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Kinks lyrics - Sleepwalker

Mr. Big Man

Original and similar lyrics
I remember when you started out, You were the best friend I ever knew. I tried to meet you when you had your success, But you had better things to do. Now I bet that you're losin' count Of the people that you used. But now we're gonna see the vicious side of you, Mister Big. You've got the say and the power. Your minions grovel and cower. But I see you, and I see me. But you're the big man now. You got it, Mister Big. Your followers kiss your hand, And your slaves all at your feet. Your minions serve your beck and call, But they don't compensate at all, 'Cause inside, Mister Big's very small. When you were poor and knockin' at the door, You were really lots of fun. But now you're hot and you're sittin' on the top; You've got no time for anyone. You schemed and connived. You pushed and you lied, Till you at last became a star. But now we're gonna see the way you really are, Mister Big. Now your vict'ry is complete And your battles are all won. Your enemies and foes are all stacked up in rows, Eliminated one by one. You got it, Mister Big.

We Are Best Friends

Angela Via
CHORUS Anytime you need a friend, you can count on me Anytime you're having doubts, you know I will believe Even through thick and thin, no matter where or when On me you can depend We are best friends Whenever there is something that is trying to knock you down Remember you can call me and we'll get your feet on solid ground You'll never have to worry, don't you ever walk in fear 'Cause through it all you'll have someone who's always standing near Right by your side, If you need my strength, you can tell me There's nothing to hide (CHORUS) You understand the battles we must go through every day If ever I am lost, I know that you will help me find my way I still remember all those times when I was feeling low You picked me up and said there's something I think you should know You're not on your own, whatever you're facing You don't have to face it alone (CHORUS) BRIDGE: As long as we're together, there's no mountain that we can't climb Through the good and the bad, happy or sad This friendship we have will last for all time CHORUS X2

The Other Side Of Time

Mary Fahl
Snow falls silent and slow On the unforgiving land You stand clutching your coat Red twig dogwood in your hand I see your face unchanged unlined No trace of age no tracks of time Walking over the fields Tiny figure on the plain You turn into the wind And you seem to call my name So long you've been unheard unseen Now here you are inside this dream Once in a golden time We stood beside the river And spoke of true things We knew would last forever Wild promises and heartless laughter No whisperings of what comes after Broken ties and unquiet years You forget you who are I still remember who you are You live here in my dreams Land of images and signs Sleep now I'll see you there On the other side of time We all are just points of some line We'll meet again we'll meet in time

Say Hey There

ATMOSPHERE "Happy Clown Bad Dub 8 / Fun EP"
[Verse 1] What ya gonna do? Slam Doors? Break a glass? Maybe pass out on the kitchen floor with your naked a#$? She still makes time to hate me But basically I'm overbooked no emotional vacancy Complacency seems so simple Like f#*k it, let me be the one you fight and call mister right It's an addiction bound to stick around Cause a junky won't bounce till he hits the ground These drugs ain't as good as we wish they were This buzz doesn't keep us from missin her And that love that built all of this emphasis Spilled enough guilt to kill Electra and Oedipus It's easier to leave it there Each time I see your tears makes me need a beer to relieve the fear I wanna keep a clear sky and fly away like a meteor Outa here, maybe next year I'll reappear [Chorus] I say hey there, we don't play fair You can't stay here, I hope you take care [4X] [Verse 2] Sometimes you make me feel like such a p%^@k That even I'm convinced that I'm the one that's sick You can fuss and bitch, you can cut your wrist Or you can choke on that blood from the tongue you've bit And when you acted up, best believe I blessed you back I've got a fucking fan base that can attest to that I'm returning this bleeding hearts club membership card Cause I want no motherfuckin part of it We're just two dogs on all fours It's a tug of war for who loves you more Blame it on tours or locked bathroom doors Or maybe it's cause my voice was louder than yours And I'll be damned if I do this for forever Everybody lookin at me like I don't know better Instead I gotta run if I'm ever gonna forget her Cause I've always been a go-getter [Chorus] [Verse 3] And now I got a head full of better off dead I followed down them steps, and slept in the wrong bed If I had a breath of self-respect left I'd set fire to the box spring to help it catch wreck Let these ashes represent the mattress Director left the set but nobody told the actress So she's still actin as if we scheduled a practice And my soundtrack is compromising her theatrics You remind me of me, it's not a compliment, get your song on Who you trying to be? I've got no tolerance left for drama You would like to go free, jump off the fence, let your claws out You remind me of me, run from all of them till they all gone Then here we go again with my threats to leave Like I've ever left a she who wouldn't let me breathe Instead I kept it deep enough to get you to believe That I'm incapable of escaping and setting you free Well I'ma open up that map and see the nation Call it vocation, call it a vacation You can find me at the airport waiting Or maybe I'll be chain smoking down at the train station With the pose of a mack and my clothes in a sack Gotta go and I don't know when I'll be back Get my last pay check, smash and make steps Gone, on the run with Kool G. Rap in the tape deck [Chorus X2]

The Major Leagues

ATMOSPHERE "To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy - The Atmosphere EP's"
[Slug] He started running down the middle of the street Bare feet, looking like he needs a little to eat Broad daylight, the school kids are laughing at him It doesn't matter, he's battling a traffic jam A Pacman tryna come up a quarter Joystick, put your score in the corner Running from the ghosts till you get that pill Gotta hit the wall when you wanna stand still He's used to sell crack, years back I remember it was him and his weird fat cousin The last ones that you would've guessed at it Soundtrack was "Black Planet" and "Sex Packets" A long time ago in a hood that is still relatively close as the crow flies No time to grieve or bleed Tryna find a way to fulfill those needs [Chorus: 2X] Such temptation, what's the basis? Cutthroat rages, tuck the razor Stuck in a phase of must get paid here Blood rush, raised up to the majors [Slug] I was living at my dad's crib still a kid, when my best friend began to drift So I guess I was a lame cause I wasn't with the game, motherfuck cocaine Yeah I know you didn't want to be broke It's a common excuse for those that sold dope If your momma had knew, I know she'd throw blows Y'all moved here from Chicago to grow You got a tool up inside of your coat And you got no clue why you decided to smoke I never even said goodbye to the bloke I would see him around but never try to provoke But here we are two decades later I'm curious to see what the kingpin's days made of You never got to be Scarface Caught between a rock and a hard place Maybe he got something to say to me I have to patiently wait and see Hoping that heaven has a vacancy for dope fiends Cause I know he never made it to the major leagues [Chorus: 2X]

Ill Always Love You

Dayne Taylor
(George) I'll always love you for the rest of my days You have won my heart and my soul With your sweet, sexy ways You gave me hope when I needed someone near You bring me happiness every day of every year I'll always love you for all that you are You have made my life complete You're my lucky star You are the one that I've been searching for You are my everything Tell me who could ask for more And I'll always love you Honey, this will never end I need you by my side, Baby You're my lover, my friend My friend You gave my world a thrill I've never known. And filled my eager heart with a love to call my own. And I'll always love you You must know how much I do. You can count on me forever and I will take good care of you. I'll always love you I'm so happy that you're mine I'll always love you, yes Till the end of time

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