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Kinks lyrics - Muswell Hillbillies

Muswell Hillbilly

Original and similar lyrics
Well I said goodbye to Rosie Rooke this morning, I'm gonna miss her bloodshot alcoholic eyes, She wore her Sunday hat so she'd impress me, I'm gonna carry her memory 'til the day I die. They'll move me up to Muswell Hill tomorrow, Photographs and souvenirs are all I've got, They're gonna try and make me change my way of living, But they'll never make me something that I'm not. Cos I'm a Muswell Hillbilly boy, but my heart lies in old West Virginia, Never seen New Orleans, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Still I dream of the Black Hills that I ain't never seen. They're putting us in little boxes, No character just uniformity, They're trying to build a computerised community, But they'll never make a zombie out of me. They'll try and make me study elocution, Because they say my accent isn't right, They can clear the slums as part of their solution, But they're never gonna kill my cockney pride. Cos I'm a Muswell Hillbilly boy, But my heart lies in Old West Virginia, Though my hills are not green, I have seen them in my dreams, Take me back to those Black Hills, That I have never seen.

Heart's Ease

JOSH RITTER "The Beast In Its Tracks"
Gonna find me a black eared bay Gonna meet me a black haired girl Who smells of smoke and caraway I'm on my way to find my own heart's ease. The high up-country is the place where I Have always longed to wander wild and free Among the slender and the peace of mind Grow mountainsides of my own heart's ease. I've been with beauties and I've been with some That even speaking of them would be like Using the moonlight to describe the sun The fairest one is my own heart's ease. I've crossed the deserts and I crested swells The unknown country and the far-flung isles The shores of faraway and faretheewell. There's nowhere else like my own heart's ease. So, gather round me all you bright young blades And this little lesson take by me Go seek adventure gold and fame but may Each of you one day find your own heart's ease.

What's The Word

Chubb Rock "The One"
[Minister Farrakhan] Mr. Bush, you better check out your OWN part in the divine drama. You may find YOU the Devil! [Chubb Rock] Listen.. cause in 1990 Chubb Rock and the gang is on a banned mission Hostility will rule like a Jamaican ?? and ooh filled with dumplings, hopefully no dumpings like guns will be present while I keep the people jumpin Not too much, South Africa isn't free yet I spoke to the kids from Brooklyn to T-Neck New Jersey, and they heard me while I cursed the white minority regime, painted an ill scene Brothers and sisters over there dyin Mandela in a cell in Robin Island Thank God he's out now - and while I sing I know he has things in a full swing, yeah This year crumb-snatcher Thatcher, we're gonna catch her being a klutz, her husband is a drunk putz He acts absurd, now what's the word? Johannesburg! (2X) Okay okay, come on. (6X) If he's the President, pullin out my Ray-Gun - Chuck D [Chubb Rock] Listen.. cause brothers and sisters it's time for everyone to go fishin for your history - open a book and read between the lines, don't recline your mind Sometimes I don't know how to make it understood that a lot of black movies have been tampered by Hollywood So it's important take the name and date and step Research it yourself, cause you owe a large debt to yourself - your history is yours to keep .. or you won't reap in the benefits, don't let Mr. Rabinuwitz sell you something with a sing, to get blissed Leave the rock to the Nazis, excel in Yahtzee Be a bookworm, not a bookend, cause men before you have died so you can taste freedom If we can't beat em we'll delete em, so now What's the word? Johannesburg! (2X) Okay okay, come on. (9X) If he's the President, pullin out my Ray-Gun - Chuck D [Chubb Rock] Throughout history, no physical might has ever crushed the invincible spirit of a nation And yes we are a nation, a different coloration But that isn't significant - pull a ligament while you're standin, pumpin your fist they will miss and crumble and remain in the cold abyss And now it's time for action, action is the verb The pronoun I will say scream What's the word? Now come on.. what's the word?! Alright.. I'm gonna bring in the aspect of my man Rob-n-O, the Jamaica aspect, come now [Rob O - patois best guess] I'm a soldier, I'm a soldier I'm gonna chase up ?? and run down Botha Botha betta run him betta start ?? I mash up ?? when he conquer Your gun gonna fire, come fatter Say it to the sky like a ball of fiyah Jah come foot rule over ?? Gun gonna fire.. .. I'm a soldier [Chubb Rock] Alright.. time for the American, english aspect from my man Rob Swinga - come now [Rob Swinga] Yo.. I wonder why is it that in Africa the black people are the 2nd and 3rd class citizens? I mean I thought Africa was black Isn't that what they told us in our own history books in America? I mean yo it's something to think about! They gonna tell me I'm black and I'm from Africa yet still somebody's tellin me I have no right to say what goes on there I mean I can't understand that at all! That's something to really make you stop and think and say.. hmmmmmmm!


PAC DIV "Mania"
[Verse 1: Like] The school teachers talk, I been had answers Knew the whole story without reading all the chapters Going back and forth about my life plans after Most my niggas would rather slang that work for NASA Days in the classes Always fall asleep bugging Most the tests and the quizzes didn't mean nothing Only niggas moving on were ones seen hustling Those that didn't never got to see nothing But you zoom back to me functioning Tried to ball wasn't tall enough to be dunking Young black male trying to make his dreams public I know it had to be something I'm out [Hook: x2] I'm gonna get out of this house I'm gonna make my family proud I'm a show this world what I'm all about I'm out [Verse 2: BeYoung] Damn, I been dreaming of this day A moment we can finally get away Ain't right times before when I was trying get a date Hungry at the crib, broke, trying get a plate That was for the fun, though Gung-ho Used to the struggle Used to the labels saying "Look, we don't want you" Used to the ladies saying "Look, we don't want you" Now we on ya cable saying "Look what we come to" I sorta like haters now We need em in the world they make the place go round Funny how Everything is so tasteful now Hip Hop ain't never died it just changed it's style How do I look? Get my good side when you click it I got your girl smiling at me now when we kick it Still down to earth holla at me we can kick it Smoke on it we get caught you can pay the ticket... I'm fucking with you [Hook] [Verse 3: Mibbs] Well, everything's packed up Nothing left in the closet but the black tux And I'm a keep it right there it was bad luck Cause I ain't even went to prom, man, that sucks So I'm a say goodbye to the room you saw me grow up in No more G.I. Joe and no Teddy Ruxpin This the same room where I first fell in love in Brittany came over and I got my first nothing And I'm a miss it Washing all the dishes Feeding all the fishes Even on Christmas All the fun visits That old trash bag full of empty SunKisses So before I walked out that door My momma prayed for me and my pop said "Boy You know the world is yours There's nothing that can stop what God has in store" I'm out... [Hook]

The Blazing Monoliths Of Defiance

Dimmu Borgir "Spiritual Black Dimensions"
Passenger on confessional course Unlock with the key you behold within Repair the shadow of your mind And come awake Oh, dreadful angel of mine Enrich me with the vastness of being Rigid father, teach me to comprehend I'll commit myself to understand To be faithful and the instrument So that the ones with blindfold can see what i have seen That there is nothing inbetween For i am the accomplice... Aghast and tender, indulged in sin Embraced by loneliness, legions who grin I blunder into the realms of slumber I collide with the obscure And see the last fraction of light go by Plundering the sanity from the insane And providing appearances in black Carefully swept in decadent spheres But faces in this world always remain darkened In circles of dominance, emotional deeps unite Fiction and transcendence woven together In the essence of purity lies wisdom Join the forces, the spiritual black dimensions What more do you need of proof Human hands conforming clooven hoofs For i know the secrets and lies behind all truths Knowlege is power and the power is mine It's all mine So let the children come to me And share the limitless ways to infinity Escape death and disease And behold youth and vitality (lyrics:Silenoz)

When Will We Learn?

Killah Priest "View From Masada"
[Chorus x2: Killah Priest] When are we ever gonna learn? One day we all gonna burn Life in the fast lane Are we ever gonna change? Same shit, different day The price that a thug pay [Killah Priest] I heard a wise man once say thugs pray But still slugs spray from the double barrels Fallin pharoahs over the graves of the sleepin prophets Release the pain from the deepest closet It's like a secret that we keep in bondage Mothers weapin from they projects First it be that soul, send to haunt the empty halls Memories painted on the wall Like The Lamb's Blood on the doors, of the black Hebrews Nowadays the same people on subway trains sellin street news A ghetto movie, with no sequels But I still show you previews That will free you, from your evil An old man, cookin her-on, over hot tea spoons Old G's are all evil, usin dope needles Wearin fan parafanil's We live in the black hole, where no one can hear us The valley of the dry bones, without reflections in the mirrors The world fearers, first make 'em feel us Come on! [Chorus x2] [Killah Priest] The Solomon couldn't say it better It's all vanity, and sanity We come from broken families My own pop's abandoned me, black becomely The spirits of Lords upon me, I grew up hungry Now we chase money, and live grungy The fears want me, to bring me to the hills of this country So they can jump me, feel me up, in land and dump me Damn right I said it bluntly I ain't scared of none of y'all monkeys At school my teachers used to flunk me Hopin one day I turn to junkey But only God can judge me, words of Makaveli Black Israeli, hear me? Told you y'all niggas gonna feel me Killah Priest AK Masada, sincerely yours [Chorus x2] [Killah Priest] So check out my darkest secrets, my truest confessions Come to you as a blessing, parental viewing in this aggression is advised, tune in to the wise, zoom in your eyes Step up closer, to the light, like that child on Poltergeist Wisdom be ultra right Explosive to the sight, 3D, virtual reality Verbal mentality, come with me Load up your gun with me, run with me Become one with me, this is channel three High definition, ghetto TV, DVD Cable networks, stick your fingers in the bullet holes in my sweatshirt Take it out and taste the blood, so you can see that its real A View From Masada, give kids, chill [Chorus x2]

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