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KING CRIMSON lyrics - Starless And Bible Black

Starless And Bible Black

Original and similar lyrics
sundown dazzling day gold through my eyes but my eyes turned within only see starless and bible black old friend charity cruel twisted smile and the smile signals emptiness for me starless and bible black ice blue silver sky fades into grey to a grey hope that oh years to be starless and bible black

Black Heart Romance

My Dying Bride "The Dreadful Hours"
You're mine when you're bleeding Divine to the end Bid adieu to your breathing No more pretence I will witness your leaving With tears in my eyes But not for your sleeping Just when you arise The girl you take in you Will now cease to be And the woman within you At last can be free Passions and crime. Your lover and mine Deep came the need. And sweet was her bleed Through purity and through light And the grace of the night We sing and we dance To our black heart romance Hair fall of black. Eyes don't look back Pale skin and cold. Lying in her fold She came, she saw, she took anything she liked My eyes burned with her horror They fell, they screamed, they wept but they died From hands of the abhorrer We are hers when we are bleeding The love that we feel Amourous when she is feeding My heart shen can steal


DON MCLEAN "Favorites And Rarities"
Windows in a silent room , sunlight burns the walls to black Angles and dimensions melt while colors drip and pillows crack Reflections of my memories like pictures pasted on a sheet The ribbon film of separate frames lying curled up at my feet  The film is just a snake design and the photographs are fading fast These are not memories of mine I have no future, no past I've seen a thousand afternoons dissolve into the night Like sugar crystals on a spoon they disappear from sight Gray days from the crispest morning to the warmest afternoon in this room And I like to draw the face I saw so long ago My image in the mirror tells the jagged lines which way to go The black and white description of the sole survivor of the Holocaust All the rest were lost  Do you see this paper face? It has no color or no mood My eyes are ageless, as am I. I need no sleep, I need no food I am a king, but like a child the other children laugh at me Tongues of fire, wagging wild they dance around me merrily  I'll kill them all and if I fail I'll kill whoever I can find Then they'll beg me to be kind My eyes have seen far more than eyes can ever tell This planet plunged through mushroom fires of earthly hell I know that my sweet Jesus said that he'd return But Babylon has fallen and the cities burn


Good Clean Fun "Positively Positive 1998-2002"
Someday you will look back with fear On all the time that you weren't here And at that moment You'll wish you hadn't spent All your book money on beer Your friends are high, your grades are low Couldn't shake a stick at what you know But when it comes to blood alcohol You get a 4.0 Your eyes are red Your lungs are black (you've got the colledge) Stabbed us all right in the back (you've lost the edge) How could you sell out like that (I'll never know) Try to fit in with everyone If you don't drink in the dorms Then you're no fun You swore true til death But you're still young Not even true til twenty-one When you went to school I learned for sure If you aren't now you never were And if you have a single conviction You don't know what it's for Your eyes are red Your lungs are black Stabbed us all right in the back How could you sell out like that To see the bands you never go You don't support the bands You used to know Here's a hint in case you're slow Lollapalooza is not a show You lost the edge and that's not the worst The sad thing is you're not the first Our friendship's done, it really hurts But maybe I could have All of your old shirts Your Wide Awake record and Chung King too They can't be worth that much to you Maybe this is not so bad Because now i own all the things you had More friends of mine could start to drink I could use a new X-watch I think. You swore you'd be edge to eternity But now you're pledging a fraternity Your eyes are red Your lungs are black Stabbed us all right in the back How could you sell out like that

I Love You Forever

JEWEL "Sweet And Wild"
You and I walking slowly Hand in hand Footprints in the sand Watch the wind as it plays Throwing shadows across your face The sky was so blue Your eyes so green The air glittering So sudden, so swift Love came to us Just like a gift I lived here, you lived far away Our lives called us back, no we could not stay With a sad sort of smile you took my hand Said while we're apart you hope I understand that... [Chorus:] You'll be holding me And I'll be holding you Through those long nights My love will be pulling you through When you see the stars Pretend they're my arms When you feel the air That is me kissing you there Say you love me And I will say I love you No distance could ever make that untrue When I'm far away I'll reach through time and space When you hear the wind You'll hear me saying I love you forever Fast forward our love story I still remember that day Her small precious face You stared into her eyes Hypnotized by her smile But your job meant you had to travel But we weren't ready for you to go You held our daughter with a sad sort of smile Said while we're apart I want you to know that... [Repeat Chorus] God forbid there'll come a day When the light in my eyes fades away But from your hearts I will not go No bounds shall my spirit know, cause [Repeat Chorus 2x]


CITY HIGH "City High"
You can say I'm plain Jane, but it's not the same I ain't in to big names, but I like nice things I watch boxing matches and uh football games I wouldn't mind being an actress, but I love to sing I like going out, talking walks and stuff I don't round that many girls cause they talk too much I enjoy quiet nights at home cause I'm next to ya Though I'm ain't a virgin that don't mean I'm having sex with ya Everywhere I go I'm spotted And everything I want I got it 5'5 with brown eyes Smile like the sunrise Everywhere I go I'm spotted And everything I want I got it 5'5 with brown eyes Smile like the sunrise Baby look me in the eyes And tell me ya I'm the kinda girl you like I'm feeling you Cause sweetie you're my kinda guy Thinking about you and I I wanna run with this All night long And if you want me we can keep this going Let me tell you I'm the type that's strong And I don't trust a lot of men I'm independent I'm ain't like some other woman Everywhere I go I'm spotted And everything I want I got it 5'5 with brown eyes Smile like the sunrise Everywhere I go I'm spotted And everything I want I got it 5'5 with brown eyes Smile like the sunrise Ven aqui, Ven aqui Mama Baby girl don't you know you're a star We could take a little trip to mi casa Spend the night popping cris in the hot tub See I ain't never seen no girl like you Every sexy little thing you do 5'5' brown eyes with your thick thighs Every time I see your smile its got me hypnotized Mira (So can I get your number) Mi amor me ama bien Te encantara si quisieras lo tendras (I don't know what you said, but I like it) Dondequiera, soy notada no que quiero lo consigo Y morena, ojos negros Y sonrisa soleada Everywhere I go I'm spotted And everything I want I got it 5'5 with brown eyes Smile like the sunrise [4x] 5'5 with brown eyes sun like the sunrise [2x]

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