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Kendall Payne lyrics

Perfect By Thursday

Original and similar lyrics
Good week I've got Gonna see him once again Been working out, reading up Be all smart and slim Who'd knew I'd be this anxious Who'd have guessed this horrid fate? All I know is I Have to be perfect by Thursday Perfect by Thursday I rarely get to see him And his name is all I know He smiles like a king And that's all he'd dare to show I'm faithfully attending My motive almost pure Reckless in my thinking But it's his that I'm not sure Perfect by Thursday I'm planning the evening I know what I'm wearing And what I'll be singing Perfect by Thursday One day left And it's not looking very good I haven't seen much progress To perfection like I should But now I cannot quit Because today could be the day That all the effort All the work decides to finally pay. And then you will fall in love I smile when you walk by I laugh even louder You don't even bother I hold every memory As sweet as a lemon As loose as a fire So now he's on the TV screen He's catching for some man Moved away and left me here I don't understand But I'm convinced that he'll be back When I do least expect Despite my opposition I fear that I am correct Perfect by Thursday I'm sprinting to make it If I have to fake it You know I can take it

If You Never Got Sick

That ain't a parachute That ain't a rip cord That ain't a body of water We're headed for There's so little time left So much to be done Even you are gonna need someone That ain't a trick of light Or the morning haze Coming in from the lake Getting into your eyes It's the invisible breath Of a storm on the rise That I feel whenever you arrive Now I may not be quick Maybe never was But tell me what the hell it is That you've become Baby if you never got sick I wouldn't get to hold you Baby if you never got sick I would never get to hold you This ain't a righteous love Even a good one These ain't the kinds of return That I was thinking of I'm unbearable now You ain't seen nothing yet You'll se me dead Before you see me quit That ain't a jug of wine That you've been drinking from Now lay back now baby Let your fever come I will bury you in Just to dig you out I haven't a use For being proud [chorus] I followed you deep into a barren field There was someone you were running from When I needed to sleep That's when you disappeared But I did get the impossible done Now I always knew There was God inside you I just never did learn which one [chorus]

Let Loose

[Chorus:] Let loose Put everything on a shelf Let loose I got my Hennessey and I see you got your grey goose and if they're hating we don't care what they do Cause you're sexy and you're rocking You're sexy and I am watching You're sexy girl you're rocking You're sexy and I am watching Baby take a day off Get yourself a backrub Say bye to your manager Say hi to your bathtub Working all these long days You forgot to ask of Couple ton of pay you can't even get your task of Day time shit got you working to the bone Just to find yourself doing more work when you're home Love just relax leave that work alone turn on the stereo Work it to the song [Chorus] I do my thing like ding dong ditch Please don't trip I know you ain't my girl But we don't snitch You know what happens next after 3 more zips that remmy turns you up... Slow down We can kick it on your off day But we will never come back what will your boss say It's off the roof and shake them pictures out the hall way rolling up swisha's got you smoking like em all day [Chorus] Where are my girls at Where are my dimes at You bad enough to keep a working man side tracked You had a hard week And you wanna hit the club and party some hard beats And I ain't made at you shout out to anklets and neck tattoos Pretty feet hair smelling like pedale shampoo saving up so you can party in cancoon and send a bunch of necked pictures from the bathroom That's alright you know I love that shit you take the whole week off and you have fun with it, spontaneous, outrageous, a purse full of credit cards with the payments up [Chorus]

Mistake Of My Life

Caedmon's Call
I'm in love, never been so sure of anything Then again, could be a tumor in my brain Tricking me into thinking that we were meant to be Either way, I'm about to shock my family And my hometown again 'Cause this time I'm leaving Once I'm gone I cannot look back I've got to trust this is right Maybe I'm on my way to find you Maybe I'm gonna make the mistake of my life Since we met my life's been so up in the air Here today but by next week I could be there On the street struggling to support my newest vice With a sign that says 'I will work for love advice.' 'Cause I will mow your lawn If you'll tell me what I'm doing wrong But I'll leave the car runnin' And I'll leave half the boxes packed For the slim chance I'll go right back

Bends Like A Willow

JETHRO TULL "J-Tull Dot Com"
She's catching the wind: the gentlest of breezes. It's a sensitive passage she's sailing - Through stormy straits, navigates my unfathomable failings. She rises before me, reading me clearly. Empty nest left pressed in the pillow. She can shift, she can sway and bend like a willow. I'm swept in the riptide, caught in a fish trap. Gift-wrapped in my soft self centre. Summer sun leaves me as one who can only taste winter. She's a good, a good God-send: she can bend like a willow. With a fully armed angel to cover me quickly. I'm cool under enemy fire. If I fall, she can crawl right under the wire. When I'm caustic and cold, she might dare to be bold - ease me round to her warm way of thinking: fill me up from the cup of love that she's drinking. And I find, given time. I can bend like a willow. She bends like a willow.

Modern Man's Hustle

ATMOSPHERE "God Loves Ugly"
The first time I met the Devil was at a Motel 6 She left Hell to spend a weekend on Earth just for kicks Sexy little bitch, shorter than expected About five-foot five big an' thick in the breast and thighs Beautiful, dark eyes a strong stare Large lips, soft hands and long hair I said Ill make you smile for the simple fact Im good at it Ill make you smile just so I can sit and look at it, [Chorus 2x] I will show you all you need to know You must hold on to anyone that wants you And I will love you through simple and the struggle But girl you gotta understand the modern man must hustle Who cares what Jane says She always spits the same spit Id rather kill the radio and listen to the rain hit Little sister needs seclusion Somehow she'll discover it through the pop music Got used to the feeling of falling But you'll never see her following Bouncing back and forth between the healing and the hollering Riding the outer ring of your own private saturn Thoughts scattered all across the grey matter Little baby doll, she doesnt know what to say to yall The patience is short and of course the pride is way too tall Break it all smash the past like it was made of glass Aint no other way to make it last It hurts to watch Lucy lose the dream Ive had the pleasure of seeing our hero kick and scream And when she calms down Ill turn the sound down And put my arms around the little lost and found And Ill tell her that [Chorus 2x] Hush little lady dont say a word All the rest of the village gonna know your disturbed And if you let em know that your vulnerable Then there aint no stoppin (high) before they open you slow Im a chapter in you text book Read me like a check book Mistook love at first sight for a sex look Enough of the blind mans bluff I want the good stuff Trying to hook up a full belly and a foot rub The moderns man hustle, i dig it I shovel Feed me ya troubles and need me to cuddle Bundle up in my mitten and coat As cold as it get Ill keep your winter afloat So let the snow fall (its comin down) She doesnt want to understand why I still come around She look at the mirror she dont see what I see She holds no history of how precious she be Lay your head on my chest speak of this stress Kick your feet up and rest before we clean up the nest I hate to see you upset, it cramps the position And if you didnt know you better listen cause [Chorus 2x]

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