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KIM WILDE lyrics - Kim Wilde

Our Town

Original and similar lyrics
This is your town, this is my place This is where my whole world is lived in Nothing much, and just out of reach of all the city lights It's a high town, it's a low town It's get here, come on you grow town No-one does, but everyone thinks they're gonna make it soon This is one place I respected Now I feel it's really dejected No-one cares and the people just stare And a man on the box says Hey you, don't walk away, vote for me You'll get more pay, keep working hard But they work slow Here it comes now, Sunday morning Just another sleepy town yawning Down below everything looks just like another day But, in the warm glow of the sunrise There's a child who's searching with young eyes Looking 'round and feeling inside he's gonna fly away There was one time I was leaving But the folks around me kept grieving Friends said go, but my dad said no And my mum kept saying Don't go, don't go away Don't leave us, you've got to stay Just raise them kids, oh mother no No prospects, just projects Don't try to tell me we're living There's no real need to try Can't you see this town gonna die Hail the new age, it's a rat cage Join the place for breeding dumb spieces All stacked up and doing whatever someone tells you to Burn the place down, make it dead ground Show the people just what they're missing Wake up, wake up, can't you believe in what I'm telling you There's a house where I was born in Now it's changed without any warning Cranes just crash and bricks just smash While a billboard's saying Let's go, let's get away Come fly me, you've weeks to pay When sunshine calls, but I won't go This is our town

They Don't See

Earth Wind And Fire "Last Days Time"
M. Davis They don't see what ya are to me Guiding light for all to see Saw a man the other day Said he was givin' up his babe Gonna turn his back on god Make his day twice as hard People say I'm a fool But can I really be Say it really was white misery Protestant, and Catholic, Arabs and the Jews Gonna turn your back on God But is it really true Woman on the corner She brings tears to my eyes I really hate to see people ruinin' their lives Well I'm readin' the news Ain't nothin' changed, ain't nothin' new Pain comes down like the fallin' rain But you saw it and don't feel the same When ya love, love with all your heart From the very start...


Shawn Mullins "Up All Night"
Lullaby She grew up with the children of the stars in the Hollywood hills and the boulevard Her parents threw big parties, everyone was there They hung out with folks like Dennis Hopper, Bob Seger, Sonny and Cher Now, she feels safe in the bar on Fairfax And from the stage I can tell that She can't let go and she can't relax And just before she hangs her head to cry I sing to her a lullaby, I sing everything's gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye She still lives with her mom outside the city Down that street about a half a mile And all her friends tell her she's so pretty But she'd be a whole lot prettier if she smiled once in a while 'Cause even her smile looks like a frown She's seen her share of devils in this angel town But, everything's gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye I told her I ain't so sure about this place It's hard to play a gig in this town and keep a straight face Seems like everyone here's got a plan It's kind of like Nashville with a tan But, everything's gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye Everything's gonna be all right Rockabye, rockabye

Typical Town

Dean Friedman "Songs For Grownups"
by Dean Friedman Typical family in a typical town, Chasing our dreams with the top rolled down. Drive to the supermarket, travel up and down the aisles, past cereal boxes for miles and miles and miles. Stand in line at the register, looking through the magazines, At Julia Roberts and all them beauty queens, And UFO's in the USA and sightings of Bigfoot, Madonna and Elvis and JFK. I know we're not alone. It's the same old story. This place we call our home. It's a typical town. And we're a typical family. Typical family in a typical town, Dress up our kids in hand-me-downs. Drive 'em to little league after school, Dance class, piano lessons, teach them to swim in the neighbor's pool. Pick up the paper, bringin' in the mail, Sort through the bills and the half-price discount sales. All we ever fight about is money and sex. Just hire a babysitter and take your honey to the cineplex. I know we're not alone. It's the same old story. This place we call our home. It's a typical town. And we're a typical family. Settle down for supper, kick off your shoes. Tuna surprise and the evening news. Help them with their homework, spend some time with your kids. Play some video games and send them to bed with a goodnight kiss. Peace and quiet at the end of the day. Turn on the TV and wash your cares away. All the wars and floods and assorted tragedies. Just thank god it didn't happen to you or me. I know we're not alone. It's the same old story. This place we call our home. It's a typical town. And we're a typical family.

A Town Called Jubilee

ELTON JOHN "The Diving Board"
Lily pulled a horseshoe from a pile of junk Said "I'm gonna keep this good luck Piece of iron inside my truck" The boy just whispered "OK" And grabbed his old black dog As we piled on in and cut out through That late November fog Dull as a ploughshare rusting in the yard Old Cotton grinned and waved goodbye While the auctioneers all played cards On every other Sunday I'd walk down to Moe's and back Eat a t-bone steak, watch a picture show, For a dollar and a half [Chorus:] Come on little sister get up offa my knee Gonna settle down someday In a town called Jubilee Come on brother Jake Break on out and a break free Gonna set things right and set up a house In a town called Jubilee That fog came out of nowhere Short of what I can tell Hand to hand we passed that bucket Up and down from the well "Gone to California" Used to be what folks would say Down around these parts if it was me I'd have hoped that west bound stage [Chorus] One less hallelujah A little less sympathy Lily and Jake, the old black dog A pinewood box, a rocking horse All gone to Jubilee [Chorus]

Fighting On The Stairs

I'm living out in the old house And fighting on the stairs And staring at the windows Breeze blowing through the years But if I don't get out of this town Then something is gonna break 'Cause I gotta find my own way now Through this thick malaise Well I don't know where else I can turn now Makes me often wonder when are we gonna learn You're wearing too much make-up Going to the dance And you're looking over my way now But some people out there take a chance But your glow in this light is so becoming now If I don't get out of this town Something's gonna break I'm waiting to find my high/house soon And rummage through the age Sometimes it feels like we don't stand a chance And we go, we go with something pure in our hearts

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