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Keepsake lyrics

The Only Light We See

Original and similar lyrics
You're suffering, my goal This lack of will, your fall As time stands still I ponder more There's no way out As your blood hits the floor You've hit the stone I've made you blind Thoughts of changing you Have come to mind Cut throat red I have this life of mine Welcome to my mind This thing so easily changed To end your life with me Now you've begged for your deprogram And your tears begin to stain This rope, it should hold you tight My apathy now becomes your pain this wood is old And the floors about to go And the moon The only light we see I take glance With your blood against the rope Now it's time To end your life with me Red red blood You take from me My life's so dry This insanity You're suffering, my goal This lack of will, your fall This lack of will What I feel

Life Goes On

Kinks "Sleepwalker"
A friend of mine just had a real bad time. You see, his life was shattered and he lost his mind. His girl ran off along with his best friend, And through emotional stress he brought his life to an end. It was such a tragedy, But that's the way it's got to be. Life goes on. Life goes on. It happens ev'ry day. So appreciate what you got Before it's taken away. Life will hit you When you're unprepared, So be grateful and take all That you can while you're there. Get that frown off your head, 'Cause you're a long time dead. Life goes on and on and on. Life goes on and on and on. No use runnin' 'round lookin' scared, Life could get you when you're unaware. One day it's gonna come, so you better accept it. Life will hit you when you least expect it. And one day when you are gone, You know that life will still go on. But no one'll care if you've been good, bad, right or wrong. Life will still go on. My bank went broke and my well ran dry. It was almost enough to contemplate suicide. I turned on the gas, but I soon realized I hadn't settled my bill so they cut off my supply. No matter how I try, it seems I'm too young to die. Life goes on and on and on. Life goes on and on and on. Tornado, cyclone and hurricane Can batter the houses with the thunder and rain. Blizzards can blow; the waves hit the shore, But the people recover and come back for more. Somehow the people fight back, even the future looks black. Life goes on and on and on. Life goes on and on and on.


Chubb Rock "The Mind"
Yeah, it's like this.. Chubb Rid-dock, nine-seven on lid-dock Son, rock.. [Chorus: Billy Lawrence *sung*] Do you know, where you're goin to? Do you like the things that life is showin you? Where are you goin to? Do you know, what you're lookin for? Do you like the things that life has in store? Chubb holds it down for sure.. [Chubb Rock] Ever since mom kissed me and said, Seek life! My mind had an idea like that kid with the kite No 'caine slingin, strong-arm bringin check my eyes Redness done, so I can script My Life like Mary Blige I've, been around the world in 90 days, pro-rated Like Prince no shame for that past few Sheila's I've dated Made it, with only one but I'm foreshadowing the rhyme Like a nice Pirollo(?) wine, life takes time I'm, one of two and to see it a one who's part of many The quarters of my thoughts will cost more than a damn penny Any debate we can correlate as to my release date A nine-seven slate, New York state will have to check me It's been some time since the break of the dawn The genre has definitely changed since I've been gone Whether, bad or good the flow remain tight So I can come and drop my li-ight, li-ight [Chorus] [Chubb Rock] Well in the past black men used to work for (?) My age group was plotting to obtain Dead Nixons The plot, had three vectors for young prospectors School, entertain, or become Hannibal Lectors Stressors, used to stress the best, cess wine But at that particular time I chose to use my mind Goody too, size twelve shoe the Troy Ave grew Waited 'til, after eighteen to introduce the brew Downed the suds and gave a street buzz High in the +Forrest+ but stupid is as, stupid does And, that's all I have to say about that Flipped a Pulitzer prize script and started rap Simplistic at first, and the knowledge came later Rob-ski, Dave Wit, and Swanny on the fader The struggle was on but the fame was in sight And the tunnel had a light that distinguished my life [Chorus] [Chubb Rock] The low point was mad low when I lost James Los Spent eighteen years livin next to this high-pro bro and that's all I got to say, about that While I give thanks to the man that my brother and I'm back Onward, to the medals while the boys aged the mix to the mental utopia, so walk past the six and the rhyme and the flow, must stay real tight like it's always been in my li-i-ife, my life [Chorus]

In My Time

SCARFACE "Last Of A Dying Breed"
[Verse 1] It was a cold morning, gloomy, sun barely shining Figured it was gon rain today, so i'm in Sit around the house until the thunder storms slacks off Look at my nightstand, and pick the paper back up Nostradamus, I'm readin chapter, after chapter Predictions of the end of world, and after Life, wit no beginning, as the world stops spinning as a journey that's never ending I glance at my baby boy, I can see this in his eyes The little nigga glad to be alive And as the days go by, I thank god for watchin mines Prayin that I remained in fire The same man that I was, which starts from the other mind phrase Was it the cash I think my time came For me to venture off into different demensions The beginning, the endind, of my time [Chorus: 1x] What we fail to realize Is that we runnin outta time Do we ever be born again In my time of dying It's like i'm runnin outta time Will I ever be born again [Verse 2] In my time, I try to stay true steps on the game And if you nigga's thinkin like me, do the same Which is one minute ya smilin, the next ya start cryin Cause we can't accept we born to die And I, ease my edge, and be a nigga to the end But it's more to life then me and my benz When my mama told to speak to my friends I kinda took that shit to heart So don't fuck up your life, 'fore it starts Some nigga's wanna be like Mike I'd rather be like Christ(like christ) So at the end, i'll see bright lights(bright lights) I save a prayer for the fallen soldier's Too many nigga's died young, for tryna to hang On the slaim's of our slums And outcome, as mommy neals, sittin on the front row Hopin god will accept your soul The new millienium, and as I sit watch the distance Ships walk the horizon, I'll stare into space while i'm drivin And pray for me, all the ends of my sins The beginning, the end, of my time, till i'm born again [Chorus: 1x] [Verse 3] In my time, I've seen life born, and I been blessed Enough to see life lossed, it's just the price life cost And shortly, explain my born, I know i'm born to do it wrong So when i'm gone, life goes on Tell my mother, when she on the front row, hold her head up Shed no tears, and dred those years Smile, and even though my whole life's been a po'ball You did your's, and it's not your fault Tell my grandmother those words too She knows i'm headed to a better place That'll put a smile on my wife's face God's graced the evil spirit that surronded me And pass me, and anytime it could'a had me But when it all went wrong, sung the same ol' song Now it's peace after the storm blew on And, it's the better life, security for your's and mines What the evil lies, and not so guide In my time, it's been times, I would've stopped and called the quits But I might as well sit until it's over wit Eath to earth, and ashes to ashes, dust to dust It's the lord I trust The territory where I come from, so I guess it'll be when I return No sorrow, it was just my turn And in those, last trumphet sounds, put me down in the ground But i'll proably be at home by now And it's help will change(these helps will be changed) Blinking of a eye, but I don't think I'll get to see that In my time, till i'm born again [Scarface talking] It's changed, when we born And how we born from woman We born, from the spirit, of life And all our flesh remains And not, by the flesh of man And not by the flesh of man Do not believe that [Chorus until fade]


Cole Jude
Sitting on the back porch Everybody be damned Head in your hands, no particular plans But oh, so many thoughts and dreams unheard Words are nothing but words Words are nothing but words See the little children rolling in the yard And the sun goes down until it's almost dark And hear the train cry so many miles away Another train, another day If you ever make your mind up I know you will be somebody I know part of you wants to be everybody But don't be afraid to fall, fall Mason got his, you know that he did He put his greedy eyes right over the lid And oh, the bomb went off right in his face Oh, he wears the scars with grace But if you ever make your mind up I know you will be somebody I know part of you wants to be everybody But don't be afraid to fall Afraid to fall, afraid [ Solo ] Walking past the church You make the sign of the cross Hey God, it wouldn't cost you anything To throw some light my way You see, I'm a little low on life today A little low on life today Low on life today Low on life today Low on life today Lowlife Lowlife

Time Has Come

Incognito "100° and Rising"
(J.P. Maunick/R. Bull) All things have meanin' If we take the time, then we will see Smoke means there's a fire So we live and learn to understand Recognising the danger (and) Throwin' out a lifeline if we're able Gather inspiration Together in a harvest of the free Chorus: Get up, 'cos the time has come You'd better believe, that it will be done You can't make pretend it's and illusion Get up, 'cos the time has come You better believe, that it will be done The reason bein' life is not a dream We're all witness To the politics, of life and survival New day is commin' Every woman, every man will be as one Can't stop tryin' like a mother To give her child a better life if she's able Keep on fightin' Believin' every word to be a song of freedom Chorus

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