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Original and similar lyrics
earl is the dog sheeba is his girl she is the queen of the tundra he is the golden boy like any couple in love they have their issues there are lines that could never be crossed even though they drink from the same bowl they could never eat from the same bowl that's a line that can never be crossed so don't you even try --chorus-- earl is the dog (little earlie) sheeba is his girl (sweet(?) sheeba) she is the queen of the tundra he is the golden boy it's an all day affair to lay and be petted spend some time with a chewy toy just sniff around follow that smell nudge the gate open to the outside world where the squirrels run for their lives and the scent goes on forever -chorus- he's a bed-hog she is leaky he's the watchdog she's the front seat security but the deadly gas that can clear a room or make you think you're gonna wreck the car eventually goes away we don't seem to mind it happens every day all the time ‘cause they can do no wrong and now they are immortal -chorus-

Queen Of The Hours

Queen of the hours lies waiting for the wind to blow away the veil of time Slowly now the threads of age are starting to unwind (Chorus:) Queen of the hours Along, Along, Along the path of time, of time, She is still The clock shall tell the tale When all is well, is well. Black was the night that came in from the East and caused the land to sleep. Riding on a storm, it carved a message in Isabella Creek. (Chorus) Dawn is the death wish night has passed away, it left the sacred flower, Opened up the grave and bowed its life unto the Queen of Hours.

Lost For Words

Ah... yo... This ain't no crush... Ah, It's the real thing, girl. Ah.. c'mon... ah. It's about that time. You don't mind, gotta let you know you're lookin' kinda fine. Hot with the style ya got, Hot with the way that you rock the spot. Maybe get a second or two, Let you know, girl, what I wanna do. It's all about you... And the things you got. Bring the show down like what... what ... what - Bridge Let me introduce myself, I'm Mister A B, got my C D on yer shelf. Don't ask, And baby girl, all I want is you... Lay back, chill, this is what ya do... - Chorus I am lost for words and I can't speak... Lost for words, lost for words... When all them crazy words come over me... What's come over me? When I think of you it makes me weep... Makes me weep, makes me weep... When you look in my eyes, feels like heaven. Feels like heaven... Can't help but... lose my cool. When you around girl, I act the fool. Don't wanna... take my time. I know what I got, gotta make you mine. So if you fear, what I fear, Let me know, sugar, be with the dear. Can I rhyme... with you this time... Have to tell you this just one more more time. - Bridge - Chorus Break it down for me, down for me, c'mon (repeat) - Bridge - Chorus

Emit Remmus

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS "Californication"
The California animal is a bear Angeleno but the devil may care Summer time to talk and swear Later maybe we could share some air I'll take you to the movies there We could walk through Leicester Square What could be wetter than An English girl American man Chorus: London in the summer time Call me now use the satellite London in the summer time Cuss me out and it'll feel all right Hesitate but don't refuse The choice was yours but you said choose The look she used was green and sharp Stabbed that boy all in his heart Come what may the cosmos will Take me up and down on Primrose Hill What could be wetter than An English girl American man Chorus Cuss me out and it'll feel all right It's all right now Call me now use the satellite It's all right It's all right Down and out and it'll sound all right It's all right now It's all right The California flower is poppy child Felony sends me all the gold in your smile Drift away from anyone you can Nothing ever goes according to plan Though I know that every river bends Time to say hello to snow on the Thames What could be wetter than An English girl American man Chorus

This Christmas

CHORUS: All I want, this Christmas, is 2 keep your body warm If we share this Christmas, I will give you, the world. Girl if you let me explain, I know it's a shame This time of year, it should not bring you pain So many things that went wrong, and I was the cause I'd climb down the chimney 2 be, Santa Clause. BRIDGE: So girl, don't go, this day, is made 4 love. CHORUS All I imagine is you, since it's Christmas time And all of our hopes have a means 2 come true, between me and you Said all I can do, yeah, and I'll do whatever it takes, 2 see it through. BRIDGE, CHORUS 2x (There's nothing like, Christmas time, babe) 2x CHORUS 2x


ABS "Abstract Theory"
[Yeah... wooo Uh, uh-huh... c'mon... uh Yo... ch'mere ... uh, uh] The first time I laid my eyes on you, You know that... girl, you know I had to. She had the honeycomb lips fired up. I had the drop top, six chromed up. That sounds like we was meant to, Girl, you were sent to... From up above, Heaven lent you. To let me take your time, with the line, what's yer name? You telling me you got a man... damn that's a shame ... - BRIDGE Somebody let me know, Why I gotta play all the time in a low-down? It's a shame how I make you feel, But it's hard girl... I'm trying to keep it real. - CHORUS It's a shame .... (uh-huh) You know yer messing 'round with my heart (The way I'm playing with yer heart, girl...) It's a shame ... The way you... hurt me. (I didn't meant to...) [REPEAT] Like Sugarbear, don't scandalize mine. That's just how I play, get yourself in line. Ah, my girlfriends phoning me, uh Asking why she found a pair of panties in the backseat, uh. Damn! I shoulda known I was wrong to. I didn't mean to hurt you girl, I didn't want to. But she was too damn, jiggity boom. Green eyes, jeans tight, and dark hair... I friggin had to. - BRIDGE - CHORUS Pardon me girl, that it ain't what yer thinkin. All alone, while yer sleepin, I'm dreamin. (Trying to say...) Is I got you, but I gotta get you... in my heart, Girl, I gotta let you. I need to stop that guy. I'm tryin to get it straight. Girl, it ain't no lie. My best friend's tellin me to chill now, Need to hold it down, Baby tell me, ain't you feel now ... - BRIDGE - CHORUS x 3

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