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Keepsake lyrics

A Raindance Narrative

Original and similar lyrics
Falling apart. I'm calling you out. A pattern we've learned to live with so far. Defenses are up. The truth is not found. Watching you grow is bringing me down. I'm killing in the rain. I'm living with your expectations. Tell me everything you'd like to say. I need a holiday for all the days I waste away. I'd like to pay a visit to the house. Illegible threats. The paper has bled. I'm writing it down again. Surprises are nice when secrets are told. Convictions with lies. It's all very cold. The letter was found. I've given to you ground breaking sound. A picture so clear. A fragrance that I've now come to fear. You're in tears. I wanted to know. Did you kill your opportunity? You're so low on everyone's list. The time has come for you to make a change. It's for the best.

I Gotta Try

Michael Mcdonald "If That's What It Takes"
(Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins) Maybe it's true what they say about it Maybe we can't make the ends meet Maybe we'll all have to do without it Maybe this world's just incomplete Still we all look for the truth in our lives Searching from different sides So hard living in a desperate world But we all do the best that we can [Chorus 1:] Some people see a change Some will remain the same But all of them live their lives under the gun Some see the road as clear Some say the end is here They say it's a hopeless fight, well I say I gotta try Maybe there's too much to think about it Maybe there ain't nothin' left to say But if our time's really runnin' out Then this is no time to run away 'cause we're destined to look for the truth in this life Blinded by tearful eyes If it's no use tryin' in a desperate world Then tell me why was I born [Chorus 2:] Some people see a change Some will remain the same But all of them live their lives under the gun Some see the road as clear Some say the end is here They say it's a hopeless fight, but I say I gotta try Lonely-living too lonely Is it too late To turn it all around [Chorus 2] Someone's tryin' Someone's cryin' out While we live under the gun Someone's livin' Someone's givin' up

I Am The Killer

THURSDAY "Full Collapse"
Tuesday wakes up silent And there aren't enough pills to sleep And then it cuts out like miswired shortwave radio It's over But nothing can change to ever make it right When you live in a nightmare It's written all over your face. And in a short time You're never the same again The distance is streamlined Between decision and defense: Distorient the senses Loss of identity No one to trust Life runs through this trade I am no killer But I still hide my face In the coming days I wake up every morning From the same dream And then I kill it But you can't change the letters when the ink dries I woke up on the sidewalk and everything just changed Now the lights are blinking but I can't see anything Everything is falling apart: Crumpled paper Crushed tin cans Broken bottles Paper scraps We all look the same We all look the same But I am the killer

They All Fall Down

*coffee* Blood curdling truth Working the word in as proof Besides mine the guidlines of righteous paths taken Tremendous speaking, fresh out the kitchen And never switching from the homegrown Hole it down like the ozone This is for the playa playa Make ya holla holla The kid with no morals Sell his mama for a dollar They all fall down They all fall down They all fall down They all fall I've compiled this alongside with bone So you can file this under for the opposing a nihilist Doubt what you know nothing about reactionary Belief in the scripture's fulfillment are contrary To popular belief Hellbound in a basket Sucking on their teeth Wound up in a casket At close, you froze Already chose the doors you go trough The life you chose to lead Determines the place you go to *hook* To the naked, untrained eye Who can't see time fly by Revolving on a carousel Living life like a modern day fairytale... Slow mo', urgent message gets a no-go What fo' Can't nobody tell you Everything is lovey dovey Till your plans fall through... They all fall down -x3- They all fall *coffee* Lay it down flat The ins and outs of this business Oral with my morals Things i say seem pretentious Show change I ain't deranged To be looked upon strange Like the dames in the verbs joint (shoot, we the factors) You ain't know neah Rally all my troops in GI Joe gear Arsenals and weapons abundant Stop me if I sound redundant *bonafide* Sound redundant Man please appease me Repeat yourself Most folks scared of the truth Living lies Fooling themselves and everyone surrounding Deception of perception blind To what self did deep down Deep down beyond the black hole of the soul in control *hook* They all fall -x2- *bonafide* I was surrounded by the darkness Of the hearts of mens Plots for spots to roll rovers Controlling blocks and lots on top Where I was charted to be But failing to see truth Behind the lies of eyes Handling G's They squeeze until my soul was unloaded Holding to nothing But folded bills Concealed like weapons looking to kill My mind filled With thrills and pleasures Life could offer Walked amongst the dead Laid to rest in a coffin Nocturnal destiny Leading to my eternity Hourly concerning me Yet I wasn't yearned To be all of what His calling said to be And bred to be Actually I thought it was all about me Took for granted what was handed by the unseen Invested all my time and effort Building C Appealing to my desires And lustful feelings Thinking I could make it by the grace of God Straight disgrace the face of God *hook* They all fall -x2-

Peter Pan

Beer cans to the ceiling Ashtray on the floor Laundry on the sofa Need I say more I walked out with my hair wet I caught one awful cold Should have been more careful Should have done like I was told I can't believe it How could it be Just like you said could happen So it did to me Just when I might have seen the light of day I crossed my eyes 'til they stayed that way [Chorus:] I keep my distance As best I can Living out my time here in Never Never land I can't grow up 'cause I'm too old now I guess I really did it this time mom The boogie man came calling I said I wasn't home He didn't believe me He wasn't alone He had my number He got my goat He bought my ticket He paid off my note And he left in a hurry Said he couldn't stay I guess he had his reasons I'm not the one to say [Chorus] Lets go chase tornadoes Just me and you You don't often catch 'em But man when you do Just take my catch rope And crawl out on the wing We won't come down 'till we own that thing Then we'll sit out on the front porch Quiet as a mouse One last time before they close on the house [Chorus]

Expect The Unexpected

Dog Eat Dog
Now you never know when it's your time It's always there in the back of your mind Read it in the paper see it on TV Never think it could happen to me Accidents occur we don't know why Just look what happened to Princess Di One car crashed and the whole world cried No time to say goodbye Won't see your future in a crystal ball Your psychic friends can't help you at all Can't buy time at a shopping mall The writing's on the wall Struck by lighting, fall in a well It sounds far fetched but you never can tell When you're swimming with sharks that you can't repell No one can hear you yell... You never know where You won't know how When you least expect it Expect the unexpected Boom! What a terrible sound Planes go up, and crash back down You never thought when you left the ground That you would not be found Took a big chance when you made that bet Laid it on the line now you're starting to sweat This is one day you'll never forget Cash in your pockets and no regrets Fly in the sky, or sail in a boat It don't matter which way you go Titanic, don't panic, There's other ways to cross the Atlantic Don't be surprised by what you hear Things aren't always as they appear The unexpected ain't nothing to fear The truth is always clear

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