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KING CRIMSON lyrics - Starless And Bible Black

The Night Watch

Original and similar lyrics
Shine, shine, the light of good works shine The watch before the city gates depicted in their prime That golden light all grimy now Three hundred years have passed The worthy Captain and his squad of troopers standing fast The artist knew their faces well The husbands of his lady friends His creditors and councillors In armour bright, the merchant men Official moments of the guild In poses keen from bygone days The city fathers frozen there Upon the canvas dark with age The smell of paint, a flask of wine And turn those faces all to me The blunderbuss and halberd-shaft And Dutch respectability They make their entrance one by one Defenders of that way of life The redbrick home, the bourgeoisie Guitar lessons for the wife So many years we suffered here Our country racked with Spanish wars Now comes a chance to find ourselves And quiet reigns behind our doors We think about posterity again And so the pride of little men The burghers good and true Still living through the painter's hands Request you all to understand

Let's Get It

P. DIDDY "The Saga Continues"
(feat. G. Dep, Black Rob) [Black Rob - almost mumbling] Attack like a Rottweiler But worse den a Rottweiler Cause da Rottweiler soft [G-Dep] Really, get smacked silly, you get smacked silly Fucking with these niggas from the, what you gonna do When you ready, shit I was born ready, And I was all ready on fish and spaghetti Creep with the culture, rap I can coach ya Attack like a vulture, see what I told ya Said I'd get cha, wear it if it fit ya Y'all thirteen inches, I see the big picture If it's to get richer, I'd probably get wit ya If not burn it, get hot like a furnace Shoot the video, motherfuck city permits We own the city, on the phone with Diddy (*phone sounds*) Red bone pretty, when she get aroused like to suck her own titty Put it in the video Ya wanna holla got to follow nigga here we go Get you ticket, the train, don't miss it Won't reach out, and ya bet I won't visit Till my whole wardrobe is-it, now listen [Chorus] [G-Dep & Black Rob (Puffy)] Make this money Take this money (Let's get it) Ain't no way you can take this from me (Let's get it) Ain't shit funny (uh) Shake it honey (Let's get it) Take it money Now let's get it (Let's get it) [G-Dep] Creep with your people Though my shit is Sweet and Low it's no Equal, front but you lookin Once I throw the hook you proceed to get cookin With the game when the soldiers shit you came, thought that I owed you one Wide big Lincoln, why's this guy on the side for the stinking Watch task force dash forward lookin marveled It's a big chance, big pants, might guard him with my man's type cargo Better learn quick, cause my clique don't argue You ain't my crew, who are you Beat it 'Fore we take off make sure you all seated Billboard read it believe it [Chorus] [G-Dep] Soul Controller, rap Ayatollah Kids hate me when they older I put cracks by the stroller I'm registered voter, motherfuck a quota Give some bakin soda and a quarter Bet I flow straight up out the water I'ma wreck the game til it say out of order Put the high score up, then tear the floor up On the world tour with your whore out in Europe, head on the tour bus Do what them niggaz in the drop thinks cooler All the five quarters, headline supporters, Hitting wives and daughters Brought a neck spray from Estee Lauders Call Puffy to order [P-Diddy] Aiyyo, call me Diddy, I run this city Send the cops, the D.A. and feds to come get me Cats wanna leave me for dead you comin with me Gettin head in the Bentley red at one fifty Straight lose it, love two things my money my music Might co-write and produce it Drop mine, hot 9 exclusive Got y'all Hulkin like Bruce did Cause I can, break backs and stacks it's no problem Make raps and tracks and go Harlem I get worldwide coverage I got so many spots I don't even buy luggage, ya love it Make moves major, hide out in Asia, If your girl keep coming around them I'm a blaze her I'm the Bad Boy flavor, light blue gators NOT GUILTY, plus I'm filthy, c'mon [Chorus] [Black Rob (Puffy)] I be the east side Soprano, Rob Marciano Flow in each channel with the Iverson handle Forty-five sparks turn your day gray flannel Snatch the yay of the mantle, then proceed to dismantle Can't slay Rob How many niggas done tried to play mob, quit they day job Tired of putting broke niggas under the wing If I go to jail again I'm going under the bing Act like you gonna pull that thing thing You the only one that always get stuck for bling bling I represent 'A' block in Sing Sing Almost caught a buck fifty for fuckin a Latin King's queen Moves for paper, booze no chaser Bullets out the blazer four-fifths with laser Come and get your shit splitted, newspapers say I did it (He ain't do it) Now let's get it (Let's get it) [Chorus (x3)]


(feat. DJ Swamp) First thing I remember was lying in the sand When a plague of seven horsemen Came across the desert land They had one good eye between them They were burning up the sky When I asked why they had come for me The ugly one replied He told me Ah, you better recognize Aw, you better recognize, son Next thing I recall well I was hanging from a cliff When an angel came to rescue Me and held me in her grip She said, 'Everyone who's ever loved you Gets hurt in the end.' Then she smiled and said, 'Forgive me.' As she let go of my hand She told me (You been living out of pocket, out of your socket) Ah, you better recognize. (You been leaning like a Pisa, a moaning Lisa) Ah, you better recognize, son (Hip hip for all the busted, we are entrusted) Ah, you better recognize. (You come a pleading, but it's too late We can't hear you're on the list now!) And let your dim light shine. Always darkest before the morning light, Lord knows you ain't that bright Better let your dim light shine Just before I hit the ground I woke up in my bed I was dazed and I was weary And my heart was full of dread When I looked at my reflection I was horrified to find There were seven horsemen next to me The angel close behind They told me (You been living out of pocket, out of the socket) Ah, you better recognize. (You been leaning like a Pisa, a moaning Lisa) Ah, you better recognize, son (Hip hip for all the busted, we are entrusted) Ah, you better recognize. (You come a pleading, but it's too late We can't hear you're on the list now!) And let your dim light shine.

Voodoo Man

JAY ELECTRONICA "Act I: The Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)"
Voodooman, chickenbone chickenbone I can make a thunderstorm from a light rain My ears start ringing, My nose get bloody I feel a lil' bit of pressure on my right brain Intermission transmission Put me in submission Glistening trapped in the light prison whistling The christ told me come closer to the light man I went blind woke up in front of a mic stand Voodoo man, tap dancing in the French Quarter Walking on water with a scroll in my hand The bluerprints for disc shaped like a vessel That was chiseled out of metal Off the coast of Japan Fasting on the top of a mountain I went to postland Saw a shiny object floating out of the ocean I'm sort of like a postman You can get the message if you want to understand From the rap of the man Voodoman, civilised and savage Criticize the parish Spreading false doctrine Terrorise the cleric For carrying on nonsense Specialised lies to paralyse the conscience Voodoman Chit chatter Abracadabra Spitting out matter While I'm shitting out data Mmm, chew em up shitting out rappers Sipping Pelegrino while I'm giving out matches Set yourself on fire Let the wisdom of Elijah Purify ya take a nigga higher Sold your soul to the highest buyer Now you're on a wire Talking about 2-foot tires And you sell crack Clapping at cats with macs But you a liar Pants on fire Same old rugged cross Different crucified messiah

As Good As I Once Was

She said, 'I'e seen you in here before.' I said, 'I've been here a time or two.' She said, 'Hello, my Name is Bobby Jo Meet my twin sister Betty Lou And we're both feeling kinda wild tonight And you're the only cowboy in this place And if you're up for a rodeo We'll put a big Texas smile on Your face' I said, 'Girls,' [Chorus] I ain't as good as I once was I got a few years on me now But there was a time back in my prime When I could really lay it down And if you need some love tonight Then I might have just enough I ain't as good as I once was But I'm as good once as I ever was I still hang out with my best friend dave Ive known him since we were kids at school Last night he Had a few shots Got in a tight spot hustlin' a game of pool With a couple of readneck boys One great Big bad biker man I heard David yell across the room 'Hey buddy, how 'bout a helping hand.' I said, 'Dave,' [Chorus] I ain't as good as I once was My how the years have flown But there was a time back in my prime When I could really hold my own But if you wanna fight tonight Guess thouse boys dont look all that Tough I ain't as good as I once was But I'm as good once as I ever was I used to be hell on wheels Back when I was younger man Now my body says, 'You can't do this boy' But my pride says, 'Oh, yes you can I ain't as good as I once was Thats just the cold hard truth I still throw a few back, talk a little smack When I'm feelin bullet proof So don't double dog dare me now 'Cause I'd have to call your bluff I ain't as good as I once was But I'm as good once as I ever was Maybe not be good as I once was But I'm as good once as I ever was

Nobody Can Freak You

LL COOL J "Phenomenon"
(feat. LeShaun, Keith Sweat) [Intro: LL Cool J, (LeShaun), {Keith Sweat}] C'mon [5x] {Noooooobody} (You wanna do this again) Uh huh, Uh Huh (You sure) Uh huh, Uh huh Keep it right there, yeah [Verse 1: LL Cool J, (LeShaun)] A lime to a lemon, a lemon to a lime C'mon baby, you gotta gimme mine Whatever I do, I'm garaunteed to shine I wanna see if your pony is genuine (Better ride it right, Hi-ho silver to the early light {early light baby} Slow it down a bit, get your face all yet drown in it) No doubt, the opposite of '96 (You turn me on sugar lick your lips) Girlfriend, keep it right there, face down with your hands in the air (Yeeaaahhh!) Watch my rocks What's my M-O (Always hot) As for my flow (It don't stop) Am I good to go (Not my loss) [Hook: Keith Sweat] Nobody can freak me like you Nobody can freak me like you Nobody can freak me like you Nobody can freak me like you [Verse 2: LL Cool J, (LeShaun)] Kitty kat ain't nothin' but skin and bones You could flip it, lick it, or leave it alone You could grip, trick it, to each his own (I'll make your manhood shine like chrome) What, you could work me out (I told you my ex-man turned me out, held me till I melt it down) Pound for pound I could freal 'em out Lover zone (Unplug the phone) You were out when ya mom and I home (Stop, I'll shut you down, round and round, round and round) Work it out now, c'mon, here's your reward All aboard! Word up, you can't get up, I'll leave your black cherry all split up, uh [Hook] [Verse 3: LL Cool J, (LeShaun)] (Ooh all that drama sound real good, love to ride you) Wish you would (Yeah, but you won't call me back, man can't take it when it's squeezed like that I bite back, re-mat, strike that, a real live player won't do me like that) True, what if I strip for you, dance on the bed while you under my leg Would you suck your fingers, start to beg, or would you crawl like a tiger and give me some head Either way you can have it your way (Four play all day) A.K.A. John Mickens, so I won't be trickin' (We doin it, and doin' it, and doin' it well but you ain't gettin' shit till I hear weddin' bells) [Hook (2x)]

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