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Kid Capri lyrics - Soundtrack to the Streets

Do Or Die

Original and similar lyrics
(Play) It's the P-l-a-y, just here to say hi Askin you may I, tell you 'bout the day I Picked up a microphone, a pad and a pen The legend of the Tramp begins The party host with the most giving you a dose, see Needing instructions, so listen closely Two lines form, and make sure you step soon Fellas at the backdoor, girls by the bedroom The name is Play, don't dare play me cheap The microphone is a broom and I'ma sweep ya Off your feet with feelings that you never felt Another notch in the belt It's no secret, I like to freak with the best of them Then head to the stage in a test of men And when it's done and said and said and done Play's gonna be the victorious one (Play) Yeah Dope, ain't it? Ha-ha, I know (Kid) Man, gimme that mic! (Play) Oh, you want some of this? (Kid) Yo, it's my turn (Play) Yeah, go for yours (Kid) Anything you can do, I can do better I can do anything better than you (Play) No you can't (Kid) Yes I can (Play) No you can't (Kid) Yes I can (Play) No you can't (Kid) Yes I can Yes I can (Kid) I'm never fessin, possessin the tools that it takes to rock I think it's time for the new kid on the block With a style that's wild yet so unique I can't be stopped from reachin my peak Because givin my all and all, that's how I gotta live It's my prerogative, so you know I gotta give More for the dancefloor and I'ma give brain sore Kids revin and buzzin just like a chainsaw I make em say: Damn man, that Kid, he's a grand man Cause I bust a handstand on American Bandstand With these I please with ease and make your mind freeze Straight out the 80s right into the 90s Givin you the highs and lows like a drama And if the mic's got juice you know I'ma Keep whalin, you know I have you starin a while Because the Kid's much more than hair and a smile (Kid) Ha-ha There it is, the hype shit (Play) Oh, I see Think you all that now? (Kid) Yup And then some (Play) Alright, bust it (Play) Anything you can do, I can do better I can do anything better than you (Kid) No you can't (Play) Yes I can (Kid) No you can't (Play) Yes I can (Kid) No you can't (Play) Yes I can Yes I can, boy (Play) It's my party and I rhyme if I want to Be careful and don't you step to the front to Diss, cause I'ma dismiss with a death kiss And make you sorry that you ever stepped to this Microphone wizard, so come on, place your bet Is it gonna be me or Eraserhead? Why put your money on a sorry old poor thing When you can get behind a sure thing And that's me, the capital P on the hype tip One false move and you'll get your ass whipped Just tell me how the rhymes and the cuts sound You won't start feelin the pain till you touch ground Boy, you're goin way out, I'm ready to serve you If you can stay out pass your pop's curfew Look at him, already a has-been Let Uncle Play say a rhyme that'll tuck your ass in (Play) Huh Am I paid or what? (Kid) Man, you livin some kind of foul (Play) Crazy (Kid) Alright, two can play at this game (Kid) Anything you can do, I can do better I can do anything better than you (Play) No you can't (Kid) Yes I can (Play) No you can't (Kid) Yes I can (Play) No you can't (Kid) Yes I can Once again.. (Kid) The boy's blowin smoke 'bout what he wanna be But it isn't and wasn't and it ain't never gonna be Possible, cause I got lots of pull And when you rhyme - ooh, there's lots of bull When it comes time to step to a mic I don't sit around Play, you know I don't Kid around So come with it, boy, don't even hide your best Cause 'Kid' spelled backwards describes you best Look around, watch the people clap hands in unity As the momentum swings from you to me You issued a challenge, yeah, you do it up Step to the stage - too late, I blew it up The knowledge to build, just filled with excellence You heard the rhyme, you been petro ever since There's no missin the words that I laid out You didn't Play, you just got Played out


Huh? Yeah (yeah) yea - Yeah (yeah) yea Yeah (yeah) yea - Yeah (yeah) yea Yeah.. yo (yo) yo (yo) Uh-huh (Who?) CMB (Who?) Who else? (Who?) The undisputed CMB (Who hold the title?) We hold the title, you know why? (Aight, yes) Look.. [Lil' Wayne] There ain't a cat out green that could deal with Weez' Homie quick like coupes, AH! Feel the breeze And I'm Holly Grove's heart, the hood made me trill The hottest Hot Boy baby, time reveal And I'm momma's oldest boy, papa's first seed But poppa's not real, he don't bleed what I bleed I'm nineteen strong, a kid with a kid And ain't too many people outdid what I did I rock bricks down, I rock e'ry town I puff the best 'dro, pound for pound Now say Round, the boy tough not bluff Yeezy Weezy, young money Squad up Whoever don't like it mount up Then down ya go, I been a champ like the dude Monroe Not in ten years, they still wouldn'ta planned it For every one to fall and I still be standin Undisputed [Hook] - 2X We can't lose! We been through too much pain Too much struggle, and too much strain This is CMR Though them haterz tryna lock us in We got it locked from the block to the pen Undisputed! [Baby] I'm the ice man whodie, it's nothin to ex ya out Put the G on the head, ain't got to say it out the mouth With the beanie with the bluejean jacket, metal packin Walkin up that walk and I'm bout that jackin I do this for the penitentiary, holla! I'll stunt for y'all while I'm spendin these dollars! I lock cells like four corner blocks I'm the bird man, I never chipped off the top I'm switch-handed, when I'm swingin I'm landin I thug on the street and I thug red-banded Wipe you off the land, it's a concrete jungle A tip fulla gangstaz, O.Z.'s, and bundoes The tip drops for the clowns I put under You know, I been livin like this for ten summers I'm the boss of the ghetto, black crow of the game 3rd Ward survivor, ain't a damn thang changed! [Hook] - 2X [talking] Say hold up, check this out We 'bout to cut the lights off right? Send me some meddum and a joe And while ya at it, send that week down here wit it [Lac] Whodie I done sent for ya, so it's best ya come I'm Lac Saladin, the dog of the pris-on I'm the next best thing to the warden Plus I'm chargin, two bits on accordin I send words to an old blister, with no pistol The B.G.F. still sho' getcha I walk with my pants saggin I'm a H.B.G. for life, now what's happenin? [Mannie Fresh] Please whatchu talkin, I'm a dead man walkin If we was on the streets then the .44 would be barkin Keep the shank on the left side and the titch right here I'm the greasy outta B.C. that's runnin the tip With the Black Gorillas, petty hustlers and esay's Jeffery Dimer, Son of Sam, Arrogant Nation and O'Jay Now how you gon' stop them, throw away the key and lock them Tell the D.A. it's them against me, cockin [Hook] - 2X

I'm Drinkin' Milk Now

Maestro Fresh Wes "Naaah, Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada?!!"
Yeah, 1994 Maestro Fresh Wes CHORUS X2 [Maestro Fresh Wes] It's Fresh Wes y'all I'm drinkin' milk now I'm drinkin' milk y'all I'm drinkin' milk now [Maestro Fresh Wes] First I learn to crawl, then I learn to walk Then I learn to talk, then I learn to rhyme Suckers try to hock my lines But I'mma serve ya On the microphone I murder Killing chump rappers Since the days of eating Gerber's baby food The crazy dude with the pablum, the bad one I grab the mic just like a Magnum Fly girls was jiggling, clinging to my ding-a-ling Wes, you was hitting skins as a baby Yeah true but I was fingering Yeah, check out shorty in the diapers They're some big motherfuckers rhyming at the ciphers Grown-ups knew that I be wealthy They used to say that baby boy gots talent, but his mouth is so filthy I worte creazy rhymes to the beat Had the, freedom of speach But I still couldn't reach, the tall glass of milk On the table, my lyrics were stable But still I wasn't able to get it I didn't sweat it, I paid it no mind I wrote another fat rhyme at the drop of a dime Now I'm hoping for the day to come So I can hear my Dukes say, Wesley you son of a gun CHORUS X2 [Maestro Fresh Wes] No time for chilling black I wrote a killa rap, made an illa track Knocking back the similack Graduated from the formula, I had a scheme Milk was calling me, just like the pipe to a fiend But still I had to play cool, couldn't play a fool So many MCs, are dropping out of pre-school To get a record deal, forget it gotta hustle Yo yo yo, how did money fall off? Got lost in the shuffle Ho thought he was a prankster Every chick he'd meet he romanced her Acting like a private dancer But the music industry Hobbes, is serious as cancer No place for a rapper, that still wearing papmpers Even if you're signed, you'll still got to struggle And making fat beats is just a piece of the puzzle So props to the brother that made the Soul Clap Becuase my labels gave me flack money had my back Forget the pacifier and your beachnut Came out with three cuts Now everybody's on these nuts I got another rhyme, won't you check it So fine tune the mic, engineer and I'mma wreck it CHORUS X3 [Maestro Fresh Wes] You know you got to go for self, support yourself Like KRS said, you got to promote yourself that's a fact not a fable, (word) Get out the cradle Or you'll be grippling with your record label No time to play clown, if you want to stay around Learn the business, and this ain't a playground No time for Dr. Suess, or Mother Goose You can rhyme and produce, but now you got to get loose Just a piece of advice, now go your own path And that allowance that you're getting money ain't gonna last (What's this?) another fat beat that I build You know It took a long time But the borther's drinking milk CHORUS X4 OUTRO [Maestro Fresh Wes] Yeah, going out to Diggin' In The Crates, Main Source We out


[Verse 1] She movin’ like this, like that Move up, move back, Yeah, drop it low. Man you see, She put it on me, She clap that ass like a pro. [Hook] She windin’ it, she grindin’ it, Ooh Aah, like the way she handle it, Ooh Aah, like the way she shakin’ it, She make your boy get up, up! [Chorus] Told her, gon’ let it move you, It’s more than a beat to dance to! Let the music fill you up! Get up and away. Up, up, and away. Better move out the way, ’cause here she comes! You ain’t never seen nobody get high like, What I’m about to show you is gonna be the highlight. Get up and away. Up, up, and away. Better move out the way, ’cause here she comes! Everybody! E-everybody! Yeah [Verse 2] She make my booty go boom, boom, clap, When she pop like that, Makes my body explode. I ain’t ever seen it quite like this, She great like this, She the shit and she know. [Hook] [Chorus] [Bridge] I’ll tell you one time, so listen real close, I’m the best of the best; don’t even have to boast, Coast to coast, they know what I be, Don’t want enemy, and nobody steps after me, Don’t wanna start somethin’, and there’ll be nothin’, You never heard of me? Imma screw you somethin’, If you ain’t got game, don’t step to the flo’, Just pack your bags, and leave the town, hahaha! [Chorus] Get up and away. Up, up, and away. Better move out the way, ’cause here she comes! You ain’t never seen nobody get high like, What I’m about to show you is gonna be the highlight. Get up and away. Up, up, and away. Better move out the way, ’cause here she comes! Everybody! E-everybody! [x2] Get up!

Calling Mr. Welfare

Big Daddy Kane "It's a Big Daddy Thing"
[Red] Yo, whassup Big Daddy [Kane] Aiyyo whassup Red Alert I'm chillin Duke [Red] Yo do me a favor man -- pleeeeeease tell me about these big ol bubblehead girls out here [Big Daddy Kane] Well hey, you know that lady on the top floor of my buildin The heavyset one with about ten children You may remember her as a slim honey when her man name was Pimp Daddy Hustler Stack Money A big time drug dealer from around the way Slingin rocks, makin G's everyday He drove a big fat Mercedes Benz and even bought her a car to perpetrate for her friends It was a brand new Jag, with the spoiler and rag And the girl was a nag, cause all she did was just brag I mean baaaaaaaaaaad -- we know your coat cost a lot You didn't have to leave on the price tag And count the times her stomach got plump Havin baby after baby by the same old chump And then the day came, he left the dame shamed But who's to blame Y'all know the name of the game Pimp Daddy's wanted as he maxes and relaxes She can't even sue for money, pushers don't pay taxes So what's to do Oh yeah To feed ten mouths, she had to call on Mr. Welfare [Red] What Mr. Welfare Man they playin high-post with low income Check this out -- when y'all go around to the corner y'all gonna check out another episode Go like somethin like this.. [Big Daddy Kane] Hey, if you think that suck, bust this Another little story as I reminisce about an old friend of mine that was livin out of order Makin money like water (illlllll-egal) Yeah, sorta He sold drugs and robbed a lot of people But in these days and times, who lives illegal It's all about who knows the trade and who am I to knock him Homeboy was gettin paid He chose his own lifestyle to live - it was negative but his own prerogative Makin cash to flash and stash in half the trash The cops made the dash (sufferin succotash!) Because he had to do ten in the pen and then begin again to apprehend, huh But what's lost is lost, the reign is over (Huhhh, see ya!) Nice to know ya Money, no longer can he collect it Can't even get a job cause he got a jail record So what's left No hopes of a career So yeahhh, he's callin Mr. Welfare! [Red] Mr. Big Daddy Kane They don't know what time it is about Mr. Welfare Do me a favor -- open up your book to page fifteen at the top and read it off like thisssssssss [Big Daddy Kane] Here's a story of a guy who had to cop out his life for bein a high school dropout In the ninth grade he wanted to get paid but now the young brother needs government aid Because in his past he decided to cut class and run in the streets to make ends meet No shame in the game of his but silly rabbit, Trix are for kids! So when you sat on the corner with a 40 ounce talkin bout whattup Can't even pronounce your words correct, now in retrospect that's a shame - but in '89, who gives a heck There's no type of path to follow It's all about a dollar, fuck bein a scholar That's why your report card's through Like a BizMark beat, it reads eww-eww-eww-eww-eww! So now you wanna wake up and smell the coffee Lookin for a helpin hand, but get off me! I tried to tell you the deal last summer Stay in school, and get yourself a diploma Now you're on your own, tryin to make it alone No food or home, chewin on a meaty bone So what's to do since the cupboard is bare Brrring brrring! Call on Mr. Welfare [Red] Yo Kane, that's the story about my man Mr. Welfare huh [Kane] Yo like Chuck D said, how low can you go [Red] If she go any lower, she gonna have a personal problem Yo my man Mister Cee, cut it up money! * Mister Cee cuts welll-fare * [Kool DJ Red Alert] We-eh-el-el-el, el-el-elllllllfare, c'mon! Yeah Mr. Welfare He on some new stuff, what what is it He all new and improved Right Yeah, like that old Bug-Out stuff This guy, is he alright or what I think he on a mission with no kind of learnin You know what Big Daddy Kane We gonna have to take care of this matter Mister Cee, go ahead, cut it up My man Big Daddy Kane gonna see about my man Mr. Welfare alright Places to go, people to see, things to do, and you know what else to get.. see ya! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsss!

U Better Recognize

Dr Dre "Dr. Dre 2001"
Sam (Dre): (I heard Sam was going solo) God damn, you didn't know so, well I can blast fast so freak an ill type of slow flow. I'm hitting harder than Berry Boss so check the golden child, throwing it to your ear-hole, got you going buck wild. But truck-tracks, rhymes all day, breaking off niggaz proper, did dirt, did West cause I clown coppers (yeah). Do hip-hop, rap, compose 'em most, I couldn't see me, mad advanced and my skills are all about the dollar bills. From Pittsburgh to Cali dropping bombs like that, was on the D.L. with the squad so I couldn't hold it back. Black, I regulate I buzz a big gate figure, mobbing with the ill nigga, with his finger on a bigger trigger. Serving all (saps), hitting sevens on the (simps), making do', eating shrimps, locing with some real pimps (yeah). So peep game, best believe I love my peeps that's why I make the type of music you can pump in your jeeps (that's right). So buck my sound, I put it down for the underground, I got the women cause I'm slamming, jamming. Got it going on this time for this new producer to rise, so open your eyes, I think you better recognize. Dre: (Sam) Once again it's the man with the masterplan, they call him Sam and I (think you better recognize) (2x) Sam: (Dre) I remember days on the blocks where I slang slung played punk cops and mad props cause I ran with hard rocks (yeah). From napalms to Uzi's I made G's (say what?), them build up enough Luther by keys. No gang affiliation, yo I stood on my own to pulling capers I'm a sneaky slick nigga, I never had to pull the trigger (right). I mack, and on top and that I'm used to staying wicked with just 24-7, you can ask my ex-hooker. But now I'm on some new improved shit, making hits, stacking chips, now everything's legitimate. I flipped the scrip a long time ago, on the five-o, when I had to scope with this new way to make my cash flow (uhm). Yes indeedy, I wasn't greedy, got my niggaz out the gutter, now they're rolling with the Sam Sneezy. Hip hop fanatic causing static in the industry, these whack creators, I call 'em imitators (ah yeah). Been trying to see me, but see I'm unexplainetory, with the fame and glory, that's why I gotta tell my story. With no disguise, a lot of niggaz despise, because I'm on an uprise, so I think you better recognize. Dre: (Sam) Once again it's the man with the masterplan, they call him Sam and I (think you better recognize) (2x) (Think you better recognize) (2x) Sam: (Dre) Well I'm back in the mix with a bottle of hennessy, so fire up a blunt let's have an end of the sanity. Crazy shot outs giving pounds to all my niggaz, hitting all the hookers by the dozen, cause they dig us (trick). Fuck what you've heard, recognize what you be seeing, it's time to earn truth to the game human being. I'm that little bass nigga trying to get mine, fuck a nine, cause I'll incline with the mastermind. I got my crew in my corner so I can't loose, cause I'm paying mad douze in this record biz, I don't snooze. And suckers be popping at those idiotic egosytible type of flimflam, I can't be faded Sam-am. Playing with the hustlers never dealing with the knucklehead bollers, cause boys play with toys and scholars play with dollars. I'm a mack of my own right, plus my game is tight, baby get it right, I ain't the one, so take flight. Bitches give my mad rep, nothing but the brazen off tempo, thinking they can get my loot, I never trip to knock the boots. I gotta be wise, when time to dip between the thies, all eyes on the price, so I think you better recognize. Dre: (Sam) Once again it's the man with the masterplan, they call him Sam and I (think you better recognize) (2x) Once again it's the man with the masterplan, they call him Sam and I (think you better recognize) (2x) ¡¡

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