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Kevin Ayers lyrics - Too Old To Die Young

Crazy Gift Of Time

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Does the world seem good to you? Does the music get to you? Does the wisdom of your heart Show you how to play your part? All my blond and twilight dreams; All those strangled future schemes; All those glasses drained of wines, All this crazy gift of time. You, dear sister, kiss of mine Can you cope with all this time, With your mystic all awry Feeling small beneath the sky. All my blond, etc. Happy birthday to you all I hope you really have ball. And when you're walking up the road, I hope you finally explode! Goodbye, everybody Now it's time to go. I hope I don't leave you feeling low, Oh no....

Grace Kelly Blues

EELS "Daisies Of The Galaxy"
The cut-rate mine walking through the dirty streets, Of Paris, in the hot august heat, Sun melting the fake smile away, Just looking for a place to stay. The actress gave up all her old dreams, And traded up, now she is a Queen, Royal familys don't have time, for that shit, Your crystal ball - you keep it hid. The tractor-trailor driver radios: Help me someone, I'm out here all alone, Truck driving the black night away, Praying for the light of day. The kid in the mall works at Hawt Dawg on a Stick, His hat is a funny shape, his heart is a brick, Taking your order, he will look away, He doesn't have a thing to say. But me, I'm feeling pretty good, as of now, I'm not sure when i got here, or how, Sun melting, the fake smile away, I think, you know, I'll be okay.


[Intro/Hook:] {Know you broke my heart woman} {When you said goodbye to me} You said goodbye to me bitch, you better break North Before you sick South and I'll be sitting in that big house Just let me sharpen my knives, thrown on the apron X's mark the steak and the salad crumbled with bacon And bleu cheese, caramel complexion's on two knees On two skis, carving up the ounces with his dookies I'm Vic D'Amato, martel to cartel Live fast and eat the big tuna like Billy Parcells No more childs play kid you with the big boys Fuck her in economy size, we want that big Royce My family's hating that I rhyme with fury Only focus on them hundred bill faces and suitcases That'll bribe a jury, grind the curry never shine the jewelry Pussy like an eighty-six style, you know it's fine and furry Spark the bark in the park, you know, lumberyard You ain't never in the limelight, undercard Bronsonelli in the sky, thunder rod Commandante of this rap shit, your facade, killer [Hook] The second stanza even deadly than the first From the birth, I've been enlisted to plant seeds in the earth That's soon road to a valley that feeds, civilization I'm walking the torrid land though I'm seeking my vindication from My bad, I'll keep it fifth grade, keep the switchblade He'll figure sailin' apparel and plus a crisp fade First day class, the Agassis are black and white My older cousin puffing clot bitch, pass the pipe Now I'm a certified user, more like abuser Slice and dice the music I'm fluid like the yakuza I'm Sanders whether Deion or Barry, find candy Though I smoke until my eyes are the shape of Tia Carrere My team we work as a unit, nobody hide the ball up Great intuition and vision, no time to hit the mall up Just a taste of the life like a September call up Johnnie Walker in our tour cup, getting torn up Listen - I'm steel fisted with the iron lung Heavy metal balance out the guitar with lion's run Praise the son that can stand on his own two Smoke on the big blunt, take a sip of this home-brew [Hook]


I wonder what the best thing is to have a face or to have charm Well, my girl's twofaced and she's a fartalarm I'm not blind and I do have nose, but I don't wanna use it now, I rather try to follow my heart this time good looks, it makes me nervous I need someone who's not perfect. It's you, you're overweight and lovely, yes it's true, a pig in walking shoes you drool every time we kiss, I must say you rule I'm falling in love with you. I know that all those trendy girls would leave me when I'm broke and also be disgusted if I smoke, no joke. I don't need a model unless she has a major body. Just an ounce of human touch, I realize it's a killercrush, I'm dancing, I'm overjoyed. I took a chance on you cause I wanted some romance to and now I'm happy as can be cause this supersized woman means all to me.

The Man That Got Away

Linda Eder "So Much More"
The night is bitter the stars have lost their glitter the winds grow colder and suddenly you're older and all because of the man that got away No more his eager call the writing's on the wall the dreams you've dreamed have all gone astray The man that won you has run off and undone you that great beginning has seen a final inning don't know what happened it's all a crazy game No more that all time thrill for you've been through the mill and never a new love will be the same Good riddance, goodbye every trick of his you're onto but fools will be fools and where's he gone to The road gets rougher it's lonlier and tougher with hope you burn up tomorrow he might turn up there's just no letup the livelong night and day Ever since this world began there is nothing sadder than a one man woman looking for the man that got away the man that got away

I'm Waiting For The Man

LOU REED "Lou Reed Live"
I'm waiting for my man Got 26 dollars in my hand Up to Lexington 125 feelin' sick and dirty Huh, I'm waiting for my man Hey white boy, what you doin' uptown Hey white boy, you chasin' my women around Pardon me sir, it's furthest from my mind I'm just waitin' for a dear-dear friend of mine I'm waiting for my man, come on Here he comes, he's all dressed in black PR shoes and a big straw hat He's never early, he's always late first thing you learn is that you always gotta wait I'm waiting for my man Up to a brownstone, up three flights of stairs Everybody's pinned you and nobody cares He's got the works, gives you sweet taste then you gotta split because you got no time to waste I'm waiting for my man Hey baby, don't you holler, don't you ball and shout I'm feeling good, I'm gonna work it on out I'm feeling good, feeling so fine until tomorrow, but that's just some other time I'm waiting for my man I'm waiting for my man I'm waiting for my man man-man-man-man-man-man-man

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