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Kinks lyrics - Preservation: Act 2

Shepherds Of The Nation

Original and similar lyrics
Sung by Mr. Black The Do-Gooders Down with sex and sin, Down with pot, heroin. Down with pornography, Down with lust. Down with vice lechery and debauchery. We are the new centurians. Shepherds of the Nations. We'll keep on our guard For sin and degradation. We are the national guard Against filth and depravity, Perversion and vulgarity, Homosexuality. Keep it clean. Down with nudity, Breasts that are bare and pubic hair. We are here to cleanse humanity From the man in the raincoat's Pale faced glare. So sodomites beware. We are the new centurians, Shepherds of the Nation. We'll keep on our guard For sin and degradation. We are the national, guard Against filth and depravity, Perversion and vulgarity, Homosexuality. Keep it clean. I visualise a day when people will be free From evils like perversion and pornography. We'll cast out Satan and we'll set the sinners free, So people of the nation unite. Put all the pervs in jail, Bring back the birch, and the cat of nine tails. Bring back corporal punishment Bring back the stocks And the axeman's block. Let righteousness prevail. Down with nudity and hard core magazines. We'll bring religion back And keep our country clean. Keep it clean. We are the new centurians Shepherds of the Nation. We'll keep on our guard For sin and degradation. We are the national guard Against filth and depravity. Perversion and vulgarity, Homosexuality. Keep it clean.

Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 2

[Overlapped from Part 1:] She feel like she don’t have a voice in this relationship I’m thinking boo you got a choice so why you taking it Certain shit I wouldn’t stand for I’m giving her my all but she demands more I wish she would understand more Certain shit you couldn’t plan for I’m guessing I love you and your worth it I should take some time out and figure if you deserve this but you just think that I’m full of it We both come from backgrounds of bullshit I’m fortunate that that aint what you see in me I’ll stop lying to you once you start believing me But I’m always who you wanna bring the questions to It’s less about me hiding shit and more about me rejecting you It’s totally different the way our minds are made up To me flirtings natural, to her it’s cause for break up To me it’s human nature she disagree with the logic confusing being monogamous with being robotic I talk to other girls I interact with em You shouldn’t take that as tryna get in the sack with them Just know how I act with you is how I act alone I signed up for a girl not a chaperone Besides that plan’ll backfire and now it’s onto her She don’t take my word and now I feel I’m being monitored And I wont you to be the one that I endured the longest Accept me at my weakest, support me at my strongest Bring something to the table though, earn ya keep Then I’ll triple it and all I ask in return is peace Aint with the arguing shit all the time You see I’m honest to a fault but is it yours or mine I put you through some things where you could have bolted You want honesty or rather shit be sugar coated I’ll put you on a list of people screaming fuck me too Do you want a pretty lie or the ugly truth? Truth is you got some things that you gotta learn too When everything that concerns me don’t concern you Truth is you gotta a couple tainted views And you bring up my ex as if I couldn’t do the same with you Truth is you want me to do the kept it real Truth is you’re too emotional and need a better filter No third party will ruin our plan I’d had for you to be the girl who’s too consumed with her man So I want you to have your own plans You to have you own ends You to have your own life You to have your own friends and I’ll be right beside you I can tell that you cried Cause you don’t bring up problems that you got with me till I do You say that I’m out a lot and that I aint here enough You take care of me and I’ll take care of us I’d love to put a child in you and live lavish But my baby momma scared me, let me tell you bout my baggage We could have a son and break up and be done And now I’ll never see him again As you take him and run You gon’ tell him that he’s fatherless Tell him that I’m cowardly You’ll have some resentment so you’ll start acting childishly You’ll rake me in court cause of course you’ll have it out for me To you it may sound obsurd but for me it’s a reality Still at times it seems like you’re not proud of me Though I’m showing you the best man I know how to be But you keep saying show me more You’d appreciate me better had you known me before You’ve never been cheated on had another chick in your house in your bed You, you aint seen the worst time Hit you with that old move Take you to a flick that I’ve already seen with another broad but pretend like it’s my first time And, ya don’t know how that sound On the phone with you, while she quiet in the background Bunch of shit that I aint in a hurry to do So before I beef, know that he got buried for you I dont tell you that for points, nah, you can keep the brownies I tell you so that you know I was mature when you found me Tell you so you know that little boy shit that I get annoyed with You should keep it coy with Cause all that is, is stress for me I’m not ya ex baby girl you not a catch for me I mean respectfully, certain shit I’m not....

Intellectual Poetry

Ammo Poetic
*Moots!* I represent intellectual poetry With guidance on the front of mathematical symmetry The rhyme is back with facts on weird tracks I'm cooking up steam cos Moots! is on a warpath I bring my own brand of funk takin' it to the top Zappin' all emcees who be stealin' from the vault Medieval style rhymes through ways of pure fantasy My sword is drawn if you're seen in my proximity Watch your back, I'm on my lyrical onslaught To show the world that I be never gettin' caught Drop the beatbox we're back up on attack Stormbringer Point Blanc get up on the track *Point* 1,2 1,2 son come on I bring the hip hop conciousness Into the mentals of this mainstream prisoners Divine scriptures unleashed breakin' shackles of ignorance Challengin' the limits of an emcee's inner tolerance Unroll the rap scroll prophesise the Stormbringer Legendary verbal crusader Righteous benefactor loyal devoted apostle Pledgin' a covenant for the hip hop culture *Ronin* I'm about to drop mad vocabo makin hits richer Goin' all out as I bust rhymes combustion with ammo Modern day Gestapo takin my place amongst the fathers of fame Yeah we bout to rumble leavin' y'all crippled *C.Loco* Do you think it's easy being me? Ain't nobody close enough to be in You're quick to judge without thinkin' You put me down, you got no information First you live my life, initiate conversation My conscience keep me in check I'm self righteous clear the set so what the heck! I play it cool, but you do what you shouldn't do Now I'm through, you think you know me cos I've seen you? UH! *Landslyde* Clear my path while my brain subtract Vocal in motion now I'm fully intact Diabolical hip hop fluid mixes like a chemical In my blood stream I'm doin' it for the cream But in between tha dream runs fast I grasp Microphone bionics reign supreme Determined to stay on to bring on tha ruckus Statement Buddha-x is tha toughest *Ronin* Keep slidin' and riding to the beats that keep on vibin' Hypnotising the mic that keeps the crowd all mesmerising Temperatures rising my excitement keeps on climbin' It's the rhymin' euroasian recognise my station Under pressure aggressor can it be but no other Me brother bootie tamer who be down for whatever Aroused by the way you shake your hips and lick your lips As your sweat drips you got me workin' on a fix

Valley Of Chrome

CYPRESS HILL "Skull & Bones"
[B-Real] You can't hide from the man with the master plan Huntin for your head 'How I Could Just Kill a Man' Ayo, where you at baby keep your head low, damn Got you on the camcorder in the black minivan You crossed line, time for the light to blind You can run but I never be far behind You never know when it's gonna come, paranoid Cuz the mentality is seek and destroy Better look around before you come out your door Cuz shit catches up but you don't want no more Only time will provide the right sign for real You might die cuz you hesitate to find the steel [HOOK 2X:] You better never let me catch you alone! Bring it on, bring it on! Bring it on, bring it on! You might die in the Valley of Chrome! Keepin on, keepin on, keep, keep, keepin on! [Sen-Dog] Listen up mothefuckers I got shit on my mind The spotlight's on me and it's time to shine I smack any brat that be jumpin outta line I smoke any fool try to diss on my rhyme I get y'all, wearin no can't protect y'all Wash your brain and have you infiltrate the Same bunch of suckers that be tryin to hate me Wanna take me out so they can try and replace me Fuck what ya heard, have ya seen lately The size of my clan is improving greatly No one will hold 'em back, bringin the big heater Watch a nigga run scared, faster than a cheetah Speed of light, move faster than sound But I'm still on they back and I'm gaining much ground [HOOK 2X] [B-Real] No matter what you seen, we still smokin the green Represent for all the people still a part of the scheme Playa haters, imitaters wanna roll with the team But they fade away, hate away, all for the cream They wanna instigate to get a losse forget my stake Take advantage of the rilla, rob killa who scrapes Cuban motherfuckers who don't know who I am Better step aside suckers watch the heater expand Get outta hand, see the light, you and your clan Better scram outta here before you get slammed I stand strong, keepin on, when I'm rollin alone But you sorry bitches hideaway, place unknown [HOOK 4X]

Onetwothree (1995)

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[Chorus x2: sample] "One two three Let me you, if you ready for me, lord" [Verse 1] It's the infinite connect Respect what you see as if you praise Donald Chief And understand my plan is to prosper till deceased And let my bank account increase until it over flows In pathfinder jeeps, organized and blunt patrol And never indulge in petty shit that's irrelevant Thousand dollar shopping sprees just for the hell of it Drinkin' daquiri's in the back of caravans And finally got the chance to live my lifestyle advanced And keep my mind clear of poisonous stunts and beams Be deep meditations, now I see where pagans dream And do time, around and get mine So I relax while you stress, try to follow the rest Never the less, I finesse, teach moves like it's my last speech My thoughts on the future, cause it don't equal the past Niggaz steady plotin', your every move we be watching There's no room for error, once you slip, your forgotten A never hasbeen, in a world of frame and fronters Who had to learn the hard way, how disease can take you under [Chorus] [Verse 2] Mall master be coming at you, that nigga that curse alot Shit, I even reverse a rock, I be feedin' ya purse with glocks Rushin' against your garment, daily Hailey Comet, a bomber Punk, you wanna fuck wit funk, have you breathing out ya armpit My guns that weighs the joint, don't even hand a malla' nina Have niggaz tits and too-toos, and on point like ballerinas You can bring ya best to west, found dressed in some rugged shit You blind, ridin' on my dick, don't know who you fuckin' with (From Crooklyn to west side Phil, we keep it real) So if you squeal on the reasons, for these heavens squeezin', the steel Slow subliminal criminals strangle triggers that's identical Mangle bitches that's fly, die with my dick inside ya genitals (Sendin' you through shit you never thought of The don who bust the sawed off So recogize, I squeeze and then ya life lost) [Chorus] [Verse 3] My raw essence is forever present But my team be chasing dreams of cream and digits in the seven The heavens, see my body is soul and ever presence My verbal tecture will bless you with scientific lessons On another plane, it's hard to maintain Cuz my membrane, causes strain within my inner frame The pain, from my people that be involuntary You in this game for this love, dunn, or monetary Forever keepin' the spirit, so like Elijah My verbal fire, will resurrect you like the great Messiah Desire, is like the law of the siren song Arm Leg Leg Arm, my word is bond, so I move on And stay strong like Egyptian Kings Rockin' diamond rings and things that it bring I spread the science, to all the planets, I'm hard as granite You need the knowledge of God, dunn, to understand it [Chorus]

'Cause I Love You

JOHNNY CASH "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash"
I'll sweep out your chimney yes and, I will bring you flowers yes and, I will do for you Most anything you want me to If we live in a cottage You will feel like it's a castle By the royal way you're treated And attention shown to you I'll be there beside you If you need a cryin shoulder Yes, and I'll be there to listen When you need to talk to me When you wake up in the darkness I will put my arms around you And hold you till the mornin sun Comes shinin' through the trees I'll be right beside you No matter where you travel I'll be there to cheer you Till the sun comes shinin through If we're ever parted I will keep the tie that binds us And I'll never let it break 'Cause I love you I will bring you honey From the bee tree in the meadow And the first time there's a rainbow I'll bring you a pot of gold I'll take all your troubles And I'll throw 'em in the river Then I'll bundle down beside you And I'll keep you from the cold I'll be right beside you No matter where you travel I'll be there to cheer you Till the sun comes shinin through If we're ever parted I will keep the tie that binds us And I'll never let it break 'Cause I love you

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