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Kinks lyrics - Preservation: Act 1

Sitting In The Midday Sun

Original and similar lyrics
(Sung by The Tramp) I'm sitting by the side of a river Underneath the pale blue sky I've got no need to worry, I'm in no hurry I'm looking at the world go by. Just sitting in the midday sun, Just soaking up that currant bun, With no particular purpose or reason Sitting in the midday sun. Everybody say I'm lazy They all tell me get a job you slob, I'd rather be a hobo walking round with nothing Than a rich man scared of losing all he's got. So I'm just sitting in the midday sun Just soaking up that currant bun, Why should I have to give my reasons For sitting in the midday sun Oh look at all the ladies Looking their best in their summer dresses, Oh sitting in the sun. I've got no home, I've got no money But who needs a job when it's sunny. Wah Wah. I haven't got a steady occupation And I can't afford a telephone. I haven't got a stereo, radio or video A mortgage, overdraft, a bank loan. The only way that I can get my fun Is by sitting in the midday sun With no particular purpose or reason Sitting in the midday sun. Oh listen to the people, Say I'm a failure and I've got nothing, Ah but if they would only see I've got my pride, I've got no money, But who needs a job when it's sunny. Wah Wah. Everybody thinks I'm crazy, And everybody says I'm dumb, But when I see the people shouting at each other I'd rather be an out of work bum. So I'm just sitting in the midday sun Just soaking up that currant bun, With no particular purpose or reason Sitting in the midday sun.

Lost In The Woods

Surprise, surprise I'll have you know I've come to see you die I'm hard to find, you'll never tell You know me by now, you know me by now You do, you do Reason why, start the conversation Call it occupation, we'll be here awhile Reason now, before it's too late Before you betray yourself And I to you, to you I went to the levy, dove into the water Dove into the water, unchaining my life Fake the believer, sanctified redeemer Camouflaged deceiver, so covetous, I But you... baby Sitting outside in the cold, I can see that you're not alone That's vanity swallowing you, come see That baby, soon she'll be picking her teeth Not dead, I'll see you all again In time we all descend Not yet, and I won't leave 'Til I know what I need to know You know me by now, you know me by now You do... Baby, fear has a mind of its own Undress, if you see in your bones And I see how it waited for you And I see how it baited the hook Now you're gone and you ain't coming back Sitting outside in the cold, I can see that you're not alone Calamity following you, come see Now baby, sin is a line of a poem Unknown with a need to know A throne in a room with a view But you're lost in the woods

I Wanna Know

Ambrosia "Somewhere I've Never Travelled"
(Puerta - Pack) Sometimes I feel That we've been herded like sheep We've been led out like lambs to the slaughter And empty souls Have kept the downtrodden down And took the best and left us the fodder Still in my heart I feel such purpose A reason for being alive And I want to know, I want to know Sometimes it seems There was meant to be more Than this rush and this battle to living And there's the times We've all tasted the space That you know when we feel that we're giving So take some time to think about this I'm blinded now, I'd like to see And I want to know, I want to know I want to see through all the barriers That were created before I was born Were they put out there just to guide me Or keep the weak from becoming strong I want to know, I want to know Still in my heart I feel such purpose A reason for being alive And I want to know Sometimes I fear That all men are asleep Must we shout to awake those that slumber?


ATMOSPHERE "To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy - The Atmosphere EP's"
[Slug] You motherfuckers ain't on my shelf I should jump back and try to french kiss myself The boy fell in the well and lived to tell Put my voice in the mix, make the winter melt I'm the best thing since a fresh loaf of sliced bread Sitting on the bed between a pair of nice legs I'm sex, white flag, ice bag, wipe rag I'm twice the mess but a fraction of the price tag Back stage in a rat cage But when I bend these bars, everybody get to gas face They said it was dead, in that case I'ma get revenge, I'ma make rap pay Now run and tell the sun I'm turning up the light I might arrive on the plane, train, bus or bike You can fuss and fight, but it's just despite Cause it functions right when I cup this mic No feedback, ease back, let the beat crack But Uncle Sam said he wanna see tax Make the beeswax, no relax Run around the map and leave tracks You can call me Sean like nothing's wrong I'm the early dawn, I'm the dirty bum My thoughts get drawn on a JumboTron If your jaw don't drop you can hum along, come on! [Chorus: 2X] Shotgun, the raw one We the hot sauce on y'alls tongue We don't stop till it's all done So turn it up till the cops come [Slug] You get lost in how awesome I is You watching like you bought stock in my biz You caught that sickness sitting on shit You'd be better off frying up some littler fish I'm a big catch, whoo! Sweet Jesus Walk on the trash, keep clean as a fetus Rip the beef into child size pieces You talk cheap, now you need to get your teeth fixed I don't recognize you or your toy crew Go ahead, step aside now, let my noise through Grew and spread like Kudzu Didn't need a gun to put a +Slug+ in your guts Move over chauffeur, I roll the coaster I got older and badder and bolder Who's the host with the monster? Birds fly to Minnesota just to land on my shoulders No pressure, it don't get desperate No special effects, just sweat and spit So fresh, still make it seem effortless Breath smell like breast milk and peppermint Got put on a permanent good foot Huh, got more flavor than a cookbook So take a look at what you couldn't have took If I forgot anything, we'll just put it on the hook, c'mon [Chorus: 2X] [Slug] You ain't gon' be shit I'm the best kept secret Anyone can see it If I say it loud enough, maybe you'll believe it [Chorus]

Recycled Assassins

XZIBIT "40 Dayz & 40 Nightz"
(feat. Montageone) [Hook:] There's no escape from the ones who harassin' The reason for the illin' is the reason for askin' Now I try to school 'em on the killin' and blastin' But season after season they recycle assassins now [Montageone:] He's too advanced for his own good He didn't get a second chance to see the glock pointed at his hood Makin' his way through the rain he's caught in the game He felt the pain of a slug to the back of the brain Nothin's changed in a city flask Where niggas lurk in black shirts pants and low hats, forever Until the job is done and no one's left My man Jeff told me with his very last breath To watch moms But they got her with the car bomb Pop tried to save her second blast got his arm Niggas play for keeps like casino Baby's has got fathers just got back from doin' Chino With nothin' to lose loose screws in the attic The only skill a nigga knows is how to strip an automatic And stash the barrel stab a nigga something terrible Death resume 20 kill in incredible time No guilt and shame On the mind stuck a nigga for lookin' didn't know he was blind So I find Mankind is a serious threat To another others kind when there's something to get In a vet gonna fast jet to the spot to see what they got Nobody saw shit cause it's not Cool to brake the rule of the code of the streets Niggas frightened by the visions of the blood on the sheets And it's deep how blood drys as a mother crys Open eyes gettin' landed on by flys There's no disgues for the ones who harassin' The reason for the illin' is the reason for askin' now [Hook] [Xzibit:] I came from a family of one girl and three boys Fuck playin' with toys our fun was on the block Watchin' all the cats negotate the neighborhood stock My job was to come runnin' whenever cops was comin' My older brother I figure was the ring leader Whenever these cats move they all bring heaters All black and nickel plated (c'mon) Soon became fasinated bitches cars and kicks And look at how fast they made it My younger brother gave less than a fuck he was content With G.I. Joe and Tonka trucks But I want butts, livin' first class delux 15 years old soldier ready to serve these clucks My older brother was touched It's a game where you don't play gotta have cane Crack house for my birthday The next day my brother shot in cold blood by the police In a rage he lived but he payed the price Caught with keys 25 to life Takin' in by the crew time to standed on my own two (c'mon nigga) But as I marinated thinkin' about the hood I really can't remember my body doin' good For long big decisions somebody got to make 'em Undercover recognize the face now can't shake a Phone tap (what) and now I'm in the belly of the beast Use to sittin' in leather sheets now I'm sittin' awaitin' release Visitors day, my younger brother came down Put the toys down excited about the first round He bust I was crushed to finally see The solution to the problem could of started with me It's on now [Hook]


QUEEN "A Day At The Races"
It's the sad-eyed, goodbye, yesterday moments I remember It's the bleak street, weak-kneed partings I recall It's the mistier mist The hazier days The brighter sun And the easier lays There's all the more reason for laughing and crying When you're younger and life isn't too hard at all It's the fantastic drowse of the afternoon Sundays That bored you to rages of tears The unending pleading, to waste all your good times In thoughts of your middle aged years It's a vertical hold, all the things that you're told For the everyday hero it all turns to zero And there's all the more reason for living or dying When you're young and your troubles are all very small Out here on the street We'd gather and meet And scuff up the sidewalk with endlessly restless feet And half of the time We'd broaden our minds More in the poolhall than we did in the schoolhall With the downtown chewing-gum bums Watching the nightlife, the lights and the fun Never wanted to be the boy next door Always thought I'd be something more But it ain't easy for a smalltown boy It ain't easy at all Thinkin' it right, doin' it wrong It's easier from an armchair Waves of alternatives wash at my sleepiness Have my eggs poached for breakfast I guess I think I'll be Clint Eastwood Oh no, Jimi Hendrix, he looks good Let's try William The Conqueror Now who else do I like?

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