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Never Gonna Make You Cry

Original and similar lyrics
I neva wanna make you cry Neva wanna make those tears come to your eyes I know it's been hard between us you don't know who you can trust girl just promise me what we had was more than just lust the things we always crawled in don't mean a damn thing just as long as we always have an understanding girl...... i'm gonna take you on a ride and forget your pride. i neva want to hurt you baby so just come and hold me hunny i wanna make you mine all the time that's not lie, that's not lie i wanna make you mine all the time that's no lie neva wanna make you cry neva wanna make pain come to your eyes neva wanna make you cry, it'd prove i don't really love you, but that could neva be true cuz no matter what i'll always be real to you so tell me where to lay down my life without you i'm ready to die cuz it's so hard for a man to express his true love neva wanna make you cry, neva wanna make those tears come to your eyes

Make Me A Believer

Superman can fly way up in the sky ‘Cause we believe he can So what we choose to believe Can always work out fine It's all in the mind So think of a place and imagine a time Imagine a time And let's go be lovers Believe in me Ooh wee, Baby, is believing right? Yeah, yeah, yeah And I wanna love, wanna have, wanna hold you, girl So make me a believer (Wanna love, wanna love, wanna love you, girl) I wanna love, wanna have, wanna hold you, girl Oooooh, so near And forever keep you here Forget all about whatever we fear Whatever we fear And let's just be lovers Loving and loving, oh love is the way To make me stay Make me stay I know the way to persuade me over to your side And I am sure you can So if you got me to believe It all will work out fine ‘Cause you blow my mind So let's pick a place and a day and a time A place and a time, a day and a time And then we'll be lovers Loving and loving, oh love is the way To make me stay Make me stay I wanna love, wanna have, wanna hold you, girl So make me a believer (Wanna love, wanna love, wanna love you, girl) **to fade out**

I Wanna Marry You

I see you walking baby down the street Pushing that baby carriage at your feet I see that lonely ribbon in your hair Tell me I am the man for whom you put it there You never smile girl, you never speak You just walk on by, darling week after week Raising two kids alone in this mixed up world Must be a lonely life for a working girl Little girl I wanna marry you Oh yeah, little girl I wanna marry you Yes I do Little girl, I wanna marry you Now, honey I don't wanna clip your wings But a time comes when two people should think of these things Having a home and a family Facing up to their responsibilities They say that in the end true love prevails But in the end true love can't be no fairytale To say I'll make your dreams come true would be wrong But maybe darling, I could help them along Little girl I wanna marry you Oh yeah, little girl I wanna marry you Yes I do Little girl, I wanna marry you My daddy said right before he died That true, true love was just a lie He went to his grave a broken heart An unfulfilled live, makes a man hard Oh, darling, There's something happy and there's something sad 'Bout wanting somebody, oh so bad I wear my love darling without shame I'd be proud if you would wear my name

My Lady Got Two Men

ATMOSPHERE "SouthSiders"
[Verse 1:] Let me start by telling you I love you Thank you for making me a part of the puzzle I imagine it was quite the struggle But you still found time and taught yourself to juggle Girl, would you give me a kiss for a fist full of flowers? This could be ours Girl, could you get rid of that other dude? Cut him loose and kick him to the multitude I can't picture why you would split your time Between I and an additional guy Seems like more wear then it's worth when You're the one who gotta bare this burden I give you love and respect But that other stud got nothing to give but stress Life as a wifey shouldn't be so hard But everybody gotta be who they think they are, listen [Hook:] My lady got two men One's a stranger and the other's a friend She keeps us both cause she needs us Zig-zag back and forth in between us My lady got two lovers One for the funk and the other for the comfort I'm trying to understand But I gotta figure out which one I am [Verse 2:] It's obvious that I'm better than him If you got me sense you won't settle for him We all sacrifice pride for passion I'm not sure what you're waiting for to happen But I feel like a doctor, I got a lot of patience I co-operated with the operation Complications, observation Parked in your lot, can I get some validation? I'm just saying, gotta escape from the frustration Wanna express yourself, make a statement But I don't expect you to change the arrangement And the truth is I try to support But I can't thrive when I'm ignored And I can see that you don't wanna cut the cord But it's gotta be something more than this tug of war Girl, you're the shine on the crown So why you try and let that clown come around? From now and 'til the universe swallows the Earth I won't pretend that I can follow how it works Ever since this began I've been a different man And then a different man and then a different man I wonder who I'm gonna be tonight Just take our hand and it'll be alright, come here [Hook x2]

True Love

[Chorus 1] Love has truely been good to me Not even one second a memory i had Since you came my way I hope you know i'll gladly go Anywhere you take me ain't no limit to this love I'll follow you to the moon and the sky above [Verse 1] The first time i met you I didn't sweat you My Juliet i knew that i catch you Gave you the key to my heart you unlocked it A perfect match you the plug in the socket As time moved on we became friends I knew was love at first sight and it wasn't 'bout to get wit this You was there when i needed you I remember writing letters on the road i wanna be wit you I know we young and we got time Little soldiers need love so girl i want to make you mine We could row together, go to shows together, my best friend girl lets grow together [Chorus 1x] [Verse 2] We could walk together rode busses together Ya moms call us telling things we stuck together We at paerks play hide-go-seek I find you, or you find me This was meant to be they call us little one and shorty find us hugged up at every school party We study together, ball together, somebody said cupid must've brought us together I love your cute eyes and you love my tight braids Play video games almost everyday and when we not together we on the phone talkin' 'bout our first kiss and we don't wanna be alone [Chorus 1x] [Verse 3] And i remember so while how your smile made me feel bright like the sun shine i'm so glad that you mine You my Juliet I never let the jeolous ones in between and thats a safe bed and we could get the study in after school is over homework is a must so we can come over and have the words we could hit the mall zip ices and cotton candy and after that come chill wit the family [Chorus 2] Got to tell you how you have me I'm so happy that you came in here and changed my world Bye Bye sadness hello Romeyyyy your the only boy that found someone thats so in love I'll follow you to the moon and the sky above

Look Into My Eyes

George Lamond
It's been so long girl since I felt this way So many times you stole my heart away Before I say the things I want to say I need to know that you will be the one for, one for me I'd like to know how far this love will go I want to be the one who's left to know That this won't only be a memory Just tell me what you see, just what this love can be Chorus: Just look into my eyes And tell me what you see Promises were broken Now it's you girl that I need Just look into my eyes You see a rainbow we can share Please don't let this be another lie Just look into my eyes Just look into my eyes --- have got me --- this other day Just tell me what, I need to hear you say I want to play those games I used to play Baby can't you see, just what you do to me It's hard enough to find a love thats true How heaven knows girl I wanted to be with you Some other times I've left it up to you Just open up your heart, and girl just turn the key Chorus How I need you girl to find a love so true Just take my hand and show me what this means to you A special lover all our dreams come true Just look into my eyes and share this dream just me and you Chorus (2x)

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