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Keepsake lyrics

The Art Of Collapsing

Original and similar lyrics
Where we take separate breaths And memories of your perfume Are forgotten I stand choking on The things you once said The days once held close to my heart And only one image Remains Short lived and reminiscent Of your face That pathetic angel Drowning herself in your tears Now begins her descent from our skies But her wings were weak from the start The first of our last good-byes And I think to myself Our lips would fit together so well The final step in perfecting The art of Collapsing When your laughter is ignored And that last painful smile Fades away Where we take separate breaths And memories of your perfume Are forgotten I stand choking on The things you once said The days once held close to my heart I fall choking on the lies you once said And I'll never look at you Through the same Eyes again

Where Are They Now

AL STEWART "Last Days Of The Century"
I sent my crack divisions through the early morning mist When they fell on your positions you were powerless to resist Encircling and probing for the weakness in your line By night you were surrounded; your territory mine I called for your surrender; this you swore you would not do So I stormed the very fortress, you thought could shelter you I held you then upon your knees and turned to give my thanks To the regiments assembled in their ranks [Chorus:] Where are they now? Where are they now? I raised you to your feet, with your hand inside my own We set off upon a journey, each together, each alone In the days that followed oh our lives did overlap I learned the contours of your body like the roads upon a map You sweetened every evening, I savoured every day Just when I was certain it would always be this way You slipped beyond the reach of my outstretched fingertips With all the kisses we'd placed upon your lips [Chorus] Oh close. You're close Someone, come shine a light Oh near. So near But just out of sight I went in search of alchemy to resurrect the dead Sent my spies to fathom out the secrets in your head They said they heard your laughter Spinning through the summer night In the company of strangers And your eyes were wild and bright Though I grew reclusive and my days became withdrawn I held the banner of our love, now tattered and forlorn And swore that it would one day fly above us once again To do this, I had my reasons then [Chorus] Close. You're close Once again, come shine a light Oh near. So near But just out of sight Perhaps there are some passions that are tempered by the years You reach accommodation, the intensity recedes Some of this occurred to me the time I saw you last Your face familiar in a way. Your voice out of the past Every gamut of emotion shared from tenderness to rage Fell away between us in the turning of that page It seemed like only yesterday we swore that we'd be true Two innocents believing that they knew [Chorus]

Infinite M'

Earthling "Radar"
You said that it's fantastic being telepathic You said you read my mind You said that things are drastic I was looking for a shrine Whilst you were looking for a rock And we were living on the same block With that hip-hop You're a little reptile Only no-foot high You've got those four strong legs and the pretty purple eye You hypmotise me with your hypmotising ways So much that i forgot to say Sorry about the day than Ananda hurt you in the hand - ah You had so much detail, he could not understand ya MAU listen to it sing He said it's dread as he held you by the hand I couldn't hear a song I could only hear a scream Slow down little reptile I dont know what you mean Maybe she meant she was in pain Maybe I'm an earthling doesn't mean I'm insane When i'm playing them games with little spiders Sometimes I'm spraying the trains with the dope outsiders These days I'm hiding in my crazy lies These days I'm searching for my reptile She said promise you won't tell But I had already told About the girl on my road who gives pure gold They said like where does she live? It's like she lives where she's at They said like where can that be? Your black I can't tell you that So what can we do? Well you can do what you will What do we usually do when you've got time to kill? It's like these things they be sounds And them sounds they be big And we go walking around the boundary taking little swigs When we were out there On the perpendicullar We wasn't really looking for anything in particular Tell me, was it the way that you were handled? We know Ananda, he held you at those angles It's like he wasn't exactly in control of his actions Neither of us were we were just Panning for distractions The radio would talk and I would stare at its mouth I prayed it wouldn't stop as it just let it out You said it's easier to tell your secrets to someone that you can't see So why you telling this to me? (repeat) See like with Emma, she sent me a letter Written on a shark I went to open it up He tried to bite my fingers off I wonder what it said See, I ain't got around to read it Threw it in my neighbours pond Yesterday I saw him feed it Believe that No one of your predictions has come true I thought it was your thing to get me through Opposite over hypotenuse I'm hanging at a tangent Concept-less, I digress on a random My force ain't balanced my means of beams See nothing's as it seems in a Mongianic dream You said it's easier to someone that you can't see So why you tell this to me?

Solsbury Hill

Climbing up on Solsbury Hill I could see the city light Wind was blowing, time stood still Eagle flew out of the night He was something to observe Came in close, I heard a voice Standing stretching every nerve Had to listen had no choice I did not believe the information I just had to trust imagination My heart going boom boom boom Son, he said, Grab your things, I've come to take you home. To keepin' silence I resigned My friends would think I was a nut Turning water into wine Open doors would soon be shut So I went from day to day Tho' my life was in a rut 'Till I thought of what I'd say Which connection I should cut I was feeling part of the scenery I walked right out of the machinery My heart going boom boom boom Hey, he said, grab your things, I've come to take you home. When illusion spin her net I'm never where I want to be And liberty she pirouette When I think that I am free Watched by empty silhouettes Who close their eyes,but still can see No one taught them etiquette I will show another me Today I don't need a replacement I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant My heart going boom boom boom Hey, I said, You can keep my things, they've come to take me home.

Second Heartbeat

We keep writing talking and planning, but everything is changing. We all know what to do but no one does it. Now this time has passed and full of regret. Two in my heart have left me a while, I stand alone. When they get back, it won't be the same My life, you've always been there. Now you're gone and my head's spinning. Left the childhood, left the memories, left the good times in the past. Moving on... your time has run out. Wishing the clock would stand still, the world can wait. Wasting away once again, once lived as friends. As time passes by, regrets for the rest of my life. The ones who I confide were gone in the black of the night. Never will I forget you, and all the memories past. So rarely I get to see your face. Growing I looked to you in guidance. We knew that time would kill us, but you're still so close to me. To me you were my life. To me you were my soul companion. Now you are so far away. Nothing can take away the time and the memories we had. Come back - to the days when we were young, Come back - to the days when nothing mattered.

These Days

CHER "Stars"
Well I've been out walking And I don't do that much talking These days these days These days I seem to think a lot About the things that I forgot to do Oh, honey, for you And all the times I had The chance to Well I had a lover Lord, It's to hard to risk another These days oh, these days And if I seem to be afraid To live the life I have made in song Oh yeah Well it's just that I've been losing Losing for so long And I wonder if I'll ever See another highway Well, now I'll keep on moving Lord, things are bound to be improving These days one of these days These days I sit on corner stones I count the time in quarter tones till ten My sweet friend Please don't confront me with my failures I've not forgotten them I've not forgotten them I've not forgotten them Oh oh

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