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Killarmy lyrics - Dirty Weaponry


Original and similar lyrics
Killa Arm 9-8 this L.P.'s a banga yeah [Chorus] Yo, Killarmy in ya Galaxy in ya continent in ya state in ya city take'em to war throw ya grenade this shit is gritty rollin' tanks, carry shanks while ya'll niggaz shoot blanks livin' gun powder roll black down dealin' wit ranks Yo, Killarmy in ya Galaxy in ya continent in ya state in ya city take'em to war throw ya grenade this shit is gritty [Verse 1] Yo, What's the sign's on ya crab ass niggaz out here in this rap shit turning this shit into some fuckin' after shit step into my chamber I hang ya like a stranger out tah dry with the mic cord rapped around your neck like 2 times design to leave you breathless to the pointt where you past out flat lined simple mined ass cats get ya fingers snap back outta place (what) and dislocated reaching for that mic device kid I'm Nice [Verse 2] Yo, We never timid break the street limit state laws and glass jars and fake malls, burst pause we take jobs wiseguys who want a prize guy we snatch mics bitch right turn out the light mathamatics strikes a site make me pull my fist tight we wild every night bump shoulders clubs over night crips start to fight wnet to Santalaw pulled out the dialog bashed his dome with the smearin' off now he scramin' off razor sharp face off killarmy cut, pushin' through like what always housted up double edge leave you with a buck fifty three nigga [Chorus] [Verse 3] Terrorist arch nemesis this is my testament eternal life is through the mind the 1st element the 1st to settle it the 1st to pull the medal the 1st to defeat the devil the 1st to take it to that level feel the valume ajust the levels enjoy the treble, the 1st and last rebel crush a stone into a pebble they be trackin' holy water baptise my rhyme is sort of ice mentora mental explorer my guardly aura star bright light up your life like night light heard you wanna fight return ya ass twice mental and physycal [Verse 4] Yo, the last star fighter Princelton soldier northern exposer built with Noah easy adtic aposer mic feel the black thrower to retrieve renagade anroid seek and destroy any man ??? paranoid ??? time zone at 1751 we bury a 100 course of rome prince of dogs is cloned lyrical arthritus contain this to the bone my rhyme battle star galactica terrorist star detector scarfaces are mass discourage weak lyricist are perish I ??? courage physical fight ??? package razor blazes so sharp to slice ya eyelashes rap is gossip while I speak gospel like teachers crisis with the apstols the mind and matter people to the science smother Mc with a pillow livin' dying science [Chorus 1.5X]

I'm Out Deah

[Black Thought] Uhh.. the molecular mass of that rhythmic ass grass is organic hip-hop jazz that you are all about to witness Groovy units check it owwwwt.. The nappy cat, Black Thought, digs the NasteeFatJazz Artifacts and cardiac cerebral action Retro is my Roots for my peoples with the plats and braids are twist clean, cuts or fros beneath the hats and do the dance, does I boogie backs to relax -- I does Concentrate, it's not be natural as the grass Hail the exit-in and let's begin yo take a dip and soul I spill the normal knot yo kid I got that for your ass Slips and I drips like butta Melodic mad noise if you dig it peace to ya If not, catch a lift to the level of my mental for a smidgen of my spirit just a little dab'll do ya Your butts to the cuts dig the buds of my killa Rememberin the hot, dolla parties of the cellar I'm deep, ghetto child of some chocolate, complected groovy head to toe, plus crazy cooler than vanilla I catch a slap five from my man, that's my mellow Unique style I speak be the goods that I petal I'm stoned blam, to the known, known around the city of Philly that's my home, for makin wack rappers settle It bein that I'm blem, kid I kicks, in the mix Rhythm be the quick, fix from the sticks of my Brother A lot of kids, diss these days I'm not amazed cause I pays no, mind and lift the roof off the, mutha Just because I'm out deah I say peace to all my peoples who be out deah To hip cats and nappy sweets you're crazy out deah Just like my Foreign Objects because you're out deah Just like that sister ? you know you're out deah Just like the man, Manifest, you know you're out deah Just like my cousin Shawn G, you're crazy out deah To Butterfly like dat, you know you're out deah to get up out! Brainiac, Black's the mind, color funk, fuse the gut I catch the what's when I kick it Mysterious the maker of the raps crazy naps so I lacks the cut, and got a fro but can't pick it C-Not's my nigga knows the news of the nappy cats Crowns and kicks, and how it ease the mind Yo freak freak ya don't ya don't stop Cause The Roots got the body rock shit with the twist for your spine, bring it back, UHH! Fat is my flow that's fluidic The critics ain't with it, then their domes is beneath We be the Funk, Four mind as one umm, Crumbs umm he told us peace, it was against his beliefs We couldn't live with him cool, with that out we gon' sprout the record of The Roots to show my attitude is out I'm on some crazy linear shit, takin a hit during my set to let, these niggaz know what I'm about I'm all about the funk, that's relaxed for your state of mind Snaps is cool, if layin back is the ever The unity of Bootsee's grin, growin, cause the juice began as just deuce, groovy flaves that taste, blam together I likes that, so doin Bobby Mick, ain't ridic', to this In fact, that's the pen, hey yo direct from The Tunnels Never Never via satellite Here comes The Roots, now dig the shits I said To all my peoples, cause I'm out deah Just like the group The Rhythmic Tricks because you're out deah And the group The Soul Plants yeah you're out deah Just like I said, Remedy is crazy out deah To ? and Tin-Tin, I think you're out deah And to my son whose name is Crumbs you know you're out deah I'm Black Thought to the beat and yo I'm out deah And yo my group is called The Roots because we're out deah to get up out Uhh, abstract organic artistry Thought is he, that I be Gravity does not hold me down As I rise from the ground into sound Melting browns drip like wax Building blocks, nappy cat Blazes acts, filling facts Mental sax, sweet mental sax Sweet mental horn, taking the physical form of a storm of abnorm-ality, re-ality's lo-cality, vo-cality, low calorie NOT I got the fat shit y'all I got the fat shit y'all I got the fat shit y'all I got the fat, shit, y'all..

Fuck The Police

Yeah, this for my brother, tony tight, dead prez, fuck the police. You couldn't ever understand how my mind ticks. I'm on some old school crime shit where niggas hold hold tools and keep the dimes lit. ain't no rules when these iron shots is thrown. The guns heat burns through your flesh, straight to the bone. I reach for the budda sess and zone. I'll prolly have a future of stress, stay depressed, and be alone. But, as far as the present time it's on. I represent mine til i return to the essence and I'm dead and gone. Nobody wanna be broke and you neither. Put me on the corner watch me catch a quick case of c.r.e.a.m. Fever. If you be poppin' shit my niggas wont believe ya. Prolly punch you in the face and take your wallet when we see ya. But, son it gets deeper. I'm runnin' wit a clique thats 'bout a hundred by the grim reaper. To all my niggas in the man keeper: let your situation be a teacher. Ain't nothin' like an education. When I was locked down i learned about patience and dedication and not say shit unless you need a motherfuckin' face lift. And as a youth i was an outcast. Runnin' round with pellet guns playin' war. But, now it's all about cash. Say no more. I keep it raw, keep a gun. I'll go to hell with a slug in my jaw before i obey they law. And, love it ain't no secret, my previous lifestyle: juvenile delinquent. Devious night prowl was frequent, creepin'. Reach for your shit? Don't even think it. Nigga get slick and try to cock it. Unless you want your face shot drop it. Crime rule the world and ain't a Jake that can stop it. I'm caught up, caught up in the mix and shit, and I ain't tryin' to hear shit. My crew got cats to get. Blast you wit the pistol, if I have to. In my mind its all about cash in the fistfuls . I'm caught up in the mix and shit, and I ain't tryin' to hear shit. My crew got cats to get. Blast you wit the pistol, if I have to. In my mind its all about cash in the fistfuls. Fuck the police(fuck the police), yeah fuck the police(fuck the police), uh fuck the police(fuck the police) I'm a no-meat-eatin', vegetarian, revolutionary people army...yeah, yeah I hold the weed to long when I be thinkin' bout my mom, and all this things gone wrong in the past, and what we do for this cold hard cash. Nowadays it seems like we age fast in dog years, like 7 to 1. Though i was born back in 72 I'm still young. When i speak dun i speak it for millions of children, and tax payin' black kids who never say they prayers. Blame it on the governments and mayors, 'cause the pimps and players. With the tracks on they arms as old as I am. Watch what you be doin' 'cause they see you through the skycam. Power means the man who controls the land. He hold the key to selling drug paraphernalia and contraband. Its something like pushin' narcotics. Cigarettes and tar products. Some people say you cant trust an addict, but I believe that life is a habit, and thats why we teachin' our seeds how to load an automatic. I walk with my gun;I love it like my first son. It protects me and makes sure the Jakes respect me. I walk with my gun;I love it like my first son. It protects me and makes sure the Jakes respect me. Put the whole bag in the dutch, its never too much.

Life's A Scheme

Buddha Monk "Prophecy"
[Intro: Buddha Monk] There are eight million stories in the naked city, choose one... Yo, it's time for a change, yo All our babies is dyin from AIDS Children are in the hospital cuz their moms beat them in broad day on the streets We got to change y'all That's how it's goin for you so here it goes, c'mon now [Chorus x4: Buddha Monk] Life's a scheme, it's all about the cream Gotta get over life and fulfill ya dreams [Buddha Monk] I grew up on the streets, where shit was somethin terrible Drug dealers, gun slingers and fuckin rebels They was out to get knees to feed seeds Takin mad g's, killin their own breed Heartless to this game to get a gold chain Never thinkin who they killed, skin was the same It's too lazy to realize what you've done Here lays the brother's dead victim's son Things break out and kids start fallin When yo' kid is shot, these three Gods will start callin You lost your foes and you lost your soul So ya hide up in ya house cuz ya thinkin it's the gold Ah, now it's too late, they see you down that block Aimin at that head with two nines, never glocks So take up and take heed my friend because now is the time, your life will now end cuz... [Chorus x4] [Buddha Monk] As I stand on the corners with my friends, drinkin gin Waitin for another nigga to commit a sin Ah, there he goes, just walkin down the block Thinkin that he's hot cuz his glock rock knots Sprayin up shit cuz he thinks he's the man Robbin and stealin from the niggaz in his Clan He's trife, when he ignite, he socks light he put seven of my friends in the past life Yo, I'm tired of the shit that he's done Let me call the Gods and get the gitchy gun (Blaow! Blaow Blaow! Blaow!) Light chunks spray all over the place (AHHHH!) I seen the brother's face, put gun to his face [Chorus x4] [Buddha Monk] Yo, next on the menu, from here we continue A fifteen year old girl who wants to feed a fuckin kin too She had big tits, long dress with slits and every nigga on the block just wanted to dip But what they caught was bad ways and bad decisions That was one thing that the bitch forgot to mention Late in the hall, sex on the wall She's havin mad fun, you catchin clams on ya balls It doesn't matter to this type of trick cuz she knew she burnt niggaz, had a gun with two clips She laid and prayed cuz the rent wasn't paid Till finally, one day the bitch caught the germ AIDS Now she feels that she shouldn't have done it To my fuckin niggaz, please weight ya fuckin garments [Chorus x4]

Wake-Up Call

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
[Aesop Rock] Wake up, wake up Ayo Percee P, it's time to wake these kids up [Percee P] Word up Aesop Rock, they'd better take their fingers off pause and hit record [Aesop Rock] Is you fat cats or lab rats? Trails tell my steppin got em sweatin flashbacks I played a part of minesweeper, plunking sneakers in my sunken city Defunct, and apparently examinin' famine, I'm a Volatile strobe while your blind spot swallows the globe Sing to the track and think back When I was a boy I employed styles exhausted By every lost child at present Normally I drill pillars of normalcy You're cordially invited to accompany me In rotations of the tables to label the opposition As I choose, refusing to evolve with the cold Rapidly dissolved my involvement in a solvent of soul and roll back Brain trip the Beta weights, trap for the slaughter Like livestock infected with anthrax On my call a pack or clan snaps, collapsed was the mandatory maze Where the bluest ribbons yield the glory days Desire on the opposite circuit and glorious days Is glorious hazes of gray spun through my array of operation Slave to idiot box revalations And wrapped tightly in a practice with my colleagues and slackers 20,000 league nappers and the swelling increases Once the mortar hit the pestle your whole vessel fell to pieces And I laughed, I laughed for me and my starving art family I laughed tangibly, your failures ampin me to vamp fresh My mic stabs white flags and drags trembling, Devil skin-wearers through the terrors of compliance Once the day turns night, senoritas suck the woody like termites And wonder how they got labeled dick-hungry damsels in distress The all new and improved poetically portable Aesop Rock Available in stores with my, highly suggested parental discretion 99 brilliant new dimensions, bust it [Percee P] I'm not your average man bragging, toe or hand tagging 50 grand bagging, pants sagging, trigger nigga on the bandwagon Huh, I know this nigga named Rickey his girl Nikki want to get with me Says "Stick me just a quickie, lick me and leave a hickie" I stick instead of tricking bread in this chickenheads One look and said I ain't shit in bed, she must be licking lead You'd better let your gods recognize the Rhyme Inspector hides And never sweat them lies about me haters check your eyes One verse, lung burst, as I done first Guns, slums, hearse don't stun Perce, where I'm from's worse (sucker) My new cuts are hot, bodies chewed up a lot Then flew up the block to a cipher, blew up the spot Stacks of rhymes, ain't a match for mines, tracks and shine Leave you back in time and I'll be there still ain't at my prime I'm a stab your face in, trial and shit is wild I turn the dial, niggas stealing my style I should file for reparations

Once Sent From The Golden Hall

AMON AMARTH "Once Sent From The Golden Hall"
Rumbling thunder cracks the sky And rain starts pouring down Lightning strikes a cold bright light Upon the blooddrenched ground The sword play is hard And many falls Steel bites sharp in bflesh And upon a mountain Towering tall Stands the messengers of death Five horsemen in armour bright Waiting in the flashing light Looking down upon the field Where Vikings fight with axe and shield On stallions black as night With eyes burning red They ride with thunder to the fight Deliverance of certain death A warcry loud as hHeimdall'shorne Echoes across the land Enemies who hear it freeze to the bone Friends of doom proudly stands They ride faster than the wind With lightning speed they strike Black ravens follow where they've been To feed from those died With power they vield their swords As they ride down fleeing men Sending them to Hel's dark court To never come back again The warriors ride once more To the mountain from which they came Once sent by the Gods to war And they never return in shame

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