre' pound seven spin around for my bredren the clouds come down War and peace, I take it to the street Land sharp on my lawn chop the thumbs off a thief Motherfuck

Jerk Chicken

[Action Bronson:] From the Colosseum Block to the Island, "What the blood clot?" Stay designing, always wiling, and we puff pot Queens to Brooklyn, no lies, give 'em 'nought shot Chicken been getting jerked before your little nuts dropped You know the mantra, Tyson in (El Fonta[?]) The i-tal jockey keep me fucking like a monsta' Her landing strip is red like hair that's on Tatanka I'm steady diving in chocolate like Willy Wonka I take a knee and shoot a duck in the air Five minutes, I'm making stuffing filled with truffles and pears I'm lapping "Go," while you only move a couple of squares But still take out some time to do some drugs in the stairs "Freeze! Lay on your stomach," what the popo said My team selling the patties, getting cocoa bread Babylon, them have to catch me, burn up on the irie! Never die, I'ma give it to you my way! Yo, peace to the chicken spot, peace to patty spot Peace to the types of spot that Veggie Castle dready spot The dollar van, the Wallabe and Reggie spot And if a coward wanna rump I give him seven shots [Hook x2:] (Y'all won't test we[?]), I'm in the corner puffing Marley Got the knife inside the booth, hoping they don't shoot Cuz I don't want to hurt nobody, Ow [Maffew Ragazino:] Ay, ya no wan' rump with the senior Who lean like he mixed Jamaican rum and tequila Trail a load of hoes from Kingston and Montego Keep dick hard like Rottweiler Mandingo Bob Marley ganja, stuffed up in the fanta Pass dutchie towards San Fransisco Where your nephew bout to bounty kill a punaani Hoes know the movado! Lick a shot for (windsweep[?]) I am living dangerously, Barrington Levy Make the girl wine like Beenie "Sim Simma" Keys to my new bitch bimma, her name Serena Rastafarian reefer got me feeling so irie, tranquil and leisure Berry salmon and jerk chicken Oxtail, gravy on white rice and fried plantain [Outro]

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