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King Just lyrics - Mystics Of The God

Leave Now

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro: King Just] Falalalala Yo, this is how we do this shit [Chorus 2X: All] Niggas better move, niggas better get back Niggas better move, don't fake no jacks (Leave Now!) [King Just] I come like a river, I'll make ya shake ya zipper The liver, here comes the nigga that'll dick ya Raw, hardcore, sounds that pound Stop, look, what's that sound? Come on now, you've got to swing with the King Cuz the things I bring'll cause more ruckus than Rodney King Riots, gimme ya head and I'mma fry it Try it, I just might be the nicest you ever saw or seen Cats are jammin like Mitch Green, more albums than Al Green A fiend for rap, puttin this shit on back For my niggas who put me on the map (Like that, like that) Back, flash his ring around the axis Feel my mark upon ya chest when it slashes Slow like molasses, Black Fist is massive And I rock rhymes from here to Shaolin to Dallas [Mega Don] Boom, the bomb, the Mega Don drops What the Blood Clots? Two-Six fuckin shots Stand clear for the warfare Or surrender, throw the white flags in the air Yea, the Mega Don's repossessin shit And I'll represent, kid these misfits are militant Since, life's a bitch, I'mma use her One life to lose her, the Mega Don's a death abuser Like a butt, niggas better spit at you I'm sick, with what I'm dealin with, Shaolin be rippin shit On the wreck, Mega Don, Knotty Dread Brothers We actin live, but this way, all that's dead So act like you know, black It's the Mega Don, check the stat Ninety-four, fakin no jacks [Chorus 2X] [Profes] Check it out, it's the mutt who rules like King Tut' You rappers suck, it's another Black Fist uppercut All I wish for is blunts and stunts You get played like a dunce, I get props makin mutts Misfits, a bunch of hoods with Knapps, hairs twisted Steppin to my crew, you wouldn't wanna risk it Just listen, I'mma school that ass like the Board of Ed A skin head, with chicken-heads jumpin on my dick head Nuff said, eyes is mad red, mouth full of smoke Blow it out thru my nose, then take another tote I hope, that I could live large like Boss Hogg The cat's out the bag, fuck it, let loose the dogs I'm walkin niggas like a pit, it's the Profes Be on my face, hard like an erect dick [Star] I damage an amateur, clean up styles like janitors Van Clans are canned, they can't understand my slammin stamina I master trash in blastin, ass-rappin This gat-clappin black, attacks the wack actin Approachers, choke from the smoke of snub noses And die, high off highly potent doses of dopeness I posted, roast up these jokers, it's over Quit, I'm rippin off your shit like strip poker Each one, teach one son, but you was taught wrong I swarm, rip four pawns, you're torn, sick thoughts form But if I ever want z's chief, I just repeat No wack styles, count sheep, and go to sleep Black Fist, the Shaolin Click, declares war So move, move muthafucka, what you waitin for? [Chorus 4X] [Outro] Fuck that, blood clot! (Easy, easy, selecta, Black Fist is ours, celestial Any man want some must get after dem) Big shout out, all right Big shout out to all my man lock down Shitty Brown (My man Will) Ah.. Two-Six Mob, my liners Ah.. MZA (L.K.) Ah.. GP Wu Ah.. Barry', ah.. Meth-Tical Boogie, ah.. K.C., yes.. uh.. Meth-Tical! Haha (Chris) Two-Two's All right, all right, Little MZA Uh.. Shaggy, Shaggy, Shaggy.. *fades*


WU-TANG CLAN "Iron Flag"
(feat. Ghostface, RZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard) [RZA] Yo, yo, yo doodododododo, yo psssh yo Yo park the jeep on the street of the Sunset Marquis Autograph signin pads wit a gold tip sharpee Permanent ink blots, I'm drunk from red label scotch While you faggots try to judge my shit like Ed Koch Underground left and right pair surround sound can't be scared Plea the ams radio tapes that he jammed Golden chrome, desert eagle never left at home Flip the track of the beat watch Bobby flip the metronome High voltage, keep my Seed and Wiz well cultured Kill enemies by mailin them the poison glue postage I open or fold ya, Dirty fucked a ogre I leave the cat a book of food stamps used at Krogers The box of evil a fifty sack of that lethal Adjust these boots and bloody cube steaks from Key Food [ODB 4X] Now what party can you go to.. and I ain't there You bitches actin like you don't care [RZA] Yo, wordup... wordup! .. You bitches actin like you don't care You bitches actin like you - YO Razor blade toenails cut holes inside tube socks Gold and platinum fangs unstainable I chew rocks, cybertech digital suit, deflect bullets Black hooded surrounded by forty acres of wooded - land Like my cousin Dusty Dirty-Ass Dan Fucked the daughter of the leader of the Ku Klux Klan Tapes we dub, pound you wit the ace of club Climb your tree to a shub Tongue kiss a lion then kidnap her cub Passin it portrait; my bitch spread eagle wild orchid Pussy so wet, you could fuck it wit a soft tipped dick Tickled her tonsil, you could hear her coughin I don't know if Dirt fucked Mariah, but I'm out to fuck Tyra Starks might fuck Mya [ODB] I'm the pussy vampire I don't wanna work no more I want my own Island while I'm whylin I don't talk, I ain't talk [Chorus 4X (overlaps ODB)] [Ghostface] Yo I'm bent out, three days two nights yo I'm spent out One hell of a cruise New York got they hand out Like I owe somethin, check they stance they frontin I'm two seconds from twistin y'all shit, over nuttin All a sudden ice grills kid you did a baby bid In the mix almost hung yourself slit ya wrists To the maximum, hand me the forty I'll thrash and split out guests who gassed and make Ghost throw his mask on Trama the block pro bar sledge slang ho Runnin from to and sharles some rap and I might blow World cup, son been blessed wit the Stanley Yvonne Lendl autographed racket wit the can key Sideline manuever, polish wax MC remover Niggaz wit long nails cuttin me, leavin bruises Candle lows tied a thousand an y'all froze Came home to dusthead dude, tryin to play me close We've been peaked for years now Liz wants to choppin the kid I might do magic make him disappear Railroad that nigga Isotoner Coca-Cola holder Snatch the granola, sprinkle Ginko Boloba Venom from a cobra, laced in the cum he bore odor Soaked through a strainer here's a doser The King James version this page is like Samson wit effects that'll kill Rogers double O seven Hanna Barbera, heart's the opposite of Bambi the Deer Fuck wit mics like Sonny and Cher Or maybe Captain and Tenneille, Tinactic and golden seal Nice like mister whittendale your girl Chippendale Shallah bridge all up in ya dog dial trench When I snatched that shit was broke shoulda sent ya ass back And where's the key to the hatchback pop that Get in throw a bag full of mice and then respect that [Girl 4X] What party can you go to, and Wu ain't there These niggaz actin like they don't care What party can you go to, and Wu ain't there These hoes actin like they don't care

Ten Toes Tall

Lil Wyte "Doubt Me Now"
[DJ Paul sample] *bustin with that 45 make them bitches back it up, back it up* (repeat 4X) [Verse 1] I'm 5 foot 8, from the Bay, white as fuck and do not play If you want me, come and get me, Fraiser Drive is where I stay Won't you come on down my way, I hope that you ain't afraid You won't even need the numbers cuz we posted every day On the corner or in my front yard where we smoke marijuana Sit back, wait on the police to ride by and stash so we can dog'em Know wha I'm sayin, they can't fade us, so what the fuck you think you gon do? We HCP, clicked up with the rest of the world and yes we deep foo You don't wanna end up an example of what we would to to haters mayne Victimz have said that we bring the pain and witnesses that we all the same I don't wanna stress on otha shit that y'all been constantly questionin Shit that I'm preachin come from people teachin The shit that I remember so deep within And when I get to where I'm gonna be in my successful life I'ma look down at y'all haters in disgrace cuz I done took my flight And when I get ? shine in that stage of my life I'ma make sure all y'all haters remember me and I'm gon allrigh [Chorus] So many haters in this world they wanna see us fall We have no love for none of you bustaz, I said none of y'all I know you see me everyday, I'm posted on the wall I'm gonna continue to mash and always standin ten toes tall So many haters in this world they wanna see us fall We have no love for none of you bustaz, I said none of y'all I know you see me everyday, I'm posted on the wall We gonna continue to mash and always standin ten toes tall BITCH! [Verse 2] Keep'em breathin, leave'em bleedin, boy this is not haters season This the reason for them beefin, all the rest is just not treason I got nina's, I got rifles, I got fully auto's too You get one I will get five and everyone will come for you This the truth, I got problems in my life and that'z a fact But that don't give you one right to jump in my shit and holla back With a different brain, simple thangs, keep me on a different plane Bizness mayne, with pleasure to settle by an open flame Plently change will be excepted, but plus I want the fame Know my name and disrespect it but it will stay the same Down the drain, knowin for me I have to be workin thangz Love the game, wanna retire but when I'm 80 mayne Mary Jane all in my system but yet I still maintain I'm insane, so hard to hide it but still I can't complain I got killaz takin good care of ya, leavin plenty stainz With the shovel I'm gonna bary yo mangled up remainz [Chorus] [Verse 3] Talk about these hatin lil boys, carryin they toys but they small dawg Put yo 22 under my 5-0 cal and I'ma get rawed dawg Ain't no need to stall dawg, I'ma blow up on all y'all Racin across the nation to yo crib, I ?? Now we about to stop, now the road about 2 blockz Reachin yo house wit two glockz, got in yo house wit 2 knockz Came to the door in Reebok's, joggin pants wit no sockz Run up them steps actin like you won't get caught but break them door lockz Situations gettin mixed, ? yo boy got in some shit Crossed the wrong one, he found out he didn't know who he was fuckin wit Wyte, backed up by Triple Six In the next year don't fuck wit this Fraiser, ?, and youngsta, *Hyptonized* is how I'll leave ya bitch Blastin back wit competition, stainin on y'all fuckin hoez Leavin ??? I'm pimpin righ up out the do' Hate me now, hate me later, it's all good I gots to go So many haters up in my world, couldn't count'em on my handz and toez [Chorus]

Rise Of The Machines

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Visions Of Gandhi"
[Mike Tyson] I was gonnna rip his heart out, I'm the best ever I'm the most brutal and most vicious and most ruthless champion there's ever been My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable And I'm just ferocious, I want your heart! I wanna eat your children, praise be to Allah! [Vinnie Paz] They call me Kublain Khan, ready for war with a Ruger 9 I'm ready with a machete for Rudy Giulian I'm ready for anybody who want war Y'all ain't nice with the hands you can't brawl You can't stall, we hold the black horses I'm runnin' up in ya church to smack crosses You lack rawness, you lack passion You couldn't make it through war without rations You just a homosexual; I stick the gay rights movement To meet you and then I'm testin' you Rhymin' 'bout flowers 'n shit And poets on the mic for twenty hours 'n shit I'm housin' ya shit; Shuttin' ya fuckin' mic off Snatch ya fuckin' poetry book and then kick the dyke off Set the fight off, show 'em what real rap is Real rhymes, real beats and real clappers And we blast until cover Make you see murder [C-Murder] like Master P' brother (Yea, what's the deal baby, yea, free Ras Kass, feel me) [Chorus Stoupe]x2 'C'mon, let 'em know it's us when we come on' 'While real MC's and DJ's are a minority' 'Power, down goes another rapper' 'Make way, 'cause here I come' [Ras Kass] Yea, yo, yo, yea, fuck it When I spit it get shitty like the teeth of Mike Bibby Live from nowhere keep the west coast with me like J-Kidd Slay chicks if she pretty, only fugitive you know slay chicks to be Diddy No system electricity, spine the mind with it Tryna go 50/50 with my Billboard's check Like 800 first week, 800,000 the next They put on the cover of the Vibe I just might flex Na, I'm too lazy, with hennessy and hoes But I bench pressed the trigger of a four pound though Hit enemies with rolls for money shows and clothes Fuck bank rolls, I'm yellow gold with incredible flows My homies sellin coke, 'cause nothin' love nobody Said he like the free spirits with slugs to plump your body 'Til you shrug and flop like Vlade Divac Paint picture perfect, inside rockin' the b-bop We not confused, raps the nigga news Each rhyme a 'Minority Report', fuck Tom Cruise Adversity my muse, that's why I make mus-ic Transmit SARS, it's 20 bars as you spit [Chorus Stoupe]x2 'C'mon, let 'em know it's us when we come on' 'While real MC's and DJ's are a minority' 'Power, down goes another rapper' '...Make way, 'cause here I come'

Get It Wet

TWISTA "Adrenaline Rush"
(feat. Ms. Kane) [Verse 1] Dear love I was thinking how I should be starting this mean difference of ways still I can light you like an arsonist put my heart in this particularly funny when we start to kiss, marvelous How I see you in the cut chillin' with your homies gettin' fucked up I got fantasies of you carrying me home I hope you stayin'alone I'm into givin'pleasure echoin' rhythms of my manly moans Don't be playin' me wrong I'm too grown for games, mental manipulation ain't the occupation for the playa you facin I'm strong cuz you see I don't be really quite comin on the same boldly and bodily fluids with every word that 'curs Girl you deserve some herb and company to be with , fuck whoever you were gonna leave with I'm the one you should see shit, I found some love like Adam and Eve shit who you should be with your body I squeeze quick Stick through the sheets are your arms and see don't be alarmed if I make you feel good all over cuz I be droppin the bomb that's cuz I'm in the beyond even though niggaz in the hood is all soldiers You still gonna suffer the consequences defenseless thinkin about becomin my wife if I rock you tonight you be the love of my life cuz I be huggin you like I'm huggin the mike, plus I'm the one thats rubbin' you right And able to stick my tongue up in your navel and lick till you drop even though I like to hit the twat I'm realizin' theres a variation of ways I can get you hot I'm in to learnin' you so pick the spot, I'll get pleasure too but let me hush and let the lust get a check I know you don't want me to hit it yet, but don't act like its a crime cuz it hasn't been committed yet, but baby won't you let me get it what get it wet [chorus:] (get it wet) gimme some tang and alize let me tickle your body, after the party we can pleasure will you come let me (get it wet) let me saturate you body with honey and lick it up stick it up after release and let it rupt' is it enough to (get it wet) try to marinate your mind whats up am I deserving enough just cause we up in the club don't be bogus cause you let me (get it wet) but you be the only one I be thinkin of gimme a hug you got me sprung in love [verse 2 (Ms. Kane)] Last time I heard you was playing with emotions and po' pimpin' all up in the clubs smokin' doves fuckin' hella women Now negro, what's your steelo you want to get with me though them mad at them zeros and lo-dos You ain't no () weed leaves, (huh) pussy fees, (what) lex keys, (damn!) for Ms. kane see a half is for my mommy fuck tommy, he ain't tryin to ask how I'm lookin' smooth head got you right in the bed you need another lover like you need a hole in the head Instead of all this talkin let your tongue do the walkin' on down this clitoris fuckin' with a wild hundreds bitch ain't that some shit guaranteed to get you wet Simple kiss from p.t. lips it won't take a gang of gifts just to hit this come take a little glimpse of these sweet hips when that ass in the air cause an eclipse, on the freak shit What you know about this slick clit, send you in a thang when you feel this bitch run from a virgin sup a 'burban get the derb 'n leave you hurtin certain Steady splurgin' when I'm servin', get you wetter than a persian the X-rated version I'm urgin' but I ain't thinkin' you can get it yet but if you good in a minute you can get it what get it wet [chorus] [verse 3] M, m, m, m, got to be more careful don't hurt 'em girl you sexy when you mad then nigga come hurt me baby with a splash aggression of nana I've never had As I enter the scene with aroma fresh cologne all that carob on flamin' up trippin' while stanky roll on herringbone on gettin' my pose on to the dome strong take a sip of liquor I'm on bone Huggin you like I ain't seen you in so long what's up girl, I execute my unique approach who be the most willin'to learn and try to be like I got some experience if you need a coach Or we can ride tonight and kick it like the homies, who only me and you smoke b's up like a cigarette, till I can only see a silhouette and even though you won't admit it yet I can tell in time you want me to eventually wanna let me get it what get it wet [chorus]

Call Of The Wild

Heltah Skeltah "Magnum Force"
featuring Tha Dogg Pound [Rock] Just understand the whole shit son y'know y'know It's too much doodoo over here there's doodoo over there KnowhatI'msayin? Get with the real from here and the real from there And make it Mo' Better like Blues everywhere YaknowhatI'msayin? Dynamic Duo times two bro [Ruck] Fucking global fucking domination in this rap shit [Rock] Word is Bon Jovi.. Yo, whattup, yo.. you know how me and Ruck go Worldwide Boot Camp with smoke by the truckload Or the West Coast, where they show me tons of love Doc and Tray Deee crackin jokes bout guns n drugs Buggin on this wack rap shit from coast to coast Why not the real from both sides lick and go for broke? No ass Joke, like Buck or Rakim, long arms like Down Syms Snatch up your hoe, fuck her or pass it, it don't mean na-thing [Ruck] What's the deal Pah? I hope shit is peace and love But if it ain't fuck it I'm forced to release these slugs Peep these thugs, Sean Price, MC Most Miraculous When pumped up, I'm forced to jump up punk and smack the shit Act like it can't happen when would I ever let you slide Two fly niggaz becomin victims of whorides You try to avoid my clutches that's when you die News fly fast as fuck on how Ruckus done bruised guys Cornball niggaz screamin, Ruck you on some other shit Mad cause I make music no longer for the love of it What is this? Y'all niggaz is soft like some velvet You get dealt with, a single shot to your pelvis [Rock] Now throw your hands in the air if you feel this here Shit'll bump everywhere because it's real this year From the city of Long Beach to my home Brownsville Cause real recognize real everytime for real [Daz] Who mashes with the craziest niggaz in town? Kill em willingly who got the right to make a sound? My style break blocks corners avenues and drives It's about time to mash in, it's a ride Take you on a mission, be on a mission, I pack the steel Steadily givin these niggaz don't pass these zones limits I live the unusual cruicial life, so pay attention as I come through, for you and your crew It's just a man and his music, I ain't afraid to use I bruise you badly, you want confusion, I mean it's useless to step to this, we in effect we dangerous Contain the mental murderous and ain't afraid to diss We can't quit we can't stop we got to do this shit (do this shit) Cause Heltah Skeltah and this Pound bout to run this shit (run this shit) If you don't know you gotta know you never trust a bitch (never trust a bitch) Game Trump tight, we try to run this shit (run this shit) [Kurupt] Life without money, that's like breathing with no air Prepare, there's no love in warfare Engage, I meet the front page, like Nicholas Cage and get served, front and center stage I'm breakin through, throw up your Teflon barriers And get penetrated, telekinetic superior Hostile, verbal apostle in 3-D Hittin every galaxy, throwin up D.P. [Rock] We in the house, even when we outdoors we in the house with dick in your bitch mouth From here to down South to the Westside, my vocals Test Drive you crazy, the shit I spit'll make a nigga praise me So say OH, you love the real shit frequently OH for Dogg P-O-U-N-D and B-C-C Me, Bummy J and the D-A-Z Dillinger and Ruckus and Kurupt what? We equal fo' bad motherfuckers You want lumps? We got some, worse than that we got guns from hot ones, to legal shotguns, hold up I'm not done Oowops son, and mad Glock 9's, the red dot kind to make a snake hit the bricks like stopsigns, you feel me? [Ruck] At the same time, you can catch me on corners yeah smokin trees hopin these, niggaz don't battle the Ruckus vocally Potentcy, that's what I'm kickin while all you jokers be on some bullshit, niggaz you movin at a slower speed You know it's the, Show After-Party Hotel like Jodeci Make me blow the back out these bitches bangin they ovaries I know you be, on my dick Pah but yo I totally Smack the shit out of any nigga I think that's clonin me [Daz] Now who, wants to be a real dope MC Like Heltah Skeltah and the D-P-G Swervin all through your fuckin town And layin punk motherfuckers down, hah! [Kurupt] Man, these niggaz servin me? I thinks not That's facin a blizzard in a fuckin tanktop I took tricks to New Jerz to Cape Cod You could be adventureous up against tremendous odds And face a poltergeist, I bring it to you nice And have the whole scenery surrounded like the vice Who could it be comin through in all blue? Dogg Pound Gangstaz, number one, number two Never evade the principle, the top principal Up against the top invincible, rhyme assassin I lay the cards on the table, take a pick The wrong choice'll get your whole chest cavity split That's when all the bullshit ceases, this whole frame and format crumble right before his eyes into pieces Fake ass assassin with no heart and no mind No money, no hoes, no flows, and no rhymes Waitin for poetical Satan, creatin slaughters Runnin through camps like Walter Payton I'm all about money makin, and not makin mistakes You're only worth what you create in the garden of snakes Motherfucker [Daz] Yeah, and that's how we do it Heltah Skeltah and Tha Dogg Pound Runnin this motherfucker Yeah!

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