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Welcome To Chicago, Motherf***er

Original and similar lyrics
yeah it's 4am in a speeding car OD'd on X and G but what are you on? turn up the radio welcome to chicago, motherf***er. on the top of the sears tower i tongue kissed a coke-fiend at the afterhours she turned up the radio said, let's get out of control. i wanna blow shit up, and never come down. never come down welcome to chicago, motherf***er. i ran after you cos later i might be dead this jello shot i think went straight to my head oh, this isn't moscow oh, this isn't tokyo we are invinsible panic! panic!


P. DIDDY "Forever"
[Puff Daddy In Child's Voice] Uncle Puffy Can you read us a bedtime story, please Huh Please [Puff Daddy] Alright check this out right here Woke up smoked up, broked up What I had left and rolled up, lit it Had a shorty that I brought home, hit it Sent her on her way, I got no time today (Yo, I'mma call you next week, aight) With all this work I got no time to play (OK) Cash come and go, and I want mine to stay Alot of these fake cats won't mind the day I get an unfair play, then the stairway That's why I'm like TWA, the airway Niggas wantin' to believe what they heard through hear-say Hopin', but forget it Check the mail, it's a letter from jail, from Hoboken I open and I read it, it said [G-Dep] What da deal son It's ya nigga Teals in the field, and it's real son I'mma have to steal one Caught up on the run with a gun Can't walk with it down then you can't conceal one What to do I dont' know if ya knew, that kid, True Up in 1-2-2, he plottin' to get you I hear he's due You just do what need doin' Let's not forget these niggas could bleed too , one [Puffy] OK, good Those cats don't keep it real as they should Heard they don't pay good Stand around all day wishin' they could But this green fufills they dreams They ain't a team Answering machine on screen Phone rings, it was Arlene from Queens Head was mean, had a head for schemes Told her she get head to see me But she play her hand proper, nothin' can stop her [Female] Hey yo, what up Playboy I'm out in Saint Croix With sun cats that say they real But they toys I heard ya doin' it though And you in the flow Some niggas wanna ruin ya show What up, yo Whathchu want a rich shot up on his block Or I could leave him in his bed dead, with his dick robbed [Puffy] Na Boo, I'mma show you how I do Just hit me when you get up top But come on through (Aight) Now I'm doin' inventory Guns, clips, vest, bullets So when I pull it, it's the end of story Leadin' my men to glory Then get shorty to hold a pound for me I know she down for me Yeah, sneak up on 'em like a car thief These niggas mad cause it's my party And my Benz is wide-bodied Despise me, like the feds despise Ghotti That I kill for a hobby and lay in your lobby So try me, go 'head and take a bite Might as well say good night Try to put me in the dark, I don't take it light Now if it's wrong, make it right Not tommorow, tonight They barkin', I know the bite Jumped in the B-N-Z Niggas gonna see the E-N-D fuckin' with me See, I knew he was a snake out the ground Make me wanna call my man rock and break out the hounds Take it to the pier where you can't make out the sounds Thoughts in my head goin' 'round, it's goin' down Pull up to his block, I'mma put it to his knock But, I don't see him, wouldn't wanna be in town Ride around for a minute Thinkin' 'bout the pain that Hell brings Interrupted by a cell ring Yeah yeah [Female] Hey Boo come and get me, I'm here [Puffy] Where [Female] Teterboro Give me a few It was like I flew But it felt kinda strange, it was like I knew Pulled up around 2, late like I do With the urge to bug She gave me a nervous hug And when I heard the slugs What I saw in the blur was thugs Tryin' to soak my fur with blood Dropped to the curb and ducked Pulled out the fifth, duck behind a car Like How I'm gon' get out this shit These niggas don't know what they about to get A one way ticket to Hell in my gun jail Bust my gun at three and one fell The other two, waitin' to see what I'mma do [G-Dep] Hope you brought your arms Cuz you're gonna need 'em to hold me [Puffy] Peeped around the car slowly Then I let 'em have the whole wheat Man there's six million ways to die And you chose me, but I'm an OG And in the distance is police I'm still bustin', tryin' to kill something And I can't hide the fact that I peeled something I feel this thing, like in a minute I won't feel a thing The two cats jumped in the blue Ac' I fired one shot, they fired two back They murked off in the night I get them fools back, man they ain't seen the last of me But I'm bleeding rapidly Shot up in the stomach and that wasn't how it had to be Heartbeat failin', car alarm wailin' Couldn't walk straight then the firearm failed Now I'm thinkin' how this bitch played me Then I faded


Del The Funky Homosapien
KURIOUS: (Talking) Oh man. Bitches man bitches! Sick tired a this shit. You know what I'm sayin'? Want my money talkin' shit don't know how to act phuckin' tired man. FPhuck'm I gonna do man? Have to put a foot up your ass? Phuckin' tired of it man. Phuckin' buy you this buy you that Phuck that shit! Kurious aint havin' it. Know what I'm sayin'? DEL: Boo boo head boo boo head, boo boo head I want you dead I want you bled bleeding needing medical assistance, resistance ya kiss meant nuthin' you was bluffin' stuffin' my brain with insane thoughts notions most intelligent people freak you because they'll know you'll give ya all give up your drawls flap ya jaws lyin' have me cryin' I'll admit it someone before musta shitted down your neck boo boo head but can you be dead? with fled instead of the murda I'll just tell everybody what I heard of word up. [CHORUS:] D: All a this over boo boo heads, K: All a this, all a this... Back in elementary school you made me drool I was cool rules were never broken a token, of our friendship all my friends flippin' somersaults the fault was not yours of course, they didn't know, yo grils was yucky clear 'round get slapped like a puck-y but you never said 'Phuck me' that wasn't in the pictua I couldn't hit ya with ya hair braids and the games we played were fun till one day a friend said, 'Boo boo heads turn red, in the face when you place ya hands on her ass in class, and give a spank a banka full of fun at recess, and be fresh.' OK, I'll try it and die if she does but she did and turned around and socked me like Rocky I feel like a heel for real but now I'm older and told ya to keel over cause now it's different no innocence and women sprints the way you sway to the forces of evil and we will bust that ass fast and quickly I dig G's disrespectin' rep now it's when they shit's come bobbin' brothers try and rob another and I'll rub ya the wrong way let the song play, [CHORUS] [BRIDGE] Ooh, I wanna smack you mack you attack you even if you black you get no slack sue, call a lawyer boy, ya never knew ya crew is on a mission every weekend freakin' kissin' with other van ya man lets turn the sands in the hourglass and your power lasts less guess take a gander I slander ya name spread propaganda and I demand ya ta stop hop on a train before pain'll be ya middle name in the game of love happiness yes, I caressed ya flesh but if you test ya caught out there without a vest mess around and you can rest I found a new boo boo baby, maybe I can crave the one that saves thee reputation, ya'll lets face it ya basin' smokin', leavin' niggas broken open but I scope in to ya brain gain remain clues ya use for protection now who's next in... [CHORUS]

Fuck You

Fuck you,, Muthaf***er wanna be A clown of the town ah Bow down get ready For another round Turn me up I'm fed up with Your sh*t yeah F*** that sh*t I never wanna quit I never wanna Split this joint With my microphone I got to turn psycho When I'm all alone I got to take the zone Like I'm Al Capone Yeah what now Never leave your dog a bone Life is a beautiful thing uh-huh One mistake another pain That it brings So love is like a song That you sing They go together like A queen and a king So where you Gonna run, huh? Where you gonna hide yeah Every minute every second I'll be f***in' With your mind Break it down Now you better think Everything in this world Will just make you sink So call me a freak Yeah tell me I'm sick I don't give a f*** Suck my d*ck I rock those Who take blows Everyone knows That life what It's just the way That it goes CHORUS: F*** you And shake What momma gave you F*** you You gotta do What you gotta do (x4) Falling away I've been falling away I want to say Get the f*** out Of my way (x2) Let it rip you 'Cause I'm coming through I'm speaking all the words That are right for you I die for you 'Cause I fight for you But you never give a f*** So I lie to you I'm the lyricist So don't mess with this Yo burn this place Like an arsonist I come like this Do I make you twist yo Never talk peace When you can't resist So let me take you To another level Like a rebel advocated By thousands of devils Kill this, kill that F*** this, f*** that Too many people dying Motherf***er better stop that I ignite like a fuse when I turn on the news Too many F***ed up motherf***ers Try to use and abuse Nobody wins Everybody will lose Never turn your back You gotta pay your dues So what Repeat chorus


(feat. Raekwon, Cappadonna) [Interlude] (, You know they're killers themselves,People die for them. You know, guys that I fooled with were killers themselves These are the men who lead the crime families of America. I control 26,000 men. Except for dope, we operate in all aspects of organized crime. And if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that drugs destroy your mind. And destroy your home. In the end it'll only lead our country into ruin)..... [GHOSTFACE KILLAH] We eat fish, tossed salads and make rap ballads The biochemical slang lord'll throw the arrows in the dope fiend Vocal chords switch laser beams my triple sevens Broke the slot machines out in Queens, Grey Poupon is rebel on rap Smack on, swing like batons, most want niggas smoked like Hilshire Farms Check the gun we sew, underneath my shoe lies the tap That attract bow-legged bitches with wide horse gaps In steel mills iron he'll smoke the blow on Duns You run heroins, Primatine mist is afraid of my lungs Turn my channel, it'll blow your whole bench off the panel Like 80 roman candles that backfired then slammed you Every day is like a video shoot, check this shit I take you back to Playboy, stash guns and whips Picture afro, big shish-ka-bobs and daishikis 1000 civil marched blazed their fists in early sixties [CAPPADONNA] Now check this one, you must have been stupid to miss this one 'Donna shogunnin' flip a ton of fashion Destination be the cash when I step past one Don't make me blast one, I'm cold like eskimo flow Cappadonna stay chillin' take shots of penicillin Clean out and let the steam out, she fiend to blow out But I'm equipped with mad white, Morris The Rap got nine lives I'll take a few hundred-thousand dollar dives and then I still never go down Until the last round I shine, when RZA do his thing motherfucka, I'ma do mine [RAEKWON] Now, where I come from cats be carryin' Marryin' drug money Fuck up your wife, get four to life, claim we handling Midtown niggers scramblin', moving examine the fly shit Plus quick to buy shit Chef, yeah, you know the whole gods Asterick, Fidel Castro suits plus depositin' cash rule big time Play it like Canadian wine, RZA 's the rhyme now, the sacredness of one's true mind Now let's get colorful like money green High roller coaster, Sosa, million dollar nigger roaster Yeah, GOD, be havin' my whole steez laced now let's wrap our tapes, connect dots aim Glocks train style, Figaro fly jewel Tri-color Cubans swervin we'll pow with Germans in Suburbans 24 niggas with vests's on, my own restaurant Dons sendin' my sons membership forms They still gettin' this paper scraper Fake haters from Jamaica, wizards be passin like Lakers And if you comin' from Lex, Lewis, Rich Liberace Fetus style and block your goals like hockey....


Please, let me off the Terror Wheel. Shut up, bitch! Looks like it's nighty night time (gunshots). Only some of you won't be waking up. Ahahahah. As for the rest of you, sit back, put on your PJs and nighties while the story entitled 'Out'. What the fuck is up?! I'm in haughhh! And Violent J is finna tell a story So sit your ass down Shut the fuck up And get stoned, motherfucker Well, I'm waking up so early, cuz I knew this day would come My daddy's passed out with an empty bottle of rum Although she's been gone long, I do not miss my mother And he's a sorry fuck, so there's nothing in the cupboard My little brother's starving, hungry and sick Cuz ain't nobody coming by the house giving free shit So we gettin' kinda skinny and my brother's almost dead Got no other chose but for milk and bread Stepped out the house for the first time in two years Cuz my neighbor hood, it ain't really good Lay up in my bedroom night after night I hear screams, zombies shooting and looting But now here I am and I'm walking down Jefferson With a bag of money back, I don't understand How the world can be full of so many evil doers I can hear em underneath me in the sewers Keep seeing shit out the corner of my eyes Steady looking over my back, I didn't realize Where I was goin, I didn't wanna bother anybody Accidentally stepped on a dead body Hey motherfucker, watch where the fuck you're goin I might be dead, but I'll kick your ass So I apologized but he still had to talk shit So I stepped over his face and kept walking And this is the part of my story that gets really scary Had to walk alone down Military I can see the crackheads hiding in the trees Looking for some change, looking for some brains Everything seemed to quiet as I walked down the block Until I got hit with a rock..................................... Can't really tell I musta been out for quite a while Cuz when I woke up my nanny coat was outta style And the crackheads took my money backs in a dash And ripped off my arm in the process But fuck that shit, I still gots another hand So I can still get the shit for my little man And I'm a walk with my nuts hanging out I ain't scared, but this is where it gets weird Factories, toxic waste, and chemicals They have strange affects on the animals In my neighborhood, and some get a lot bigger Like the giant rat that jumped on my back I'm running like a maniac all through the ghetto zone And it's steady taking bites out my nug bone Wrestlin around, found his tail, so I straight bit it Then it ripped off my leg and broke with it Tried to catch up, but I couldn't move quick enough This little trip to the store straight fucking me up But that's okay, cuz the store's straight down the block .....So I hop And it seems all wrong as I look up in the sky I see the vultures waiting on me to die But I made it to the store so fuck all you hoes Be bout the sign..hmm, closed Picked up a mailbox, threw it threw the wall Cuz I'm a get my shit so fuck all y'all Took a loaf of bread and a carton of the shelf Even took a Faygo, two-liter for myself Walked out the store like a G that's when I heard The click-click sound of a boss bird The store owner he didn't like a be-anee That's why he didn't see a problem with buckin me Blew my motherfucking head off my shoulders Didn't say nothing, get buck buckin But I got say, I made it home in a heart beat Nobody fucks with a head rollin down the street Now I think about it, I was full man leaving out Now I'm a head with a loaf of bread in my mouth Bouncing up the stair, I knock on the door with my chin Eh, yo, little man, won't ya let me in You best believe it was good to see my little brother Eh, you forgot the milk, you dumb motherfucker! Locked the door behind me cuz I'm back on route Back to the store....and I'm out

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