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KEVIN FEDERLINE lyrics - Playing With Fire

The World Is Mine

Original and similar lyrics
I'm a pirate on the seas, call me Captain Hook Everything belong to me, every cranny and nook Every rock, every bird, every animal in it This respect it ain't, I get cannibal wit it You thought Peter Pan, with life stories and fairy tales I walked through the concrete jungle wit just a scale A pound of weed, no seed, sippin on OE Back in '93 when the world didn't quite know me I traveled the seven seas, behind the scenes Before the pop queen, limousines and magazines Before the brain, Ben Franklins with no change Took a picture of the globe and hung it up in a frame Since dat day in '93, I been on my grind Since dat day in '93, the world been mine Gimme a straight shot of patron without no lime And some California kush just to ease my mind [Chorus: x2] I'll be damned if I ever gave a fuck what yall think On top, never get ranked how yall rank From where I'm from, to the Carribean seas The World Is Mine, everything belong to me Create my own style, I ain't never been a bad guy Tell the media I'm really not a bad guy They try to make me a victim of my own plot Cuz people love to see ya dead when you on top They talk shit, "Kev sucks, why don't he retire?" You fucks set a fuel to my fire I make music America can feel Don't get it twisted, Popozao was from Brazil I'm a boss and you fuckas ain't half that Fat wrap, got tha black gat in his backpack So I'm not playing, and I'm not spraying One snap of the finger, the floor is where you laying The world is mine, and everything in it Young Jeezy told me that, so Ima go and get it It's all a big game, watch me post pivot And state no opinion, unless your'e told to give it [Chorus x2]

Me And You

SILKK THE SHOCKER "Charge It 2 Da Game"
(feat. Master P) [Master P- (mumbling)] [Silkk] Uuuuuuuuuuhhhh Me and you together had plans on making the day, having cash As time passed tryin' to make it all last You know we struggle Hope we can see better days And the time different dreamers is to go our seperate ways [Verse 1 - Silkk] See you was always good I was always bad You was always in school I was always to cuttin' class Cheatin' on my tests knowin' I wouldn't pass Told me slow down nigga I was movin' too fast They always told me I wish you well one day If you could be spent up, shot at, get me out of jail some day Yah, I was told to be like you And at times I tried Realized the only way I can beat these streets The only way I knew to survive I remember comin' home high and drunk Smellin' just like a alcoholic Tryin' to sneak you in They damn near caught us We be down to rock the block party's all night Even thought we clown, we be down to fight, all night Hangin' with the big homies Askin' what they hittin' fo' I remember stealin' junk food out the neighborhood liquor sto' Sittin' back remeniscin' on all the things we had Even thought it was rough, it never seemed so bad Our destiny, we can't shape I know we made mistakes Even thought i wonder why He took you I can't question fate I guess it was written [Master P] But check it out You still hear cuz you gon' live through me, C, and Silkk [Chorus: Silkk] Me and you I always thought we'd be together I shoulda' known nuttin' last forever And see I, destiny, we can't shape it Even thought I wonder why we die I can't question fate Me and you I always thought we'd be together I shoulda' known nuttin' last forever And somehow I always thought you'd be there Get a deg on the mark, it's cold, but it's fair [Verse 2 - Silkk] See man, right now I just gotta watch my step No matter how many homies I lose I can't get used to death I remember us 5, runnin' wild Just tryin' to get paid It wouldn't seem like a jail Put some rose on Dante's grave (No reason you gon' die) Gimme for thinkin' that You were my brother I'd pay millions to know I was safe A million to bring ya back Y'all my family, as well as my friends And if I had to bring ya back that mean I havta lose ya again Your memory's gonna live on even though ya' gon' I'm sittin hear contemplating where it all went wrong We had an argument, I said some things I shouldn'ta said Never got a chance to apologize when you didn't come home that day I'm thinkin' about memories every time I lay down I wish I woulda known I woulda apologized But i guess I gotta say it now So I see you when I get there But for now I'ma pour out liquor 'Til i'm up there wishin' [Chorus x2.5] [Silkk] And if this song don't hit home Picture the person you love the most And, you wake up, they be gone [Master P] Damn, Kevin Miller See you when I get there fool 'Til then you gon' live on thru us Huh, we riders baby, you know that Down to handle our business Silkk can handle his business We 'bout it 'bout it, rowdy rowdy Love nigga

What Y'all Want

JOE BUDDEN "A Loose Quarter"
[Verse 1: Joe Budden] I can see what they mad for, shit I would be mad too They wouldn't acknowledge me, shit my name was taboo Could fuck who I want now, should be my next tattoo Passed up on your bitch, she'll settle and have you You live in a basement, me, I'm in a castle And since I'm a drop-out, that's my cap and tassel Closest thing to a rockstar, my friends call me Axl To keep it a hundred I think the credit is past due (What y'all want) I mean, shit's to be expected by now When the top-tier MCs dodge, it don't annoy me If they hearing it like I am, it ain't a shock they avoid me (What y'all want) Personally, I think you niggas is beat He done battled a million times, he got yet to be beat Signed to an M&M but it's these other niggas that's sweet [Hook] (What y'all want) Top down and adopted the crown and I walk out fresh kicks and all this hatred on me And I won't give it back, so yall gonna have to take it from me (What y'all want) Shoulda got this dough by now Or should I be that nigga, I could show you how Been a few years, figured yall would know by now [Verse 2] I see why they call him lame though, I would call him lame too They wanted me out of here, but since then my fame grew Used to be on house arrest, bracelet on my ankle Couple million later and they shocked that I'm the same dude Quick big up to Wu Tang, deaded all that Meth stuff Youngin's go and look for beef, adults don't let it fester Some of yall still judge though, still believe in Esther Yall gonna let that ho stop yall from hearing what the best does? Some of yall don't know no better so yall just neglect So they'd rather compare my current girlfriend to my ex They say I'll loose my mind if Kaylin leaves me, I digress I think my track record should show what yall would think about my next Counting my money like it's gonna make you some On my dick like it's gonna make you come, bum niggas See it from my perspective, here's a little word for you You make enough bread, it eventually goes to work for you [Hook] [Verse 3] I see why they think I’m old though, I would think im old too Reinvented mad times, I keep making old new Now a nigga worldwide, back then I was local And every dude yall said was better than me then is old news Modern day present fans are fickle it's depressing 1 single, 1 album yall gone say he with the legends The veterans be pissed when we pay mind to they selections And the newbies get gassed every time they Jay elect them It’s niggas with more money and less respect To me that tomfoolery's dead, bottom line real niggas Know what’s more important and dollars ain’t in attendance When that eulogy said, so let’s get it clear first before You compare them to me Wait a couple years, make sure they don’t disappear first It’ll save us some confusion Everything ain’t a classic and everybody ain’t dope some of that is an illusion The funny thing about a label push, you never know Shit could go either way, go ahead and run along side it End up on the wrong side of it When your life change it could be only weeks away I'm a result of the fans and debt in the middle man With that logic I don’t got to rely on a good day Did great on a label Did greater on my own, so pick the MC of the moment and ponder could they? [Hook]


STEPS "Steptacular"
It's time to begin - now count it in... 5-6-7-8 [Chorus] My boot scootin' baby is drivin' me crazy My obsession from a western - my dance floor date My rodeo romeo, a cowboy god from head to toe Wanna make you mine better get in line 5-6-7-8 [Chorus] Foot kickin' - finger clickin', leather slapping - hand clappin' - hip bumpin' - music thumpin' - knee hitchin' - heel and toe - floor scuffin' - leg shufflin' - big grinnin' - body spinnin' - rompin' stompin' - pumpin' jumpin' - slidin' glidin' - here we go [Chorus] Tush pushin' - thunder footin' - cowgirl twistin' - no resistin' - drums bangin' - steel twangin' - two steppin' - end to end hardwood crawlin' - some four wallin' - rug cuttin' - cowboy struttin' - burnin' yearnin' - windin' grindin' - lets begin the dance again You're mine, all mine now bubba Gonna rope you in - so count me in 5-6-7-8 [Chorus repeat 3 times]

Niggas Gossip

KANYE WEST "Late Registration"
Chorus 1] They gossipin, it runs the city, they don't know who watchin them When they comin to get me, so I hit the block and bend Do about 60, and I put my glocks to them, like blaow blaow blaow [Verse 1] Im fittin to get on this TV and put shit down I aint finna let these lights skinned niggaz come back in style Im finna turn to this class clown, should be crazy deep They told my momma I was bipolar had A.D.D. I told em, w-what I wanna do, I wanna be a baller The dream spoilers are for ya Hatin on you to they mans on the corners Old folks said he‘d never make it off the corner They are the virus that corrupts the soul They are the cubic zirconia inside the 10 karat gold That get green on ya, when you get green on em You gotta wash ya hands of em, get clean on em Somebody told success is the best revenge So they gon be fucked up when you do ya thing on em Now hold ya plaques high, like who woulda thought And tell em, eh-hem, thank you for your no support [Chorus 2] They are the dreamkillers, they the dreamkillers Who know a dream, they are the dream (killer Norman Bates) They the dreamkillers, they the dreamkillers, dream They are the dream (killer Norman Bates) [Verse 2] Now how you gonna talk about the way I spend my money Everybody say it with me now, it's my money And they know they hatin, but what they don't know is They are my motivation, they are my inspiration Cuz we the leaders, and they the followers And we the nut busters, and they the swallowers They are the rumors, they are the lies We are the shit dog, and they the flies How you gon tell me how to live my life And you can't even get your own shit tight, right They are the misery that loves company Cuz that comfortable corporate job can't comfort me Told em I finished school, and I started my own business They said “Oh you graduated?' No I decided I was finished Chasin yall dreams and what you got planned Now I spit it so hot you got tanned And they hate on your relationship, then break your marriage up Can't kill ya dreams so they assassinate your character Do anything to downplay ya or embarrass ya Come around wit ya but they aint down wit ya They the dreamkillers [Verse 3] And I'm through spittin these rappers my most heartfelt flow They be like “That's cool, you got some beats for me tho' Oh I get it, you wanna be Snoop and Dr. Dre But don't nobody give a FUCK what you got to say Anyway what you finna rap about? You never sold crack out ya house or put a gat to a mouth Or put ya fist to ya spouse, so how you gon move the crowd? I bet a thousand that you get booed out I even heard that they even takin wages in jail They bet ten boxes of cigarettes that I'm finna fail Second you talk about me, they be like “Peace' This nigga came from the Chi, moved to the east You gotta kill at least one person at least Or we'll evict you from the rap game, cancel your lease How you go to New York, what you aint never took a tour there? What you aint know you gotta be rich just to be poor there? The dreamkillers [Chorus 1] [Chorus 1] [Chorus 1]

Sleep With An Ak

we get if first get it fast get it know a new york full news station 10 10 with the capture of sadom whosane does not mean the end of violence in iraq such men are direct threat to the american people and they will be defeated damn damn swat swat global strike team the mixtape in store now youngbuck cashville to the key when black tylist they ducking and running using they baby for cover she aint mine you see me pissing in public pouring lyric for snitches i'm a thug and i know it and i aint planning to live may the lord be my witness the rap game like the dope game you get it and go even the elderly folks pack steel they know they can barely walk but they still ready to kill the kids they barely talk cause loose lips same shift aint no age limited cause if you slip you killt cock and name with it go straight from the brain wit it my daddy be the murder case and ask son did it catch me if you can these are the days of our life sleep with an ak ride wit an 4 5 real killer celebrate when they see the yella take empty the clip in the sky ever bottom of the cake feds coming question nigga for hour talking bout they dogs and the house surrounded not to mention i ridin around in and oj simpson miny van my cousin act like i'nt kin to them i got an good mine just to go in pain putin one in mine put one in your brain either way it goes someone gone die tonight like them snipers in viriginia hittin your ass out of sight

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