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Kendall Payne lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
The summer sun has come to stay, Bikinis, tans, outrageous legs, They're all retarded and they all look the same, And barbie's body is melting down, On her face a big fat frown, 'cause Mr. Cellulite just moved into town. (Chorus) Well me and B we hate supermodels, It's not that we know anyone personally, It's just that I'm tired of being compared. The boys they come here, With expectations for the summer, And I refuse to take any part of this barbaric ritual, 'cause God has given me a mind, That I will use from time to time, And I got more on my head, Than what's made by Paul Mitchell. (Repeat chorus) It's just that I'm tired of being compared (Bridge) Was it worth the tears you cried... to fit the size? Think it over once or twice, What lasts the longest in this life, Character, or rock hard thighs? And in the end do you believe, That beauty lies in what you see? 'cause if you do, then baby You´ve been deceived. (Repeat chorus)

Let Me Change Your Mind Tonight

Oh send me off to war with a gun in my hand But I won't pull the trigger Our destiny is here 'neath the red white and blue So lead me to the slaughter Now don't be afraid come and join the parade For the ultimate in sacrifice It's an old-fashioned story of hope and of glory A ticket for taking a life CHORUS I I don't want to be a hero I don't want to die for you I don't want to be a hero Oh send me off to war in a far away land I never knew existed Subject me to the truth to the horror and pain Until my mind is twisted And what if I fail will you put me in jail For a murder I will not commit 'Cos you don't understand till there's blood on your hands That it's time to forget and forgive REPEAT CHORUS And those who return come back only to learn That they're hated by those who they love 'Cos you don't understand till there's blood on your hands That it's time to forget and forgive REPEAT CHORUS

Guy All The Bad Girls Want

8 o' clock Monday night and I'm waitin To finally talk to a guy a little cooler than me His name is Joey, He's a hockey player with an additude He has a problem but I'm not quite sure what it is And when he walks all the Rambos and the Angels sing He'll never notice me! 'Cause he's playin hockey Tryin to be a tough guy Listenin to 50 cent Red Hearts in his eyes Its like a bad movie He's lookin groovy If you were me you'd be screamin someone shoot me! As I fall miserably tryin to get the guy all the bad girls want He likes bulldogs and I like little monkeys I sit there thinkin what am I doin' wrong? (REPEAT CHORUS) He likes 'em with a pretty face Dressed in pink with fuzzy lace Drivin in a soapbox Likes their diaries unlocked (REPEAT CHORUS) There he goes again with his girl and his face is so lit He broke my heart when were datin I walked away and said just face it 'Cause I go to hockey Tryin to be a tough gal Listenin to 50 cent Finding hearts in my eyes I don't have a pretty face I never wear pink with lace I do ride a soapbox But i alway keep my things locked (REPEAT CHORUS)

You're The Best Thing

911 "There It Is"
It could be discontent Chase the rainbows end I might win much more but lose all that is mine I could be a lot but I know I'm not I'm content just with the riches that you bring (riches that you bring) I might shoot to win And commit the sin Of wanting more than I've already got I could runaway but I'd rather stay In the warmth of your smile lighting up my day (lighting up my day) The one that makes me say Chorus: ('Cause) You're the best thing that ever happened To me or my world, heh hey yeah You're the best thing that ever happened So don't go away I might be a king Steal my peoples things But I don't go for that power crazy way All that I could rule, I don't check for fools All that I need is to be left to live my way So listen what I say... Repeat Chorus Heh, hey yeah. Bridge: (From the soul of me), baby You're the best for me Cover up my dreams But take these chains from me! Hooo... Hooo... Repeat Chorus Baby, baby Repeat Chorus except last word I said (Don't go) No, no (Don't go away) Yeah...

Forever Banging Screw

Ay, u know me i ride wit my trunk raise up Boy I'm riding dubs u better put them blades up Banging screw four fifteens kick hard Around da block one time come back and switch cars Sip barre cause it's a family tradition i'm the freestyle king it ain't no competition I'm a screw head i ride black, blue, red, niggas call me lil flip nigga i can do that (chorus) I thought you knewwwwww that we forever banging screwww I thought u knew that(2x) I done bought tha cat bought tha house Got about thirty karats inside my mouth I represent the dirty dirty the dirty south I even put it down with Swishahouse I got more syrup than waffle house nine nine graduater i walked across I run through all hoes like Marshall Faulk I fuck with Big Pokey and Big Hawk Underground mix tapes got us fame Fucking with real niggas got us game Screw up click bout to go worldwide and once ya cross 610 welcome to the southside (Chorus) Thanks to my nigga screw i got my shine on Now my nigga gone so i got to rhyme strong ima go platinum cause i'm a lyrical threat think about you every time i hear a casette chop up but them niggas cant chop like u them niggas cant even make the music stop like u so ima keep u alive every time i rap on da real DJ Screw put us all on the map So every time i bust a flow ima show my ass he taught me two things keep it real anf fold my cash bitch im rich still dropping undergroung shit fuck the radio i drop underground hits (im a screwhead) (Chorus)

Same Ol' G

GINUWINE "100% Ginuwine"
From Dr. Dolittle Soundtrack verse I the only time I drink a 40 is when I wanna drink a 40 and usually when I wear a suit I leave with not one but two I'm not trying to hurt nobody you only live once they told me you can't be mad at me I can just be G chorus: even though I got my own c.d. maybe even on T.V. there ain't no changing me I can only be me me me even though I might be on T.V. cause I got my own CD all you will ever see same ol' G Verse II I used to be the main one clubbin but now I choose to stay at home most of my friends still thuggin this time the G s full grown I'm thinking 'bout my future lately whatever that may be but now it's clear to me I can just be G chorus: Timbaland: hello ya'll yeah this that Timbaland coming to ya one mo 'gain you see, people say that we're changing but really it's the people around us that are changing you see, we aint tryna hurt nobody people tryna hurt us but you know what I'ma keep being me that's all I can do in this life time (check it) Ginuwine: day after day I continue to be me oh me that's all I can be oooh day after day I continue to be me oh me (that)same ol' G chorus: till fade

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