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Kinks lyrics - Preservation: Act 2

Flash's Dream (The Final Elbow)

Original and similar lyrics
Scene: Mr. Black's army is closing in on Flash The Spivs. After a long day's campaigning Flash, having overindulged the alcohol, has fallen asleep in his den. Voice: Cooee. Cooee. Flash. Flash Flash: Who is this? Voice: Wake up Flash. Can you hear me Flash? Flash: Who is this? Who dares to wake me from my slumber? Voice: Need I announce myself? Am I such a stranger to you? Flash: Say your name. Speak! Voice: I am your soul. Flash: My soul? Voice: I have come to show you who you are. Flash: Show me who I am? I know who I am you upstart! How dare you intrude. Voice: You lied and schemed and took over a simple village and turned it into a vulgar playground for your own money- making ends. Before you came people lived simple lives. This was a happy place. Then you ploughed up the fields, sold off the land and lined your own pockets with the profits. Flash: Lies! Lies! I did it to help the nation Voice: You did it for your own preservation! Flash: No! No! Voice: Prepare yourself Flash, there are many who suffered at your hands. They are craving for vengeance. Time is running out. Flash: Can this be the end? Can this be the swan song? The final elbow? I will not go. The people need me. Voice: Men like you will always come and go, but the people will go on forever. Take one final look at the past Flash. Enjoy it, because you have no future. Flash: No! No! No! I can't stand this. Trumpets herald the final confrontation between Flash and himself.

My Voice Is Changing

Arrogant Worms
Last night when I went to bed, With tangled hair apon my head. In every way I really was a kid. It happened with out warning, When I woke up in the morning. I can't just tell you what just happened, But it did. I grew 6 in one day, Its painful when it go's that way. Now my skinny body's really achin', And my skin just exploded, With an inch of oil, its loaded, It's so greasey you can fry a pound of bacon. My voice is changing, Out of thin air, And bodyparts that once were smooth are growing bits of hair. My voice is changing, What does it mean, I guess I'll be a real man before I turn 13. I buy 2 pairs of jeans a week, I'm such a tall and akward geek. I fall down when I try to play a grounder. At dinner every night, I eat a giant heaping plate of meat, Then go out with my friends for quarter-pounders. Weird emotions come alive, My hormones are in over-drive. I've turned into a girl watching creature. And all my friends their marks are shot, But they dont care, Because there hot for Mrs. Smith the mathamatics teacher My voice is changing, I hate to hear it crack, I pray to god I wont inherit Dad's hairy back. My voice is changing, When will it end, And when will Mom stop kissing me in front of all my friends. Pretty soon I bet I'll be right into heavy metal, But my parents say, At least it isn't rap! I'll start wearing stupid clothes, And threaten that I'll peirce my nose, Tell my parents all they like is crap. The first girl that I ever kiss, Will be the one and who could miss Our love forever written in the stars, But I dont think our love will last, Unless the four years go by fast, 'Till I can use the back seat of the car My voice is changing, Out of thin air, And bodyparts that once were smooth are growing bits of hair. My voice is changing, What does it mean? I guess I'll be a real man before I turn 13. My voice is changing, I hate to hear i crack, I pray to god I won't inherit Dad's hairy back. My voice is changing, When will it end, And when will mom stop kissing me Cha Cha Cha

Bring 'em Home Safely

Chubb Rock "The One"
We left the people of Israel with, one thought.. that they are not alone -- The people of New York, people of the United States of America indeed decent freedom loving people everywhere stand at their side in this hour of need. [Verse One - Red Hot Lover Tone] Cries of wait please wait wiggity wait but Kuwait won't wait Desert Shield a field full of confused hate Soldiers fight because they're loyal, while tempers boil On U.S. soil, they're screamin no blood for oil Groups of recruits get fitted for troop boots while business suits shoot hoops eatin Fruit Loops Yo I don't understand the government plan Goin on holy land, killin a family man, and tearing loved ones asunder when things were really sunny, strictly for the money The money.. yo money You might reinstate the draft and I'm gettin bummy So I clear my head by goin testin testin one two testin and countin my blessings And pray for the brotherman with an M-60 in his hand, eatin spam So one more time, testin one two, and ya don't stop That's why we got this war Hobbes Yo I only got one thing to say chief Let's bring 'em home safely The State Department's ?? wants to mediate The Iranian president wants to meet with Iraq and then maybe the U.S. A Middle East expert here in New York has an explanation [Verse Two - Rockin Robin] Deep in the Middle East, in the belly of the beast We got men and women losin blood for black grease Oil - how could such a thing spoil a whole nation and turn it up into a turmoil Stealths wipin out every man's health Bombers got sisters brothers daddies and lonely mommas cryin, Oh my son, oh Lord help my daughter Calm the ragin seas, please fill the waters Readin letters under candle, delivered by camel Layin in a dug-out channel's kinda hard to handle So I say a little prayer to my maker in this blood filled place Please bring 'em home safe Baghdad radio is calling for terrorist actions against the nations fighting Iraq in the Persian Gulf. And the allies are concerned that cryptic messages broadcast this morning could be a signal to terrorists. [Verse Three - MC Serch] President Bush will bring us out of this recession We'll all have jobs when American numbers are lessened Blessings are said, so no one will get hurt Yo - I need a Shield, but it's not for the Desert It's a shield for the ills that builds with this rampant nationalization; we're not dealin in humanism P.O.W.'s, M.I.A.'s unknown soldiers in unknown graves Let's bring 'em home safe The F.B.I. continues to look for those responsible for placing six pipe bombs on, chemical tanks in the Norfolk, Virginia - or near the Norfolk, Virginia naval base The bombs were safely.. [Verse Four - Chubb Rock] Well hostility jumps on the scene in ninety-one No fun, large sons shooting machine guns Population adjustment will be adjusted by an intellgent villain Guerilla warfare killing Amplifies, fear tears blood embedded in mud Daddy falls to the accuracy intricate of a SCUD Black gold soul, patriots told nothing but lies Atmosphere develop permanent red eyes Destruction a product to develop and enhance presidential fees, blood from overseas spilled, uphill, peace of mind I'm, waiting for, waiting for the time Inner soul craves, for guidance for safety for the brave, P.O.W. slaves will be used as shields to pierce and drill to drip tears, when a declared won't mingle with the Man Upstairs, funerals for fear Confusion, nervous hands from a scared wife knittin Siblings infants weepin, continous tear drippin Impaled men please God let them cease Come home, Red Hot Lover Tone, Rockin Robin MC Serch, and for the last the verse let us rehearse, excluse men in the hearse Everybody what's the verse? Peace If one of the bombs had gone off, the resulting damage and loss of life would have been tremendous. F.B.I. agents on the scene had NO idea who placed them there. [Verse Five - Lucas] None of the bags coming back are filled with gallons of clout to spill out, to shake-up, break up, now blow up has entered the minds in Washington D.C., tell me Is this the land of the free, and in France see

The Voice / Intro

SYLEENA JOHNSON "Chapter II: The Voice"
[Verse #1:] One day I was feelin' low down (Was havin') Bad thoughts like I won't be around (Was thinkin') Maybe I should get out of this game (I thought that) Nobody wanted to hear me sing (I thought that) Nobody even knew my name (I thought that) Maybe 'cause it was I didn't lose weight (I thought that) I had failed and I felt so ashamed (And not just) At my music, but at everything (But then my) Momma said "don't you dare think that way" (And my) Sisters told me not to lose my faith (They told me) "Get on your knees and let GOD lead the way" (And then I) Closed my eyes and I heard a voice say [Chorus (2 Times):] It told me "Stand up" If you want to be seen, It told me "Reach out" So you can catch your dreams, It told me "Cry out" If you want to be heard It told me "Be strong" And take heed to my word" [Verse #2:] So from now on when I hear that voice say (Stand up) I'm on my feet, and I'm showin' my face (Because I) Won't go quietly into the night (I will be) Strong and faithful, oh I will survive (I will be) Honest to me, I will try even when I cry (I will be) Humble, but fearless knowing the LORD by my side (I won't take) Life for granted, I'll live everyday like my last (I will make) Lemonade even when lemons is all I have (I will pay) All my dues and tithes in Sundays (I won't break) When haters test me, focused I will stay (And when I) Cannot hide from those low down days (I will just) Close my eyes and hear that voice say [Chorus (2 Times)] [Intro:] Live by and die by the power of the voice The voice of strength, the voice of reason The voice inside of me, the voice inside of you Holds the key to the answers to the questions And so my story continues, but this time I am guided by the voice Of love, every step that I take And every challenge that I face, and its says to me

Considered Dead

Back in the fourteenth century When the world was plagued by horrid diseases Discovered lifeless bodies were buried Knowing very little about true symptoms of death Those who stiffen in the stage of morbidity Were then considered dead Autopsies were unknown at that time Unconsciousness could have been fatal to your life Catalepsy, from this plague a lot have died Ignorance sent to the grave people alive There's no way to save yourself from this calamity Life will be for you a simple memory Faint! Now you're paralysed Catalepsy soon will take your life Try not to close your eyes Cause death will be to life a deadly lie When you're entombed Within your mind you wait and pray if you could talk The only things that you would say I'm still alive...Please! I'm still alive...Don't bury me! (Lead: Luc Lemay) What a sad way to end a mortal life But it's better off buried Than to be embalmed alive Song: Rottenatomy I've been lost in a jungle For an hour and fifteen days Hopelessly searching for exits In this lethal maze Footsteps I have taken Each one driving me insane Always turning in circles In this hostile jungle Having dropped my last piece of food The most vital thing I never wished to loose I slipped and found myself in a dark place like hell At the bottom of a pit where I had fell Surrounded by a rancid smell Of corpses that previously fell Among bones shredded flesh and crawling maggots Then I knew that I shall stay there to rot Gashes appearing everywhere Scars I'm wishing in despair Before maggots devoured my insides I'll commit myself to suicide (Lead: Luc Lemay) Above me I heard people talking Having lost my voice, I was unable to scream They had a look and saw me lying in my knees Then went away thinking I was deceased Below me no one is talking If you have your voice, just once you're screaming Have a fast look before falling on your knees No hope is left when you are deceased

Some Kind Of Monster

These are the eyes that can't see me These are the hands that drop your trust These are the boots that kick you around This is the tongue that speaks on ths inside These are the ears that ring with hate This is the face that'll never change This is the fist that grinds you down This is the voice of silence no more These are the legs in circles run This is the beating you'll never know These are the lips that taste no freedom This is the feel that's not so safe This is the face that you'll never change This is the god that ain't so pure This is the god that is not pure This is the voice of silence no more We the people Are we the people? Some kind of monster This monster lives This is the face that stones you cold This is the moment that needs to breathe These are the claws that scratch these wounds This is the pain that never leaves This is the tongue that whips you down This is the burden of every man These are the screams that pierce your skin This is the voice of silence no more This is the test of flesh and soul This is the trap that smells so good This is the flood that drains these eyes These are the looks that chill to the bone These are the fears that swing over head These are the weights that hold you down This is the end that will never end This is the voice of silence no more We the people Are we the people? Some kind of monster This monster lives This is the cloud that swallows trust This is the black that uncolors us This is the face that you hide from This is the mask that comes undone Ominous I'm in us

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