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Keepsake lyrics

A Simple Deed

Original and similar lyrics
gone to the clouds you've sent them afar why did fate allow? their bodies lie they can't deny this massacre publicized a simple deed two twisted minds a cry for help for human kind run away run away little boys run far far away don't clean this mess you've made where you've left these children lay did not your parents teach of right and wrong a media to preach a sick world to everyone but wait this is fate those five i contemplate i look in to the past (future) their fall, one last class (meant to pass)

Seal Of Woven Years

KAMELOT "Poetry For The Poisoned"
Pull the trigger now If you're craving a hero Or say life after death Was it you or was it me Who had to fake Implementation Of a lonely heart So warm and oh so weak My fractured eyes In the mold below The fattest lies Hold your needs Wait for the morning Come a different day Carry the weight of all You say is wrong We would both deny There is a secret fate A seal of woven years Of waiting flying by Rush my head Into your wall of complaints And crush me softly Like you crushed yourself asunder You better leave me be Now go My soul was sold For a rainy day But it's not too late For a full retreat   Wait for the morning Come a different day Carry the weight of all You say is wrong We would both deny There is a secret fate A seal of woven years Of waiting flying by  

Tomorrow's World Today

10CC "Ten Out Of 10"
I'll tell you something you oughta know We came a long way from the radio But what's wrong with that Baby's what's wrong with that Now we got microchips, sci fi flicks We got tomorrow's world today Now there's something that I gotta say Do you remember only yesterday We had Blue Suede Shoes Yeh, and we had Howard Hughes Now we got holograms, CB hams We got tomorrow's world today At a time when the world is changing Faster than ever before Don't lose sight of the human touch 'Cause we ain't seen nothing yet Oh no, we ain't seen nothing yet, uh huh Now the children of the future May take a trip to Mars They might meet the Space Invaders on their way 'Cause we ain't seen nothing yet Oh no, we ain't seen nothing yet, uh huh Wish I had a calculator when I was at school I was a simple mathematical fool But now all that's changed Yeh, we got computer games And we got transplants, sperm banks and body scanners All there to help us survive So we should think we're lucky We got tomorrow's world today


Guttermouth "Teri Yakimoto"
give me a gun give me a gun cause cause bombs and guns are really fun i've lost my job my moneys gon live like a slob i've got no home only streets to roams live so alone i'm barely alive i feed on cats to survive my wife left me my kids are dead all this guilt is in my head i can't go on living like this i wish that i was dead i wish give me a gun i'll kill a nun just wait and see give me a gun i'll shoot a cop to be on tv nothing could be more fun than a shooting spree once again i found myself back on tv guns are fun so much neato fun, fun, fun better run i got a gun come on down and join the fun woopie!!! food for thought i just want to eat some pills littleones big ones get my fill don't matter what kind cause i'll be buying them up or down i rely on them little red ones quay ludes and the beauties i gotta get gotta gotta get gotta gonna get some pills i just wanna eat pills kill the pain makes me smart speeds up my brain kids at school lining up and buying them day or night i'll be selling them little cross tops pink hearts and vicodin i gotta get gotta gotta get gotta gonna get somes pills gar-bage (gar'bij), a perfect example of uninteresting poetry real life was never like this the door opened as i fell trough minds of man like piss learning is a thing of the past the door has opened and closed i'm locked inside this out side world why the fuck no one knows why the fuck am i trapped like this world of forgotten minds living on parallel lines forgotten people of the past in the human race i came out last i've been left behind left behind with human kind i want to go away i'm with these people every day human kind was left behind and i don't want to be here human kind was left behind and i don't want to be here world of forgotten minds living on parallel lines forgotten people of the past in the human race i came out last up your bum worked all day go out get a pint tonight the mods show up on camden gonna be a fight oppression from society on my back maggie you'll see got no worries cause i got no quid in a neighborhood full of unfriendly faces oi oi oi oi oi oi cause i gotta believe oi oi oi somethings gotta change this just ain't right ride the tube to the end of thre line i got no job just plenty of time call me a wanker call me a bum i'm on the dole got tome for fun don't care about time we've got big ben toying with bobbies gobbing on them i'm flat broke have you got 10p fuck the system give me anarchy oi oi oi oi oi oi cause i gotta believe oi oi oi somethings gotta change this just ain't right society don't blame me oi oi oi oi oi oi cause i gotta believe oi oi oiiiiiihhaaaaarrrrgggg....!


Dark Angel
A shadow, I prowl these deadly streets, Perversion, degradation my soulmates. An observer, I'm admist the innocent weak, My fascinations are salacious and unchaste. *This netherworld of carnality is my existance, I don't walk alone, for this is my home, And my subsistence.* I silently drift through these darkened paths, I'm a witness to human psyche in decay. There's nothing here but burnt-out bodies and souls, A breeding ground for the depraved. *I've plunged beyond the sickest depths of pruriency, What is normal to me is far beneath what is seen as mere obscenity .* *Chorus*: Can you feel the pain of these souls deranged? I have lived inside these pathetic minds. And its menacing psychosis and lust is so dangerous, Sexuality at its most diseased has enslaved us. I wish I could give you severe details, But now's not the time nor the place. I've sojourned through the vilest combat zones, And been invovled in acts that are debased. *Virtuous lives are crushed in this malevolent den of thieves, There's no escape from the abduction and rape of virginity.* Scenic nightmares of brutal self-indulgence, Nothing is sacred, especially life. I completely share my amorality, With the hookers and the hustlers that stalk the night. *Shocking, disgusting displays of human indignities, Anything can be achieced in sexual iniquities.* *Chorus* I've been seduced into this realm, Why? I cannot say... I've cleansed myself from all that's pure, I've now incurred disgrace. I can't put my finger on the attraction, I'm not an anomally. In my domain of abomination, Psychosexualuty... I have a personal obsession with pain, Dealing, receiving, to me it's the same, *tragic game*. Excruciation that goes unrestrained, To others this pleasure may be insane, *or at the lease profane*. Virgins forced to perform unspeakable deeds, Immaculate youth placed in impurity. The screams of pain, I have heard the screams Of quiet exits, but forced entry. *Desperate souls of one accord, with their lives in this sordid world.* Women defiled for that vein-numbing fix, Bestiality, this is sick. Orifices committing disgust, Grotesque forays into macabre lusts. *Why am I here? I've been drawn, in this shameless world I belong...* *Chorus* Men who pluck children from their families, Teaching a man's rules to this younger breed. To the black-market, parents sell their young under eight, Anything older out here is too late, *Adolescence is their fate!* Snuff films with their discreet mutiliations, Anonymous fiends and confused, unwilling victims. Desecrating unblemished bodies and minds, Breaking and torturing, then ending their lives, *I have watched them die...* You've been given a glimpse of this pornographic scene, Some of it scares me, all of it excites me. This is my horrible, demented hell, Once you're trapped down here I wish you well. *Why am I here? I've been drawn, But honestly, do I belong?* *Chorus*

The Arrival

ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
[Slug] [whispered] "I'm not really supposed to talk about this.....but..." With the excitement of a new born Came to join the main event and fight against the luke warm With nothing but they word and they history Take a can of paint and try to decorate their dignity It's not what they anticipated Fuck, it doesn't matter. Put your fists up and instigate it And they can't save the planet Or the children of the pandas Or themselves god damn it I'm just a man that loved rap So much in fact I put every piece of myself inside these fucking tracks What is that, you whisper something from the back? You think your personal attacks Make up for what you lack? I'm just a cat searching for a clean lap To crash in a world hurting, waiting for they turn to take a nap Sorting through bills, fan mail and life threats Wondering why the postman ain't delivered my wife yet They call me Sean, this is Anthony No need to act hard cause we got extended family So I smile while I try to use my words wise Say what I meant just in case this is your first time Via child of the wings tired Smilin' like a couple of fools that the queen hired Can't wait for the vibrate to thicken So we can watch the world tip side. WAIT! Even the dead's getting live It's a little deeper, you can float, come on baby dive! To fall in love with this bitch From the petals on her flowers to the pimples on her tits Fuck the insults. And fuck the compliments Just wanna see the mommy free the honesty and the common sense Stop following the win that you swallow Cause it's too simple to aim for a target sitting on a fence We do it for the candle in the sky Here's a toast to those who can't handle their high You and I, we can swim into the tide And watch these other children lose they mind (I'm doin' fine) And they landed safe and sound Better try to take 'em out before they make your saviors proud So fix your beef, quit actin' like a sheep Either spit your speak or sit there and git your teeth To spread the info to the kin folk Fucking with the climate on the inside of the windows They're here, the baby farmers gonna take it farther Make a mark and break apart your fake martyrs Planted firm, let the planet burn Understand the terms, you don't wanna open up this can of worms I'm trying to keep the prize on the eyeball But people wanna see you fly all to watch the sky fall Who's to blame for your lack of conviction I wasn't drafted, I asked for the mission Put your name on the list at the bottom on an empty line And hold in plain sight what ever gave you the right to question mine? The night prowler, gonna crawl past all the rap politics You can put that on your last dollar Wake up, it's bigger than a pay stub There's the door, get the money, go wash off your make-up [Muffled] And they don't need to love it If you don't wanna give it, keep it Doesn't really mean nothin' Come and beat it 'til it stops breathin' No need to even try to reason When they not leavin'

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