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KING CRIMSON lyrics - Starless And Bible Black


Original and similar lyrics
I guess I tried to show you how I'd take the crowd with my guitar And business men would clap their hands And clip another fat cigar And publishers would spread the news And print my music far and wide And all the kids who played the blues Would learn my licks with a bottle neck slide But now it seems the bubble's burst Although you know there was a time When love songs gathered in my head With poetry in every line And strong men strove to hold the doors While with my friends I passed the age When people stomped on dirty floors Before I trod the rock'n'roll stage I'll thank the man who's on the 'phone And if he has the time to spend The problem I'll explain once more And indicate a sum to lend That ten percent is now a joke Maybe thirty, even thirty-five I'll say my daddy's had a stroke He'd have one now, if he only was alive I like the way you look at me You're laughing too down there inside I took my chance and you took yours You crewed my ship, we missed the tide I like the way the music goes There's a few good guys who can play it right I like the way it moves my toes Just say when you want to go and dance all night...

Non-Stop Dancing

THE JAM "In The City"
Non-stop dancing, truly out on the floor Non-stop moving, baby, baby Still you scream out for more We don't care if it rains or shines Cause everything's fine inside, when we're dancing Non-stop dancing I said, non-stop loving, with my girl by my side Everything's just cool, now baby, baby She's the sweetest thing I know I don't even mind guys trying to compete I know our love's as strong as the beat, when we're dancing Non-stop dancing People say we're wasting our time They don't seem to understand Cause when you're dancing all night long It gives you the feeling that you belong Non-stop dancing, I'm truly out of my head But I ain't sleepy, baby, baby You see the dance is my bed Things are really getting wild The kids are screaming for that James Brown style, when we're dancing Non-stop dancing

Suite For 20G

JAMES TAYLOR "Sweet Baby James"
Slipping away, what can I say, won't you stay inside me, month of May? And hold on to me golden days, slipping away. Sunshine on my wall to keep my mind on the things I'm saying. Footsteps in the hall to tell me I've been this way before, nevermore. Let it rain, sweet Mary Jane, let it wash your love down all around me, come inside and put it down, let it rain. I've been trying hard to find a way to let you know that we can make it shine most all the time. This time round I'm searching down to where I used to go, and it's been on my mind to make it shine You can say I wanna be free, I can say someday I will be. You can say I wanna be free, I can say someday I will be. When I catch a common cold, wanna hear a saxophone. When I let the good times roll, baby, slide me a bass trombone Walk me down old Funky Street Lord knows I feel good enough to eat (now) Hold my soul. Now, I'm sure enough fond of my rock 'n roll When I go to sleep at night, wanna hear a slide guitar. When I'm feeling loose and right, go riding in my automobile. Boney Maroney and Peggy Sue, got the rocking pneumonia, got the boogy-woogy flu, hey, hold my soul, said I'm sure enough fond of my rock 'n roll, good God! Looky here, looky here, woo!


Dean Friedman "Dean Freidman"
by Dean Friedman Way on the other side of the Hudson, deep in the bosom of suburbia, I met a young girl, she sang mighty fine, Tears on My Pillow and Ave Maria. Standing by the waterfall in Paramus Park she was working for the Friends-of-BAI She was collecting quarters in a paper cup. She was looking for change and so was I. She was a Jewish girl. I fell in love with her. She wrote her number on the back of my hand. I called her up, I was all out of breath, I said, Come hear me play in my rock and roll band. I took a shower and I put on my best blue jeans. I picked her up in my new VW van. She wore a peasant blouse with nothing underneath. I said, Hi . She said, Yeah, I guess I am. Ariel… We had a little time, we were real hungry. We went to Dairy Queen for something to eat. She had some onion rings. She had a pickle. She forgot to tell me that she didn't eat meat. I had a gig in the American Legion Hall. It was a dance for the Volunteer Ambulance Corp. She was sitting in a corner against the wall. She would smile and I melted all over the floor. Ariel… I took her home with me. We watched some TV, Annette Funicello and some guy going steady. I started fooling around with the vertical hold. We got the munchies and I made some spaghetti. We sat and we talked into the night, while channel 2 was signing off the air. I found the softness of her mouth. We made love to bombs bursting in Arrrrrriel…. Ariel…

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