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KING CRIMSON lyrics - The ConstruKction Of Light

Prozakc Blues

Original and similar lyrics
Well, I woke up this morning in a cloud of despair I ran my hand across my head, pulled out a pile of worried hair I went to my physician who was buried in his thoughts he said, 'Son, you've been reading too much Elephant Talk' He said, 'The thing about depression is, well you just can't let it get you down, you have to see the world for what it is: a circus full of freaks and clowns and you'll never please everybody, it's a well established fact', he said, 'I recommend a fifth of Jack and a bottle of Prozac' What can you give a man who has everything can you give him back his edge, can you make him want to sing? No, you can only take from him, and there's nothing he can do I've got the driving me to drink and eat a bottle of Prozac blues Well, I woke up this morning and I shaved of my head by the time I realized what I had done I was already dead I went to see the gatekeeper standing by Heaven's door he said, 'I hope you brought a good supply of... you know'


Be yourself, boys Let's get this show on the road Well I'm up every morning by 6:08 Take the Voltswagon bus up the interstate Feel Charlie Manson just like ... I'm diggin' real hard for some money to spend Well it ain't that bad if the summer's free I got my evenings ... to cruise the scene oh yeah I got a pretty old lady Who rolls back in the morning She don't pressure me about my over time Got a kickin' black chick Who meets me in the alley Sayin' unsnap your jeans, baby I'll take what I find I got non-stop shootem up, on a layaway plan I've got a workman's compensation, I'm a union man *Working at the factoy Gonna get me some of them luxuries Well now me and the boys Machines are making noise Working at the factory (moola) It works like this I got one eye on the time clock I got my other eye on, the girl in the hall I got this ... rocket, hum, stuck right here in my pocket Waitin' for the five o'clock whistle to call I'm the whistle dancer of the production line I got an encour tomarrow at the very same time (*Repeat Chorus 2 times)

Year Of The Cat

AL STEWART "Year Of The Cat"
On a morning from a Bogart movie In a country where they turn back time You go strolling through the crowd like Peter Lorre Contemplating a crime She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running Like a watercolour in the rain Don't bother asking for explanations She'll just tell you that she came In the year of the cat She doesn't give you time for questions As she locks up your arm in hers And you follow 'till your sense of which direction Completely disappears By the blue tiled walls near the market stalls There's a hidden door she leads you to These days, she says, I feel my life Just like a river running through The year of the cat Well, she looks at you so cooly And her eyes shine like the moon in the sea She comes in incense and patchouli So you take her, to find what's waiting inside The year of the cat Well, morning comes and you're still with her And the bus and the tourists are gone And you've thrown away the choice and lost your ticket So you have to stay on But the drum-beat strains of the night remain In the rhythm of the new-born day You know sometimes you're bound to leave her But for now you're going to stay In the year of the cat

Old Shep

Kinky Friedman "From One Good American To Another"
(Clyde ‘Red' Foley, Willis Arthur) When I was a lad and old Shep was a pup Over hills and meadows we'd stray. Just a boy and his dog, we were both full of fun, We grew up together that way. I remember the time by the old swimming hole When I would've drowned beyond doubt. But old Shep was right there, to the rescue he came, He jumped in and helped pull me out. Well, the years passed and rolled and old Shep, he grew old, His eyes they were fast growing dim. Then one day the doctor looked at me and said, “I can't do no more for him, Jim.” With hands that were tremblin', I picked up my gun, I aimed it at Shep's faithful head. But I just couldn't do it, I wanted to run, I wished they would shoot me instead. Well, he crawled to my side and he looked up at me, He laid his old head on my knee. I'd lost the best friend that a boy ever had, I cried so I scarcely could see. Well, old Shep he is gone where the good doggies go, No more with old Shep will I roam. But if dogs have a Heaven, well there's one thing I know, Old Shep has a wonderful home.

Tooting Bec Wreck

Hanoi Rocks "Back to the Mystery City"
People tell me I'm too high when I'm around, And when I'm not I'm closer to the ground Well, I do anything whenever I want, And I want to do it here and now I'm on a one-way street, I can't retreat, 'Cos my mind and I play hide and seek They want to make a problem out of me, 'Cos they want their own problems unseen My mind's a gallery of memories, I reflect the history I'm the sort of case of the human race, That people find hard to face I'm the living wreck, I live in Tooting Bec, I'm the Cosmic Ted spaced out of my head I'm the living wreck, I live in Tooting Bec, And I'm equal to anyone I've met I'm the second door on the third floor, If you've got the key then please unlock me But hey, don't talk to me, I'm not what you see, I'm not here today, I'm miles away It's twice as much reality when you're, Face to face with history Yeah its been a long trip, it made me flip now i'm crawling on your bedroom floor now i'm climbing up your bathroom wall and i search i search in this shit i search for the eternal party is it in my head or is it in my bed? baby, please baby, I said baby is it here or is it there? what? the second door on the the third floor tell me more I'm the living wreck, I live in Tooting Bec, I'm the Cosmic Ted spaced out of my head I'm the living wreck, I live in Tooting Bec, And I'm equal to anyone I've met and I'm better than anyone you've met! I sing la la la la la la la la la well i just got back from the outer space, they call me the Flashing Psychedelic Kid cos i'm spaced out of my head you know it feels so good when i reappear, and its so sad to see yourself disappear, i disappear, when i disappear well its too bad....well, here i go again!

It All Comes Down

Last night I woke I was somewhere sleeping In a strange woman's bed With my head still ringin' Sometimes it's the wicked thunder The wine and women take you under She'll laugh at you and smile at you Leave you to wake and feel it All comes down It All comes down sometimes. Last night I woke I forgot my sweet dreamin' My head against the window Watch the highway lines streamin' And there numberes to go with every place A name to go with every face But never one to call my own Ain't it nice to be a rollin' stone it All comes down. It All comes down sometimes. Last night I woke I heard some woman screamin Wavin' her arms yeah loves me for singing A song to keep it all inside Sing you're so pretty and it's alright The pride and rhythm make it better and bittersweet When love can't keep it All comes down It All comes down sometimes.

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