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KINGS OF LEON lyrics - A-ha Shake Heart Break


Original and similar lyrics
(V1) Salty Leave Salty Leave Tell me the one 'bout the friend you knew and the last good night that we toasted to... Saltly Leave (V2) Stay With Me Stay With Me We drank wine in the matinee and the spotlight showed what I chased away... Stay With Me (Ch) She saw my comb-over her hour glass body, she had problems with drinking milk and being school tardy She'll loan you her toothbrush, she'll bartend your party (V3) Kill Me Kill Me Tried and I tried but I can't get through, said he's on his own but his own is you... Kill Me Ch x 2

Bar Des Boulistes

Fury in the Slaughterhouse "Brilliant Thieves"
far from home, but close to Marseille is a little cute town, where we decided to stay everything was fine, and nothing that we missed where we spent all night at the bar des boulistes a pluspoint is, if you drive a french car and laugh about jokes 'bout the second world war but if you don't, Mr. Fernandel will clinch his fist and knock you out out of the bar des boulistes the bar des boulistes all our problems so far away so we drank all night and slept all day for a beer drinking german it's hard to exist with french wine junkies at the bar des boulistes at the bar des boulistes bar des boulistes, hey hey bar des boulistes all our problems so far away...

About To Make Me Leave Home

BONNIE RAITT "Sweet Forgiveness"
I never thought that a love could be so strong it could ever make me, think about leaving home I can't help myself your lovin bout to drive me mad one more night like last night, I might have to pack my bags bout to make me leave home boy got my mind so gettin together with this love, boy it just ain't right I ain't got the strength to turn a good lovin loose But I never met a man in my life who could whoop it to me like you do Bout to make me leave home boy Got a taste of forbidden fruit And I can't turn it loose What is this good thing you carry around with you that makes a girl want to act a fool Got that love technique that really really cracks me up Seeing you once or twice a week, boy it just ain't enough.

On Fire

REDMAN "Muddy Waters"
( Them bitches swear they fly... ) Hahha Now everytime I grab the mic I always start shit up Sharper than your double-edger, watch me cough shit up Live and direct, respect it to the underground connect Pah!! I'm wreckin any MC you select Yo E, load me in your gun, light the flares Give me forty-eight bars, and I go out like gays at Billy Bear Wear and tear, I'm wreckin for the Bricks is where Jump in my way and get your body splattered everywhere Conjunction junction what's your function It's that nigga who's so swift I could lose a compass Step into jams, with seven niggaz in a Land And forty motherfuckers in some fucked up caravan Drop the farenheight back down to zero Bring Heat to the streets like I'm Pacino and DeNiro Raw dog material, grand imperial Talk to my shotty nigga, my ears ain't hearin you So take heed to what I'm saying Cause tonight's the night, and me and my nuccas ain't playing Now do I look crazy Deranged, maybe You shot first, your glock burst, but it graze me Now time for lyrics, put up your guns And watch me get this shit hoppin like the West was won Got that lyrical chicken feed, for all chicken heads Crowd your Rap City committee, like I'm [Big Leads] Most bigger than them Melendez brothers You need Cochran when you're fuckin with Judge Red Put your fingers up if you love hash and cash I been that way since Ike Turner was kickin Tina ass Hookers ridin dick, like I'm a motorcycle You wanna shine bitch Let me simonize you I make sure your vision blur, till you don't know what occurred Until I black out every nerver Foul women get served as chicken head hors d'ouerves I drop your tops like your heads was convertibles!! Hah, if you still look up in the sky I'm still high All the way live like Lakeside Wann die E (whattup son), you got this beat pumpin The way I feel niggaz ain't leave until they up in somethin Pack my dutch like the niggaz in the county Dayrooms, stay tuned, for Doc Illuminati Up around them big butt freaks is where you find me (Martini and Rossi, Asti Spumante) So take heed to what I'm saying Cause tonight's the night, and me and my nuccas ain't playing To my people in the back, if you're not the wack, say Don't stop, the body rock To my people in the front, if you're tokin on blunts, say Don't stop, the body rock... aoowwwwwowwwww I'm too strong for you to listen I started spittin, that's why the brick niggaz be lickin They stay on magazine written equipments And lyrics I got em by the shipment, where your bitch went I'm smokin leaky out the Lec-y, fatal My Squad steps with the ultimatum, true dat My muzak, move crowds, like down the hill moved crack For those who stepped on toes, I want my shoes back Buddy, bringin money to your girl for your little daughter like I'm Cutty Twenty dollars a pop to dub me, I bug G, quote it I see you notice how I leave microphones corroded Hahahahaha, your staff not up to par You raw, you're more like Zsa Zsa Gabor Call deep niggaz, keep the gas pedal floored And I pump the funk to keep a room and board *record scratches, rooster cackles*

Look In Your Eyes

YOUNG GUNZ "Tough Luv"
(Young Chris) to let you know i got potential dont know me from a can of paint know what im into know when you see gunna you see hunger i been signed for the last three summers and still broke bitch but i stay with 2 chicks i can nail keep a fifth stay with two clipse like Pharrell kept some money though every since a kid i can sell when the house was running rubbers i was the kid rocking shells to let you know im on when i say i am yeah ask them niggas dog i dont play with em tax the niggas dog they be payin me or ill be layin them cause in a game dog fuck a flagrant foul im motha fuckin favored im wild dun give a fuck and its whatever i blazed in a while so bring it on niggas on niggas tell me what its gon be they said it was somthin but they aint kno what it was gonna be Chorus (Cam'ron) he act like a hoe im airin him give hoes sysirians uh oh they darin em lo los im scarin them po pos in fear of em those o's preparin them my jewelry look like a straight up frozen aquarium (damn) frozen aquarius outkast aquemini leave wit a gemini Kalim is da only friend of mine while im lyin mystine is a good friend of mine ( thats my man) we do in any arena ninas like genuwine inches like genuwine i had to check the time feds was watchin switched it up from ten to nine i aint pickin locks i got a bigger pot odd number hoes sold right inside the chicken spot stolen cable still got the chip in box still got the clip and glock fell like the chicken pox when i pop up on u leave ya chicken rocks fried extra crispy in the chicken box Chorus (Neef Buck) to let u no im cuttin off first in order to fuck ma u gotta suck me off first how im supposed to kill em when u got ur dirt somebody betta get em for somebody come and kill em fools ?????????? since somebody down to come and fill em dudes up wit hollows send em to the spinal tubes up they nostrils put em up in crtical thats if we aint finish u better not remeber who did this to u witnesses too gotta go shorty blow business is do i got a plan on gettin this money movin my crew all real niggas is snakes i see through all still wheres theyre fake a read through their lines between ur eyes and ur brows its a spray that they found them niggas foul what u think this is ben conscious like the nonsense ???????????????? what u motha fuckas think that im blind

The Show Must Go On

CARLY SIMON "This Is My Life"
(Carly Simon) Some folks like to stay at home Some folks like to be alone So when they finally come out of their nest I've got to turn it on I've got to be my best The street may be slick with ice And I'm sick with butterflies And some other girl may be the talk of the town I could lose my voice Or I could split my gown But when I'm in the spotlight It's got to be a hot night Even when I'm feeling down The show must go on The show must go on The show must go on The show must go on I've won some and I have lost But what I enjoy the most Is never knowing how the evening will end Will I be the joke or the comedienne And when I'm in the spotlight It's got to be a hot night Even when I'm shivering cold The show must go on The show must go on The show must go on The show must go on [Repeat to end.] [Background answers:] Even in a hurricane Your contact lens goes down the drain When your agent goes insane When you can hardly stay awake You'd rather stay at home and bake When you've got a tummy-ache To an audience of one And you think he's got a gun When laughing isn't any fun You want to watch the end of 'Cheers' Your mother is a lunatic You think you've left the oven on You find out there's no Santa Claus You're doggy can't remember you You want to move up to Vermont You just ran out of underwear Your prescription won't renew You just ran into your ex The handyman was very rude Your landlord just evicted you It's cosy by the fireplace You really have to blow your nose It must, it must, it must go on Arnold says it must go on

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