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Kinks lyrics - Something Else by the Kinks

Death Of A Clown

Original and similar lyrics
My makeup is dry and it clags on my chin I'm drowning my sorrows in whisky and gin The lion tamer's whip doesn't crack anymore The lions they won't fight and the tigers won't roar La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la So let's all drink to the death of a clown Won't someone help me to break up this crown Let's all drink to the death of a clown Let's all drink to the death of a clown The old fortune teller lies dead on the floor Nobody needs fortunes told anymore The trainer of insects is crouched on his knees And frantically looking for runaway fleas La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la Let's all drink to the death of a clown So won't someone help me to break up this crown Let's all drink to the death of a clown La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la Let's all drink to the death of a clown La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

Red Noses, Shit Poses

Gluecifer "Tender Is The Savage"
Well I will get in the cage and I will meet the rage Coz I aint got no choice now Gotta turn the page And when I hear the roar You know I gonna soar I know it's comin down to the will yeah like it did before I'm standin on the edge of my feet Gotta whip it till I break it down Got me dancin' to the animal beat when I want the death of a clown What I hate is the goddamn nose Shit shoes and a sad excuse for clothes The time has come for your final fall So get up this is your curtain call I gonna shit inside of your pants - You got it comin' Slap you with my mighty hands - You got it comin' Break you dammit break you down I want the death of a clown God I hate your smile what a loser style Fallin over like a silly child man it drives me wild So now you're rollin round in the dust You get ready for the ultimate trick Got me howlin like a trumpet baby (Got me) cuttin into your schtick Tonight your show is off And I will take your stage When it's gettin tough you gonna need some rage

The Throne Of Tragedy

[Poem by Jørn Hernik Sværen / Translation by Kristoffer Garm Rygg] Hear! From this day forth are the heights of Horeb broken and the sea of sulphur - ice. And blasphemy! in heaven's chambers: Souls had fled their halls and closed was the book of life. And behold! The great, white throne: black with sacred blood. Our father - Dead by his own hands: an epitaph worthy no king And so ie everything a nameless lie. Who, my god, am I? Man knows me as Lucifer, the serpent of old The wretched hold my banner high. Your gift - all life! - I grant the grave. Yet I am not your death Come carry forth the crown to your once held throne. Here is where my suffering should cease - but alas: I am crowned in grief unheard of! In this lone monarchy - without friend or foe - I greet the morning sun with strife and a song: Please speak my name! And leave me not in the dust of death I am weighed down beneath the tragedy crown, - nameless and alone, a fatherless son.

Ride The Lightning

METALLICA "Ride The Lightning"
Ride The Lightning Guilty as charged But damn it, it ain't right There is someone else controlling me Death in the air Strapped in the electric chair This can't be happening to me Who made you God to say 'I'll take your life from you!' chorus: Flash before my eyes Now it's time to die Burning in my brain I can feel the flames Wait for the sign To flick the switch of death It's the beginning of the end Sweat, chilling cold As I watch death unfold Consciousness my only friend My fingers grip with fear What I am doing here? chorus Someone help me Oh please God help me They are trying to take it all away I don't want to die Time moving slowly The minutes seem like hours The final curtain call I see How true is this? Just get it over with If this is true, just let it be Wakened by the horrid cream Freed from the frightening dream chorus


METALLICA "... And Justice For All"
Can't tell if this is true or dream Deep down inside i feel to scream This terrible silence stops me Now that the war is through with me I'm waking up i can not see That there is not much left of me Nothing is real but pain now Hold my breath as i wish for death Oh please god, wake me Back in the womb its much too real In pumps life that i must feel But can't look forward to reveal Look to the time when i'll live Fed through the tube that sticks in me Just like a wartime novelty Tied to machines that make me be Cut this off shit off from me Hold my breath as i wish for death Oh please God,wake me Please God wake me Now the world is gone i'm just one Oh god, help me hold my breath as i wish for death Oh please god help me HELP ME!!!! Darkness imprisoning me All that i see Absolute horror I cannot live I cannot die Trapped in myself Body my holding cell Landmine has taken my sight Taken my speech Taken my hair and, Taken my arms Taken my legs Taken my soul Left me with life in hell

Echoes Of Terror

ANATHEMA "An Iliad Of Woes"
Existence, throught a spirit's will A force, use the power of evil Darkness, visualize As light pierces through your yearning eyes Rebirth of a lost soul Your body, a channel with witch to grow old Mephitic, smell of death Rancid flesh, of the undead Inner screams, Useless tears, Shattered bones. My prayer... "Oh Lord... ...Help me die." "Please help me die." This inner gloom, A subterrainean hell. A morbid sleep, In my stygian world. My mind is locked, At chains my thoughts. I pray for death. Euthanasize my soul. Sanctify me! Epitaph, to mankind Engraved, on your mind Stigmata, on the flesh. Dead images, put to rest.

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