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Kinks lyrics - Something Else by the Kinks

Autumn Almanac

Original and similar lyrics
From the dew-soaked hedge creeps a crawly caterpillar, When the dawn begins to crack. It's all part of my autumn almanac. Breeze blows leaves of a musty[mustard?]-coloured yellow, So I sweep them in my sack. Yes, yes, yes, it's my autumn almanac. Friday evenings, people get together, Hiding from the weather. Tea and toasted, buttered currant buns Can't compensate for lack of sun, Because the summer's all gone. La-la-la-la... Oh, my poor rheumatic back Yes, yes, yes, it's my autumn almanac. La-la-la-la... Oh, my autumn almanac Yes, yes, yes, it's my autumn almanac. I like my football on a Saturday, Roast beef on Sundays, all right. I go to Blackpool for my holidays, Sit in the open sunlight. This is my street, and I'm never gonna to leave it, And I'm always gonna to stay here If I live to be ninety-nine, 'Cause all the people I meet Seem to come from my street And I can't get away, Because it's calling me, (come on home) Hear it calling me, (come on home) La-la-la-la... Oh, my autumn Armagnac Yes, yes, yes, it's my autumn almanac. La-la-la-la... Oh, my autumn almanac Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Bop-bop-bopm-bop-bop, whoa! Bop-bop-bopm-bop-bop, whoa! (etc.)

Come As You Are

AUDIO PUSH "Come As You Are"
I go to sleep wide awake and I wake up tired You niggas go to sleep as rappers and wake up fired If this is the first thing you hearing then dammit you already late This is perfect, I start with all things I hate, like this I hate people that follow trends and wear the same fashion I don't like people that hear whack music and say it's classic I hate when people bring up, teach me how to jerk 'Cause now my lyrics merk and they just salty I'm amazing at it Bring it back, it's time for me to address stress over these niggas I'm having a hard time getting impressed over these niggas I think that you're gonna hear this and think that it's a negative song When you should just change and prove my negative's wrong Moving on, I hate people that don't rep their home town in fear of being lame Y'all said it, I hate people that don't rep their home town in fear of being lame The game don't change 'cause it's like so many people try to be whole in fear of being dame As these new boys wings get clipped by the new young guns of the game So don't crisscross my words, nigga, you don't hear this from California So I just we're just outcasts, now can you smell the stink on you? What the fuck is up? These niggas fucking nuts off of that endo, not even a little Nigga, this is the intro and your problems are stronger than your legs And you can't run very far so grab your sins and your friends and come as you are Heavenly Father, please keep Satan far from my path And keep these fake frauds and trifling broads away from my stash They say when you give, don't give to receive and give what you feel So if I'm gonna give y'all anything, I'm gonna give y'all everything Now close your eyes and picture this crib with no grass in the front With a Ford Taurus in the driveway with no gas so it putts All the way to school, momma asking if I'm a pass or gonna flunk 'Cause I sit in class writing raps all day 'cause I got the passion to stunt But I didn't need no class to pass 'cause I know the math Used to rock my Pro Clubs inside out just to show the tag Southern California where them light skin bitches know they bad From the era where niggas love their mommas but don't know they dads But momma raised me well, all by herself Even though we used to bump heads, I be pissed off on that bunk bed Slamming doors, talking slick, acting like I'm running shit Party jumping on the weekend but I'm stuck on punishment Get fed up and I move out, her pride high, she let me go So work with HT, my big homie, he help me grow Told me get to the music, be careful who you trust Two things you better not ever give that's up or a fuck, nigga, what So I teamed up with Oktane, seen the top we made, the plot to take the spot Like fucking not, we kicking doors and breaking locks Deep lockdown, Pete got so many styles, kissing bitches that look like Jada Pinkett She Gucci wow, wow, now Since we made it, jerk it, it's on the world, we repped in like white boy sign They can't rap, it's all these discussions, hoe you mean to tell me Since we dance our music ain't bumpy? 'Cause please, let's not forget, 2Pac was on stage humpty humping Back up dancing like like he was cooking, when in fact he was good at rapping that Just to say your judgment ain't best, just shooting gap I pray to Christ and wish my haters confusion, I eat nine on nine, forever lost in the music Come as you are

Makeshift Aircraft

JASON REEVES "Makeshift Aircraft"
Gravity is just another downward force Pulling everything but me today I can see the people smile Deep inside they really Know they're feeling great, mmm Flood is coming Put the children all into the boat And float them far away, mhmm They won't miss their mommies And they never really knew Their daddies anyways Yeah Cuz this mean world Ate itself alive And spits it's bones The water Causing the rising of the tide The plane is falling So I'm cold and wet And everyone is drowning Down bellow and I can Heard people scream for their lives The world is underwater But the children are fine And I think they're gonna start it again And do it right It's nothing but the sound of laughing Nothing but the sound of gentle breeze Mmm The boats are scattered all through the horizon And I only thing I see is peace today I'm sitting on a lazy boric rider That sad when old blind boys play I'm just flying in my makeshift aircraft Watching all the maddens fade away Yeah yeah Cuz this mean world Ate itself alive And spits it's bones To the water Causing the rising of the tide The plane is falling The scientists Trying to make guilds But know that they'll lie But it was time for me to fly So I'm cold and wet And everyone is drowning Down bellow and I can Heard people scream for their lives The world is underwater But the children are fine And I think they're gonna start it again Do it right Time would run out of clocks And the doors will be unlocked And the air will echo with this sound The world will get along And there will be no more problems And I'll put my feet back on dry ground Gravity is just another downward force Allowing no one but me to fly So I'm cold and wet And everyone is drowning Down bellow and I can Heard people scream for their lives The world is underwater But the children are fine And I think they're gonna start it again I think they're gonna start it again And do it right

Autumn Walker

Jets To Brazil
Hello, old friend. It's been a while. How you been? All things must end, but did you know what that meant? The birds fly south. The summer sets. The lights go out. Leaves on the ground. Autumn walker, you just walked out. And I see it now. That it's so much easier alone, and you don't have to worry about me. It's all good. It's all wrong. And I hope you find the place and the people that you need. I don't want to be the one who always waits for you to wait and see. What makes you run? Was it me or anyone? It goes to show when people grow, people go and there you go autumn walker. Stay now, autumn walker. Drink down your doubt. A glass half empty can empty you out. My heart is full of promises that drank me whole. And I see it now. That it's so much easier alone. But you don't have to go very far 'cause where you go, there you are. And it shouldn't be so hard to see your friends. That's who they are. I don't mean tot ell you how to run your life, but make up your heart. You go too far. In the atmosphere, you fall apart. More miles than my car's got on it. That's pretty far.

Not Over Till The Fat Lady Plays The Demo

DE LA SOUL "De La Soul Is Dead"
(Make the bass come out so clear) POS: This song does not contain explicit lyrics but what it does contain is an udesired element. This element is known as the basehead the lowest of lowest of all elements that exist. And the sad thing is this particular element... is me brudda! Brother brother oh brother of mine We used to be down as partners in crime From our parents our name was forged I was the Beaver, you Curious George Wanted to dispose of this and that But curiosity had killed the cat At this age no wonder it was read But this was the fate that you were fed Throughout high school our minds we'd waste High off all the cheeba that we could taste Soon you had converted to nasal sports Every five minutes cocaine you'd snort Told me that you needed a stronger fix Stepped to the crack scene in '86 Unlike the other drugs where you had control This substance had engulfed your body and soul Now from me you lost all respect Said yo need to put that shit in check Wanted me to believe that you had tried But your mind and the craving had coincided Said there was a voice inside you that talked Which said you shouldn't stop but continue to walk Now the brother who could handle any drug Had just found the one that could pull his Plug (Background:) (Ya don't stop, ya don't, ya don't stop) (Ya don't stop, the body rock) DOVE: Yo, bro, got another rock for your hiking boots Gonna make you scream and loop three loops Gonna take you far on a freeway, okay Remember that day? Slipped me a smile for a 20 crack vial Guess what? Time to collect, correct Don't have a dime? It's payback time, payback time Don't cry the blues 'cause I got bad news Should I stab ya? Should I bite ya? Should I use my tools? No, I got another way to earn my defeat, ah! (Slam the child on the hard concrete) (Make the bass come out so clear) POS: Brother, brother, stupid brother of mine Started getting high at the age of nine Now at twenty-one you're lower than low Nowhere to turn, nowhere to go My dividends and wares started to disappear Where it ended up, I had an idea Barking you with the quickness, reversed intent Instead went to Pop and gave him the print Now Pop grew tired of being a mouse Finally told you to get the hell outta the house From there a mother figure came into play Claimed for you she saw a better day Now Mom was a product of Christ's rebirth Thought the only chance was to go to church Quitting this stuff you had tried before This time you claimed you'd really score Something I had to see to believe Put on my suit and to church I weaved PREACHER (Squirrel): My, my, my. What happened to the people? The people who used to care about what took place in the world today? I've been summoned here today to reach the people who still can be reached, to save the people who still can be saved. Can I get an Amen? Can I get an Amen? Hit me! Forgive us. Said it's taking over. Taking over the world. All it's doing is taking over. Where them crackers at? Them crackers that they serve, where they at? DOVE AND MIKEY ROADS (In background as choir): Said evil's taking over Said evil's taking over Said evil's taking over, evil's taking over The Lord's gonna forgive us, the Lord's gonna forgive us, Lord Said the Lord's gonna forgive us The Lord's gonna forgive us POS: Bullshit, didn't believe a lick To this fool fell off, well that would stick Soon you reach your front of calm Walked round by rehearsing psalms Then you smiled with the funky frown What do you know, the voice is back in town Mom would say it would soon go away You and I knew it was here to stay But the man helped you when you helped yourself That meant going to rehab for your health Finally it went and blew your cork Heard you moved to the comfortable streets of New York And when my friends see me and come and ask Yo, where's your brother at? I'll be the first to splash Yo, he's a basehead (- Yo know who that was?) (- No.) (- The guy from De La Soul. Pos. Posdnuos.) (- Who?) (- You heard of De La Soul, right?) (- Right.) (- Well he was the one from De La Soul.) (- The one with the real nappy hair.) (- The one with... the dark-skinned one.) (- With the glasses?) (- Yeah.) (- [Background] Yeah, the ugly one!) (Fuck you bitch!) (And kept goin'...)

Don't Understand

Did you ever stop to think about whatcha gonna do With your responsibility? Or did you, Just take this job cause it would Be good for the money And did you Ever stop to think About your duty to mankind Or did you, Think ya take this job do favours For you friends and waste all our time? So tell me man Do you realize what you're doing to this good country? Cause you're selling it all away for your economic Stability And you, Justify everything you do With the people that you say you're gonna employ But the unemployment line is getting bigger every year And you treat us all like toys. We're just expendable to you Along now with this land And there ain't no room left for empathy And this is something I don't understand Don't make no sense to me Justifying everything we do on our economy And there ain't no room No more room left for human decency Justifying everything we do on our economy And the only time you listen to the people Is when you think you won't get their vote Otherwise you really could not give a shit Don't mind rockin all our boats And the greatest living friend is a man who goes by The name of apathy And we let you get away with everything you like so You make all your money But I tell you something right now old man And this is a fair old warning to you That the people are waking up And gonna make you accountable too Just like the nazi trials in Nuremburg Hell not so long ago Gonna make you pay for what you have done Gonna make you responsible Cause I don't understand don't understand don't understand what head space you are in so it must be lies you're speaking and the land that you love he could not give a damn about and the ocean that you love do you think he could give a fuck about? And the family that you love do you think he could give A damn about?

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