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Killarmy lyrics - Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars


Original and similar lyrics
We gon do it like this, do it like this, word Check it out yo, yo, yo Chorus: (2x) Through difficult times it's hard to maintain Lookin for the shelter that blocks out the rain Stress and pain could leave a mark on the brain But one thing's for sure black God remains [Beretta 9] Through difficult times lots of unexpected My pops disapproves cause I wanna make records But check it, my home life for second, I feel neglected I bounce the first chance I get, I stop to think a second I wreck it, damn I'm gonna need a place to sleep No major CREAM I call up the God Supreme I analyse, I'm plannin up a strategy Fuck a fantasy I'm dealin with reality Mentality that's wilder than the average cat I snatch a CREAM and sell a nigga's candlewax I hit the tracks, I hold cycle with my brothers All is understood, peace lies amongst each other But meanwhile, I maintain to keep the same I smoke a bone every now and then to ease the pain But through the struggle I know that only God remains Chorus (2x) [Shogun Assasson] The streets is bugged Seein young soldiers pedal drugs by the pound The scheme is to catch CREAM at a fast rate Start movin the product from state to state Lay up and watch the profits inflate Now you're a big time hustler, full time heavyweight contender But you must remember That your thoughts must be cold just like December Stay low key so you won't catch a case Throws comin in from the fiends who smoke base Madman clientele, see your apartment start to swell The last thing on your mind is a jail cell You're blind, all you see is money Lost in the illusion of luxury It's a shame, you're in the game for the fame and the name So spin the wheel of misfortune I heard with the sling that escorts ya Now your life is in jeopardy Because you the brothers that's livin in the army Chorus (2x) Keep calm and don't expose and weak points We'll all line up and fight together I say, we must all stay together as a single unit *continues on beginning of next track*


Last Emperor
[Verse One] Being righteous is my career and conflict is just a job risk No stoppin this when I build rhymes like an Egytptian obalisk Watch me get down in your Provincetown or populace Cause my life rhyme is Prime posess the matrix like Optimus Now you'll get framed like a diploma in your spiritual coma I'ma black Moor like Othello but I won't die for Desdemona Older diamond studded mic walk on a stage of solid marble Leave the flyest MC's startled in ? like Captain Marvel Are you, aware of the fact that I left mankind devastated? And they still look for the blueprints of the monuments that I've created See the Gods live, don't compare my hard drive to your floppy disk Chicago to Gotham City, New York to Metropolis From city streets to Athens, Greece from the pyramids to the Acropolis My final resting place will be a solid gold sarcophagus But what I can't understand is how these foolish humans use the mic to their advantage And get lost like the City of Atlantis Your a long way from Kansas, and this is more than just black chrome You gotta be fresh, yes, and never talk in no wack tone Cause once I got you in my attack zone You could click your heels three times like Dorothy and couldn't get back home So, drop the mic and save those wack rhymes for later Cause my battles leave more Broken Arrows than Christian Slater May the, force be with you It's true nothing in life is coincidental The Emperor is monumental Chorus: Monumental For mortal men who pretend they never knew me Monumental For these MC's, thinkin that they can do me Monumental For the simple things in life that suit me The dead ancestors that speak through me Monumental *repeat* [Verse Two] Break a one-niner, its the democratic socialist rhymer On stage I keep out invaders like the Great Wall of China My style transcends where the divine starts and man ends Understand friends, colleagues, comrades, companions Los campaneros who wreck stone temples like pharaohs Searchin Americans, La Batista, Ralph Bandalero The empire builders must construct societies Thats the difference between my spirit and the man that deceives The imperial to the masses, imperialistic fashions Titaniums and plastics, alkalines and acids From the cradle to the casket fantastic stories are told Stolen maps are sold leading to hidden cities of gold Hold your ancient artform sacred, let not the 85(%) forsake it Hitler's armies saw it in 1945 and tried to take it Infiltrate it and break it, no substitutes nor replacements I've got a Stargate leading to other dimensions in my basement Honesty, energies of the mind are designed to empower spaceships My crew builds on politial science and international relations Feed off sunlight when the Earth grows void of vegetation Attack the U.N. like the Klingons did the United Federation Fully operational, mobile, global and intercontinental The Emperor is truly monumental Chorus [Verse Three] When worlds collide and are destroyed by earthquakes and tremors What I build serves as a culture for generations to remember From the cold-hearted to the tender, any ethnicity or gender Slaves to a higher power, you gave freedom when you surrender Bend your steel low, save that gangster talk for Quentin Tarantino I gets deeper than those 20,000 Leagues on Captain Nemo's So, abort the mission or get played out of position Never let technology overrider this oral tradition I'ma rather odd man, here to carry out the God's plan While you try to be larger, I stay camouflaged like Tarzan I don't rhyme just to cash checks, but to create new aspects Blacks and Latinos are really, Kemites and Aztecs Some voices got trouble, some voices got base The Emperor's got the voice that be all up in your face Now some MC's drop one single and vanish without a trace Call me Lord Vader, the baddest black man in outer space Mechanically rhyme prone, any MC or time zone Hard rock get broken up into small pieces of limestone To put it plainly modern forms of psychology can't explain me There's no man-made religion that can't contain me See I realized that in the mind is where each man must build his holy temple Now thats the true meaning of monumental Chorus

Yes Yes Y'all

WILL SMITH "Big Willie Style"
Intro: Sonny Cheba yes at the start of the new jiggyness with the Trackmasters Camp Lo and Willie gon' give it to ya know what I mean lot of macoronis here check it out for all the tenderonis ah ha ha like chatchy and joni Verse 1: Will Smith lights camera action the hip-hop attraction Fresh Priggy John Bliggy player haters been hatin' all my playin' for years now they seein' they worst fears as I bathe in cheers parades and accolades all shades and ages it's me the outrageous my zeal contageous the smile inspirator Aspen to Grenada one of the only mc's to say cheese with Scharwtzenegger everywhere I go they know me Planet Hollywood in Paris accidently spilt a drink upon they ?? truth of the matter I've been loungin' livin' it up givin' it up in monopulate surrondings been around the world and I-yi-yi ain't seen enough of this fly-yi-yi my attitude pervasive my effervensence bringing you back to the essence with the... Chours: Will Smith/Camp Lo yes yes y'all and ya don't stop mic check y'all and ya don't quit repeat 2X Verse 2: Will Smith verse two 'bout to slay you worst than the first verse packin' my purse but yo without one curse I survive in rarified air where only few can live thoughts in my brain like that train in the fugitive I pledge allegiance to the soul of the game stepped away as Fresh Prince came back with my real name a rose by any other still beautifies the room so don't get consumed when a brother's known to gloom it's amantics but yo it's really good to be back never racing the rap just lacing the track not sarendipadee with me it was a plan b 'bout to have an oscar standin' next to my grammiesss plural mucho no need to talk though I'm a just do so I'm comin' at ya with the smoothest slickness behold the style lick of this kickin'... Chorus Verse 3: Will Smith a GQ cover twice this brother's nice vanity fair you saw me there I discovered life outside of rap got the cream and all that but kinda left a void in me you can't keep runnin' in and out of my life said my mic aight pump your radio you could record as they place my welcome mat at the music awards coming throgh America tinted in high beams rose petals at my feet like I'm Prince Akeem so to all you player haters while y'all sayin' y'all rhyme please stop sayin' Jada cause that name's mine I rocked the Philly fade with the divin' waves yes yallin' till I'm bald like Issac Hayes bad eyes or greys back pain or bad legs I'm a get better with age trust Chorus

I Love You, Love Me

Ben Lummis
There was a time in my life when I didnt know what i could be,ohh and I was hanging out it circles,it wasnt good for me,yeah then a miracle from high above gave me one more chance, there is no words from A to Z that can explain what you mean to me, you set me free,my baby CHORUS and if you want me to i'll follow you to the end of the world, and if you ask me to i'll be there by your side, to the end of time, come rain or come shine my answer will be cos' I love you,love me and if you want me to i'll find a way to bring you the stars, i'll build a castle up on jupiter or mars to the end of time, u'll always be mine together we'll see, cos' i love you,love me There is no longer any shadows hanging over me, you turn my life around, and i'm living bas happy as i can be in the eveining when i close my eyes your always in my dreams and from the moment you hold me I know i'll never be lonely, you are the one and the only my baby,baby CHORUS and when you touch me with your thoughts I feel it in me An emotion that takes me higher and a passion that follows no one can doubt im closer to heaven and im in the zone CHORUS X2


ARCHIVE "Londinium"
Chorus : Face in my hands admiring view again Pictures tell me it's only my fear So I'll try, I'll try to hear what I like And I'll try to hide what I fear Ever moving over to the way I wanna be Attract an energy Past time stored in my memory As we are struggling to make sense of human nature Distraction like a fairground attraction Communication interacts like we So reason over remedy ready me infinitely But lately I admit hard times have hit But still I like knowing I'll break through it The fluid flows the seed grows and life goes on And the fight goes on in this the Babylon we carry on Surviving striving taking everyday wtaching time go by And I tangle with stress feel strain from stress Man made hell yes in a recess less I be mistaken I be taking all the ways life heralding the hark I embark like a light in the dark Define definition in my focus Living in a romm over the fear side view I am surrounded bu the border of disorder So I oughta be stable and able to lift my hand and take an Opportunity sinking down into quicksand time Another number never I endeavour like time is forever Expanding imaterila is the original principle Now the icon is God, Sad case in the rat race Erasing all the memory of something that they can't quite comprehend I end a line to the live wire with my entire trickle down lava flow blood fire I attack with my brain seeing eye vision Looking over my terrain day by day stay same In the land of chaos and disorder Living behind the light we're surrounded by a border In the dark room. ( Repeat Chorus )

Psalm 23

Cross Movement
Chorus: The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want · He gave me life so I'mma stay on point · I've got the Spirit so I don't get drunk · We're pumpin' Jesus in your trunk. · Verse 1: There goes the bell well it's on word is bond now I'm rippin' it · Fillin' cups up with living water, got you sippin' it · I be the one that serves you dinner from the Scriptures · You may or may not be a sucker, but I'm gonna get ya · Hit ya with the word of God that's how we rock the nation · You hear it and catch the Spirit of intoxication · Drunk in the Spirit's how my whole crew puts it · Look at us walk the straight and narrow and avoid the crooked · Ruff and tough, with out the afro puff, · It's the supernatural stuff , all about His blood like we're Dracula · With spectacular spiritual vernacular · Like the concept of the hypostatic union comin' smack-atcha · I know it's deep and when you peep you'll find it's dense · Jesus both God and man 200% · Toss it, nah, we take the good news and floss it · So the world thinks we drink or mentally we've lost it · It's not that in fact it's just the opposite we're droppin' it · Fully cognoscente He rules ain't no stoppin' it · So like a vulture we swarm on your head · The holy culture who be droppin' bombs on your head · We're glad when pagans label us as madmen · Cause we're the will be's for the Christ, not has beens · Life's no joke so even if you fight hard · You'll drown in your sin if you don't meet Christ the life guard · You kick a different stroke like Willis and Arnold · In warfare you'll be steppin' but your weapons won't be carnal · But of course it's divine to pull down a fortress · Repaint the picture of Christ and make Him gorgeous · The Lord just rocks me---huh---what can I say · Sin, that's a price a rapper can't pay. · · ¦ Repeat Chorus ¦ · Verse 2: Man is used to seeing Jesus in His lamb ness · But they don't understand this Lamb is running every single planet · More than just a Lamb this is more than just a man dyin' · From Zion, behold the resurrected King, the Lion · Check the majesty, bad as He is we happily · Go down to the ground without being forced to by gravity · We're glad to be prostrate, bowed down is my state · Without pape's I'm still richer than milk chocolate · You can ask the Jews about the power of Yahweh · And if He gets busy like a rush hour highway · So much so they'll have a feast in a moment · From the unleavened bread to the feast of atonement · Amazing, check out the flag that we're raisin' · Man enough to be caught standin' up praisin' · Jesus the I Am, cause my man's creation · Should all be giving up a standing ovation. · · ¦ Repeat Chorus ¦

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