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KING CRIMSON lyrics - Beat

The Howler

Original and similar lyrics
Here is the angel of the world's desire Placed on trial To hide in shrouded alley sihouettes With cigarette coiled To stike at passing voices Dark and suspect Here is the howling ire Here is the sacred face of rendevous In subway sour Whose grand delusions prey like intellect In lunatic minds Intent and focused on The long thin matches To light the howling fire... No, no, not me, Burn, I don't wanna burn.....

A Cigarette Is All You Get

CRASH TEST DUMMIES "Give Yourself A Hand"
I'm all freaked out I'm all tweaked out I'm being chased by insects And I wanna eat my cigarettes I can't hang out I'm all strung out I've got to grab me by the throat I've got to herd me like a goat A cigarette is all you get So hold your fire, don't light it yet I'm all mixed up I gotta fix me up I wanna pull my tongue out And turn my nostrils inside out I'm all dried up I'm all fried up I wanna burn things now and then If I've been talkin' to businessmen A cigarette is all you get So hold your fire, don't light it yet I'm all shook up I wanna get hooked up I wanna listen to Elvis I wanna shake my pelvis I wanna take the train downtown I wanna hear some Junior Brown I wanna move my groovy hips I wanna bite my shaky lips A cigarette is all you get So hold your fire, don't light it yet

I'll Buy You A Bird

Guided By Voices "Etc."
I heard you what the problem is I didn't hear you both You're coming through Like weird electric jive Bumming your role I'm playing your role Will you love me come Saturday Yeah I know it's too hard to plan it And will the attachment stay attachted Until destroyed by a match Watch it burn a light in the night Watch it burn a light in the night Fire cleanses a soul Fire cleanses a spirit But I don't wanna hear it Through a box with wires I wanna taste it with my own two eyes Burn baby burn Burn baby burn baby burn baby burn

The Nile

SANTANA "Viva Santana!"
The Nile (Music/ Lyrics: Carlos Santana, Alexander J. Ligertwood, Gregg Rolie) Woke up into a dream And I was walking Up and down the streets Of Cairo And then I heard a voice That said I know you It's time for you to turn And face me Her hair was long Her eyes reached out and touched me She said I know just What it is you're after Death is all around you So you look for freedom I know where to find it Let's go to the river We sailed upon the Nile I was enchanted By the beauty in her magic She showed me that my fears were unimportant And then she touched me With her vision Her skin was dark Her voice was liquid fire She said I am your mate And soul's desire Love is all around you Light is deep within you Life is always flowing Let's go down the river

Burn The Cross Of Lie

Sinn "The 666 X Murder Project"
Standing in a holy light words full of promises But your sermons never will erase your lies Preacher of illusions hands raised up to the sky Serpent in heaven angel with devil eyes Rape of the mind roberry of the innocence The price to pay for a piece of eden Empty minds praying on an altar of straw As vultures set the dream on fire You’ re wrong you know i’ m right Your smile is cold and your eyes still lie On the road of the slavery faith The hord of the ramblers is endlessly And your fear his livelyhood He says no dream without fear Life is a long way to loneliness Who needs a guide calls my name I’ ll show you the way Give you the strenght Let me be your instigator Prophet’s my name Preacher of the end of the world Death the only solution For a resurection Burn the cross of lie


GRITS "Dichomtomy A"
Let the fire burn Let the fire roar Bouncin back and fourth the beat Gettin angel wings to soar High Let the fire burn Let the fire roar Bouncin back and fourth the beat Gettin angel wings to soar High I gotta hit it and submit it to it Let the flame consume me Control me that i would listen to it Glisten while its christen the rhymes to break precision through it Lines paintin vision through it Lives resurected through it Game real respected for it And thats why we so true with it And aint gon' never be through wit it Why we so hot but cool wit it So fresh so clean so new wit it So let the fire burn Let the fire roar Fill your body baby trust me you'll be comin back for more Black for no more Thirst for no thing A hurt for no pain A lust for no man or woman not yours And thats the truth man Hundred-Fifty proof man Swig some and get dumb so you can get high, so high See ya favor whats your big behavior Flash across the screen It inflict the flavor, cherish and embrace every moments labor Consiencly our conquest Aimlessly they goin and soakin on their bong says This foolishness and nonsense We barely scratch the surface wit no purpose About a thousand times surround with countless minds And path they lives is worthless We poke our noses with them boys close We curious to see whats goin down with doors closed Figure out they morse code They box up they emotions cause commotions beyond They act like big fish in a pond But really rocks in the ocean Voted I show the score in '94 and we clear the floor More as we soar Angel wings till we reach the core where fires burn

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