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KING CRIMSON lyrics - Red

One More Red Nightmare

Original and similar lyrics
Good morning it's 3am in this great roaring city full of garbage eaters ravaging parking spots beneath my plaza window I see cheetah in their tight skins and tired heels all-night hippo in the diner crossing the street swarthy heards of young impala flambastic gibbon even a struggling monza and over there that brilliant head ornament on that Japanese macaque but look closely at the hammerhead hand in hand with the mandrill it's a sight you're unlikely to see anywhere else on the planet... the stench and noise yes yes the howler's resonating repertoire is not too bad when mixed with the more musical twern of the tropical warbler but the impatient taxi blare the squawking elderly ibis and the glass-eye snapper hawking papers I can certainly live without also be cautious of the poisonous boomslang laughter social droppings of the fruit bat and purple queen fish and who's that babbler conversing with a magazine stand? evidently he's getting a good reply... arrive in neurotica through neon heat disease I swear at the swarming heards I sweat the foul terrain I rove the moving scenery I have no fin no wing no stinger no claw no camouflage I have no more to say... Say...isn't that an elephant fish on the corner over there look at that blush baby mud puppy noolbenger rhinoderma marmoset spring peeper shingleback skink siren skate starling sun-gazer spoonbill and suckers they seem to be everywhere well it's a live revue random animal parts now playing nightly right here in neurotica... so long...

Proteck Ya Neck Ii In The Zoo

OL' DIRTY BASTARD "The Return To The 36 Chambers"
(feat. Brooklyn Zu, Sunz of Man) [Ol Dirty Bastard] See let a nigga come through with that bullshit Anytime you pop that shit nigga I'ma tell you you can suck a dick, you can suck a pussy I know, it'll come to what? Say what? Now I'ma let all you motherfuckers know See them knows that this is something you can't fuck Whether you from Brooklyn, whether you from Manhattan Always You from Queens nigga, I don't give a fuck, where you be motherfucker! Where you reside... motherfucker! How you live? How you seeeeeeee... Sort the stack outs, this one's the blackout Three-fifty-seven to your mouth, blaaow!! [Buddah Monk - Brooklyn Zu] Dunn can you hear me? Raw is how I'm inflicting this It's that G type slang that makes this real sickening Ignite my styles I got my hand pon the trigger Starts from the smallest and hits the bigger nigga [Prodigal Sunn - Sunz of Man] Yo, straight actin live about them hellfires A known mental killer, or thriller, assassin of terror The hot bloody fatal mixture of carbonate water Homicidal manslaughter, death is the order start the mission Travel like the speed of wind Through the valley of sin, I step to ville and murdered many man Serving justice in my vicinity [Zu Keeper - Brooklyn Zu] (This is, Brooklyn, Zu!!) Za-za-za, za-za-za Zuh-za-zah, z-zz-zz-z-z-zz-zz-z-dah-duh-dnn-duh [Murdoc - Brooklyn Zu] I get down I get down I crack your fuckin crown Lay around and watch some real niggaz break ground I can't shop cuz every bro blowin up the spot Hit rocks and niggaz know [Killah Priest - Sunz of Man] Yo! Niggaz grab the mic like the bites of a scorpion Nervous, that's why the Zoo brought me in Now bring em forth, like the tortures at the courts Before the case begin, first break me in His brain! And make sure he can't maintain the calmness Ya harmless, watch how I bomb this Stage like, mail, pre hands that be the move Now your Posse is your fuckin Platoon Stale cells, just flows through the air I'm like a ninja, once I send ya down stairs Then I get furious, imperious, the lyricist With the cleverest rhyme Erupt to deduct your fuckin mind [12 O'Clock - Brooklyn Zu] Fuck shit up on the hurry-up Known for burying ducks through more styles than a muck Warning you chump, brain is out for lunch Given the power punch, soon to be paid like Donald Trump Never fall victim to no bitch Jerked my dick, but still got more hoes than a pimp And score more points than Shawn Kemp Keepin powerfully strong like the center on the Knicks Hut one, hut two, hut three, hut!! Ol Dirty Bastard live and uncut (Shame on a nigga who tried to run game on a...) [Shorty Shit Stain - Brooklyn Zu] Got more props than the President My hardcore represent, blowin niggaz back who never had this Cause I'm gifted, so you can get wrapped The shit I'm kickin, send it to your MOMS for Christmas And tell her Shorty Shit Stain sent it Soon to have more green than the Jolly Green Giant Cuz niggaz rap styles just down is aspired You shoulda stayed HOME instead of picking up a microphone But if you wanna run on up, like you TOUGH I call your bluff, and blow you down with my hardcore Stuff, I shine like twenty-four carat [Ol' Dirty Bastard] Roll and stroll with the party scene Nigga wanna know me as Mr. Clean Wza-wza-wza-wza-Wu-Tang, flip the script and Test my skill niggaz, you're trippin Drugged up from sniffin, you're the one who's riffin I'm not Opie, save that old shit for Andy Griffith Start to flip, slip, cuz you're slippin While you sleep I be the God on point, with Scottie Pippen As I, jump on stage, flip rip a show Strip and rip a hoe, wayyy like Bo Jackson while I'm still taxin maxin Relaxin sittin back sellin good tracks and Again and again when I rock the jam WANNA SEE EM UP IN THE AIR! Throw up your hand Introducin, one-man band in town It's wild, with the style couldn't stand nigga When the jump, stepped, to the center Of the rhyme inventor, MC's come at the You get dap slapped, across the MC map Your ass that's your ass, on a whore shot Come on through I black and blue your whole crew Then I get Rudy with the Hong Kong Foo Ol Dirty Bastard, MC killer Money maker, Brooklyn, challenger That I lay down like towel Then I get higher!! [60 Second Assassin - Sunz of Man] Here comes the illlll, type ruffer Style be untouched I'm leavin broken down grammars on the pen Who who what? What brings it? Tighter than your anus Chambers this name is for the deepest trainers Keep it stainless, steel, on time it is the windmill Deadly venom kills, at the last of the Sam's Mill 60 Second, nucleus, attack on your set Hit you with the blast (yo close the door) Shabazz!! [gun blast]

Chrome Wheels

WU-TANG CLAN "Iron Flag"
[Hook: Madame D] Woke up this morning, smoked some sticky green to get me started Choclate thai, all in my eye, I'm never broken-hearted Bang us in ya cars, bang us in ya Jeep, bang that shit retarded [Intro: 12 O'Clock (RZA)] (Bob Digi) Sun Zeini (P. Sunn) 12 O'Clock Two On Da Road on this (12 O'Clock) I love my brother to death (That old hip-hop, catch this) (Hot Nix', you know Big tits) [12 O'Clock] I love my brother to death, nigga pussy to the rest Shared a pair of Guess and an Eddie Bauer vest A bitch named Celeste I met her when I was goin to cash a Def Jam check She had some big ass breasts I had to catch her like a shortstop on the Mets A nigga high off a dime from Gates and Best Remember grandmother live on Louis and Lex I remember Dirt Dog crashed his white Lex I remember me and Meth won a dice game against Ghost and Deck Remember Portland had Clyde Drex' Remember 12 O'Clock is a vet Big Dogs we put 'em to sleep, keep 'em on a leash I move like days in a week Niggaz don't know the face and names on my teeth Niggaz carry a cold piece, and separate the heat Ain't scared of the motherfuckin police [RZA] Yo, yo Guns jammed up, I'm cramed up in my lab Six niggaz, six bitches, two fifths and eight bags One toilet, three weedheads, an alcoholic And two niggaz hooked on pussy And in the corner, was this brother who would study his lessons And learned how operate the Smith and the Wesson Still cut class and played hookey Threw freshmens in garbage cans, gave 'em nookies Rolled the, back of the bus with a gun in his socks Big forehead, had ears like Spock He was mightier than a truckload of gats And bound to make a bitch cum in six minutes flat [Raekwon] What up kid Stay livin Seen you look good, you look live in ya linen And you survived ninth innin The hood got us off the prop without women All my niggaz that ride that provide to the end of this [Madame D] Ain't nothin but the real, yeah Ain't nothin but the real Ain't nothin but the real, yeah Million dollar deals, rollin on Chrome Wheels [Prodical] Yeah, uh-huh, yeah (Ain't nothin but the real) This one's on P. Sunn, word up Yeah, uh-huh We gamble the dice, remain humble, scramble through the jungle of life While the we rumble with the foul and trife Shots fired on the block in threes like Glen Rice Made men think twice about the sacrifice Black on white, write it for the world to hear Write it for my fam who not here who do care Glance and stare, why when you can't compare From the bottom of my feet to the end of my hair Move rear, cop the blue steel bare, groove to the snare Bass and drums, see my face in the slums Pedia Brown, media surround my sound When you see me in the hood of ya town, respect my sound Sample with black, criminal, mechanical rap Assemblin hat, laced in a suit from Phat Two On Da Road, got them bitches screamin, Who Dat Two with the plaques, two with the gats, it's like that [Hook] [Madame D] Two On Da Road, Bobby Digital He's a gangsta, yeah No, no, no, no, no, no Live it up, live it up Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no [Hook] [Outro: Prodical *over Madame D's singing*] Bang us in ya Jeeps Shaolin! Bobby Digital Uh-huh, Sunn who Yeah Haha! Yeah! Get that money y'all Get that money y'all Get that money y'all Shout in pain Uh-huh, yeah Weed blazin, cocoa hazin, cocoa hazin


A lonely mother gazing out of her window Staring at a son that she just can't touch If at any time he's in a jam, she'll be by his side But he doesn't realize he hurts her so much But all the praying just ain't helping at all 'cause he can't seem to keep His self out of trouble so he goes out and he makes his money The best way he knows how another body laying cold in the gutter, listen to me 1-Don't go chasing waterfalls Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all But I think you're moving too fast Little precious has a natural obsession For temptation but he just can't see She gives him loving that his body can't handle But all he can say is baby it's good to me One day he goes and takes a glimpse in the mirror But he doesn't recognize his own face His health is fading and he doesn't know why 3 letters took him to his final resting place y'all don't hear me? (rpt 1) I see a rainbow yesterday, but too many storms Have come and gone leavin' a trace of not Good-given ray, is it because my life is ten Shades of gray, I pray all ten fade away Seldom praise Him for the sunny days And like His promise is true only my faith can undo The many chances I blew to bring my life to anew Clear blue and unconditional skies have dried the tears from my eyes No more lonely cri endurin' pain that it keeps 'em in the pourin' rain Who's to bl a shame you shoot and aim for someone else's brain You claim the insane and name his day in time For fallin' prey to crime, I say the system Got you victim to your own mind Dreams are hopeless aspirations in hopes Of comin' true, believe in yourself The rest is up to me and you

Feel Good

Ain't no more sunshine Just rain and cold suffering Generations born to die with their eyes wide open The clock strikes The wrong rights The mob rules The second armageddon igniting the lit fuse No turning back Every soldier's on point Ready to die The confrontation's coming ready or not It's on again It's time to say your prayers again It's not the end Just the beginning of the end [Chorus:] (Is it hard?) Yeah I can hold it down like that! (Is it real?) Yeah you know I break it down like that! (Is it rough?) Don't even try to front like that! I'm on fire baby A big dog will hunt like that! Another day Another busta wanna battle me Another mama crying Now here baby is a casualty I'm ready nigga Slice like a machete nigga Confetti nigga Never spend it on Betty nigga I hit and run Never stressin' to look back When I look back I think about the love I never had Then I wake up I get fucked up and I get even Approach you from the front But in your back a knife I'm leaving (Is it hard?) Yeah I can hold it down like that! (Is it real?) Yeah you know I break it down like that! (Is it rough?) Baby don't even try to front like that! I'm on fire girl A nigga will hunt like that! The sky is falling I don't care (I just want to feel good) Her train's leaving She don't care (She just wants to feel good) The world's dying We don't care (We just want to feel good) It's all over We don't care! (We just want to feel good) [Spoken:] Haha hey, let me get some of that Jack Daniels' Let me check out some of that porno dog Let me hit that joint No, no, no, no, no, no don't take em' off Don't take em' off Leave em' on, leave em' on I like that shit Now roll and light that shit And get on with this shit! No, we can't compromise like that! No, we can't conform like that! I'm saying fuck you and fuck the norm like that! Revolt and transform like that Make a difference Have a motherfuckin' impact It won't stop raining It's flooding The revelation was all true You drew first blood Jesus is coming to take you Coming to break you Make you just like new Satan's laughing Spreads his wings and gets a new tattoo A new platinum chain A new pinky ring The Rolex, the Benz, the huggy bear pimp thing Nigga it's midnight Never forget where you come from Keep your mouth shut Back the fuck up Watch what you doin' Punk! Bitch! Motherfucker! [Repeat Chorus]

Elevators (Me You)

Verse One: Andre One for the money yes uhh two for the show A couple of years ago on Headland and Delowe Was the start of somethin good Where me and my nigga rodes the MARTA, through the hood Just tryin ta find that hookup Now everyday we look up at the ceiling Watchin ceiling fans go around tryin ta catch that feelin off instrumental, had my pencil, and plus my paper We caught the 86 Lithonia headed to Decatur Writing rhymes tryin ta find our spot off in that light Light off in that spot, known that we could rock Doin the hole in the wall clubs, this shit here must stop Like freeze, we makin the crowd move but we not makin no G's And that's a nono Verse Two: Big Boi Yeah, uhh, check it Ahh one two, ahh one two doe, niggaz in the Cadillac they call us went from Player's Ball to ballers Puttin the South up on the map was like Little Rock to bangin Niggaz say motherfuck that playin, they payin We stay in layin vo-cals, locals done made it with them big boys up in dis industry, Outkast yea dem niggaz they makin big noise Over a million sold to this day, niggaz they take it lightly Ninety-six gon be that year that all y'all playa haters can bite me ...around this bitch Chorus: repeat 2X Me and you, your momma and your cousin too Rollin down the strip on vogues Comin up slammin Cadillac doz (doors) Verse Three: Big Boi Back in the day when I was younger, hunger Lookin to fill me belly with that Rally's, bullshit, pull shit off like it was supposed to be pulled Full as a tick I was, stoned like white boys Smokin them white golds before them blunts got krunk, chunky asses passes gettin thrown like Hail Mary's and they lookin like Halle Berry So so fine, intertwined, but we ain't sippin wine We's just chillin, I'm the rabid villain, and I'm so high Smokin freely, me Lil B, Greet, Mon and Shug And my little brother James, thangs changed in the hood where I live at, them rats know, mama I want to sing but Mama I want to trick, and mama I'm suckin dick, now We movin on up in da world like elevators Me and the crew we pimps like eighty-two Me and you like Tony Toni Tone Like this Eastpointe and we gone Chorus Verse Four: Andre Got stopped at the mall the other day Heard a call from the other way that I just came from, some nigga was sayin somethin talkin bout 'Hey man, you remember me from school?' smoke some Naw not really but he kept smilin like a clown facial expression lookin silly And he kept askin me, what kind of car you drive, I know you paid I know y'all got buku of hoes from all them songs that y'all done made And I replied that I had been goin through tha same thing that he had True I got more fans than the average man but not enough loot to last me to the end of the week, I live by the beat like you live check to check If you don't move yo' foot then I don't eat, so we like neck to neck Yes we done come a long way like them Slim ass cigarettes from Virginia, this ain't gon stop so we just gonna continue Chorus

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