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Kavana lyrics - Kavana

Wait For The Day

Original and similar lyrics
When you feel that you've had enough and you know that it's just too much Don't look back, you've got to walk right on One day soon you're gonna realise Your time will surely come And every day I feel I'm learning more I search out for the positive and the rest I ignore Our future lies in each others hands (Never look back, never, never look back) We've got to wait for the day When we finally say Tomorrow will bring a better way If we hold on to the love Then we'll have enough And tomorrow will bring a better day Just because it's all been said and done Doesn't mean you won't find the strength again to carry on Keep the faith and you'll pick up again Don't worry baby you've got to start first before you reach the end And every day I feel I'm learning more I search out for the positive and the rest I ignore Our future lies in each others hands (Never look back, never, never look back) (Repeat chorus) I gotta keep on wating for the love, waiting for the love


TRIK TURNER "Trik Turner"
From day to day I know that I'm in all of your conversations You never have anything good to say about me That's ok cause everyone's entitled to their own opinions Cause everyone's a critic, and even on your best days Someone's got something bad to say- Yet I ignore the things I hear, ignore the things I fear And look past all that tries to bring me down And I know that I don't have much I Sacrifice a good life while I watch these bills keep adding Up and I know that I'm not getting any younger as another Year passes by I have to stop and wonder If it's all really worth the struggle Or that mirage of light I keep chasing at the end of the tunnel Will get any brighter Or will it just fade away the closer I get , the harder it seems From reaching my dreams And I just don't know how much more I can Take before I give up and throw it all away- [Hook] When push comes to shove You gotta hold on , you gotta be strong And look for that light from above Cause everyone's out to bring you down And if you can't keep your head up Then your lost- I've seen better days been told better ways How to live and how to give, it's relative I walk with sedatives it's hell I live And home is sweet, I'm killing myself softly My reflections show deep infections It's hard to be, I look at myself, I look at this life And all I feel is pain, god help me start again I gotta keep on, I gotta keep on pushin' cause I Some how some way keep comin' up short Like everyday my minds playin' tricks on me Everybody loves sunny days but I prefer Grey ones and long nights because when the Day comes, it's just another 24 and I'm still numb Not so young I know what it takes, they say Roll with the brakes and slip them ties with the fakes I still get them shakes just thinkin' bout this Ish right here two dub two maybe this gonna be That year [Bridge] Everyone has to pay a price no matter what we sacrifice I hope it's worth it nothing is for certain

It's Hard To Tell

JJ CALE "Guitar Man"
It's hard to tell With a casual look Can you read his mind Like an open book When you cross the room Can you feel his eyes Is he the one Gonna make your night It's hard to tell Where your next love lies It's hard to tell If the feeling's there Do you seize the moment Or should you beware Is he the one Does it feel just right When you're face to face Should you act surprised It's hard to tell Where your next love lies Will he want your number Will he want your name Are you going to panic Or play the game Will he call tomorrow Will he call tonight It's hard to tell Where your next love lies It's hard to tell If he's for real Mysterious ways He makes you feel Is he the one Does it feel just right It's hard to tell Where your next love lies

Sweet Side

LUCINDA WILLIAMS "World Without Tears"
You run yourself ragged tryin' to be strong You feel bad when you done nothin' wrong Love got all confused with anger and pride So much abuse on such a little child Someone you trusted told you to shut up Now there's a pain in your gut that you can't get rid of No one heard your screams when you were nine When bad dreams filled your summertime So you don't always show your sweet side ... You're tough as steel and you keep your chin up You don't ever feel like you're good enough You've had the blues ever since you were six Your little tennis shoes and your pick-up sticks You were screamed at and kicked over and over Now you always feel sick and you can't keep a lover Every Christmas there were presents to unwrap But the things you witnessed when you were five and a half So you don't always show your sweet side ... Someone deserted you, the damage is done Now you don't deserve to be loved by no one Hands that would feed you when you were two Were the same hands that beat you black and blue You get defensive at every turn You're overly sensitive and overly concerned Few precious memories no lullabies Hollowed out centuries of lies So you don't always show your sweet side ... I've seen you in the kitchen cookin' me supper I listened to you bitchin' I watched you suffer I still love you baby 'cause I know you Don't mean to do the cruel things you do I've seen you sewin' buttons on your shirt I've seen you throwin' up when your stomach hurt I'll stick by you baby through thick and thin No matter what kind of shape you're in 'Cause I've seen your sweet side ...

The Magic Roundabout

Stop your tears from hiding, See them mesmerise your skin, It's all that I can do to keep away from going in, I fed the ghost of plenty as the perfume turned to grey, If life is still worth living, how come I feel afraid? One day, some day, I will take from the air, The only way out, I can't deny the honesty, I want to stay but it's more than me I'm losing all the reason, keep forgetting what I've said, Oh I try to bring it closer but there's nothing in my head, I don't believe in ever and I don't believe in now, If life is still worth living, how come I feel alone? Suddenly, if it comes then I'm gone Whey don't you talk to me, see I'm not your enemy? I am right by your side, I want to stay but it's more than me. Each time you go down, don't forget to remember Everything is easy, most of all believing, It will take you over, it will bring you down, It's hidden in the language, it's in the words I say (I say so). ==================================================================== =======

Bastardised Ink

ARCHIVE "Controlling Crowds"
All hailstorms in to die for my sins, why am I accursed and not believing, death to damnation both forced arrest, enforced interrogation duress fire question, pressure point temple brainwashed disciple, shooting at me with a holy water pistol, I am not a heathen I'll give you the reason, ten commandments and ten counts of treason, they can pass judgements while I plead, ignorance self defense dollars pounds and pence, because we live inside the age feelings hard to gauge, I just open up the book and keep turning the page, while the all powerful throwback to miracle, whips up the storms and pestilent swarms, sacrifice to appease the deity, whilst heavens open up just to seize the enemy, wiped out civilisations, desolate barren landscapes genocides, creation, but mad scientists wildly experiment, drawing the conclusion down into the sediment, to the dark hour seed is sown, now on there will be light via fire and brimstone, walls fall down but emerge from the ground as if to start over, rebuild the structure, true to life adventure, even while your breathing lung puncture, nothing out there to protect you, so they look into the skies the cries can be heard, the word is obscene unwashed and unclean, wreaking havoc for the hell of it, whilst digging deep and developing a taste for it, bloodthirsty craves screams for mercy, highly unlikely, feel the almighty crash, alas hope all evaporates incinerate burns out and obliterates, keep the faith in more ways than one, or believe me and mark my words thy will be done. Praying not for the cynical quick stepping left right, pick up as they march upon the pinnacle, clocking up the watch stop digital, trying to make peace while they'd rather make base and erase the place they found, lies written all over the face wonder why, feeling immortality fearing they’re afraid to die, sly snakes sidewind and enter your mind, finding temptation insecurity and frustration, hating anger lusts after fear as half the man dies whilst shedding the tear, a clear sign that it's way past the time, to rebuild the bleeding heart that lies broken, well I must be mistaken but I more than feel that a chance is not taking consideration for the non believer plagued by diseased why? Nothing but an open mind is what I try and maintain, hand on heart keep alive in dying art, pick it up dust it down make a start and bring it round. Pray to God blaspheme one can only dream, crucify and ask why either do or die.

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